Hauftige Diagnosis

Disease of cats to diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes in cats not just people can suffer from diabetes, it may meet the cats without a doubt. The reasons for of feline diabetes can be multifaceted. So, poor nutrition plays an important role for the example. In many variety of cat food grain is included, that truly could not handle the Velvet paw. This leads to a lasting overload of the pancreas, the effect is next feline diabetes. The only exception however is rice, which also belongs to the grains. This can handle the Velvet paw. Another reason for the disease can be found in the obesity.

Because as majority such as cereals sugar last but not least is included, which is attacking not only the teeth, but is considered as an addictive drug. So the fur Tiger eat even more than what they honestly need and this manifests itself in the overweight. As well, an inflammation of the pancreas can be responsible draw, the disease can dissolve in this case after suitable treatment again. Symptoms of disease of cats to diabetes mellitus are the symptoms of feline diabetes to determine that the cat overly drinking much, often goes to the litter box for the toilet aisle Moreover although increased food still takes off. If these same symptoms occur, the veterinarians should be sought mandatory. Based on a blood count, it can then detect whether it really is feline diabetes or is an alternative disease, such as, for example, a kidney disease. Usually the feline diabetes, as also in humans, it is during a metabolic disease of the pancreas.

According to disease degree that can be either no or only reduced produce insulin. Treatment of diabetes mellitus in the cat diabetes mellitus when this cat was diagnosed by the veterinarian, this is not a death sentence still for a long time. Even with appropriate treatment, it is possible that several years their people enjoy the fur nose will. A consistent diet switches may be may already be enough depending on the gravity of the disease. This means that no diet dry food may be given, but fed only a special diet dry food. Why there can be neither grain nor sugar. Feline diabetes is already stubborn, then also insulin must be injected extra feed conversion. This can perform the cat lovers themselves, the exact procedure will be performed by the veterinarian. This then means that the Kitty must get their insulin syringe every day at the same time. Naturally, it is elementary that the fur Tiger of a regular checkup is subjected. So can a using of the already, the detection of the disease, set value be carefully compared, to what extent change the following values, as well as the State of health. In addition, possible successor diseases, such as chronic renal failure, are on that way immensely more quickly detected and can be treated accordingly. Matthias Uhlig

Warning Heat: Dogs In The Summer

The dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR informed hardly it is summer in Germany hot, can be found in the mass media reports of dogs, painfully dying in the heat of a sunny parked cars. Dog expert Heidi Plohn of the dogs forest Hotel Karwe gives advice to welfare summer dealing with man’s best friend. Dogs are not able to sweat. Actually, this fact should be aware of all dog owners as well as the negative consequences it has on the ability for the body’s temperature compensation. While in winter, dogs benefit from their dense fur, they suffer in summer due to their concomitant lack of temperature control. Having not much to counter the summer heat, unhealthy threaten if the dog moves walks and activities physically strenuous others not on the cooler morning or evening.

With summer temperatures, staying in the closed car for dogs represents a serious threat. In direct sunlight, the Interior of the car is within Quickly heated up and the proverbial oven, whose Hitze overwhelmed the circulation of the dog, and lead to death. Morris Invest may not feel the same. It is therefore advisable to every dog owner to turn off his animal not in the closed car in the summer. dator here. This is absolutely essential, the ventilation of the Interior of the car and a shady parking lot must be ensured. In addition, the State may stop only a short time. Outdoors, dogs under summer conditions must also be spared. (A valuable related resource: IQM Quantum Computers).

A quiet, comfortable movement speed and avoiding strenuous games will help to protect the cardiovascular system of the dog. Of course, it is not aware of the animal health risks mean physical effort in the summer. Accordingly it will try according to his individual disposition, to motivate its holder to the usual wild games. The dog owner should engage this never, to avoid that his four-legged friend at heart and circulation problems, has to suffer from sunburn or heat stroke. Importance in the summer observing behavior. As soon as the dog looks tired or exhausted, the outdoors should end. He showing even signs of overheating as strong panting, high heart rate, or a discolored tongue of deep red or purple shading, it’s high time to take the dog out of the Sun and to cool him down. A veterinarian should be sought strong symptoms. Dog welfare adapts to the climatic conditions of the season. Heidi Plohn of the dogs forest Hotel Karwe gives all interested dog owners like further advice on this topic. Press contact: Dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR Heidi Plohn Karwer Heide 1 16818 Karwe Tel.: 03 39 25-900 100 mobile: 0162-233 75 95 fax: 03 39 25 – 9 09 80 E-Mail: Homepage:

Nicole Feldmann

Trotting on straight and curved lines the same. Continuous parades outside rein and soft yielding of inner hand in conjunction with the driving inner thighs (diagonal legs). If the horse in these exercises easy, comes back with little effort, you can go, then the hindquarters, swings from back to front through the horse. The same applies to the gallop. Riding many speed differences. Gather some jumps, also on the circle, it set and resume. Check if this is possible without exposure to hand. Check whether you can paint over and your horse remains in hold you, check whether your horse it remains straight.

Occurs or it jumps with its hind legs in addition to the track of Vorderhufe, then it is not just and is in consequence not return can, because it can not load. The Remonte or the horse to correct should reinforcements on dispensed to tight turns in the first step, they are, as to urgent and in consequence can lead untaktmassigen kicks, because the horse does not have the sufficient ability of longitudinal bending, Geraderichtung, or even the necessary balance. It can be the movement does not yet have the Let swing through elastic and permeable back from the hindquarters. Here it is, only with moderate tempo differences to work in order to give the horse the possibility of balancing and to stabilize themselves”, explains Nicole Feldmann, physiotherapist and Pferdeosteopathin. (3) of the transitions! In this context, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann says: there is nothing better for the solution phase than continuous transitions between the walk and trot, Gallop and trot, etc., and all that without exposure to hand to make a horse supple and elastic under the tab. The horse should be always in a relaxed posture of expansion – the nose before the vertical.” Why make today so few instructors on these wonderful exercises? Why does whole train through the diagonal or lucky rider in the classroom for hours at the same pace time the circle ride and no instructor says that this monotonous Cavalry takes the pleasure of work each horse? No, rather the saying comes: Nu Pack ‘ it really on.

Nuno Oliveira

Do the rear times fast!” This has nothing to do with correct riding and activity from the hindquarters.It leads only to tension and eventually to a grudging and sick horse! (4) on the page of course! Schulterherein, Travers and Renvers also traversals. The influence of the page course on the hindquarters and the swing development is significant. They – the Geraderichtung of the horse – the balance determination – the angulation of the inner right hind limb / – Hanke bending – knee position and bending – ridden correctly support the swing development – for example, Schulterherein in the trot, resulting a volte and the volte directly in the Travers are good lesson along the outer reins. Out of the circle in the Travers, this increase in the Schulterherein and the pace doing a little increase, support the train and mobilization of the horse. “When you hear today in a classroom: Schulterherein ride time”, is missing in most cases an explanation by the instructor and the rider makes then anything, he thinks, that it is probably right. Itself can no longer the German equestrian elite perhaps in large part what trainers actually even explains how it’s done correctly? (5) on the job at hand! The job at hand is a precious help in the training of the horse, because it teaches correct training to put up, to round, to move forward in the balance, sideways to be different, to bend, to go backwards and to mobilize itself on the spot. “Classical principles of the art to train horses” Nuno Oliveira as precious as the job at hand (with and without a rider) as a supplement to the work under the saddle, they can destroy but also so much that, if they wrong, too hard and too ignorant are used, “Siegfried Peilicke, former national coach of young riders from Warendorf says.

Hunting Dogs

In addition, some types of hunting without would be Hunting dogs are impossible. The Federal hunting Act provides the legal framework to carry out hunting together with the hunting laws. Some provincial hunting law (for example in Lower Saxony) to request a for viable and proven hunting dog available to search for for the respective type of hunting and the stand must. The training of a hunting dog or Hound use and inspection is governed by the hunting laws. However, not every Hunter or hunting candidate must immediately have a hunting dog. Not even the owner of the station must have a hunting dog, but he must prove that there is a good hunting dog available for the hunting district.

The purchase of a so specialized or assessed dog like a hunting dog was good and careful thinking. Because these experts on four legs want to appropriately promote and demand, need sufficient spout and employment. Unfortunately come always sometimes again hunting dog breeds at not just Jagdambitionierten in fashion. You should be as a hunting dog owners aware of responsibilities and the time and your to meet. Just their hunting skills can bring hunting dogs in the wrong hands and without consistent education in trouble. The training of a hunting dog is tedious, time-consuming and must be simulated just in relation to the properties of the hunting practice.

At the conclusion of this training is the Brauchbarkeits – or hunting proficiency test. It then checks the work of the dog after the shot. Only when he has been assessed in considering as viable, he can do without compromising yourself and possibly others in the correct precinct and his job. This makes sense from a technical perspective. This not only the hunting dogs need their certified training, but also their dog. Therefore also guide and use of hunting dogs “part of the examination subjects, to the grantor for the practice of hunting and required hunting license to exist and acquire. At the fighter school Abbot from Baden-Wurttemberg, much emphasis on clear and practice-oriented teaching. Trainer Uli V. is among other things the subject librarian for the range of hunting dogs. As judge at the hunting use dog Association (NADKC) and as a Board member in a breed club, exactly what he knows he speaks. His dogs, which of course may be missed, be logical to co trainers and shape alive the lessons. This is gone with the students in the forest or on the field and work with the dog demonstrates them. It can be as simple as the work of a professional also looks so problematic but knowledge for a young Hunter with insufficient (hunting) dogs.