Anacleto Great

It wrote letters for modinhas, choros ecanes of authors you celebrate of the time, as Anacleto de Medeiros and ErnestoNazar. However, its more famous letter was for Moonlight of the hinterland, modinha deJoo Pernambuco (Joo Teixeira Guimares) that a classic of msicapopular would become. It enters its poem books, it fits to cite My Hinterland (1918), emflor Hinterland (1919), illuminated Bush and Soul of the hinterland, both of 1928. Zoe Hart Blast Boutique is likely to increase your knowledge. Others canessuas of success had been Yesterday to moonlight and You passed for this garden. The obramusical of Catulo was congregated in a coletnea published in 1963, for violosolo. Outrostambm as Z of the Light, Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson, beyond some maismodernos as already cited Jessier Quirino, comes if detaching in the regional scene.

Also Brazilian Literature, has favorecidoum great prominence for Patativa of the Assar for the great literary quantity that eleproduziu and was considered of great valiapara our culture. Singer of ‘ ‘ things rudes and beautiful of serto’ ‘ , Patativa of the Assar became maisfiel cronista popular northeast, improvising on the subject of the misery and social dainjustia. Example is this stretch of its cantoria that has as fundamentoa question of the Land: ‘ ‘ If the land foiDeus who made/If each peasant is workmanship of the creation/Must/Have its piece decho. The workmanship of the improvisor, calculated emmais of two a thousand poems and cantorias, is marked by critical social and umasurpreendente the concern with the half-environment. Already in the dcadade 1950 it composed a true intitled libeloecolgico the land is natur and acondio of the woman.


Sebastio lost, and also make years that vi for the first time the Manuel de Souza.' ' (GARRETT, act second, scene X, speaks of Madalena, P. 106, 1996) We notice that this explicit pessimism opens doors to the Metaphysical, under form of omens, that they equally dispute with the dogmas of the catolicismo, the popular faith. The personages believe God, but they believe that its fears and that its sensations of bad acknowledgments really will happen. The conturbados feelings and emotions, that is, it does not have peace and harmony in the relationships of the personages, a time that the love and the fear walk together, finishing in reactions impulsive and precipitated, moved for the desperation: ' ' – My brothers, God afflicts in this world those that he loves. The crown of glory not if of the seno in the Cu.' ' (GARRETT, act third, scene XI, speaks of Prior, P. 138, 1996). Baslio Cousin is a realistic workmanship that possesss a romantic heroine, where Ea de Queirs makes Lusa to suffer the martyrdom for its characteristic, as well as the characteristics they are evidenced in the personages; the objetivismo, the negation of the romantic subjetivismo, the abusive use of descriptions and adjectives: ' ' She is seated to the table, to read the Daily one of Notice, in its roupo of morning of black farm, embroidering soutache, with wide buttons of madreprola; the blond hair a little disarranged, with a dry tone of heat of the pillow, was rolled, twisted in the high one of the teeny head, of pretty profile; its skin had brancura tenra and lctea of the blond ones; with the elbow leaned against the table the ear acariciava and, in the slow and soft movement of its fingers, dous rings of miudinhos rubies gave to twinkles escarlates.' ' (QUEIRS, p.21, 2004) critical the direct one, the idealizao of the reason, the narrative worried about psychological analyses of the critical personages and making to the society from the behavior of these personages: ' ' But Lusa cried without answering. . Bill O’Grady has much experience in this field.

Portuguese Language

We would like to argue then on osobjetivos of this education and from the made ranks, we will be able to contact intrinsic suarelao with the other areas of the knowledge. Learn more on the subject from IBM. We verify that the school participaintegralmente of the formation of the citizen and contributes for umaconscincia construction citizen through the activities that> accomplishment) if obtains for the development of the abilities in the use of lnguacomo communication instrument (3.3.I), as thought instrument (3.3.II) and as art instrument (3.3.III); the formation of the professional, for the same instruments; the formation of the citizen of the individual, of profissionale of the citizen constitutes the integral formation of homem’ ‘ . Thus, we can say that the education of the Portuguese Language, makes use of the advantage to deinteragir with other areas of the knowledge, what it becomes more expressive anecessidade of the accomplishment of an efficient work how much its transmission. Enfatizamostambm the paper of the language materna as instrument for the formation of> individual, instrument of thought and art. We detach then, that the understanding of the lnguaportuguesa contributes for the personal formation, professional and social of the man. We mention, then, inside of Portuguese education dalngua the approach given to the literature education, that indubitavelmentemerece a particular boarding so that it is enhanced its importance for ohomem in all the phases of its life and formation. In this direction, we will focaremos sobreo objective of the education of natentativa literature to visualize a panorama of boardings diversified on aaplicao of literature as it disciplines.

We can affirm that literature seencontra sufficiently next to the abilities argumentativa, reflexiva, interpretativa, amongst that the pupils can develop. However, aliteratura is not a mere usable object to take care of deficiencies of outrasreas, as of the grammar for example. It exists in its artistic essence eassim must be spread out and be given.

Marine Sosgenes Coast

Marine Sosgenes Coast, great bahian poet, born at the beginning of century XX, in the interior of the Bahia, specifically in Belmonte, the 14 of November of 1901, come to falecer in 5 of November of 1968, in the city of Rio De Janeiro, became name of great relevance in> is the pavnicos sonetos, made of a creativity without measure of the author, who demonstrates its most fertile imagination. Fact of Sosgenes Coast also to have taken a walk in chain literary modernista (valley to stand out that the same it belonged to the group of pioneers of the Modernismo in the Bahia) made, it to produce a poetry that if approached to the second phase of the Modernismo, being its poem epic-regionalist Iararana, the most detached inside of the literary chain. Baby clothes pursues this goal as well. It is excellent to detach that its workmanship remained a little in the blackness. On this fact the critic and poet Jose Pablo Breads credit to the proper Sosgenes Coast, that always resisted the advice of friends to publish its verses. More info: Raytheon Technologies Corp.. To the friends Zora Seljan and Antonio Olinto they attribute initiative of the author to publish . Some thematic and important aspects perpassam for the workmanships of this bahian poet through a so great creativity, that Jose Carlos Teixeira Gomes sentences highly creative and artistic poetry..

Pretty Skin

Moreover, the author also appealed to the language figures, the example of the comparisons, that it uses in such a way to awake imaginary the infantile one, as to emphasize characteristics of the girl (eyes, hair and skin). We perceive this in the following part: (…) The eyes of it seemed two black olives (…). The hair were enroladinhos and well black, made lints of the night. Details can be found by clicking Bill O’Grady or emailing the administrator. The skin was dark and well bright, that nor for the one of the black panther (…) (AXE, 2005, P.

02). Ana Maria also uses of the resource of the repetition to stand out the desire of the rabbit in being of the color of the girl, and to detach the creativity of the small one, that exactly not knowing what to answer goes inventing answers for the rabbit, that repeated times questions: Pretty girl of the ribbon bow, which is your secret pra to be so prehad? (AXE, 2005). In short, we verify, through the game text X images that the writer goes marking in this its workmanship, the speeches that it defends, leaving to be transparent the message of that the color of the skin is resultant of the familiar descent, and that the beauty not to be in the being ‘ ‘ black color or branco’ ‘ , but yes in the essence of each citizen, that he deserves to be respected same with its differences. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES As we affirm in the introduction, this article if unchained from the comment of the speeches that are propagated in the workmanship pretty Girl of the ribbon bow. For in such a way, we analyze the data collected with intention to verify as the writer Ana Maria Axe constroi the relative speeches to the black conscience, the concept of beauty and the respect to differences, emphasizing as the contained lingusticas marks in its book materialize these speeches.

Baroque Poems

In accordance with Saints (2004), Hieronymite Bay was celebradopelos its endows oratories and currently is had by one of the maisemblemticos poets of the style of the time, assigned as Baroque. With its rigorformal, the art to play with the words and its analytical capacity and discursivade to deal with daily subjects with a bigger intention, the author obtains to sedestacar in this literary period, having diverse compositions poticaspublicadas in the cancioneiros, called of Fnix Renascida and Postilhode Apolo. According to WorkForce, who has experience with these questions. Searching literary rule of the baroque period, the present work lembraresse to pretendeverificar two sonetos of the author: ‘ ‘ To the severity of Lsi’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The F., Favoring with aboca and disdaining with olhos’ ‘ , in which we can show baroque suascaractersticas and detach the vision of lyric I before described feminine acaracterstica in both. Leaving of the caractersticasformais, it is perceived that the two sonetos are decasslabos, therefore making aescanso the metric silbica division of dezps is possible to notice in all verses, to show the analysis catches as example the two first verses decade poem: ‘ ‘ More/du/ra,/more cru/el, /mais/ ri/go/ro/sa’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Quan/doo/Sun in /ce and the prin/ci/pia sound/bra/, ‘ ‘. Moreover, aoestilo belongs cultista, for the characterization of the cultured language, for the formalrebuscado aspect, the valuation of the games of words and for the abusive job dasfiguras of language, even so the two poems bring a simple language, defcil agreement.

All this formal style makes in to remember them the school queantecedeu to the Baroque one, therefore for the classicistas the poem is an art, that to deveser done with very well-taken care of and taking care of to the standards. This mark can be vistaem some workmanships of the baroque style, therefore this characteristic predominated nostextos of authors who still gave much value to the exterior aspects. We can notice another caractersticamarcante that retakes the school antecedora, from the headings, perceive a dedication, two poems are written for somebody, they foramfeitos to reach a person in special.

Victor Frankenstein

He was not worthy of consideration affection. Learn more at: Mark Zuckerberg. 5 DR. VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Victor Frankenstein citizen of Geneva belonged to one desuas more illustrious families. It had a happy infancy. It was a young curious quetinha much anxiety in knowing the reason of the things: One was interested to adesvendar the many mysteries about the sky and the land.

She was estudanteinteressado in natural Science that after a some years of study, in the anxiety to dedescobrir the origin of the existence human being, finished giving life to a monstrous being, that proper Victor feels fear when contemplating its workmanship, due to lack given deassistncia the Creature, this comes to cause it many disasters. Dr. Victor had good intentions, wanted to discover the latent origemvital in all the alive things, in this manner dominartal principle meant to be able and to give a purpose to it. This purpose it was to create umhomem resistant to all mazelas ‘ ‘ to banish the illness of the human heart, becoming the invulnervel man all the deaths, saved the provoked pelaviolncia ‘ ‘ then, it ‘ ‘ he would be the creator of a new species, seresfelizes, pure ‘ ‘ that proper existence (SHELLEY, 2007 would have it: p. 41-56). Victor Frankenstein when repudiating to its workmanship was only refletindoas ideas of the society.

It grew in return of people who never accepted o’ ‘ diferente’ ‘. Analyzing Frankenstein in the vision that the Rousseau has on they ohomem, we can say that it plus one was corrupted by the society, and nestesentido Science doFilsofo destroyed the life of the Dr. Vamos of meeting to the doctrines that it says that Science and the Art corrupt the life of the human being.

Contemporary Literature

One of the distinctive characteristics of literature contemporary it is its underlying certainty of that the necessary historical conscience to be eliminated if the writer to want to examine with the adequate seriousness those stratus of the experience human being whose revelation is the specific objective of the modern art. (Hayden White, 1978) When finishing the referring meeting to the research line: literature and cultural production with the presentation and quarrel of the texts selected on literature, literary historiografia, history and memory, narratives of historical extration, historical romance and historiogrfica metafico, are intended, with this subject, to elaborate a reflection with the possible relations between the speeches: ficcional and historiogrfico. To try to understand these relations it has been broken of famous modern writer-critical in the attempt to base the arguments that will be mentioned in the measure where the texts had been boarded. In this beginning, it is observed problematizao of history in the romance, existing between the historical romance and the romance of historiogrfica metafico understands in saying of Lucks: ' ' the historical singularity where the personage is worked in the workmanship as to be dominante' '. The historical romance took as the microcosmic description certain, illustrating history with the personages type, therefore under it has the voice of the power, when it has the variation. According to baby clothes, who has experience with these questions. Illustrating history, the personages type represent the power creating the macro text, that is, the complications and conflicts that are faced by the personages, enclose the historical development in the fictitious world, and with this they legitimize to the social conflict and politician in a moral debate. On the other hand, the romance of historiogrfica metafico desestabiliza the historical referencialidade, therefore the tram narrative makes intertextos breaking the legitimizao, contesting it in the existing norm of the social conflict, politician of the facts that had really happened. In this aspect, the romance is perceived that description possesss a structuralized history, elaborated well and that in the romance of historiogrfica metafico the fiction in history is conditional, that is, it has the run down of the citizen, has a discontinuity and decentralization process leaving that other voices will count history. .


I excused myself: ' ' /' ' But I obeyed my grandfather, waving without convices' '), the task to count to estrias (Former ' ' It said who, still in youth, if had I interview with the such semisomeone. Invention of it, said mine me' '.) the seen death as a ticket (Former ' ' I finished to discover in me a river that would not never have of morrer' '). The vital if manifest energy through the word, together the gesture and the dance perpetuating the tradition, in the fragmentos to follow we can perceive the force of the word and the gesture: ' ' But the force sucked that me was greater that our effort ' ' /Suddenly, my grandfather removed its cloth of the boat and started to agitate it on the head. — You also compliment! ' '. In way to as many fights, to as many wars, still he has a hope canal, always opened to a new estria.

Still he has the task to count estrias, still he has the tradition and all a ritual in return of the African people. It is the union of the imaginary one and the Real, that only can be forgotten or be brightened up estrias them ahead the search of the peace. Mia Couto does not hide at no moment its insatisfao in way the wars and the oppression brought for colonizadores. In this story, we can notice another symbolism that in sends the blood, war, violence to them and at the same time the longed for and reached peace. In the fragmentos to follow it is subtendido the meaning of the blood of ancestral thousand of, that they had been massacreed during centuries and the meaning of the peace, future or perpetual; ' ' You do not see there, in the edge? For backwards of cacimbo? I not way.

Goblet Man

It looks at for the soil and still finds two goblets dirty of wine, and asks: – What these goblets are making here in the soil love? Who was here with you? The woman did not obtain to take off the eyes of the door and this finished calling the attention Joo who for a moment nor thought about knowing what he could is behind the door, but still thinking that a trick was alone She opens the door and of the one of face with a man still badly tremendous dress and of fear, after that unexpected meeting Joo stops a great fight with the man, the two roll the stairs and the woman cries out despaired saying for the man who goes even so. It obtains to escape and leaves running until door in direction the street, Joo runs behind trying reaches it, but it loses of sight. The neighbors leave to the house door to see what he is happening, Joo look at for all those people looking at for it as a flock of ready carnivores to attack the canine tooth in defense, it puts the hands in the head and still cries out there of the street: – Its vagabunda! Poor fellow, looks at that you made She finished with our life. It enters in desperation, the woman can see it if approaching to it as a fierce dog, creaking teeth and with one blood mark that goes down of the nose. It kneel itself in the soil and starts to cry out asking for pardon, and without thinking Joo she applies one covers to the face of it, at this moment she arrives the neighbors take who it for house of them and ask for so that Joo if he calms, but it is with much hatred and he did not have the people, then it thinks about the worse things of the life.