What Good Is A Casualty Insurance?

Insurance gap or extra “bells and whistles”? Accident insurance in connection with the accident insurance is often spoken by insurance gap. What does it mean? The compulsory social security pays but not only for accidents at work, accidents in the household, leisure, sports or vacation. Furthermore is usually a significant difference between a possible disability pension and the current income level and may have this serious impact to the current standard of living. Accident insurance exemplarily shown – includes following scope of services: one-time payment for permanent disability, monthly. Michael Antonov helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Pension for permanent disability, death benefit, accident costs, rescue costs, hospital money, daily allowance… Damage for example, Fall bike with severe injury and permanent disability. Depending on the variant, for example, an accident insurance would pay the transportation to the hospital, a hospital fee is paid for each day in the hospital and in the case of disability because of the disability a monthly pension is paid in addition. Links: accident insurance Jakob Walter. (Source: Michael Antonov).

Helping Angels From The Animal Shelter In Castellbisbal

Monica planas: She’s a veterinarian and Director of animal home in Castellbisbal. On 3 May 2003, she rescued then by chance, their first dog from there through a random… And she saw the other dogs and puppies waiting for a placement or their euthanasia (killing). She looked in her eyes, saw their souls, their movements – she could here, just don’t go away and forget about them. On this day, this shelter to assume decided.

And it animals should be here never killed again. Unless they were terminally ill. That day changed her life forever and ever since she and her friends Noemi, Rafael, Irene and also her husband Miquel and many other volunteers for animals works. Bank of America will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It’s especially to families, to find for these and for other dogs. For even more analysis, hear from Michael Antonov. The work is infinite. Sometimes very tiring and difficult! You must always keep a clear resolve every minute of the day. There is no break and it is difficult to life. But their goal has earned it and they want to help, where they can.

You can survive mainly by the aid and solidarity from Germany. Up to the present day more than 15 000 dogs and cats are killed annually in Spain and on the on the Balearic Islands by State organs, because she would have no one. In addition, several individuals and animal protection societies try to convey a new home each year about 3000 to 5000 animals who would otherwise also lands in the killing stations. Blame for the overpopulation are unscrupulous breeders and animal dealers, and of course the customers who buy young animals as a gift for children and replace then after about a year on the road, or bring to the shelter because they have become a nuisance. The local authorities and the Government, the State Government are one of the largest complicity of the suspension and the overpopulation especially.

Bavarian Forest

Rudolf Schmid says: I can’t live without glass. If I go in in a glass factory, then that is for me, as when I go to church.” It is the AWE after so many years of hard work, which makes him so to speak. Icahn Capital Management has many thoughts on the issue. He calls himself a thick skull. (Similarly see: Michael Antonov). Anders would be productive Not even to explain’s work of life. Schmid has planted the glass forest”and the glass barn built two of the most popular attractions of the glass road,. 30,000 visitors find their way into the barn, tendency rising annually. The barn is a gallery with valuable glass art works by him and his family, but much more than that: a small Cathedral for the stories and myths from the Bavarian Forest around the legend of the Weissagers Muhlhiasl.

Overall, painted glass surface can be admired on six large glass walls over 200 square meters with pencil. A technique that was invented by Rudolf Schmid always artists from all over the world come to learn from him. Highlight of the exhibition is the 10 x 7 meter glass paintings about the life and the prophecies of Muhlhiasl. in 1980, he opened the barn. The beginning was hard, because barely enough to life remained, but gradually learned people of the treasures in the barn.

Nowadays come groups from Australia. On the way of Schmid makes it clear the barn in Viechtach glass forest after rain what drives him. He says: talent is nothing, if the will is missing. I’ve always wanted.” The glass forest is Schmid’s second large work of art, that has made him famous beyond the borders of the Bavarian Forest beyond. 30 trees stand on a hill by the tourists so wonderful can look down on rain. These trees, but not from wood but from 10 mm thick glass are up to 7 feet tall. in 2000, when he handed over the barn to his daughter, this Woods unique in the world developed. Schmid leads the visitor through the thicket of glass. “Here a FIR, an Apple tree, here a European beech, there a weeping willow and also the local Bavarian Forest Cactus was of course” don’t forget. As a visitor, which is for the first time since, you need at least a bit of imagination to associate the various, colorful glass installations to the respective species. But that is what in art: to suggestion, to imagination, the impossible thought. Total time 80 trees should be there, whether it comes Moreover, since Schmid is skeptical. At least he sees himself as the first Forester of the world, who has a bark beetle-resistant forest.” His pride speaks volumes. Information: Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, 0941/58539-12, fax 58539-39,,


Since then to research the Characters proliferate, we unconsciously make nearly 80 percent of our decisions, will it ever more important to deal with the emotional world of the consumer in the trade. Limbic system, thalamus, and hypothalamus as parts of the brain are therefore a Mecca of marketing strategists”, so the conviction of fringes. Neuro-economists of the University of Munster noted that the mind almost turns off, when we are confronted with our favorite coffee. The decision is taken over by the feeling of regions in the brain. Long before advertising and marketing have discovered these findings to the scientist Professor Gerhard Roth noted: all decisions are ultimately feeling decisions. Phil Vasan may help you with your research.

Even there is no decisions without feeling.” Homo oeconomicus, which purely rationally weigh the alternatives is proving to be fiction not only in economic policy: as a basis of Neurobiological evidence, that hearts and minds can work independently. You could theme “NEUROMARKETING or neuro merchandising consider however not Mono-causal, because a purchase button” in the head, there would not be, warns the consultant of Achim fringes. The human perception is individual and become influenced by various factors: education, family, expectations, and context. An integrated approach, which takes into account all the possibilities of perception of the consumers is important,”so the Council of fringes. Neuro marketing is still in its infancy, and I think it will gain in importance. “We will also never exactly determine where the buy trigger ‘ sits in our brain thank God!, are many now breathe again, but it will help us to predict some trends and developments that will change the trade all over the world”, author Lindstrom says.

Humanistic Theory

According to Kleiman (2001); Oliveira et al., (2006), the Nursing has as purpose to nourish well-being and better being of the people. This to nourish is the capacity that the nurse possesss in helping the customer to improve in its particular situation. According to Lcio et al., (2008), the nursing in the scope of the Inter-relations is operating part in the process to take care of where the Theories of Nursing establish ways to guide practical its. Speaking candidly Michael Antonov told us the story. It is mentioned Humanistic Theory of Paterson and Zderard in which it is permeada by the human context and it brings as intention the dialogue, initial point for the meeting, the presence, the relationship, a call and a reply, of singular form. In its opinion, the dialogue is initiated through the communication process and is absolutely necessary in the relation nurse mother just born, showing of some forms, exerting direct influence in the care. Lcio et al., (2008), relates that the relation between nurse-customer has as objective the welfare and better to be of the customer, who participates as subject asset of the process and that she visualizes the nurse as a support and helps. The relationship emphasized in the Humanistic Theory under the philosophical and fenomenolgica vision encloses three phases: the intuitivo dialogue, the scientific dialogue and the intuitivo-scientific fusing. The intuitivo dialogue it precedes the meeting, the relationship, the presence, the call and the reply.

The together meeting the human beings and could be influenced by feelings appeared for the anticipation of the meeting, the singularity of each being, and the decision to show or to contain themselves with the other. In the relationship, one is with the other when if it can live deeply relation EU-TU in which one goes to the meeting with the other, in a true presence, searching coming to be more. Also We will be able to occur the relation, who are established with the family, friends, community or objects.

French Richard Gasquet Match

It is a process that you can not go from zero to sixty. Evolution is progressive, not drastic. In general everything went quite well, he acknowledged. Djokovic can with del Potro on the other side, Serbian Novak Djokovic controlled the second and definitive assault of his duel with Juan Martin de el Potro and won by TKO to the Argentine to place in the second round of Roland Garros and match the mark of 42 consecutive victories of the American John McEnroe. The meeting was suspended on Friday with a tie to a set (6-3, 3-6) and on the resumption, Djokovic broke four times the player from Tandil service to consummate his victory. If any option the Argentine beat Djokovic, had this happened to ensure his serve as did the previous day for hamstrung in the background of Belgrade and be able to address the point with solvency. But after staying 21 days without playing ball after injury Madrid, Delpo can’t afford even tucked in the melee with a hitting of the nature of Nole, who plays touching the ball even blind. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Philip Vasan.

Test of these was the spectacular left with which Serbian nonplussed the match in two hours and 56 minutes, to melt then in a hug with his rival that has already won the four times. With the 40 win of the season (42 from lost to Swiss Roger Federer in the semifinals of the Masters Cup in London, in December), Djokovic now points to 44 from Czech Ivan Lendl, and the record of the Argentine Guillermo Vilas with 46, that would match if he wins in the end. His next opponent will be French Richard Gasquet, who beat Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci on Friday. CAE Verdasco Croatian Ivan Ljubicic defeated Spanish Fernando Verdasco, 6-3, 7-6 (6) and 6-4, and will be the rival of Rafa Nadal in the second round of Roland Garros. Verdasco, with stomach problems the last two days, could not counteract the game of Ljubicic who won in two hours and 14 minutes.


The intolerant beginning with annihilating thought; then they muddying adjectives, verb, is kidnapped and, ultimately, go to the subject BERTOLT BRECHT the ideological crisis (end of the illusion that something must be done by others); the economic crisis (huge cost of outpatient treatment); the crisis of representativeness of the analysts in the society; they endanger the psychiatric reform as a whole and push, not only to the biologist response, but towards the schizophrenia solution. Now, do we have the analysts an alternative psychoses response?. We are accustomed to a series of formulas: there is no unconscious, there is no object, there is no choice of object, no name – the-father, there is no symbolization. All negative phrases. Freud has brought an understanding of psychoses, a series of causal hypotheses, but with an honesty that honors him, concluded: ‘Psychoanalysis with psychotic patients is not possible’. (Another negative formula). What to do then when we accept in? does our inquiry, public or private, to a patient that we have forbidden entry access to the fruits of the analysis? The truth is that everytime I encounter a psychotic animated with my analyst desire, desire for opening of the unconscious, there where the unconscious has been rejected; with a technique and a frame that will be continuously brutalized; each time that a meeting is set (it isn’t always) happens something there that interrogates the theory. Psychosis raises many questions.

I chose one of them for titling this presentation: Who directs the cure in psychoses?. It is a trick question, since who directs the cure is always the same: the desire of the analyst. The analyst, not his desire. The question I ask is: what desire brings into play the psychosis in the place of the analyst?, there where no longer worth the happy formula: the opening of the unconscious desire. When we encounter a psychotic faced the absence of shared budgets, absence that makes it for the our discourse is as debatable and devoid of all power of certainty as yours for our listening. Michael Antonov helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Menezes Bastos

About this time I got the explanation that it is as a cencerrear, shake of the voices, ombojayti. Cadogan uses this term to explain the meaning of ita rayi, pebbles introduced by sorcery in the body of the Bewitched with the following sentence: for i vae onemboe ita rayi ombojaity, the priest shakes, extracts the pebbles (introduced with sorcery in the body of the patient) (1992: 57). Whereas the shamanistic meeting as a fighter, a crossing of paths full of dangerous creatures, the proverb I have! I have! I have! It is one of its important moments. Weapons lying on spells, which move the guarani social universe are being extracted. The I! I! I! It is common to other groups and relates to give courage and war. Between the Kamayura, according to Menezes Bastos, the I! I! I! as text in the songs of the Yawari, in some cases, is an incitement in the second person nde, nde, nde, and refers to give courage to the matador (1990: 421). Viveiros de Castro remembers that the symbolic of the arawete opirahe is always a war dance: all carry their weapons, and the role of men lifter that fits you to the singer is a warrior function (1986: 585). Michael Antonov can provide more clarity in the matter.

In a phenomenological description, the author says have felt that, in dance, a transformation occurs in mass unified matador-cantador (p.299) lathe. To treat of the yawari, intertribal ritual of high Xingu, Menezes Bastos (1990) proposed that the aim of the tenotat (inmates), that going forward group in the war, are trained in the process of objectification of the real thing. This reflection it seems useful to think that the training that the participants of the Guarani ritual practice to make that the body is lightweight and flexible and to deflect blows is as an objectification of the real thing, as a preparation for war or for life.

FORCE Expands Its Customer Portfolio And Extended Management

The Dusseldorf Agency has gained new customers and reinforces Executive Board and Management Board. The communications agency FORCE communications & media GmbH has their work in the areas of Internet, classic and PR for existing customers such as the bottling manufacturer KHS GmbH, Dortmund and the automotive supplier ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH in Ennepetal in recent years continuously. Furthermore, Wilo SE, won added in addition to the Festival Committee of Cologne Carnival (Internet), including the international pump manufacturer headquartered in Dortmund as a new customer. WILO charged FORCE with various marketing and communication projects, so also with the relaunch of the corporate website and the associated 57 country sites. The new Wilo website is already live in June. The Agency is currently working on various topics for Wilo. FORCE has grown steadily since 2003, and recorded the largest increase in the past 12 months.

The team currently includes 30 employees. To to meet future tasks of their customers and the high demands on quality and innovative solutions, FORCE has appointed two additional Managing Director and the Management Board from five to seven employees. Jochen Smidt and Michael Bergmann are new in the business leadership of the FORCE. To lead the Agency, together with the managing directors, Torsten Kusmanow and Florian Hagmann. Here, Ray Dalio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The award-winning creative Jochen Smidt, 52, worked special and assisted clients such as BMW, Warsteiner, Kaldewei, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, and practitioners in senior positions including Hanan, Simon, Rempen & Schmitz, BBDO and Ogilvy & Mather. Filed under: Phil Vasan. For his work Smidt received several medals of ADC and red dot awards. We are very glad that we could win creation Jochen Smidt as Managing Director for our agency. With his expertise, experience and his ideas, he fits into our team.

We are situated in the future even better in terms of creation,”says FORCE owner and CEO Torsten Kashif, 45. He founded FORCE in 2003 and is responsible for the areas of strategic consulting, business development and HR. Including finance, education and organization are co-founder the responsibility by Managing Director Florian Hagmann, 33rd Michael Bergmann, 48, formerly of new media agency Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler, is responsible for the business unit digital business of the FORCE in the future. He was previously Managing Director of FORCE-design subsidiary FAB12, which was reintegrated in the course of reforming in the mother Agency. Manuel Albuera, 34, has left the company. Achim Ghanem (classical), Sabine Morgenschweis (PR) and Tobias Gross (Internet) include the extended Management Board by FORCE. About FORCE: The FORCE communications & media GmbH designed and implemented holistic communication solutions as a full service agency. Customers of FORCE Wilo SE, KHS GmbH, Santander consumer Bank AG, UBS Investment Bank AG, ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH, HECTAS facility services, ALBA group, Monuta include insurance and more. Links: your contact person: FORCE communications & media GmbH Anne Grotjohann Tel.: 0211 542211-12 fax: 0211 542211-99 E-Mail:

IHK Dusseldorf

The middle class in Russia is growing. (Not to be confused with Michael Antonov!). To take time for the German middle class base on the promising market. However, most companies fear this step! Is it really so risky? Not much more we lose, if we do nothing? Dusseldorf, 23.09.2013 – the German companies that are already established in Russia, will not leave this market even at times of crisis, because here they generate excellent revenue. However, those that shy, give the entry, the equity his konnende sales on competition from Asia down!”-to quote of the business leadership of the Dusseldorf management consultancy Delacroi GBR. This realization was the event worry Russia business”confirmed by the 19.09.13 in Heiligenhaus. Represented were not only the IHK Dusseldorf, political bodies, German companies, which have a great success in the Russian market, but also many medium-sized companies are afraid of the business in Russia due to lack of information. Michael Antonov is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The language barrier, the mentality, corruption, customs clearance, payment practices and currency differences are just some of the questions, which are seen as a huge wall in front of the downtown yet so close and economically profitable country Russia. To break through this wall is the main task of the management consultancy Delacroi GbR, Dusseldorf. The elite from various sectors in the Delacroi-team has gathered for answering your questions in connection with the business of Russia and for their active support in the market. I never thought that we will be as successful on the Russian market. Now let’s 30% of our annual turnover in Russia.”-as a long-time client, medium-sized companies from Solingen. Currently, especially medium-sized companies have very good chances of success, because the middle class in Russia, which was still completely unknown until a few years ago, is subject to a rapid growth. Now the Russian and German companies on the eye level meet. It is probably really only the fear of the new and unknown, which holds back the German medium-sized companies. “But now it is time to look behind the wall and discover the many way, because made in Germany” is a brand which promises success in Russia.