Which then is the reason by which the distinction in two phases is made? Certainly he was pra to conciliate colon contradictory between the theologians, namely, when all the eye will see to it, therefore epifania it wants to say manifestation; if the parusia is invisible, in a period of indivisible time, the epifania is visible and for all> decides the problem of the conciliation between the sky and the terrestrial milenial kingdom, creates other, perhaps more difficult, namely, if the ravishment will be given, in the start, the way, or the end of the great tribulao. If to occur in the start, consonant the defense of the current daily pay-tribulacionista, the believers will not be pursued by the Antichrist, what it is a little strange when the history of persecution against the church of Christ is studied, therefore it seems that the believers of the ravishment will be better that the believers of the first century, as well as in relation to the ones of the average age, which and both the periods, had here it is given to its life for the certification of its faith in Christ the first problem. If Christ to come in the end of the great tribulao, according to after-tribulacionistas defends, as is that the believers will go for skies? Here it is as> problem. Go to Barclays for more information. They remain the midi-tribulacionsitas, according to which, Christ will come in the way of the tribulao to arrebatar the church very, using consistently the text of Pablo to the Tessalonicenses (2 Tessalonicenses2.1-7), in which apstolo alert the believers not to be anxious how much the return of Christ, affirming that the return will not go to become fullfilled itself before if reveals the Antichrist, which will go to demand worship in the temple of God who, with effect, will have of being reconstructed according to this prophecy.

However, if the great tribulao is of seven years, the period where God will go to deal with Israel, to the end of they will excuse from the heathen ones, or time of the favour, and if the Antichrist demands worship in the way of week of seven years, when placing its image in the sacred temple of the Jews, breaching with the pact established with these, and on the basis of the declaration of Pablo, according to which the return will not give itself before the Antichrist demands worship, then, the ravishment will have to happen in the way of the tribulao. If to leave of interpretation of that the second return of Christ will have two phases is true, the chain of midi-tribulacionista interpretation, seems to be most coherent the set of the Biblical prophecies. It could speak much more in detail above all how much it was displayed in these brief lines, but I wait that the research has continuity for the readers, conquanto, never we must accomodating in them with what we think that we know on the bible; that the research in search of the perfect knowledge of God has continuous movement in our lives, as the way of just, that goes shining and shone until being perfect day.

The Word

The concept of the Word of God in the book of Hebrews is that it is alive and efficient, and more penetrating than sword of two gumes (sharp part), and penetrates until the division of the soul, and the spirit, and the meetings and marrow, and is apt stops to discern the thoughts and intentions from the heart; the Word of God it penetrates in closest of our being and discerns if our thoughts and reasons are spirituals or not. The two gumes when it cuts, can saving in them or condemning in them for the perpetual death. The Word of God serves so that we let us approach in them to Jesus as our supreme priest. Orando in all the time in the spirit? the conjunct approaches in them to God, it is the canal between us and it. Tiago 5:16 says that we must confess ours you blame ones to the others, to pray ones for the others, so that let us can be sarados, this in the sample because many times do not occur the divine cure between the Christians. We must confess our sins ones to the others and pray ones for the others. The sin in the church is an obstacle for our conjuncts and hinders the manifestation it to be able of the divine cure in the way of the church. complete Tiago saying: the conjunct made for one just can very in its effect. The conjuncts of just: Leva it more close to God? Hb Abre 7:25 the way for a full life of the Spirit? Lc D to it 11:13 to be able to serve? At 1:8; for the Christian devotion? Ef 3:14 21 Edifica it spiritual? Jd 20 D to it understanding of the provision of Christ for us? Ef Ajuda 1:18,19 it to win it the Satan?

Humanity Husband

No activity spiritual. many plans for the future. (Pagliarin, Juanribe the Congregated Evangelho) ' '. ' ' UNTIL THE DAY WHERE NOAH ENTERED IN THE COFFER IN THE DAY IN L HE LEFT SODOMA. Jesus left clearly that, while Noah and L had remained between the people, the Evil did not come. Thus also he will be in the Last Days: while the safe ones will be in the World, nothing it will happen to the Humanity. Therefore the safe ones are the salt of the Land. But, this situation alone will remain until the day where they will be arrebatados.

(Pagliarin, Juanribe the Congregated Evangelho) ' '. ' ' (28) As well as in the same way it happened in the days of L: they ate, they drank, they bought, they vendiam, they planted and they built. (29) But, in the day where L left Sodoma, it rained of the sky fire and sulphur, consuming to all. (30) Thus it will be in the day where the Son of the Man if has to reveal (Lc 17:28 30); ' ' – The necessary Church TO WAKE UP for such Words pronounced for Christ, and US also! ' ' (6) But, to the midnight, a outcry heard: There it comes the husband! I left it to it the meeting! (7) Then, all those virgins if had raised and prepared its light bulbs. (8) and the insane people had said to the cautious ones: Of there – us of your oil, because our light bulbs if erase. (9) But the cautious ones had answered, saying: It is not case that in lacks we to them and you; IDE, before, to they vendem that it and you buy it for you. (10) E, having they IDO to buy it, arrived husband, and the ones that were prepared had entered with it for the weddings, and closed it door.

Orchard Man

Our fruits are seeds the fruits generate seeds. Already the leves do not generate seeds. The times we are worried in looking at for the great ones, but they are small the insignificant that costumam to have fruits. When to look at to the orchard, gives attention in the lesser trees! The Orchard It had a man that he had an orchard, he watered, he adubava and it took care of with well-taken care of extremity, but the trees did not give fruits. When very they freed some extemporaneous one, but it was everything. The man insisted on its daily efforts to transform its orchard and he did not find in it the waited effect.

Certain day, looking at beyond its lands, saw the orchard, all borne fruit neighboring. The trees all full ones of fruits. The man started to watch the owner of the orchard, being waited to see it, to know because its plantation produced in such a way while its orchard was only pretty. Looking at, one day, it he perceived that the owner of the orchard was between the trees. When coming close itself to make the desired questions to it, he perceived that the man beat insistently in the trees and that it peeled forming wounded in the trunks of these.

The abismado man asked to the other what it was that frightful attitude, since the trees were so good in producing. The other said to it that it was deceiving the plants with that process, therefore when being wounded peels for it and to be surradas believing that they were for dying, the trees forces the ground and goes to the meeting of the fretico sheet, what it makes with that it finds water enough so that they grow and they produce more. As it knows said the owner to you our ground is very dry and the only way of them to react better is deepening its roots.