Like everything else in life, if you want to express something different from what they are already manifesting, you will have to then do something different to what you’ve been doing. We have been building a series of habits, we put in motion a group of causes which in turn bring effects, therefore everytime we see unpleasant results in our lives, it is due to these causes that we put in motion. Everything becomes a reaction chain. We’ve built our lives, whether for good or for evil, either consciously or unconsciously, what is certain is that we are the architects of our existence. Every moment we create our future, our present is the result of our past decisions.

See the effects manifested in different aspects of our lives, in our attitude to life, our dealings with others, our reactions towards the success and money. Because of this, if we don’t like what we see, we must then undertake a series of changes and skills that will enable us to eliminate those patterns, those effects that are triggered as a result of our habits and actions passes. Thats what I call a reengineering of the consciousness, the reengineering for success, we must then consciously direct our efforts in producing the results that we want in our lives. How would this be?, because we know what are the things that have brought us to certain situations, not very productive so say it, we also know what are the things that would lead us to success, the fact that not apply does not mean that they are not aware. In the majority of cases people know what they should do to achieve one of its goals, but do not dare to fight for them, it may be because the habits that are opposed to those goals are too strong. To achieve this re-engineering, we must first situate ourselves in the cause.

Post It

Without humor no disinhibition and when we are tight or inhibited, there are no good ideas. Something similar happens in serendipity. We need humor to create new situations which inspire us. Many companies use humour as a livelihood of their creativity. Vueling offers indie music during the flight as well as series such as the Simpsons or Friends. In addition the Commander tells jokes and take everything off it seems a game when they say that preparations for the takeoff, 3, 2, 1 Vueling! Vueling is not the only company that does this sort of thing. The founders of the company’s ice cream Ben & Jerry s go beyond.

They dress up in joints or organize the day of free ice cream for which rent a cow-truck and van handing out ice cream themselves. Today they are one of the leading companies in ice cream in the world. Constancy. That’s the next step. So the serendipity appears in our lives we don’t have to be in a hurry and above all, we must be consistent. Although it may seem to others has happened to them quickly almost never or never is so exactly. When we have the successes of others people feel that you have achieved everything with ease, by a stroke of luck.

But if we look closely at their lives we realize that have been ongoing to achieve his goal. We return to Art Fry and his Post It. It is true that the stimulus came only although there was a time to connect it with the idea of the book. But then came all a work of developing the product. He sent hundreds of secretariats of different cities in order to test his new invention. There he collected some impressions that earned him much to tweak it and then test it. It was gradually shaping up that piece of paper that years later would make him rich.