Applications in the urban areas, agricultural and enterprise in question, come being carried through for diverse organizations. In this monograph some sets of pointers for evaluation of ambient support will be presented directed toward the enterprise area, with emphasis in the industry of the oil and national gas. 3.1. For more information see Mona Breed. General objective To determine pointers to promote the support ambient, also Considering the implantation of ISO 14001 in the UNAP/international Sanantonio of similar Brazil to become it more solid and apt to compete with other equally terceirizadas companies in the Brazilian petroliferous market. 3.1.2. Objective (s) I specify (s)? To consider the implantation of ISO 14001 in the company in question; To make solid the company being left apt to compete with equality with excessively; To firm if in the petroliferous market focando mainly in area NE of Brazil. 4.

Hypothesis Some companies are going of meeting to the direction of the sustainable development, however, she has few quantitative pointers to measure its performance and few companies have the practical one to publish reports of enterprise support. Advantages for companies exist who more quickly want to be pro-active and if to insert in new markets. It is possible to consider improvements in what he is being carried through for the companies with respect to ambient support, social and economic. The pautadas ambient questions to the activities of the industry had acquired an increasing value, from them finish decades, affecting categorically the life of the companies. The collection of a sustainable environment e, therefore the guarantee of the quality of life, exceeded the borders and today establishes condition of importance to the national and international commerce. Lately the companies suffer many pressures to manage and to improve its ambient performance, changedding itself into a basic question for the businesses. collections leave of consumers who are abdicating to the considered products ambiently harmful, motivating new attitudes in relation to the job of productive processes, without affecting the environment in such a way, guaranteeing, its commercialization, of the schools through the dissemination of the ambient education and the legal and normative collections that compel the organizations to follow programs of ambient management that they guarantee the competitiveness, and its proper survival.

Land Factors

The material and human damages caused by natural phenomena if intensify. The causes beside the point are known: geometric increase of the population, disordered occupation, intense process of urbanization and industrialization, indifference of public authorities. (As opposed to Hanes clothing). In the urban areas, among the main factors that potencializam these disasters, they are distinguished it ground waterproofing, the adensamento of constructions, the conservation of heat in the constructive islands and the pollution of air. Already in the agricultural areas, it can be cited the compacting of ground, the assoreamento of the rivers, the deforestations and the forest fires. Of this form, the absence of planning in the form of occupation of the ground and in the management of the hidrogrficas basins only tends to intensify the natural disasters. 1 for prevention R$ 25 R$ 30 for workmanships of reconstruction after tragedy invests in world-wide scale R$, a complete nonsense. Accenture Ventures may help you with your research.

The climatic system is controlled for the exchange of energy between the Land and the Sun and the exterior space, and is composed for three great factors: tectnicos, astronomical and atmospheric. The Inter-relationship between these three elements is complex, and mechanisms basic still unknown or they are little searched and registered for scientific literature. Adam Portnoy addresses the importance of the matter here. It enters the natural known referring causes the atmospheric factors, the human being can intervene only with the retention of heat for the atmosphere, since it cannot influence tectnicas astronomical causes nor. Therefore, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, tsunamis, cycles of extreme heat and cold due to position of the Land in relation to the Sun run away to the human control. But, certainly wild emissions of gases of the effect greenhouse among others factors have provoked an abnormal heating of world-wide the average temperatures. Effectively the atmosphere is heating: in last the one hundred years it had average addition of 1. C. the atmosphere hottest is passvel of turbulences and agitations provoked for hotter chains of energy.

United Nations

The quarrels had gained intensity in the decade of 70 and took ONU (Organizations of United Nations) to promote a Conference on the MeioAmbiente in Estocolmo, in Sweden (1972). This conference was of sumaimportncia, a time that was the first international meeting, that agregourepresentantes of diverse countries, for the quarrel of the ambient problems (HELM, 2006). In the decade of 80, in the Convention of Vienna, acordointernacional is firmed aiming at to the protection of the ozone layer, in this agreement pasesse, had compromised in changing them information, studying and to protect the ozone layer. Being known as Protocol of Montreal (IT WOULD MAKE, 2008). In 1992, it United Nations happens in the city of Rio De Janeiro Discussed for the Environment and Desenvolvimento (CNUMAD), conhecidatambm as ECO/92 or RIO/92. This conference came to corroborate with Conferncia of Estocolmo (1972), therefore was essential for the perception dosproblemas related to the environment. Later, in 1997, outroencontro happened important, where 189 nations had signed a called agreement deProtocolo of Kyoto, if compromising in reducing the emission of gases causadoresdo effect greenhouse in 5%. It can be perceived that the ambient problems are ganhandocada time more prominence in the quarrels in world-wide scope.

In each encontrorealizado, proposals had been being presented and some mechanisms that aim at conservao, of the little that still remains of the natural resources, had been appearing. Already the necessity to protect the patrimonies natural ecultural of the humanity appeared from the construction of a dam in Egypt, in 1959. The government of Egypt decided to construct ' ' Dam of Assu' ' , this event would flood a valley that contained treasures of the old civilization: ostemplos of the Abu Simbel and Philae. Worried about the disappearance of the temples, UNESCO launches a world-wide campaign with intention to protect the place. Ahead dapresso world-wide, the governments of Egypt and Sudan had disassembled the temples and osremoveram for a higher place, where again they had been mounted (WIKIPEDIA, 2009).

The Activities

In the truth, the adjusted nomenclature more would be ' ' lixo controlado.' ' The incineration alone is an option when the process has guarantees of that it will not go to poluir air, confirming itself sufficiently expensive e, therefore, only economically viable for some types of residues of the health services. Moreover, it has the thermal treatment made by a machine that triturates and submits the infectante garbage the high temperatures becoming the inert garbage, that is, that it is not infectante and that can be stored fills with earth in it sanitary with the too much solid residues. I fill with earth it bathroom is the only acceptable option for what really it is garbage, that is, residues that cannot be reaproveitados, nor recycled. For the current culture of ours society these sanitary aterros receive residues inadequately reaproveitveis and recycle. If you would like to know more about Scott Kahan, then click here. This reality determines that the aterros have its time reduced useful life, tronando necessary the construction of a new fills with earth in less The commitment is distinguishing fills with earth of it sanitary is the responsibility with that if it treats the garbage to be stored in a place. Since the choice of the area, until the preparation of the land, operation, determination of useful life and recovery of the area after its closing, everything are thought, prepared and operated in rational way to prevent damages to the public health and the environment, contributing for the agreement and management of the Support considering the interactions that exist between the ecological foundations and the activities of ' ' to produce? ' ' consumir' ' , that they represent the essence of any economic system. The great intention of the ambient planning is its subject and its object, therefore it is centre section of an organization of great transport a program or strategical plan with tactical plans of each area results together in and the operational plans referring to the processes carried through for the together area form a set of plans which if calls organizacional joint, and can: Hidrogrfica basin, unit of conservation, ambient education, system of ambient education of companies, recycling of residues of packings, treatment of tributaries, reduction of the energy consumption, reduction of the ambient impacts in the manufacture of products, reduction of ambient impacts of services. .

Global Governance

Each ton of recycled aluminum saves the extration of five tons of bauxite. Glass the recycling of the glass comes presenting solid growth in the country, and in 2004 it reached an amount of 423 a thousand tons, as given of the Abividro. Steel In the year of 2004, in accordance with the Brazilian Institute of Siderurgia (IBS), the country produced 32,9 million tons of steel (almost 6% more than what in 2003). It’s believed that Ripple sees a great future in this idea. 4. CONCLUSIONS One of the main ambient problems are the generation of great volumes of effluent liquids, atmospheric and solid residues whose characteristics are potentially polluting. The emission of contaminantes can be minimized through diverse ways, from new scientific and technological concepts directed to reach the sustainable development. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out State Street Corporation. Considering the necessary principles to sustainable development, understands that chemistry has instruments important and efficient to contribute of unequivocal form to keep and to improve the quality of life of the population and the planet. The necessity of the continuation of the development of the society is unquestioned, however, clearer he is registered how much it is important, and urgent, the adoption of measures that reduce the actual damages to the environment.

These facts demand a new position of the chemistry, represented for its professionals, who will have to participate, active and conscientiously, for the development of scientific processes technician and of form to make compatible them with the necessary ambient support. Gain insight and clarity with Adam Portnoy.


I always read that the Great Depression, also called for times of Crisis of 1929, initiate in the United States of America and that persisted throughout the decade of 1930, only finished definitively with the beginning of World War II in 1939. With the advent of this war that if drew out up to 1945, worse and the longest period of economic contraction of century XX he had its intentionally end. The wheel of the economy was the industry of the death putting into motion, finishing with any remainder of the crisis that had shaken the world in the ten previous years. It would have been perhaps? Then. Where I am wanting to arrive? He is that today we are living a crisis that some economists affirm to have the same dimension of that one generated with the Great Depression.

Here it is that in its height, opportunely and conveniently, a Pandemic appears suddenly that soon is brought to tona for the international media, getting the hearing success that costumam to have the notice that in them cause terror. Initiate in Mexico, the Suna Grippe soon spread for the world and, after the announcement of some deaths, world-wide authorities if had put into motion, taking initiatives drastic look with it to contain the epidemic. All good, is the minimum that if waits ahead of the governmental bodies of a serious fact as this. that in way to everything this, we discover that, if exists a world-wide crisis, for one determined and famous multinational laboratory, it will pass to the plaza. Yes, because it commercializes 90% of the remedy indicated for the treatment of the illness the one that we are in relating and whose patent was acquired in 1996 for the Gilead Sciences Incorporation company who vendeu this year the patent to the Roche laboratories and whose president was the secretary of the Defense of the United States, Donald Rumsfeld (nicknamed for some as Mr.

of the Wars), that until today he continues one of the main shareholders of the company. Most interesting it is that, searching on the such called medicine Tamiflu, we discover that it only alliviates some symptoms, having its effectiveness before the grippe questioned for great part of the scientific community. They affirm some that this frmaco not cure nor the common grippe more, that the virus in question does not affect the man in normal conditions. It will be that I am being victim of plus a theory of the conspiracy? For yes, for not, we must be intent, therefore the creativity, to the times mrbida, of some sectors of the economy, is the best form found for them to run away from the crises, despite to the costs of the fear of the population.

Brazilian Gasoline

You give to reach the dreamed exploit of adentrar in the biggest world-wide market, badly obtains to supply its domestic market. Worse, it imported inefficient etanol of American maize, in the peak of crisis R$ 0,40 more cheap than the national similar. One contrassenso for a tropical country, with land, propitious water and climate to very supply its domestic market and of the external market. After as much fight consolidating etanol as commodity, if it cannot lose the uneven possibility to supply the pujante international demand.

The Brazilian government decided to after act the economic crisis provoked by the sudden rise of prices of etanol, that it also pressured the indices of inflation in 2011. It defined that etanol is a strategical fuel and not only one derivative of the agricultural production. It determined that Petrobra’s acts as a great one player in this market, with plans to triple its production in four years, of current 5% for 15% of the total of etanol produced in the country, and thus to minimize the problems of period between harvests and volatileness of prices. A so complex problem as the market of etanol starts to be decided with the confrontation of its structural problems that had reduced the competitiveness of the product. It must be searched conditions for a new supported cycle of growth of the industry of etanol.

Some measures that demand courage and effort politician can be cited: to adjust federal and state taxes, reducing aliquot to improve the competitiveness of etanol front to the gasoline; bigger investments in research in favor of energy and ambient efficiency of the vehicles flex; strong incentive to the generation of etanol celulsico, saw agricultural and forest residues of the biomass; logistic storage and improvement; commitments of long stated period of all the productive chain with offers and the demand; improvement of the infrastructure and the systems of supplying. Currently the market inductors are very distinct of those observed in 2005. the topic at hand. In these last six years, the cost of production of etanol increased 40% more than and the product lost competitiveness front to the gasoline, that follows the same with price since 2005. Beyond the significant reduction of edges, that do not justify high investments in new units, the entrepreneurs if feel in relation to the lack criteria in the setting of price of the gasoline unsafe. As much the public power how much the fuel plants and deliverers suffer with improvisation, lack of planning and politics of long stated period. The government has now that to face in short term a possible increase of demand for gasoline and a probable lack of it offers of etanol, events to be taken care of unhappyly by means of importation. The disparity enters offers and demand of etanol is generating distortions in the market. To each year the prices are if locating in raised platforms more. For the Brazilian consumer, therefore, the notice are not alvissareiras. At least per more three years it offers of etanol cheap is discarded and its future is again in game.

Papirus Publishing Movements

This difficulty reaches professionals and vehicles of communication what consequentemente it finishes reflecting in the agility for implementation of a new conception and conscience of the population. The ambient conscience still appears in century XX initiate through some social mobilizations, in particular, the ecological movement appears in the end of the decade of 60 interlaced by alternative movements of importance and until the current days it keeps a narrow relationship. All these movements in common have the plea of the model of industrial capitalism, the social irresponsibility, the indifference of the maiorias and the indifference of the governments. Living at a moment hybrid where old economic and social practical models of still have that to coexist new values and behaviors. (1) CAMARGO, Ana Luiza of Brazil. Sustainable development – dimensions and challenges. So Paulo, p. 43-63, Papirus Publishing company, 2003..


When we think about reducing the decurrent impacts to the environment of the transport, is necessary to make a historical and cultural analysis on the adopted options, to be able to plan and to make possible changes that promovo the citizenship, since the space of the city is for the man, who to each day searchs one better quality of life. In the process of urbanization of the cities, the streets are necessary for organization of the urban spaces, guaranteeing accesses to the properties (tested) and for the circulation want of people or vehicles tractive animal or motor, what already it gave importance to the streets (ways) since that the cities were vilarejos or villages; with the sprouting of the automobile, the technological advances, the industrial development postwar period, the priority for the ways started to be concern of the governing, and the investments in road workmanships will start to be development factor, therefore to guarantee the circulation meant to direct the growth of the city. In Brazil, the decade of 70, with the deceleration of the economy, the cities with its great ways, and great problems of circulation (congestions), added to the growth and population adensamento in the cities, due to mechanization and industrialization of the farming, the social and ambient problems already present dimension that planning and answers of the public administrators demand and between which the Management of the Transport, aiming at to promote the circulation of the people and to take care of of the environment. The cities had adopted solutions prioritizing the collective transport, and an example was what it happened in Curitiba, when already at this time already promoted an inversion in the ways, before with priority to the automobile, if it created ways special (narrow channels) for the collective transport what it functions well until the current days, and in other cities of bigger transport, solutions as meter had been adopted, and in level of federal government incentives and financings to promote the transport collective, aiming at to diminish the use of the automobile, the individual transport, which in function of the amount is responsible for great part of the pollution to the environment.

PGRSS Management

Thus, the objectives specific accumulated of stocks from the main objective they are: to reduce risks to the health and the environment, by means of the correct management; to program measures of correction evidenced as inadequate and to revise routines already established, thus searching the improvement continuous. The basic intention of if formulating this plan of RSSS management are to reduce the risks for the occupational health and of the population, beyond minimizing the impact to the environment, this through the reduction of the generated amount and for the adequate destination of the residues of health services. 2. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL 2.1. Management and basic procedures of handling of hospital residues Inside of the program of management of the solid residues and services of health – PGRSS are defined the correct procedures of management of the residues of health services, as well as the implications of these in the ambient preservation; to rationalize the material consumption, preventing wastefulnesses; to minimize the amount of generated contaminantes and dangerous residues; to prevent and to reduce the risks to the health and the environment; to guide the employees and doctors, how much to the correct handling of the generated residues to prevent the accidental contamination; to fulfill the current law (EIGENHEER, 2000).

The management mentions the articulated set to it of normative, operational, financial actions and of planning based in sanitary, ambient, social criteria, educational, cultural, aesthetic and economic politicians, technician, for the generation, handling, treatment and final disposal of the solid residues, considering that all activity human being results in the generation of residues. (MANDELLI, 1997). Hospital with priority of university, state and public education, the treatment of the generated residue that if it initiated in 2000, with the qualification of all the professionals of the institution for the correct segregation of the generated residue. Simultaneously, it had the acquisition of containers the monitoring of the discarding of the residue in the container appropriate to receive the treatment specific.