We E The Others

We the Others What a person thinks, feels and perceives on the others and on same itself, it has direct importance as it behaves. Its form to think creates an emotion and this emotion creates a respective behavior The people always want to be ' ' they mesmas' ' , and they desire to be supplied in its specific expectations, lacks and necessities, individualizadas. However, the social conviviality compels in them to have a set of behaviors, ' ' socially habilidosas' ' in the expression of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires. The socially adept behavior reduces the interpersonal conflicts minimizing controversies, controversies, antagonisms until fight! But, nor that is always possible. We are, biological, conditional to the reaction ' ' to fight or fugir' ' (when threatened) and to protect our field of personal perception to support our auto-esteem, and to keep a minimum of emotional balance The people have the right to think what to want our respect This &#039 is a right; ' of them ' '! We, are not obliged to please to all and nor to wait to be pleased for all Everything that to speak or to make always will be perceived and evaluated for the judgment (internal) that the people already had made of us is not habit of the people to analyze ' ' contexto' ' where our actions, attitudes and behaviors are (or they were) inserted. We are judged by esteretipo, for the predetermined cliche already in the minds of the people for our passed personal events. To times, we feed changes in relation to certain people that we know, because we understand that it is better for this person, ' ' the change that propomos' ' (or we desire we imagine for it). However, IT can not think Accurately, thus IT, also, can have expectations of changes in relation WE ().

The Generation Z And The Astrology

In the Astrology 3 called planets Geracionais exist, slow planets that have revolution cycle, and, therefore, they remain about 8 years each one for the astronomical constellations the one that we call Signs. The geracionais planets are the following ones: Uranus Associated to the abrupt cuts, the revolutions and the freedom; Neptune Associated to the dispersion, psychology, the dream and the fancy; Pluto Associated to the power, the control, the deep and irreversible transformation. The presence of these planets for skies influences all a generation, making with that the been born ones in the period influence all the humanity, mainly when is in economically active age, that costuma to start to the 21 years when the formed being already initiates its chosen professional activity and goes until the 60 years, when initiates the decline of the mature life. Therefore, during a period, two or three generations coexist meetings, many times in conflict and contrast. Let us consider that the call ' ' Z&#039 generation; ' either formed for the been born ones in the decade of 1990, more specifically in 1996/97. Today these people would have for return of 14 or 15 years of age, ready, therefore, to be part of the economically active population.

This Generation is formed by a combination of the following planets and signs: – Uranus in Aquarium; – Neptune in Capricrnio; – Pluto in Sagitrio. Moreover, specifically in this biennium 1996/1997 we have also the influence of the Social Planets, Jupiter and Saturn, that mark the social behavior of the been born ones in these years. – Jupiter in Aquarium; – Saturn in Aries. An astrological analysis of the data above can consider the following profile for Generation Z: Uranus in Aquarium: In Aquarium, Uranus is disponibilizado of its plenary powerses, that is, its influence is still more marcante.

Power Of The Mind

Many people lately have spoken in the power of the mind and this is truth, if you to perceive many people who had gotten success it had visualized in the mind the success first the goal or objective, would like today that you if attempted against for this, what you almeija that as much wants you can you are enough to want, you are enough to visualize and to believe that she can happen, when people you had not visualized things simple that finished happening, for example a trip the person you speak you wanted to travel in this holiday and derepente somebody invites to travel this happened to it why you visualized this before, when they had been to inaugurate the Russian mountain in the Disney MR. Wall Disney Already was deceased but its wife, a young that make a speeched in the event did not invite it to speak on the event and commented that penalty that MR. Wall is not qui to see this, when the wife of MR. Wall caught the microphone it said in the truth MR. the Wall was first to visualize in the mind of it, but vocs it now is seeing saw that vocs therefore it is here today, that is that is an example first. He thinks about this

Professional Management

Social: practical part of the social philosophy, that indicates the norms the one that must adjust the relations between the diverse members of the society. For the definition of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, ‘ ‘ Logistic it is the part of the Management of the Chain of Supplying that plans, implements and controls the flow and efficient and economic storage of raw materials, half-finished materials and products finished, as well as the information relative they, since the point of origin until the consumption point, with the intention to take care of to the requirements of clientes’ ‘ (Oak, 2002, P. 31). Knowing the definitions of ethics and logistic one asks that relations both can have. All the process developed for the logistic one: production, stockage, as well as the distribution chain, is developed by people.

Although all technological apparatus, and all the benefits that the technology of the information has brought for the sector of logistic, still thus without people nothing of this could be developed. It is exactly in this aspect that the organizations have neglected its bigger patrimony that are its collaborators. All necessary organization obligatorily of people stops to carry through its tasks wants either of simplest in the production or most complex in the most diverse administrative areas. Moreover when an organization aims at only the financial results of its productive chain, it starts to neglect and to deal with antiethical way the people. The ethics have been each time more banished of the relations and management of people. Where it is the ethics when subumanas horrias people are displayed to the load, where its labor laws are execrados, displayed social right the moral assdios and denied to them on behalf of a bigger profitability? The ethics were banished of this relation, however it would have all to be sustentculo of and any relationship inside of an organization.