Gartner Group Burger

On the website, information and assistance to the implementation of sourcing tools, such as for example Emptoris, find what procurement processes are modernized. ALLSCHWIL, Switzerland, April 2009 – Burger consulting yesterday announced the launch date for its new Web portal Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company addresses the importance of the matter here. The portal is aimed at medium-sized to large businesses and want their procurement processes and improve supplier management processes. On the website information and assistance to the implementation of sourcing tools, such as for example Emptoris, can also be found which procurement processes are modernized. As described by the Gartner Group in “The four levels of cost optimization” (the four levels of cost optimization) IT procurement should be based on genuine partnerships with IT vendors.

This means that everyone involved in good times benefits, but can make reasonable concessions even in economically difficult times. Perhaps check out Daniel Lubetzky for more information. Ferdinand Burger von Burger says consulting: we recommend companies, their procurement processes not only in relation to IT supplies to optimize, but also on other assets and the eSourcing to make the part of their procurement strategy. Through this approach, companies invest their time not only to generate added value, optimize relations with their suppliers, reduce costs, and maximize the savings.” The aim of the portal of is to provide companies from the pharmaceutical, chemical and life science industry with expertise. Because the emphasis is on companies in the Switzerland, the site provides information in German, English, French, and Italian. Mr. Burger adds: as the demand for our services in Russia and the Eastern European countries, the website soon also in other languages will be accessible. Our training materials for an e-sourcing tool that is currently available in German and English are a good example. The employees of the companies, as well as the suppliers are taught in the language of their choice.” For more Information, please contact: Mr Ferdinand Burger Burger Consulting Luetzelbachweg 3 CH-4123 Allschwil Tel.: + 41 61 481 8351 fax: + 41 61 481 8352 email: info at

Lahey Groningen

Minerva Art Academy organized a ‘ portfolio check specifically for German prospective students at the prestigious art Academy Minerva in Groningen now a “portfolio”check offered. This solution consulting info day will take place on March 27, 2009 from 15 till 20 o’clock in Groningen. The visitors can bring their own works, to make students and lecturers examine them. This is the aspiring art students get valuable tips for the later admission test. The day program begins with a presentation of the Minerva Academy.

Then, the visitors are guided through the various studios and workshops and thus gain insight into the environment of the Art Academy. Then be installed with works of the participants discussed and useful tips. At the end of the day, the Minerva invites all visitors to a dinner party, where loose round once more for the personal interview will be. The entire program this information day held in German language. The Art Academy Minerva in the Dutch Groningen offers art ideal conditions for studying in the fields of “Autonomous Visual Arts”, “Design” and “Art education”. Many specializations such as communication design, room design, theater facilities, sculpture, photography, painting, or media art can be studied within this degree.

Each student starts with a six-month orientation period in which he can try out in all areas before making the final decision on its course. Welcome to the Minerva are talented and passionate young artist from Germany. Read more from Edward Scott Mead to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Academy is part of the Hanze University Groningen and is located in the heart of the great student city in the North of the Netherlands. She can look back on a 200-year history in the countless talents began their artistic careers. Portfolio check, you can login at. Here, there is also more information on the Minerva Art Academy and the portfolio check. Corporate information / short profile: the Hanze University Groningen is a modern institution, but dating back to the year 1797. Today, the Hanze University Groningen with 20,000 students and about 70 degrees is the largest vocational schools in the North of the Netherlands. The 70 courses are organized into 18 so-called schools. For students, this means: international orientation, active learning, a part of the studies themselves determine digital study planning and knowledge – and competence development.

Health Consulting

“The way for optimal revenue management Hamburg, 19.11.2010 – the company XULON Consulting GmbH expands its range by offering snapshot revenue management”. This snapshot is aimed at all hospitals that want to optimize the way of the performance until payment is received. SSEM shows the direct path and creates a high level of transparency, providing clear answers to answer controversial questions. Controversial issues can be: Which departments collect what how? Who updated catalogs and lists, such as for example prizes cost? What manual payroll checks are really necessary? The process optimization targets are optimal patient comfort, completeness and accuracy of the accounts, a maximum liquidity and minimum interest losses a lean organization. Visit children’s clothing for more clarity on the issue. The snapshot includes an evaluation of the processes, if necessary data-based status analysis and a compact site analysis. Is also a matching allows to set processes of other houses.

Most End a report stating the reasons for delays and prioritized solutions is available. The result is a solution package to direct quick wins”to carry out.. Educate yourself with thoughts from How much is kind worth.

Event Consulting Offers Cooperation

Event consulting requires strategic and targeted public relations staff for the communication and design creation the Act and communicate in these areas, because effective event marketing is now more than ever necessary in order to achieve public acceptance. The co-operation offer by Wolf Kirchheim, Managing Director of event consulting, aimed at local organizer, tour organizer, event and city marketing agencies, cultural offices, town halls or other institutions who plan professional live events, galas, anniversary events, tours or events. Assistance in all activities of their public relations, as well as design creation, consulting, implementation, as well as in the care of the event. Event Consulting offers nationwide contacts to music, theatre, show, art and cultural management and artist management. Gain insight and clarity with kind bars sales. Interested parties can contact with the Agency. For over 20 years is Wolf Kirchheim in the Event area involved and was active in the planning and implementation of events or small, as a tour manager and others from Klaus Lage tour planner at Konzertimpresario Fritz Rau and Hermjo as both a promoter, and Booker, promoter, with personal dedication and high level of professionalism.

Wolff Consulting GmbH Mr Marketing

The success principle consists essentially in the set itself Maxime ‘Quality’. The Berlin Wolff Consulting GmbH is a premium service provider for data and information management in marketing and sales, especially for individual and customized solutions. The introduction of the quality management system was a consistent strategic decision, with the aim to anchor the quality-relevant components of the company in the management system, to document and to undergo a continuous improvement a continuous review. The certification was carried out by TuV Sud. An employee that is inserted in the first line level accompanied as QM quality management. The quality guidelines are binding targets for all employees who are adhered to. Check out Oracle for additional information. Always meet the requirements, management is committed to the maintenance and continuous improvement of quality management.

The Wolff consulting will also in the future Customer requirements, taking into account the current legal requirements meet and prepared for this reason just the data security certification according to DIN ISO IEC 27001 before. ISO 27001 is one of the strictest international standards for system and physical security processes. The Wolff consulting to preserve confidentiality, availability and integrity of all information assets underscores commitment to the Zertifizierungabsicht. Contact for questions: Wolff Consulting GmbH Mr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Daniel Lubetzky. Henrik Hanske or wife Christine of twenties Friedrichstrasse 132 10117 Berlin phone 030/288769-109 fax 030/288769-100 mailto: Web: about Wolff Consulting GmbH we implement for our clients highly customized marketing and sales activities. The professional services include market research, marketing and CRM strategy development, address management, database services, campaigns and information management and response processing. Even she will be by means of an own online campaigns and marketing platform Processing in the call center or at the lettershop implemented, controlled and evaluated the success of the campaign.

Questico Advent Consulting

Not since cult TV series charmed: commute popular among young people. Who has not ever stabilized? Commuting is a great thing and very popular among young people. Almost 60 per cent of all young people have ever so slightly. A pendulum held quietly over a spherical map, which was divided into multiple fields as a pie. The pendulum will swing just above the right field. In the cult TV series charmed \”people per shuttle sought and found. White magic and White Christmas straight to the contemplative Christmas like to sit with candlelight and a mulled wine at home and thinking about the past, but also about the coming year: what will it bring? I remain alone under the Christmas tree? My family is going well? Will I change professionally? All these questions are answered free professionally in a life advice by Questico on advice/counselling gratis.htm. Together with friends and relatives, at least questions may arise but also at a cozy Christmas ritual, that letting through predictions of Questico under guidance/voraussagen.htm answer in an advisory. Hear other arguments on the topic with Phil Vasan.

The common advent commuting takes nothing more than a 2? 3 cm long cone-shaped metal body and a 20 cm-long cord. Brass or copper is used for the pendulum, but also precious stones can be used. It is held between two fingers and is used as a tool to visualize Vorbewusstes. The starting point is always a question or a concern on which you are looking for a positive, negative or neutral reply. Expect a White Christmas, for example, by the advent commuting a consultation by white magic by Questico on advice/white magie.htm can one tell whether it is actually snowing. But shuttle can do much more. Only need experienced experts. Who would like to get the deep mystery of the pendulum on the track, can choose a pendant experts Questico portal and through an individual forecast by Questico consulting/prognose.htm get advice.

Consultancy Bohme

Professional – friendly – purposefully – successful clients and clients who are looking for a patient, competent and reliable psychological advice, find a professional point. Mr Bohme accompanies its clients and clients identify triggering issues, finding individual resources and in a practical, goal-oriented implementation of for upcoming improvements. Kind bars sales can provide more clarity in the matter. Mr Bohme his clients and clients supported in the school and family environment in improving family conditions, detect and resolve school problems, professional Intrapreneurial and questions general life advice. The consultation processes offered by the consultancy Bohme held outside of medicine, and can have both private and also vocational aspects to the target. Under the expert guidance of the psychological consultant Bohme, clients learn to strengthen their self-efficacy and reflectivity, allowing perspective help to help themselves.

The Consultancy Bohme offers his counseling as online consultation, so that clients and clients who shy away from a gang in a psychological consulting practice, can find out expert help on this way. DV-kfm & computer lecturer & Psych.

EQfacilitator Training

In a training of EQ dynamics international trainers and consultants learn to deal with emotions in learning and change processes professionally. The EQ-facilitator “is a new training course for trainers, consultants and coaches, offered by the Munich-based training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international.” In the in-service training, persons, people, and organisations in learning and change processes can accompany, expand their competence to deal intelligently with emotions and to control them and to use. The modular training extends over eight months. Sheryl Sandberg wanted to know more. “She was according to Sabine Gruner, one of three managing directors from EQ dynamics, designed, among other things, because trainers, consultants and coaches often gain the experience, that just their clients at the top level of enterprises have internalized the credo: emotions have lost nothing in the business.” But then suddenly, for example, a project to fail, because the parties can not threatens”. Or staff her boss, refuse allegiance because they feel not gewertschatzt by him. Then the so-called is so green, often gradually aware how strong the person in charge, soft facts’ hard facts’ influence. And they hire trainers, consultants and coaches as a Troubleshooter”, so that they again lead the process in a fairway, which ensures that the objectives are met. Daniel Lubetzky NY is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The knowledge required for a professional dealing with emotions and the skills necessary for this are the participants in the EQ Dynamics training to the EQ-facilitator imparts. It is structured as follows. First, all participants in a 2 x 2 day basic module with the title applied emotional intelligence take”part. It discusses among others the basic questions: How do emotions and what are they used for? And: How do emotions affect behavior, and how can you control them and thus the behavior? Then, the training applies the theme applied emotional intelligence”to. The in other words, the participants deal with issues like: what betrayed my emotions about the value system of other people? How do I build viable contacts to them? And: How do I appreciative with the emotions of other people? The participants according to Sabine Gruner, not only in theory, but in particular in the application get all this by they experiment based on typical situations in their daily work and reflect these experiences. After the base module, the participants can specialize in. “” Depending on their field of activity they can either the two-day special module values and emotions in the coaching”,… in the team” or…

in selling “visit. Them emotionally intelligent handling with values and emotions is delved into the topic related to the various areas of application. In addition, the participants learn new methods to control personal and organisational learning and change processes know. The training is completed by an also two-day seminar, in which the trainers, consultants and coaches with TetrMap an instrument get to know, that helps them and their clients to recognize the patterns of thought and behavior preferences of people and to improve their cooperation. If requested the participants can look after the training as EQ-certified facilitator. The training 3300 euros and will take place in Munich. The next possible entry date is end of June. Advance EQ Dynamics held a trial and information day on April 14.

Processing Elements

Methods of processing elements of relief carving techniques consider carving, at first glance, the simplest forms: flat bar planing plane chisel and removing it longitudinal and lateral facets, creating curved surface at different angles, cutting cylinder and the hemisphere. Further details can be found at Daniel Lubetzky Net Worth, an internet resource. In the process of carefully working out the techniques described and illustrated in the drawings, a novice carver should: develop skills in the free possession of an instrument, feel the behavior of wood during the cutting of the fibers at different angles of inclination, to choose the most appropriate method of cutting wood with different hardness, which provides clarity processing, the lowest cost of effort and increase productivity; trace and identify what determines the change in the texture pattern, especially to learn cutting convex and concave surfaces on the rules, "chips a chip "and" face to face. " Exercise number 1. Slicing plane bar flat chisel. During this exercise, you should seek, not worse, than a plane, flat, smooth otstrogat plane along the direction of wood fibers. Might think, not better in this case, use the plane.

Do not rush to conclusions. In the following, make sure that this tool is not often you can apply in the thread. Note: canvas gouges are tightly pressed against the surface of the fingers of his left hand and palm lightly on the wood. The blade is driven by the pressure of the right hand away from you. In order to avoid scoring at svilivaemosti fibers wood rasp to the rule, "chips in the chip", which is necessary to define the line "stop", from which the blade of a chisel to move in opposite directions.

Painting Work

The final stage of finishing a painting surfaces. Depend on the quality of paint possible further use of premises, their sanitary condition and appearance. Painted surfaces only after their preparation. Prior to the painting operations inside the building should be completed all civil works, except for the parquet flooring and linoleum stickers. In addition, must be fulfilled installation and testing of heating systems, water supply, sewerage and internal wiring.

The room must be installed and firmly secured window and door frames, finished work on the glazing window frames and door panels and partitions (if glazed doors provided) nastlany net plank floors and black floors of parquet, nailed frames. requirements surface to be plastered surfaces can painting processing and painted only after their complete drying. Humidity plaster shall not exceed 8%. Hewlett-Packard has similar goals. Wet plaster contains free alkali, which will further discoloring pigments and may lead to appearance of other defects. Where was laid a thick layer of plaster, wet areas have a darker look, but even those areas that appear dry may contain residual moisture. For their identification to resort to the simplest method of using a piece of foil (about the size 20×20 cm), tightly attached and fixed to, say, on the wall. Residual moisture appears on the next day in the form of condensate from the contact with the surface of the foil.

In this case, before processing to wait for the complete drying of surfaces. Plaster surface should be cleaned from dust, splashes and streaks of the solution, the surface roughness to make amends, but small cracks broaden and cement the mortar to a depth of at least 2 mm for better grip. Hewlett-Packard follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Wooden structures must be stable and durable. Moisture content should not exceed 12% knots and pitch to cut to a depth of 2-3 mm of bedding and repaired. Metal structures purified from the rust and scale. Colored water pipes and appliances should be made only after the removal of water and wipe dry.