Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez

As things stand, the country is not going nowhere. You need to take renovativas actions that ensure production, involvement of enterprises, commitment, integration, know how to exploit its natural riches and generate transformations required to fit more dynamic business involvement with the programs of the State. It must be very present as discussed, that definitely global capitalism is in crisis but it will not die without a long and birthweight battle. Front of his defense will be Barak Obama, because it will not assume another position During his tenure as the champion of the reformed capitalism. Expansionist measures will be used to revive the wound (but not dying) U.S. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ripple. economy, as it did at the time Franklin Roosevelt for 30 and 40 years, will deliver billions of dollars for job creation.

The current Revolucionaro Government identified with socialism, must determine with seriousness, the way of how to deal with the crisis, more when you know has declined the oil price, economic supply for the country, take very seriously what manifests the President, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, that: the Government is forced to be efficient in spending and in the implementation of resourcesIt is not to declare victory, but we have capacity to withstand this crisis and continue to invest. We are obliged to review everything and be more efficient in spending and execution of budgets, but we earmarking 48% of the 2009 budget to social investment. Economists say that the billions of dollars most treasured by the Government extend the possibility of Chavez to keep afloat to Venezuela for several years even if oil prices collapse to the Economist Dr. Maza Zavala, Venezuela is in the path of the hurricane crisis. It should not be forgotten, that Venezuela has almost absolute dependence on the oil prices and that makes us very vulnerable to the changes occurring in these (oil) prices, because we have an export volume staking or declining, noted, this is the most serious crisis facing the economy of United States and reflection the world economy, after the 1929; but they are similar in their symptoms and their consequences. He recalled that the current crisis started there, in the market for real estate in incontinence credit, speculative and therefore has been extended to the financial Dome, which is so far has shown a great weakness.He added that part of the financial crisis, is that it stops not only in finance, but that passes the call real economy, as consumers restrict their expenditure, to be able to honor their commitments and this restriction of consumption directly affects the production of the country.He explained that this situation of recession in the North, the demand for oil in the United States, tends to be reduced and since then, another important aspect to be taken into account, is that the pronounced rise in the oil prices, which took place in recent months, to bring it to more than $140 barrel, was largely due to financial speculation.

Unforgettable Vacation

Information on how to love the Russians spend their holidays, you can not even speak. All well-known Russian and love to the most diverse beach offerings. In second place after the hot countries on the degree of popularity of stand unless ski resorts that have proliferated in recent years. But that’s what the luxury vacation in Moscow has known quite a few. Although this type of holiday, more and more begins to attract category of people who can not leave for an extended period of time. But on this trend, we should say that it took place only be at the very beginning so to speak epic recreation in the suburbs. And was determined primarily by the fact at what time frame cottage complexes were willing to provide housing.

At a certain stage of development the industry it was easier to pass a cottage on the period beginning with the month. And more. But with time the situation changed. Demand began to to use so to speak, short-term engagement with a living so for example, rent a cottage for a weekend in the suburbs. Or during a break in service, that is, within three to four days.

And with the advent of such cottage here settlements of different activities, with the development of their infrastructure, the opportunity to go to relax on weekends. Or even a week just to have fun day out of town. And the room houses in this If not used as homes for a living, but as hotel rooms. Contributed to the growth and level of service. For example, if before the meal, guests themselves were to provide yourself with time appeared and services of such a plan as banquet halls in the suburbs. Contributed to these developments and the fact that increasingly are here weekend tours have begun to acquire for themselves youth company. For example, a group of 4-5 people arendovyvala a little house and lived there for some time. If it was about so to speak, luxury rentals, then it includes the full board, and service. In less elite versions all the same services are present, but for a fee. And guests who do not want to overpay, successful use of such services.

But the development was not only the above-mentioned aspect of this issue. Over time, in each such complex began to open bars, discos, gyms. Develop infrastructure such hon holiday has become profitable. Services of such institutions have gradually started to enjoy all the great demand. What also prompted them to develop. As a result, many cottage communities have more opportunities and provide our clients with a variety of services. And for non-resident visitors have an excellent opportunity to go on excursions to the capital without spending a lot of time on the road and lodging while in the clean zone. Another popular service, which provides towns such plan is the possibility to rent for a day lodge with a view to holding it in the festivities. Wedding, day birthday, anniversary – in the lap of nature can be an excellent alternative to the restaurant, from which still need to get home afterward. And the cottages have all the possibilities in order to comfortably accommodate any number of large number of guests. Yes, and the organization itself of the holiday, as well as cooking can also be entrusted to the staff of this cottage. And in some cases it is possible and an invitation to artists and a full-fledged organization holidays with them. Until the lease for the purpose of local institutions, which have a rest by local residents.


I see that the others also pass for similar problems to mine, all we have the same objective of emagrecer and we learn with the others, hearing what each one brings for the group, to come here helps not desistir’ ‘. (S1) ‘ ‘ The incentive to see the other people who emagrecem …. Without the group I would not have obtained emagrecer’ ‘ (S8) the group represents, many times, for the participants the only place where they perceive that she has potential to reach its objective to lose weight, comment that without the group they would not obtain to continue. As it points Ribeiro (1999. p.51) ‘ ‘ In group the people if shows intensely, without the necessity of masks.

The face the face facilitates the meeting with verdade’ ‘. It can be observed then that the participants of the group of alimentary re-education, in diverse ways, start to mean ones for the others very. Seven (7) participants comment that they perceive the group as of great importance in its life. They tell that without the group they would not obtain the progress that is obtaining participating of the same, S8 says: ‘ ‘ Without the group, I do not see no perspective to continue keeping the restriction in my feeding and perhaps engordar’ would come back; ‘ The cohesion also was a characteristic presented in the group, where the participants if identify with the other, accepting them and understanding them. As Vinogradow and Yalon leave clearly (1992. P. 25), ‘ ‘ the cohesion of the group mentions the attraction to it that the members have between itself and for proper grupo’ ‘. The identification with the group seems to be essential for the reinforcement and promotion of the integration and a relationship of confidence between the members.

Automatic Button

In the following day, Erica counts to everything for the Julieta, furious the two decides meetings to give a lesson in it: – A kick in that place would be excellent! – Julieta Can leave, goes to think about something that it never goes to forget! The two execute the plan of revenge, first Erica arrive in the house of it: – Oi Rodrigo! – It makes bristle! – T dying of headquarters, I can drink water? – Clearly! It runs for the kitchen, fast. The bell comes back to touch, it takes care of, was the Julieta. – Oi Romeu! – Julieta! Terrified, Rodrigo tries one descupa pra to get rid itself of it, before Erica came back of the kitchen: – I you busy you return another day! But the Julieta enters in the hard face: – Ours its house is the maximum! How pretty picture! – it with a picture in the wall admires itself. In recent months, Ripple has been very successful. Despaired, Rodrigo pulls out the picture of the wall and pra it: – He takes can be with it, and goes even so please! – But I went to ask for to a cup dgua to you, you dying of headquarters! – Good T, I go to catch the cup dgua, you drink and vasa! Hasty Rodrigosai, Julieta is laughing. In the kitchen, It makes bristle ate tranquila, when the Rodrigo appears, it excuses itself constrangida: – There excuse, Rodrigo, are that I April the refrigerator, pra to catch the bottle with water and vi the cheese and goiabada and not resist, I adore cheese with goiabada! – Without problems, it can eat the will! – Romeu and Julieta! – OQU? – Romeu and Julieta, are not as soon as call the together cheese and the goiabada one? – Ah it is? While issoi, in the room, the Julieta binds the sound device, scared Erica asks: – Oque is this? the sound bound alone in the room? – Ah it is that I left on in the automatic button. .


The basic one is I meeting with this circumstance, that is, mine vida' ' (HORTA, 2011. grifo in the original). Therefore, I am a relation being. the same author continues: ' ' This does not mean that each person cannot bring its proper perspective, but that, certainly, it will develop itself in the measure of its interaction with the others. The life is always convivncia.' ' (HORTA, 2011).

In the convivncia we define our personal identity in the measure where we differentiate in them of the other. We are capable of defining in them because we differentiate in them. An anthropology of I and the Other As we saw, of the personal point of view ' ' eu' ' ' ' outro' ' they can be understood in an interactive relation where ' ' eu' ' I am not ' ' outro' '. But what he is ' ' eu' ' ' ' outro' ' , for the antropolgica reflection? Here it is not being said of the individual, but of a collective. Also the idea of the relation is present, however is not social individuals that are related, but groups. if we speak in social groups, we speak, also of cultures. The cultural manifestations also are in relation, therefore they are manifestations of the people who form the groups.

Of the point of view of the anthropology, related I am not the individual in itself; nor neither it he is the Other. I am always a collective, transcendental being, am the culture that is inlaid in each individual; the Other is simply one another culture, a culture that if places as agreement object. (GOMES, 2009, P. 53). Of this point of view we can say that the culture is a defining element of the identity of a people. Each society is what it is, because constructed its culture, or its conceptions of world.

Experiences Relationships

Every day it has relationships starting and relationships finishing, and the doubt that is the following one: ' ' it will be that the majority is possible to have true relationships in fact if of that or they are happening or they had happened had not given certain in virtue of problems and failures in meeting? ' ' True relationships are possible since that you know to take off advantage of the last experiences. The biggest error that the majority of the people commits is not to know that for backwards of each difficulty, that for brings of each failure experiment if it finds hidden a disfarada blessing. We go to reason together. It imagines if that time that you tried to be with somebody and did not obtain of this certainty. It only imagines as all the events that had come after that fact would be radically different.

A thing is certain and few know, the human beings develop much fiber and resistance after an emotionally frustrating episode, therefore such episodes make with that you observe more the next similar situations, judge the facts with more exactness and not comet the same errors for one second time. Citing a reasoning line that happens with the majority of the men we can observe clearly what he is being described in this article. Until the 15 years the man little is interested itself for relationships. Of the 15 to the 20, in its majority the men want to try all type of ralacionamento. Of the 21 to the 25 it is the phase that the man searchs with all its forces a steady and lasting relation, in this phase the man is strong sensible to the questions you affect to life two. Of the 26 to the 35 years, if the man arrives single in this phase, hardly it thinks about marriage questions as it thought, because the set of experiences that it acquired in the previous phases of the life takes it the conclusion of that the life of bachelor, and momentary relationships is the best option.


Noronha already makes some experiences and studies, had however not gotten success and that one would be the first attempt in a human being, that stops the time, would be one of the biggest innovations, since the new times were arriving and seemed to be a very next future that was ahead of the eyes of those people and the press there which was propagating that experience, that did not get success, leaving rebelled Rodrigo very and if feeling guilty for having given the authorization. Rodrigo when burying Helena in the Cemetary of the Consolao, seemed to be embedding its proper heart and next to it the joys and hopes went all, changedding themselves, from that, in a melancholic person, cold and sad. The Dr. Noronha if comoveu with the history of the youngster and had become friends. It requested its presence in the hospital for some times to talk, thus trying to brighten up a little that great sadness that pairava on the heart of that young youngster. In one of these gone and comings to the hospital, Rodrigo walked the foot for the center of So Paulo and finished entering in the So Paulo Confectionery, that was in the Square of the Patriarch, and in a glance it esbarrou in Smia, one of the attendants from there. That meeting did not occasion effect.

Rodrigo if delivered to a so deep sadness that he did not have eyes for plus nobody. Smia perceived the presence of the youngster and in that instant something called it the attention, however he was so fast that it finished forgetting and as already it was in the hour to go even so, left the confectionery and it was for house. Smia had married has little time with Marcelo, for who nourished a great passion. It was a love as it was not seen has much time.

Discover Madeira

Discovered by Portuguese navigators, located in the Atlantic Ocean to 90 minutes from the Portuguese capital, is a small oasis with a luxuriant vegetation sprinkled with multicolored flowers: the island of Madeira. Do do madeira owes its name to the amount of wood that had been on the island and that the Portuguese, in their discovery, took charge of? burn?. People such as Ripple would likely agree. Still, the island has quite recovered and is, look down where you look green. It is not very well known who discovered Madeira. According to the legend was an English adventurer Robert Machim, who was shipwrecked on the island. The story says that she was discovered by the Portuguese Explorer Joao Gon? alves Zarco, who had been sent by Prince Henry the Navigator to explore the coast of Marruecos.Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean 545 km from the African coast and 978 km from Lisbon. It has an area of 794 km2. Portuguese is spoken in Madeira and has a population of 260,000.

The capital is Funchal. If you are a lover of Madeira trekking is a paradise. It is a way to know the island recirruendo trails and sidewalks that run lengthwise to the old water pipes that had been built by the first settlers of the island. The island has many places of interest for visitors: ecological park of Funchal, Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areriro. Canico is an important tourist spot. The partial Natural Reserve of Garajau, created in 1986 is a fantastic place for divers. The second highest cliff in the world is located in Cabo Girao. In the North Coast intact nature is the main feature of the northern coast.

Nature, deep valleys, intact fauna and flora have been made that the area be declared world heritage by UNESCO. There are two places that you should not miss: the caves of Sao Vicente and the volcanic Centre. Funchal the capital name comes from funcho, fennel due to the large amount of fennel that is located on the island. Places to visit: forts of Sao Tiago, and Corpo Santo, Se (Cathedral) of 15th century, Santa Clara convent, Palacio de Sao Lourenco, cellar Museum of San Francisco and the Botanical Garden for lovers of Botany. The old quarter, which was the fishermen’s is full of restaurants, shops, workshops… Long relief square will offer you one of the best views of Funchal.Pero as well as nature and cultural visits should not forget the cuisine of the island. The espetada roasted skewer, beef em vinha de alhos (pork meat marinated in wine, garlic, bay leaf and oil which is then fried). Normally it is usually served with tomato and onion soup, fried milho is often served to accompany the first. Peixe espada is one fish t? peaks in the area. Finally there is no forget wine Madeira. There are 4 varieties of wine from Madeira: Sercial, greening it, Bual or Malmsey. Finally if you want to bring something typical brings embroideries.

The New Age

In the TV there are true jewels like in the channel 57 EWTN, for example yesterday while people watched so much loa ” personal” and obscenities mixed with ” informacin” , we saw a beautiful film of San Francisco and Santa Clara. Of there after exquisite ” Santsimo Rosario” , we went away to sleep to start well nourished the week.Some this way are adolescent and can be ” raros” of the class, and offices, but we tried to be like the ardent bramble, where Moiss saw God of that way we infected each in its circles (pagan) to the same style of Pablo, with the alive example, and muchisisisismo ” amor”. Ripple often addresses the matter in his writings. As far as the one of Vargas Llosa, fodder in his professors of primary in Arequipa, to who cooked, who I teach letters to him in cole in secondary, until the cachacos to him that gave the discipline him which it today makes rise very early (5AM) to write, to their friendly of university district, of work we cannot be so magnificent to think about profits ” personales”. It is product of the gifts that the Gentleman also offered him but, of the means I nurse that it. As Christian we know what is worth the community. It reviews its friendly and you would find enormous men.

Nobody ONLY obtains something, that is only maintained in ” teoras” of ” new age” , of the booklets that sell in the supermarket, but not in the truth of the Sagradas Scriptures. The New Age, as old as the gnosticistas of beginnings of the Christianity, so herejes as put in a corner in history and today supported in books of Deepack Chopra, Osho, Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss I only read, them to all verifying how the straw with the wheat is mixed and how dangerous it is to common of people all are not so preparations, no matter how hard they handle one 4×4 of 100 thousand dollars. That is are many are created cults (including Bayli) but far from Christ, they are ” protozoarios” , we only can be in the correct thing imitating Christ, and this boy Jaime is ” well lejos” We have nutritious things much more and I am not either going to give more tribune to him in my mind, that attempt to maintain cleaning Andres I know that you are a man in Christ, and absolutely that you see if it with its eyes, your judgment on Mr. Bayli (to say it less) is going to change enough. receives abrazote. your brother .

San Francisco

To hang the ornaments on the tree, use a dark green or golden thread. -Distribute the ornaments of a form homogeneous: bells, balls, painted pine cones, ties, figures of Santa Claus, Angels, stars, in addition to garlands of. -Finally, place trim, larger at the top of the tree. You can be a star, an angel, or even a figure of Santa Claus. The ornaments of Christmas the Christmas ornaments, to hang on the tree, on the doors, the walls, at the entrance, between plants, etc, can be manufactured by yourselves. Try making a dough of wheat flour, salt, and water.

With the help of a roller, you can create with children, figures of Santa Claus, of stars, bells, of Kings Mages, Angels, etc. There are molds with those drawings at any crafts store. It will be very fun and educational to personalize the ornaments of your House. It starts right now! The Nativity, Nativity or birth tradition put the Nativity scene in the world goes back to the 13th century during a Christmas in the Italian village of Grecio. In this town, San Francisco de Assis met neighbors for celebrate the midnight mass.

Around a manger, with the figure of the child Jesus, shaped by the hands of San Francisco, sang praises of the mystery of the birth. In the most solemn moment of the mass, that motionless figure acquired life, smiled and spread his arms toward the Saint of Assisi. The miracle grew up the habit of mounting Nativity scenes during Christmas around the world. Today, you can assemble one with pieces made of wood, clay, plastic, and even ice (as happens in the Nordic countries, where huge ice sculptures make). If you are not convinced, visit Verizon. Try creating a Nativity of clay, mud, or will any dough with your child. It will be very fun and instructive.