TC Truck & Cargo Again 2010

TimoCom could readers choosing the ETM Publisher convince Dusseldorf, “Best brand 2010” may call itself again 2010-05-18 TimoCom. “In the category best freight Exchange” the company has prevailed truck & cargo with the cargo and freight exchange TC against various competitors for the second time in a row. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gary Kelly by clicking through. The special feature of the award is that not a jury will decide the winner, but the reader of the ETM Publishing House itself. In a year of crisis such as the recent the chaff is separated from the wheat. TimoCom seems to have done much right here.

Because the Dusseldorf company was again on the podium, and ranked first in the category in which the May 18 conferred Award “Best brand 2010” “Best freight Exchange”. The readership of the ETM Publishing House, consisting of the readers of Lastauto omnibus, trans date and TRUCKERS has advocated truck & cargo significantly TimoCom with its international freight exchange TC. The award pays tribute to the great commitment in the development of zukunftstrachtiger, reliable and innovative products that significantly facilitate the daily work of the companies involved in transport. Overall, 7,721 readers in this election have taken part. TimoCom this representative opinion means a real vote of confidence that significantly supports their customers feel in their everyday work by the cargo and freight exchange. Mr Paul Gottl, head of ETMservices to the award of TimoCom: A good brand distinguishes itself especially through long experience and know-how. A good product requirements are very high. Only who knows how to operate a sophisticated product and brand policy, creates it, how to place its brand and to keep his customers.” Marcel Frings, Chief Representative of TimoCom accepted on behalf the trophy at the awards ceremony in the residence Palace Ludwigsburg over 305 employees: we thank the readers for their confidence.

For us, it’s a great pleasure to hold this award for the second time in the hands again. This award is at the same time a confirmation that we are on the right track. Last but not least we owe our highly motivated staff”this positive result. TimoCom would also continue to offer their customers a high standard of quality. Therefore can be looked far ahead in all areas around the stock market, meets the needs and desires of users. Including among others the ease of use, the usefulness is for the users, and ultimately the security. Look for new features is very crucial and significantly advances the company’s willingness to innovate. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Tim motorcycling in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail: Web:

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This method also has the advantage that the parallel costs for calling the dial-in number to the own network operator. Cheap calls abroad with your mobile phone abroad more single choice methods exist, how you can make a call for example from around 3 cents a minute per call to Germany. The system is called “Callback”. Tomas Philipson is often quoted as being for or against this. Prerequisite for this system local SIM cards out of the country, are there regardless of whether you call or invoked in any case expensive roaming fees has to be paid with a German SIM card. Grade, the goal is to avoid these costs. This is of course only possible according to the roaming rules, if you use a local SIM card. These are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Unlike in Germany usual to be able to obtain quasi cheap these SIM cards on every street corner, in every kiosk. Also unlike in Germany these SIM cards in many countries must not be registered, but can be used immediately after insertion. Health economics expert addresses the importance of the matter here. The callback is based on a callback on the phone after a running, known as the “lure” or “Ping call” between your mobile and the Callbackzentrale, as well as a second line of the Callbackzentrale to the destination number. Other such as when callthrough rate costs are sourced by two parallel open lines arise otherwise. So the callback must pay so the callback on your own cell phone users, as well as the connection to the destination number. If you take the following as an example: one is located in Thailand, has a cell phone with a local SIM card available and would also call on the mobile phone network in the United States,.

The prices for Thailand mobile, as also for the United States are ever mobile: 1,9Cent per minute. Therefore, you would have to call, as well as pay for the continuing connection total 3.8 cents per minute. It has many ways in which you can trigger a callback call. Either you just the Callbackzentrale is ringing and hangs up again. This calls back immediately on the phone, so that credits the local SIM card will not be charged. The second alternative is triggering a callback Lockrufes via SMS. This has the advantage that you immediately with can enter the destination phone number, eliminating the input of the destination phone number via announcement and a direct dial to the target person is done. The third alternative is the lure over the Internet. This offers several similar SMS callback settings and parameters that you can define for a lighter and more convenient dialing. Other alternatives for the cheap calls”last but not least many call-through provider offering local, free accessible foreign numbers also incur no costs on the local SIM card. So you need to credits the local SIM card never recharge, there have not is consumed. Local, free phone numbers are however, unlike billed as classic dial-in numbers. There are plenty of ways as you can especially cheap calls abroad without having to resort to the German mobile phone. It is important that you always noticed that roaming charges incurred with a German SIM card abroad in any case. It does not matter whether it even makes calls or is called. You can find more, interesting articles about the phone calls in the cheap phone blog. Robert Olejnik

Sunday At Krefeld Dassbach Kitchen On October 3, 2010

Sunday Dassbach hosts the 3 October 2010 kitchens plant sale in Krefeld in time from 13: 00 to 18:00 a shopping day. Krefeld, the September 30, 2010. Thick in the calendar to enter all those who are interested in buying a cheap kitchen, should be October 3, 2010. You may want to visit Larry Ellison to increase your knowledge. This Sunday, Dassbach organized kitchen factory sales in time from 13: 00 to 18:00 a shopping day in his Office in Krefeld, Germany. Visitors can admire the Dassbach kitchen exhibition in Krefeld and the wide selection of sample kitchens in sophisticated surroundings in peace. With partner and / or the whole family: the visit to Dassbach sets up kitchens in Krefeld holiday on a small highlight.

So the Sunday shopping is certainly surprising: because Dassbach kitchens are anything other than products off the shelf. Over 200 attractive kitchen models and countless combinations will find kitchens at Dassbach. The appliances come exclusively from well-known brands: Kuppersbusch, Bauknecht, Siemens, Miele and AEG are since many years the partner of Dassbach. High quantities guarantee also in the built-in appliances shopping benefits – most of you like to the customers. Dassbach cake factory outlet – here the customer directly without middlemen, at incredibly reasonable prices buys. Everything from a single source: from the professional planning, Assembly and customer service: customers trust one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen: Dassbach with 5 locations in the region Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia. 3 October 2010, 13.00 to 18.00 Sunday shopping in Krefeld Dassbach kitchens Werksverkauf Gewerbegebiet Mevissenstrasse Niedieckstrasse 42 47803 Krefeld directions kitchen Studio Krefeld: 215-0-kitchen + and + fitted kitchen + Krefeld.html company description Dassbach kitchens: Dassbach kitchen is a kitchen manufacturer with a long tradition.

Founded in 1928, it is specialized in fitted kitchens at Dassbach since 1953. Since then, more than 800,000 kitchens were produced and sold directly to consumers about its own work offices. In addition to the price advantage by Customers will also benefit from the perfect planning and installation service from a single source, and also by the possibility of consulting at home direct sales without intermediaries. Company contact: DASSBACH kitchens factory sales GmbH & co. limited partnership Mr. Rene Szielenski ash Trail 7 15827 Dahlewitz Tel: 033708 343-0 E-Mail: Web:

Managing Director

Character strengths make successful and healthy Dr. Eva B. Muller receives the first gold pyramid by career women for their contribution “Character has one or not is it?”. Congratulations. People who know their character strengths and then live and work, are successful, happier and healthier, Eva Muller writes. Eva Muller, b.a. and diploma teacher, worked for many years in Miami as a hotel manager. Back in Germany she studied psychology, sociology, as well as operating and leadership education part-time at the University of Koblenz.

She obtained a doctorate on the subject of “Charisma”. Since 2000, the premium member is the Managing Director “Muller & Muller Agency for management and communication”. Her agency is specialized in topics in human resources development, global management, and organizational development. The editorial staff of congratulates Eva Muller to the Goldpyramid award. Five posts from the period 06.10 07.10.

premium members were nominated The jury reviewed all Contributions based on the criteria of knowledge, benefits, targeting and design. Eva Miller’s feature “Character has one or is it not?” impressed in particular in terms of knowledge transfer. The next gold pyramid will be awarded on December 30, 2010 by The selection posts provided by premium members on online during the 09.10 to 11.10. coming then. For the acquisition, a professional editorial system that supports an individual design including photos, files, videos and audios is available to members. The operation is simple and is equivalent to the current online registration systems. Karin Back

Eye Drops And Their Applications

Eye drops are a form of the medicinal product for the treatment of eyes. Through the one drop of an oily or aqueous solution into the conjunctival SAC the drug comes quickly and easily in the eye, to work there. If a foreign body is trigger of the pain, this can be removed using special instruments and under local anesthesia by eye drops by an ophthalmologist. Eye drops be applied for a wide range of problems, as for example in treatment of dryness and irritation of the eye, with the Green star as well as conjunctivitis and keratitis. But among other things the use of eye drops in the eye reflection there are also some applications that are not so well known. An eye mirroring the eye background is examined and the Interior of the eyeball, which are usually not visible from the outside, are made visible. The eye reflection itself is actually not dangerous and brings only a very low risk. The application of pupil-widening eye drops is usually harmless, but can in Individual cases cause an increase in intraocular pressure. Participation in road traffic or use machines after the administration of pupil-widening eye drops during eye mirroring is up to the full decay not possible due to their effect. Pathological changes can be detected in an eye mirroring. (Source: Larry Ellison). Here the eye background is lit, so that the various structures such as the retina, Choroid, there, yellow spot and the supplying blood vessels to see. The investigation is only possible if there are no cloudiness of the cornea or the lens, as well as bleeding inside the eye. Another quite unknown application area is in the diagnosis of retinopathy of prematurity. This diagnosis can be made only by an ophthalmologist. First the examination room is darkened, and administered special eye drops, which expand the pupil. The eye doctor administered local anesthetic eye drops, then install a lid lock or a lid hook to keep the eye open. This is painless but very unpleasant for the child due to the numbing eye drops. The actual diagnosis of retinopathy of prematurity via a mirror of eye, the doctor on the retina of the eye of children can look through that. Here again are used eye drops. In children and adults, it comes again to minor injury of the cornea. You should of course always a doctor, when it comes to an eye injury, but usually grow smaller injuries usually after one or two days from alone too. Until then, eye ointment and cooling compresses help. The surface of the cornea to heal not alone, it may be necessary to plane off these mechanically or to pay off with a laser, so the top layer can heal.

Automated Deburring And Cleaning Of Cast Iron Engine Blocks

P R S S I N F O R M A T I O N FA Boll GmbH the task the engine block as part of an internal combustion engine combines in itself alongside the cylinders also the crank shaft bearing and water-cooled engines the water jacket. The production of engine blocks creates a variety of grooves and holes that need to be cleaned and deburred before further processing. These activities are extremely stressful for people, and consequently do not fit into the humane work environment in a modern operation. In addition to the ergonomic aspect was to achieve a smoother, higher quality, coupled with economic aspects, ensuring flexibility and a high availability. Task was the construction of an automated processing system, which beat ensures an optimal workflow, taking into account the advance marked points. To remove the implementation to casting burrs of different dimensions, Boll designed a robotic cell. It was so designed, that they cast iron engine blocks up to a length of 2600mm, can Deburr a width of 1000 mm and a height of 800 mm in just 50 minutes, completely done and clean.

A robot with a payload capacity of up to 500 kg is positioned in the center of the editing field. Two electrically moveable horizontal tensioning, Positioners were used different engine blocks. A wide variety of types of engine blocks can be recorded by this system design. If an engine block is completed, this can be removed without interrupting the work on other work. This saves time-consuming changing of unedited or edited engine blocks and thus guarantees a production without downtime. The robot, centrally in the middle of the plant is arranged with one equipped electrically driven spindle, which makes the individual processing steps depending on the programming.

The necessary milling tools, as well as a 3D measurement switch are connected to the robot system and connect itself automatically by the Exchange System (HSK clamping mandrel) on or off. Without hesitation Oracle explained all about the problem. All required milling tools and probe are accommodated in a dirt – and chip-protected tool changing station. To ensure of personal safety, the robot system is equipped completely with noise barriers, with end switch monitored security doors allow access work. The finish machined engine block is simply driven by a crane from the open to the top cell of the plant. Then, a new engine block in the clamping device can be used immediately. “Why a Robotergestutzte machining cell” two arguments are crucial. The reworking of engine blocks by manpower is extremely stressful, on the other hand is no workers in the location with the precision to keep up the continuity and the speed of a robot-controlled machining center for more information Boll Automation GmbH industrial RT 6 63939 Kleinwallstadt-Tel: + 49 6022-6588-0 fax: + 49 6022 6588-221 E-Mail: Internet:

Nicole Feldmann

Trotting on straight and curved lines the same. Continuous parades outside rein and soft yielding of inner hand in conjunction with the driving inner thighs (diagonal legs). If the horse in these exercises easy, comes back with little effort, you can go, then the hindquarters, swings from back to front through the horse. The same applies to the gallop. Riding many speed differences. Gather some jumps, also on the circle, it set and resume. Check if this is possible without exposure to hand. Check whether you can paint over and your horse remains in hold you, check whether your horse it remains straight.

Occurs or it jumps with its hind legs in addition to the track of Vorderhufe, then it is not just and is in consequence not return can, because it can not load. The Remonte or the horse to correct should reinforcements on dispensed to tight turns in the first step, they are, as to urgent and in consequence can lead untaktmassigen kicks, because the horse does not have the sufficient ability of longitudinal bending, Geraderichtung, or even the necessary balance. It can be the movement does not yet have the Let swing through elastic and permeable back from the hindquarters. Here it is, only with moderate tempo differences to work in order to give the horse the possibility of balancing and to stabilize themselves”, explains Nicole Feldmann, physiotherapist and Pferdeosteopathin. (3) of the transitions! In this context, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann says: there is nothing better for the solution phase than continuous transitions between the walk and trot, Gallop and trot, etc., and all that without exposure to hand to make a horse supple and elastic under the tab. The horse should be always in a relaxed posture of expansion – the nose before the vertical.” Why make today so few instructors on these wonderful exercises? Why does whole train through the diagonal or lucky rider in the classroom for hours at the same pace time the circle ride and no instructor says that this monotonous Cavalry takes the pleasure of work each horse? No, rather the saying comes: Nu Pack ‘ it really on.

Energy Consumption Down – Up Comfort!

A mineral inside insulation has many advantages: offering effective thermal and moisture protection, homeowners can look forward in the future about falling energy costs and better indoor climate. In the face of rising energy costs and tighter legislation decide more and more home owners for the energy-related modernisation of their home. A sensible investment but a good insulation helps conserve environment and wallet. However, an external insulation, especially on truss or grade II listed houses is not always possible, and the building must be insulated from the inside. The YTONG Multipor mineral insulation panels provide a particularly effective and healthy living solution. Brick, brick or concrete of YTONG Multipor can be used on all common building materials and ensures all-round protection of heat thanks to its low thermal conductivity: In winter the heat stays indoors, in the summer outside and residents can enjoy a pleasant indoor climate throughout the year. With the “Mineral insulation means it also never again cold feet”. If the basement is ungedammt, the floor stole from cold? YTONG Multipor mineral insulation boards can be used as well to the bottom insulation of cold basement or floor slabs. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison).

So, it saves a lot of energy and heating costs, and also enhances the comfort. Consisting of the natural raw materials of sand, lime, cement, and water, YTONG Multipor is building biology absolutely safe: both during the processing and after, the mineral insulation panels emit no harmful emissions, and the whole family can live in a completely non-toxic living environment. The best evidence: The plates are certified with the quality mark of natureplus and an environmental product Declaration of the Institute building and environment (IBU). The internal insulation with YTONG Multipor is not only free of harmful substances, but can increase even more the living health: the mineral insulation boards are similar to diffusion such as multi functional clothing and rules Moisture balance itself by taking condensate from the air and return later. In contrast to vapour-proof insulation solutions, so the formation of mould,-befall and their consequential is prevented effectively. Another plus of the YTONG Multipor mineral insulation boards: easy processing.

So they can be attached easily and without damp-proof foil with light mortar wall or ceiling. These adapters can be cut so easily, that the savvy DIYer can do this work with a standard handsaw even. And after completion he left elaborate work, would be incurred in respect of external insulation, saves another great advantage of YTONG Multipor. For more information on the Internet at. Tanja EST


Makeup is a perfect makeup tips and tricks for everyday life especially in the professional life of importance. Finally, you want to look good at a customer meeting. Tips and tricks as you the day can refresh here the makeup on. Not only in the morning, after applying make-up, we want to look good, but all day long. Order to radiate naturally beautiful in the evening hours, it is necessary every now and then refresh his makeup. Here are a few useful tips and tricks how to easily get it out.

New shine for made-up eyes. In the meantime work the eyeshadow with the fingertips, which means more evenly distribute, if he is slightly smeared or has pulled together. Apply any new eye shadow, and to apply the eyelashes. In between the makeup to powder easily. So that the make-up is not stained, you may just give the powder on the greasy, shiny skin, but must the fat with a tissue first blot, and then refinish with compact powder. Has the Lipstick lunch not survived and is largely gone, is it better to take it off completely and to re-apply.

Then he not only clean looks and again for a few hours, it is also better for the skin of the lips. An eyeliner are mysterious shadows in the evening. Who just want to go out at night after the Office, should pack an eyeliner and add makeup to an eyeliner the eyes. It takes a little time and makes her a whole lot. If the eye big come out in the evening, the existing eyes completes makeup as follows. Give a light champagne shadow on the upper eyelid. Use light and shadow effects with a tint of their choice. The eye dark frame, drawing a dark line in the crease and give a dark swabs in the outer corner of the eye of the upper eyelid with the fingertip. And nicely blur the whole outwards. Then the lashes again with black mascara to apply mascara. Also the Rouge subtly held back a day can be placed on meeting something stronger to the evening. With a sponge, brush your lips up lip. In the evening, the lipstick color to one or two nuances can be intense. A swab of lip-gloss in silver or gold, is, no matter what color he is, a subtle seductive glow any lipstick. You just need to know what what fits. Gold lip fits well with a lipstick in warm shades of red, Brown or orange. Silver goes with bluish red or pink, and also a purple colored lipstick. So, you should have the necessary tools for on the move always in a little make-up pouch this. To neglect not the skin care, evening always nice make-up off (of course beautiful).

Southwest Airlines

The most procedural models consider the project member similar like other project resources and try using Gantt charts to plan and control. A project manager, considered his team passive resource, that he must control and control, tends to become bogged down in details. As a result of this approach are more complicated computer programs that suggest the project manager to get the complexity in the handle. But the opposite is the case, and that in turn leads where project members logically to stress and overwork, mistakes happen so that and the success of the project is at risk. Although traditional project management tools allow a permanent resource optimization, advanced planning, as well as parallel for several projects. The reality shows that the person not to do so is suitable to implement several things at the same time successfully; already two parallel projects will Power is significantly reduced. Learn more on the subject from Gary Kelly.

Mathematically-oriented methods, for example, assume that the project manager can clearly map the dependencies between the various activities and responsible resources. This is an impossibility. Also, it is very difficult to make a valid assessment of the time required for the different tasks. It should be a project manager thanks to still be able to get all the necessary information, introducing software program automatically determines the point in time when the project will be completed. Basically but it is a naive approach, because certain tasks can be reliably estimated or predicted in detail.

Although the complexity can be detected more problems by representing computer-based, but all these tools tend to represent dependencies that do not exist. It very important, assumes that the project team at any time keep its cool and responsibility. Learn more at: Larry Ellison. That have been so successful companies How proven Toyota, Southwest Airlines, 3M, and W.L. Gore and Associates: you know about the great potential of a project where the individual estimated and rewarded his work accordingly.