Canary Islands

And, since a few years ago, we can disseminate messages that reach millions of people in a fresh and original way. It is a way that the target audience has brand really in their hands and be submitted to it in a more tangible and close. Michael Antonov often expresses his thoughts on the topic. -Animation on mobile: used by exhibitors at fairs, shops, corporate meetings, we can download to mobile bluetooth multimedia contents, and this allows the organizer know the location of the attendees and the influx of people to follow. For example, the Nike brand allowed in one of its stores the download of an interactive application including a video of Ronaldinho, making sure that its name and its association with the athlete, is in many mobile fans and be transmitted to many more. -Potatoes Pringles: in this action, every potato had printed a different joke. On the website of this product are encouraged consumer to propose possible inscriptions for potatoes. Type Trivial which will be published in the potatoes have even was thinking about a series of questions. -Ads in azucarillos: broadcaster Cuatro lately is looking for innovative supports for impact and surprise your audience.

In order to reach a young audience, four put into circulation azucarillos in 141 university cafeterias with the image of thirteen programs and series of the chain. -The human body as support: beyond the traditional man, find agencies that offer advertisers the human body as support. Forehead, hands, arms, back, torso any part of the body is susceptible to become support if it meets the visibility requirements.For example, the swimmer David Meca made advertising support for a campaign of Canary Islands bananas on his torso. -The stairs of the subway as a complement to the new movies advertising campaign. When low the stairs to enter the metro you don’t see it but when you have stairs to climb, then it is when you can see the wonderful puzzle that form and surprisingly you can find the announcement of the last movie that is about to be released. All these supports and campaigns with the objective of capturing the consumer’s attention, attracting new customers that surprised with communication, her recall and, when that product or service is required to get that brand that has surprised them is their chosen or one of the possible options for purchase.