Right Services

The judiciary one, today, is overloaded for action of declaration of inexistence of debts, rank that many financial institutions carry through loans without still negative authorization and of inexplicable form the name of these people in the agency of protection to the credit and try to find justifications for the act and do not make question to inform the citizen the reasons, fitting to the judiciary a conviction for the unacceptable behavior. In short the citizen has that to prove that it is honest, face to me the faith of the institutions financial, but commercial and not only rendering of services. HE OFFERS AND INFORMATION. Sufficiently excellent. A time defined in Law 8078/90, this device comes to extend the idea of the consumerista relation, that in turn becomes essential to relate it with the information has seen the fact that at the moment where the products and services are offered has a contractual relation between those and the communication enters the consumers. The first ones in the direction to promote its products and to according to having legal of being informed concerning what he is consuming.

Thus assevera Rizzato Nunes on the substance: The current model is of the massificao: manufacture of products and rendering of services de in series, standardized form and uniform, made in the intention of the attainment of the reduction of the production cost, for the atingimento of bigger parcels of consumers etc. is a production system that estimates the homogenization of the products and services and the standardisation of the legal relationships that are necessary for the commercialization of these goods. (course of Right of the Consumer, P. 459, 6 ed. 2011). It offers this regulated in articles 30 and 31 of the CDC and thus it is defined: Art.30: All information or advertising, enough it needs propagated for any form or media with regard to offered or presented products and services compels the supplier that to make to propagate or of it if to use and integrates the contract that to come to be celebrated.