“in the Chameleon Theatre Variete Berlin from April LEO” have ever tried to run up the wall of your living room? With her latest work of LEO”, the creators of SOAP the show have” created a surprising and hilarious one man piece, that of gravity beats down! Thanks to an original stage concept and imaginative video projections, soon appears the title Hero in fabulous scenes and landscapes, in which neither he nor the audience knows where up and down. So, LEO has truly fantastic adventures! LEO”is the latest project of the Berlin-based production company circle of eleven under the direction of the Canadian Director and actor Daniel Briere. The piece of a man is a non-verbal show of about 70 minutes in length, which is located at the intersection of drama, physical theatre and acrobatics. Jeffrey Leiden will not settle for partial explanations. Starting point for the development of the piece is a comedy Act, which created the Acrobat Tobias Wegner in 2008 in cooperation with circle of eleven. Central stage element is a box for the duration of the “Piece of the adventure room” represents the protagonists.

The events in the box are again recorded with a camera, rotated 90 degrees, and projected on a screen. Amusing and sometimes surreal sequences, which are enhanced in the course of the show with various video recordings and animations from the juxtaposition of stage and live projections arise for the viewers. “” “After a preview in July 2011 in the Chameleon Theater Berlin LEO” in August 2011 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival premiered, where the production with three prizes awarded: the three weeks editors Award “, the Scotsman fringe first award” and the Carol Tambor best of Edinburgh Award “. Press voices fascinating and original… “” a flowing and beautiful piece”Edinburgh Spotlight / UK clever, witty and surprising way touching the Herald / UK charming and resourceful” the list / UK one of the best performances of the movement on the fringe “the Scotsman / UK”LEO”is great… a brilliant, elegant show”total theatre review / UK show times LEO from 9 April August 27, 2012 in the Chameleon Theatre game time: 09.04 25.06.2012 summer season: 02.07-27.08.2012 MO: 20:00 Mon: 21:00 prices LEO: free seating 25 note: wheelchair book your discount by phone at 030 / 4000 590 ticket hotline: 030 / 4000 590 or online booking at the ticket shop at

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

“Year”Reformation and music”on the occasion of the Luther decade up to the Great Jubilee of 500 years Reformation” in the year 2017, there are still 5 years, but since the opening of the Luther decade 2008 the Luther year is prepared each year with a different theme. To broaden your perception, visit Gary Kelly. Where the great theologian left its mark, there are many events around the reformer with a wide range of great sacred music to memory. The theses by October 31, 1517, in Wittenberg, a milestone in the history of the world. Especially the Lutheran Church honors the memory of Lutheran. And so it is not surprising that in Wittenberg, Eisleben, Erfurt or Eisenach – everywhere, where Luther was and continued his life’s work – the music of his time can be heard. “The theme year 2012 reformation and music” takes a different anniversary quasi piggyback: celebrated is at the same time the 800 years of the Leipziger thomanerchor.

This choir can look back on a long tradition and many well known names as cantors and composers can proudly in its history present. The probably most famous Thomas Cantor of all time was Johann Sebastian Bach, who was born in Eisenach in 1685. Here closes the circle to Luther. Other leaders such as Verizon offer similar insights. Because this translated the New Testament in the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach in 1521. As deutscheste of all castles, the Wartburg Castle is now on the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage as well as the Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg.

Know what the least however is the fact that Luther himself composed music. In his budget, much was performed. For him, music is always the best refreshment for an afflicted people”have been. Therefore an important part of the Protestant worship and the liturgy is still the singing and music-making today. It is also a merit of the Reformation, that everyone in the Church must – sing along and is reserved for the church singing of not only the professional caste of priests. Also why is the year 2012 at the Luther Memorial devoted to the music. Lovers of sacred music may therefore on a series of concerts featuring works by well-known It offers composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Heinrich Schutz and Georg Philipp Telemann. It should be remembered but also to the song writer Paul Gerhardt almost into oblivion. Resound be motets as well as organ and Church concerts. Even modern jazz interpretations should not be missed and attract 2012 many visitors.

German Basic Law

The concept of God in the German Basic Law body-sociological differences of between religions in the preamble of the German Basic Law the new Constitution explicitly responsibility before God “designed. (See book publishing conservative”by Roland Koch.) What God said here that has not been defined. “R. Koch cited in this context the Federal constitutional judge Udo di Fabio, in the concept of God the possibility of transcendence” looks. Transcendence means a spiritual dimension beyond the materialistic world. This transcendence is differently formulated in the various religions and human behavior as binding. It concerns not only the different values between religions but also, as this will provide the parties a socialization process. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. To study the biological appropriation of religious things, would be the task of body of sociological research.

Especially important is to the positioning of the subject in the body design take into account, which has a quite different basis in the Judeo Christian tradition, as in other religions. Learn more about this with “Bernard Golden. The clash of civilizations”is a huge struggle of the bodies, which often takes place on the road. We have to assume that the global policy will escalate even more than they are today with their hardening tendency especially in the Middle East. Therefore the German policy must ensure that this escalation not on German soil is carried out. Multikulti seeking”not nearly reaching the depth of Bodiliness sectarian conflicts. A long night of religions”, as it was practiced in Berlin recently, is more of a superficial and thus failed problem solving. We need not a long night”but a long day” with information on the biological dimension of religious influences. The author of Pavel Vitalis wrote his criticism about the head moderate, postmodern interpretation of religions under the title: Peter Sloterdijks religious adjustments from the point of view of early Christianity”, Norderstedt, 2008. More information under:

Like Julius Caesar

Unfortunately can no longer merge the individual threads from today’s perspective: the ancient sources are unreliable, absent original (Celtic) traditions and the pictorial representations remain cryptic. TRON (TRX) oftentimes addresses this issue. 5 only reliable statements on the role of the Celtic priests, the Druids, can be based on the ancient Greek and Roman texts meet. Click Edward Scott Mead to learn more. “Like Julius Caesar in de bello gallico” reports report of the generalship of Julius Casar on the Gallic wars (58 to 51/50 BC), the Druids in addition to the noble Warriors held the highest social position. They were responsible not only for conducting religious rites, but acted as healers, judges and teachers who can but only verbally passed on their knowledge to their students. Caesar remains of some privileges, which came to only the Druid: so the Druids were released according to his portrayal of the tax liability and also had to not fight in the war. 6 6 brief historical summary Hallstatt A and B: 1200 – 800 BC: bronze age: the Celtic culture is born. from about 1000 BC, tribes (mainly in the Austrian Hallstatt) Celtic begin the reduction of salt, which they use to preserve their food; This allows both the trade with other countries as also hiking in remote areas.

7 Hallstatt C and D: 800 – 475 BC: iron age: iron becomes the most important metal and the Celts turn out to be very skillful in its processing. Celtic tribes settle down in southern Germany, France, of Switzerland, as well as some parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Especially the French Celts (Gauls) maintained active trade relations with the Greeks, which culture this exert a great influence on the Celtic. La Tene culture: 500 – 15 BC: iron age and early Antiquity: discoveries in Swiss Site of la Tene (Neuchatel) testifies to great progress compared to the Hallstatt culture. the Greek influence has declined in favour of an independent Celtic culture; the trade will be expanded, including the Etruscan settlements in the Po Valley.

Point Life

All this fully applies to a community of people, and to each person individually. Everything in life is natural – a brick falls on my head just then when necessary, and to whom must fall. Future as a foregone conclusion, and invariably, as the past. We just think that we have freedom of choice, but this is an illusion. Search for universal human sense of life – a futile exercise, everyone finds their meaning, according to its education, culture, ethical, aesthetic and moral principles.

Any event in life – it's just an event. Life – it's just life. A man accustomed to look at everything from different points of view; good – bad, unethical – not ethical, humanely – not humane. And the way he looks at things that affect the historical culture of a society in which he lives, education and, of course, life experience. What for one person is normal and acceptable – then another can not be taken in the bud. Since dietary habits of the tribe of cannibals – a normal person, of modern civilization, but horror is no other emotions cause they can not. People may not be identical views. Story about one and the same, two people can be totally opposite.

Everyone defends his point of view, believing that only he is right. Each has its own, though. Much depends on the outlook on life, but the point is that whether good or bad, good or bad – is a single entity, and no one was no different. Not falling – not rising. To rise – it is necessary first to fall. Without lies there would be no truth, no parting there would be no meetings and no losses had no findings. And without crime, we would not know that such a penalty. The existence of evil is as necessary and inevitable, and good. Death. In the early life of death is something that is not real, but, eventually, get used to its inevitability, though, to accept the it can never be. Following the simple logic of things, it seems that someone was also born, he also had to die. To think that your older friends, relatives, parents, leave early – you can get used to, although it is scary, but still is terrible and unjust death of those who are younger than you and especially your children. Life. When suddenly you realize that you yourself have been there, where usually do not come back, and could not return – that is your view on everything around changed radically. What seemed important – not much, but small and seemingly insignificant, turns out to be, what ought to live. Stairway to heaven at everyone. Someone is only one step, and someone goes and goes and does not see

Mission Usually Creates Wealth

It is possible that we sometimes wonder how are large fortunes generated? The answer is that these people flow in the direction of wealth through a positive emotional state, this implies that they are greatly enjoying activities that perform and on the other hand appreciate the money. Before thinking about the abundance it is necessary to find our mission in life, is not an easy task to get it because you learn to know us takes some time, the great disadvantage that we find is that sometimes we think that certain things will give us satisfaction but once we arrived there then we discover that in fact our expectations were wrong, if we are rehearsing to test and error discover our way can be time-consuming. If we find some methodologies that allow us to draw conclusions in the form faster then this will be a great benefit for us because in a short time we will be sailing towards our desires, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt you will find the entire detailed for the structuring of their goals starting from zero up to detailed plans that will give him the fabulous ability to undertake effective actions that lead to success in what you want to, by reading this book you will find great mysteries about why a goal takes power and you can apply it to that energy impulse in a satisfactory manner. Why some ideas work efficiently? It all depends on the State of the person, when we are working on what we like everything is joy and positive stimuli both external and internal, that allows us to accumulate high levels of energy that generate better conditions every day, this is accomplished because ideas are aligning with the creative energy of the universe, that way there is a super power that goes beyond the senses and the conscious mind and the big triumphs begin to appeararise the inspirations and what eventually seemed impossible now is not, at this stage in conscious that in its interior has all the tools to develop grandiose dreams. And now ask us how arises then the abundance? Be working on that which gives us great satisfaction is a first step, but is not enough, that abundance is made manifest is necessary to wish it, schedule it in our life and break with negative schemas about money, I’m happy, I’m Rico of Andrew Corentt book you will find the pillars on which is based the accumulation of wealthin this book you will learn the big secrets of the power of the mind to set the money in your life, it will break limiting patterns and your consciousness will perfectly understand the laws that govern the universe. Once we are working on our mission, happiness should appear in our life, the abundance is usually a consequence of our contribution to the universe, but beyond that, is a personal decision as well as happiness, if you want prosperity then you must appreciate the money in his subconscious mind, Andrew Corentt shows you a lot of arguments of the because you should never feel guilt to accumulate richesbecause thats one manifestation of the infinite power. original author and source of the article.

Tour Lookup

Varied live program with hits and thoughtful songs (thk) after the success of its concerts in March and April the chicks of the 25.11.-6.12 on the second round of this year’s tour go. Dr. Kahan pursues this goal as well. “The tracks on the current CD is this motto of the tour: here and now!” (EMI). The Sextet also English guitarist John Parsons belongs to which since early December 2007, wants to know these three words understood at the same time in the 36.Karriere-Jahr as a snapshot and vision. The chicks are several hits as Viva Colonia (da simmer it) “and if not now, when then?” while the nationally popular export success of Kolnischer way of life, yet it is a widespread prejudice, stamped them so exclusively as a mood maker. The chicks take on her current work of heart”(self-assessment) stylistically more because of eclectic folk-rock, dramaturgically very artfully make all songs and lyrics by self-reflection about socio-political deal with topics, up to submit to environmental commitment. It is worthwhile in various ways, to listen to the chicks, because their appearances offer thoughtful as well as high spirits and good humor. “The cards to averaged around two-hour concerts, which the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger in March under the heading fans celebrated the Hohner” highly praised, cost from 25 to 42 euro (plus fee). You are now at the usual presale places available! Reprint free of charge; “Chicks here and now!”Tour 2008 25.11. Kempten, win 26.11 Heilbronn, harmony 27.11 Zwickau, Stadthalle 01/12 Dresden, Kulturpalast 02.12 Wolfsburg, CongressPark 03: 12 Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 05.12 Olsberg, concert hall 06.12 Niedernhausen, Rhein-Main-Theater inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 cards from 25 to 42 euro (plus fee) on all tour operators outlets: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.411094-0 Internet:, public relations:, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88

The Best

Now, let’s explain the most effective ways to earn money on the internet., let’s start. 1 Earn money with Adsense and Blogger: I started to make money online 5 years ago with something similar to blogger, and I recommend it if you don’t have initial money to invest, here your first investment will be time, and go is a valuable investment, as you are earning money I suggest you reinviertas a part or 100% of your winnings on an own website since you do in blogger will not be your property. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. Let me you explain a bit how it works Blogger combined with Adsense: Google offers free service to create your own blog, your blog will be like your own website, there you can publish entries of articles which you mastered, in fact I recommend that you approaches your blog on a topic that passionate about you, for example if pets like you much because you can create a blog that speaks of different pets that you can tame your home or what your you like, there is where comes your imagination and your passion for what you like. Create a free blog you can do it on blogger.com in Spanish, actually it is too easy to give you high and begin to publish articles, blogger.com. According to Bill O’Grady, who has experience with these questions. in addition to allow you to post articles to your blog, also lets you earn money with CONTEXTUAL advertising with adsense.com, in fact if you do not know How to create an account to start posting paid advertising can do you in the next page adsense.com, the contextual advertising is advertising or blocks of ads that fit the theme of your blog or your website, if your website talks about cars, ads that appear there will be about cars, racing and everything that revolves around this topicthe best contextual advertising is that everything is an automatic process, you don’t need to find advertisers, you only need to paste a code from adsense.com and ready, is more a single blogger.com blog you need to activate a few links and ready don’t paste any code, to earn enough money with contextual advertising to visitors coming into your website or blog den click on ads that appear there. .

Service Companies

The school must be more dynamic and to take step to him to new action, plans, programs that favor to formed into a guild his, to rescue the image of the administration lawyer, to locate it in that pedestal of excellence where it must be, especially when they exert a very significant profession for the development of the country. The law must be reconstructed the regulation of the profession according to the requirements that the present national and international scene requires. To tie in more dynamic, operative form, with the companies in order to serve to him that these solicit based on their needs. To take step to the formation of factories of incubation of companies that favors the entrepreneurs, consults to them and at the same time, it is opening for new uses. It must support to formed into a guild his, especially to the unemployed ones for locating them in the enterprise sector is public or private, to form an a Data bank of work, to watch over the leisure of the withdrawn ones in administration, that in the present is a considerable number. To guarantee on the basis of dispositions financiers, legal, of collaboration, contributions that take step to the institution of a social insurance, loans, aid, that favors formed into a guild and its relatives. To know how to administer to its income and debits suitably. To help itself for it of consultant’s offices, courses of extension according to the specialties that the present requires in the respective specialties of the modern managemental topics. To take step to a Commission of investigation of the administrative science that allows to determine the weaknesses that at the moment confront the companies and to offer the service to them, qualification solution that helps them to grow, to be operative and that at the same time, allows to project the valuable thing that it is the school for the enterprise development.