Russian Federation

Attorneys challenge is a qualified legal assistance to be provided on a professional basis by persons who obtained the status of the lawyer in accordance with the Federal Law "On Advocacy and Advocacy in Russian Federation ", businesses and individuals to protect their freedoms, rights and interests, as well as guaranteeing access to justice. Cloud computing usually is spot on. The profession, standardized set of rules applicable legislation creating rights and duties of a lawyer. The lawyer is obliged to his professional activities accurately and without fail to comply with legislation, removing all legal means and protection of the rights and lawful interests of citizens and organizations who have turned to him for legal help. Here, Imogen Lloyd Webber expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In providing legal services to clients, a lawyer receives the specific tasks that are the subject of professional secrecy and protected by federal law. Lawyers are all the secret information relating to the implementation of legal aid lawyer.

A lawyer can not be called and questioned as a witness about circumstances become known to him in connection with an appeal to him for legal assistance or in connection with its implementation. With the acquisition of status and membership in the legal community, the lawyer takes on such a commitment, so the conversation with a client, the study documents the specific circumstances, personal and business secrets of individuals and organizations are discussed in a one-form and confidence will not be disclosed without permission client. Procedural rights under the law of the lawyer uses since the conclusion of an agreement with him and entered into a certain thing. Until that time, the lawyer may only provide legal assistance in the form of consultation, clarification of existing legislation, development of legal documents. When a legal aid lawyer, the current legislation and regulations professional ethics and practices developed algorithms for the legal profession whose purpose is to promote the best protection of the rights and interests of individuals and entities. Code of professional ethics counsel Bill contains certain rules of skilled behavior, morals, culture, communication in the legal profession.

The Dispute

The arbitral tribunal shall take into consideration the requirements of the protection of violated rights, regardless of the expiration of the period. Limitation applied by the court only at the request of the parties to the dispute at the request of the parties to the dispute, made to the court's decision. Expiration of statute of limitations on the application which states party to the dispute shall be grounds for the arbitration court's decision to deny the claim. It should be borne in mind that with the expiration of statute of limitations on the chief demand of the limitation period expires and the additional requirements (the forfeit bail, bail, etc.). In exceptional cases where the arbitral tribunal determines that a valid reason for skipping the statute of limitations on the circumstances related to the personality of the plaintiff (serious illness, helpless status, illiteracy, etc.), violation of rights should be protected. The reasons for skipping the statute of limitations can be recognized as valid, if they occurred in the past six months statute of limitations, and if this term is six months or less than six months – during the period of limitation. Debtor or another responsible person, to discharge the duty upon expiration of the statute of limitations, may not require full of back, at least at the time of execution the person is not aware of the expiration davnosti.Iskovaya prescription does not apply to: – the requirement of protection of moral rights and other intangible benefits, except as required by law – the requirements depositors to the bank to issue deposit – a claim for damage to life or health. However, claims made after the expiration of three years from the date when the right to compensation for such damage, met for the past while no more than three years preceding the filing of the claim – claims the owner or other owner of the elimination of all violations of his rights, even though these violations were not connected with dispossession. The above list is not exhaustive, as the law may establish other requirements to which the statute of limitations does not apply.