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Attention Power

As often seen in the company's representative power of attorney, issued the day of the contract or the day of the general meeting of shareholders. And what is the surprise of those representatives, when they say that their power of attorney is invalid. On this issue there are two opposing points of view. Let us examine them in detail. If you are not convinced, visit Oracle. The first point of view – "Come Tomorrow" Some lawyers believe that you need to carefully read the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and in particular articles 186 and 191. Article 186 of the Civil Code establishes that the beginning of the calculation period is determined by the date of the commission attorney. And in Article 191 stipulates that within the period specified period of time, begins the day after the calendar date or event that defined the beginning. Thus, ruled the day of the proxy, which determines the beginning of the period […]


Federal Arbitration Court

The form of excerpts from the book pohozyaystvennoy approved by the Federal Registration Service 5) any other document that establishes or certifying individual’s right to land (for example, an extract from the minutes of board meetings farm on the allocation of a member of the farm land for ancillary facilities) 6) the cadastral passport plot 7) Receipt of state duty for state registration of rights In addition, the state registration of ownership rights of a citizen in the land in case of such citizen passed by inheritance or otherwise the title to locate in the area this building (the building) or building is also carried by the rules “dacha amnesty”. At the same time instead of the instrument establishing or confirming the right of a citizen in this land, as the foundation of the state registration of ownership of such a citizen at the land can be submitted the following documents: 1) a certificate of inheritance or other document establishing […]