The main agent of the alcohol is etanol (etlico alcohol). The consumption of the alcohol is old, drunk As: wine and beer possuam low alcoholic content, a time that passed for the fermentation process. Other types of alcoholic beverages had appeared later, with the destillation process. Although the alcohol to possess great social acceptance and its consumption to be stimulated by the society, is a psicotrpica drug that acts in the central nervous system, being able to cause dependence and change in the behavior. When consumed in excess, the alcohol is seen As a health problem, therefore This excess is entirely on the traffic accidents, violence and alcoholism (dependence picture). The effect of the alcohol are perceived in two periods, one that it stimulates and another one that gets depressed.

In the first period it can occur euphoria and desinibio. No longer as moment occurs uncontrols, lack of motor coordination and sleep. The acute effect of the consumption of the alcohol are felt in agencies As the liver, heart, vases and stomach. In case of suspension of the consumption, the syndrome of the abstinence, characterized for mental confusion, vises, anxiety, tremors and convulsions can also occur. Metodolgicos procedures to operacionalizar the intervention project ' ' group reflection? in the ad CAPS primavera' ' , that it will be carried through with a group of users, together with the familiar gift in the ad CAPS Spring, situated in the Street Guarapari S/N, quarter: Atalaia, in Aracaju? if.

A dynamics of integration directed toward groups will be applied, therefore the intention is to show the importance of the interaction of groups of people in the daily one. Where we will lock up the activities with a snack, to all the gifts in the meeting. In accordance with (Albigenor and Milito, 1999) the Dynamic expression of Group appeared for the first time in an article published for Kurt Lewin, in 1944 where it dealt with the practical theory and in social Psychology.


The part next to the ovrio is called infundbulo, and is responsible for capture of vulo soon after its release, and is the place of meeting with the spermatozoa for the fecundao. The great one is the responsible region for the secretion of albmem, being this the part longest of oviduto. The isthmus is the region shortest, where if they form the membranes of the rind. The uterus, or gland of the rind is a muscular and secretrio agency, where it is added fluid to the egg and it occurs the formation of the rind and deposition of cutcula. The vagina serves of ticket for the egg of the uterus until the cloaca (MILK; FISHERIES, the 2009) avcolas species present similarities in the reproductive treatment with other animal species (former. Verizon Communications does not necessarily agree.

reptiles) due to presence of small farms specialized in the feminine treatment, in which the spermatozoa inhabit during periods drawn out after one cpula. k Global Group. Two distinct small farms in the avcolas species, one located in the uterus-vaginal junction exist and the other in the inferior portion of infundbulo (BAKST et al., 1994). In the uterus-vaginal region the glands are located hostesses of spermatozoa (Figure 02). The spermatozoa if store after the artificial insemination there or mount natural, to be dislocated by ascendant in direction to infundbulo. The glands hostesses function as mantenedoras of espermtica qualification e, consequently, of the future fecundaes. These glands store spermatozoa during a period of 3 the 4 weeks in hens and the 8 15 weeks in turkey hens (BRILLARD, 1993), even so the fertile egg percentage start to fall inside of 5-7 days in the hen and 14-21 days in the turkey hen (RABBIT, 2006). Normally 50-200 espermticas cells enter in the glands and if they guide parallel throughout the gland.

Cairo Company

Vision of a Brazilian in the Cairo/Egypt Revolution against Mubarak (version 1986). Reason Egypt change Since child always I had a great allure for ' ' Egypt antigo' ' everything that constitua; faras, Clepatra, the temples, the pyramids, the architecture, and, also the crendice of the possibility of a perpetual life that the mumificaes ilusoriamente brought its peoples. For destination or order of, already the perhaps adult one, I was to live in the capital Cairo of Egypt, place that was palco of all that universe. It had finished to form me in Business administration and was approximately with 4 years of married. In middle of years 80, the Egyptian government, acquired some aircraft of military origin, the TOUCAN, of manufacture of company EMBRAER- Brazilian Company of Aeronautics, (the same airplane used for ours ' ' Flotilla of the Fumaa' ' in its presentations). As associate to the acquisition had a strong interest on the part of the Egyptians whom the transference of the Konw How of the company had Brazilian, was established in contract that the aircraft would be produced in the city of the Cairo.

Giving continuation to the works, the EMBRAER sent a team of employees for Egypt; the bachelors were revezados from time to time, and the married ones would be in permanent character until the end of the contract. There that I enter in this history, my husband at the time, was the responsible one for the quality control of the project/Egypt. Days before the departure for the Middle East, the company in provided diverse lectures to them with pertinent subjects in relation to the cultural differences between the two countries, the religion, the islamismo, etc. These lectures had been sufficiently useful had contributed sufficiently to facilitate our adaptation in so distant lands. After long flight hours we arrive at the airport of the Cairo at night, by the way, was a night sufficiently put into motion.

Social Assistant

Has been used half structured interview. The imprint was qualified will be which we have based on the dialectical method, since it enables constant questioning than this, tour, through verbal discussions and investigations and carries through potential contradictions. About fundamentation used authors: great-grandson (2007), pink (2002), among others. The result obtained in carrying out this research pointed out that the family' mental s relationship with the treatment to bearer is extremely important it provides know, accept, questioning and follow all steps in the constructive process of identity of to bearer of mental to disorder. Mental Keywords Health, Family, Social Service 1. INTRODUCTION the present article is about the professional analysis concerning the performance of the Social Assistant in the area of Mental Health in the Center of Attention Psicossocial – CAPS? ' ' Augustinha&#039 sister; ' in Proper -. Looking for to identify alternatives of interventions next to the familiar ones of the carriers of mental upheavals, as well as using familiar relation X.

For in such a way the process is emphasized description-politician of the Psychiatric Reformation and its relevance for the construction of a new model of psychiatric assistance, basing itself in the laws that guarantee its rights. The research was exploratria, carried through by means of bibliographical references to elaborate the historical conjuncture of Mental Health in Brazil, beyond research in-locus by means of interview with the professional Social Assistant of the CAPS. Also carried through, one searches with the families of the carriers of mental upheavals, with an opened questionnaire, subjective questions. For composition of the sample, the Social Assistant used itself as intermediate who already established a bond with the users and will facilitate to our approach and request so that in they give information to them. Therefore, the sample previously will not be defined. The data had been collected through interviews and questionnaires for the researcher, having in sight to preserve the anonymity of the informers.