In this article the basics of layoffs and resignations This article is based on the theme of layoffs and resignations, and how a professional can help to properly enforce labor rights. For the case applied to dismissals should be made by a labor law attorney who understands dismissals and resignations. The firings and resignations have increased recently. These layoffs and resignations, are inserted into an increasingly demanding society and unequal. Because the employment relationship is an unequal basis because one is in charge the employer and one who obeys the employee is entitled to care in this case the rights of the weakest in both dismissals and resignations as appropriate.

For this reason face a suit by an employee your boss always presumed guilty unless proven otherwise. This is the opposite of what usually happens in the rest of the branches, where in many countries is presumed innocent until someone finding of guilt. Lawyers should know about and be layoffs and resignations properly trained in the area. Then the resignation, in contrast to the dismissal, is the formal and voluntary act in which the employee dissolve the employment contract for reasons not based on subjective breach of contract by the employer. The dismissal is when an employer split the employee. This situation can occur for several reasons: it may be a dismissal with just cause, or dismissal without just cause. If it is for just cause must be a breach of work duties so that the case of a serious injury that prevents him from continuing his employment link.

In the case of dismissal with just cause it must be communicated in writing and in a very clear including the reasons given for breach of contract founded. This usually occurs or by telegram or letter paper. If we are fired without just cause there we need a lawyer to represent us and start a legal case against the employer. The dismissal without cause is that decided unilaterally by the employer without any cause to do so. For this reason also be called arbitrary dismissal. The two previous methods are within the direct firing. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jos Shaver. But there is also what is known as constructive discharge. This is decided by the other part of the employment relationship, the worker. In this case, the employer must state its reasons clearly and specifically as you can demonstrate that the reason adduced will be entitled to severance payments uncaused.


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The Dispute

The arbitral tribunal shall take into consideration the requirements of the protection of violated rights, regardless of the expiration of the period. Limitation applied by the court only at the request of the parties to the dispute at the request of the parties to the dispute, made to the court's decision. Expiration of statute of limitations on the application which states party to the dispute shall be grounds for the arbitration court's decision to deny the claim. It should be borne in mind that with the expiration of statute of limitations on the chief demand of the limitation period expires and the additional requirements (the forfeit bail, bail, etc.). In exceptional cases where the arbitral tribunal determines that a valid reason for skipping the statute of limitations on the circumstances related to the personality of the plaintiff (serious illness, helpless status, illiteracy, etc.), violation of rights should be protected. The reasons for skipping the statute of limitations can be recognized as valid, if they occurred in the past six months statute of limitations, and if this term is six months or less than six months – during the period of limitation. Debtor or another responsible person, to discharge the duty upon expiration of the statute of limitations, may not require full of back, at least at the time of execution the person is not aware of the expiration davnosti.Iskovaya prescription does not apply to: – the requirement of protection of moral rights and other intangible benefits, except as required by law – the requirements depositors to the bank to issue deposit – a claim for damage to life or health. However, claims made after the expiration of three years from the date when the right to compensation for such damage, met for the past while no more than three years preceding the filing of the claim – claims the owner or other owner of the elimination of all violations of his rights, even though these violations were not connected with dispossession. The above list is not exhaustive, as the law may establish other requirements to which the statute of limitations does not apply.