Fernando Well

I already did not support plus all that situation, I I did not have, but nobody with me all already were tired of my relief, I was imprisoned to the world that was not plus mine, everything and all it to me remembered each detail, even though my room my bed, my proper words I was of them, I only wanted to forget everything that, knew a girl in net, started a romance but I only wanted to find Sarah, I made useless comparisons and alone my situation got worse, the days had been passing and I only getting worse, was so visible my sadness and the only person who wise person what she was happening but was not withme she was my mother, and wise person who something was not legal with me, I decided to take off vacation, I passed 2 months in Brasilia, I thought, I cried sufficiently, I relieved, already it was prepared to come back of vacation and to recommence, I had not forgotten but accustoming he was me to live. In return my house and my life, I was well better, everything I did not pass of souvenirs, certain form I already I could live without Sarah, I I did not want candle, he did not want to remember that had past, but everything took me it, I was following well, but when everything seems that it goes to be well and to come back to normal and when I promised exactly that he would not namoraria but no Sarah girl binds for Fernando mine more good friend, I to me I did not intend but my happiness was so intense, was greater that I, was to its meeting, I sufficiently talk but at none moment it me it asked for excuses for that it happened, it came my house and in way so it kissed singela me, he seemed that he was dreaming, I I was again with Sarah but I did not forget everything that made it me to pass, and my feeling for it only increased, I did not pardon it but I tore the page and I decided to recommence. . .

Feared Reality

Only wanted I it for me ah, if I could! I fall in ecstasy when thinking I will have when it only pra me. – Not reality! It does not come now, is everything so good. It would come to me and I would see never more it in the arms of another one. He could you make it happy and to be happy, finally, without fear! – Ah reality waits more a little. Only more a little. It will go to become woman in my arms and we will not need more to swallow so pretty, ready feelings to be shown but that they dim the eyes of the primitive. – All well reality, could not holds it for much time.

It comes, can come. It is not entirely mine, I knows! – But she knows, reality, that is for limited time. I have very pleasant meeting in a place that pods not to enter. My dreams! – Ah dreams, at night come to carry through me. It comes to fill what this feared reality does not obtain. I wait you anxious dreams, for finally you it only pra me. Yearning for the night as yearning for my fast fearful meeting with it, when the reality is of the side of is for moments and not it has force to destroy the barrier that we create for it. The barrier calls love! when we obtain mante it for is, creates our proper reality.

Sand Boys

Where is such boys deareia? inquires skies. I promise not to restitute ideal aosmeus, therefore I do not answer, still with the agencies looked in the act. Nothing will pass to my power, because I am you of skies, the messias of the blackout. I smile. Gemidoseco is as one and uninterrupted. It invites me to the voice to make it suddenly. In this meantime, I am the key that opens the Enigma of skies. The cloud if unloads sobremim.

My parrel is my allied. the sand boys if foramao my command I say almost to the whispers. Tartamudeio: Here it is dobem me you and of the evil. It close the Enigma as an eddy. Cerra for on and cetrome guide for a storm. I unload myself of all, and I do not wait qualquerincitao. I expose myself on powerful words, that induce the life and the death.

The sand boys if go with the wind, and eusorrio; however, this laugh if intrinsic form, because my estvazia soul. Pilgrim for beyond daescurido, looking for my life, closed antanho for shady forces. Meeting a light to the deep one, at last. I declare: To my order, comes back fills with earth. The sand boys partemcomo a storm to dilacerar all the life in the land. they go themselves as ovento. I say farewell myself to all, and all the life human being if she goes, disappears in way penumbra. One more time I smile, emudecidopelo furor of the skies, that fall down on me, route to the twilight, absorbing us. the sand boys if forampara always, because of skies it came the evil and of the sky if it originated the life. I was myself as the wind.>


Noronha already makes some experiences and studies, had however not gotten success and that one would be the first attempt in a human being, that stops the time, would be one of the biggest innovations, since the new times were arriving and seemed to be a very next future that was ahead of the eyes of those people and the press there which was propagating that experience, that did not get success, leaving rebelled Rodrigo very and if feeling guilty for having given the authorization. Rodrigo when burying Helena in the Cemetary of the Consolao, seemed to be embedding its proper heart and next to it the joys and hopes went all, changedding themselves, from that, in a melancholic person, cold and sad. The Dr. Noronha if comoveu with the history of the youngster and had become friends. It requested its presence in the hospital for some times to talk, thus trying to brighten up a little that great sadness that pairava on the heart of that young youngster. In one of these gone and comings to the hospital, Rodrigo walked the foot for the center of So Paulo and finished entering in the So Paulo Confectionery, that was in the Square of the Patriarch, and in a glance it esbarrou in Smia, one of the attendants from there. That meeting did not occasion effect.

Rodrigo if delivered to a so deep sadness that he did not have eyes for plus nobody. Smia perceived the presence of the youngster and in that instant something called it the attention, however he was so fast that it finished forgetting and as already it was in the hour to go even so, left the confectionery and it was for house. Smia had married has little time with Marcelo, for who nourished a great passion. It was a love as it was not seen has much time.