The Art Of Flirting

I’m sitting in a bar and drink my cocktail, suddenly someone comes over to me and asks me if he could sit with me at this moment he is sitting, and introduces himself. – Flirting is this – Basically even, but this shot is in stock backfires. First of importance is the famous eye contact. If the comparison repeatedly as herschaut schonmal is a good sign. And then a nice smile. These are the “normal” beginnings of a flirtation. If one does not trust it, you can let the other may send a drink, but be warned, women are not to hard drinks. Anderesherum there is a little weird when the woman lets the man take a drink. But perhaps one else even comes into the conversation, perhaps about his great cell phone, or the way he dances. It is important in any case that you can smell each other. If the smell of the others not too says it can / the ever so great, but there will be no further meetings. Even if you are not in a conversation on aDenominator is bringing nothing to the next one. Thenthe other one should not fool ourselves, but to give him to understand that he was nice find, but nothing can imagine with him. If the conversation went well and you can smell each other well, you should share in any case the numbers and, as a woman, waiting for the man responds. Because women want to be conquered and lionized, while men prefer to go to the “game” and conquer