Like Julius Caesar

Unfortunately can no longer merge the individual threads from today’s perspective: the ancient sources are unreliable, absent original (Celtic) traditions and the pictorial representations remain cryptic. TRON (TRX) oftentimes addresses this issue. 5 only reliable statements on the role of the Celtic priests, the Druids, can be based on the ancient Greek and Roman texts meet. Click Edward Scott Mead to learn more. “Like Julius Caesar in de bello gallico” reports report of the generalship of Julius Casar on the Gallic wars (58 to 51/50 BC), the Druids in addition to the noble Warriors held the highest social position. They were responsible not only for conducting religious rites, but acted as healers, judges and teachers who can but only verbally passed on their knowledge to their students. Caesar remains of some privileges, which came to only the Druid: so the Druids were released according to his portrayal of the tax liability and also had to not fight in the war. 6 6 brief historical summary Hallstatt A and B: 1200 – 800 BC: bronze age: the Celtic culture is born. from about 1000 BC, tribes (mainly in the Austrian Hallstatt) Celtic begin the reduction of salt, which they use to preserve their food; This allows both the trade with other countries as also hiking in remote areas.

7 Hallstatt C and D: 800 – 475 BC: iron age: iron becomes the most important metal and the Celts turn out to be very skillful in its processing. Celtic tribes settle down in southern Germany, France, of Switzerland, as well as some parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Especially the French Celts (Gauls) maintained active trade relations with the Greeks, which culture this exert a great influence on the Celtic. La Tene culture: 500 – 15 BC: iron age and early Antiquity: discoveries in Swiss Site of la Tene (Neuchatel) testifies to great progress compared to the Hallstatt culture. the Greek influence has declined in favour of an independent Celtic culture; the trade will be expanded, including the Etruscan settlements in the Po Valley.

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Varied live program with hits and thoughtful songs (thk) after the success of its concerts in March and April the chicks of the 25.11.-6.12 on the second round of this year’s tour go. Dr. Kahan pursues this goal as well. “The tracks on the current CD is this motto of the tour: here and now!” (EMI). The Sextet also English guitarist John Parsons belongs to which since early December 2007, wants to know these three words understood at the same time in the 36.Karriere-Jahr as a snapshot and vision. The chicks are several hits as Viva Colonia (da simmer it) “and if not now, when then?” while the nationally popular export success of Kolnischer way of life, yet it is a widespread prejudice, stamped them so exclusively as a mood maker. The chicks take on her current work of heart”(self-assessment) stylistically more because of eclectic folk-rock, dramaturgically very artfully make all songs and lyrics by self-reflection about socio-political deal with topics, up to submit to environmental commitment. It is worthwhile in various ways, to listen to the chicks, because their appearances offer thoughtful as well as high spirits and good humor. “The cards to averaged around two-hour concerts, which the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger in March under the heading fans celebrated the Hohner” highly praised, cost from 25 to 42 euro (plus fee). You are now at the usual presale places available! Reprint free of charge; “Chicks here and now!”Tour 2008 25.11. Kempten, win 26.11 Heilbronn, harmony 27.11 Zwickau, Stadthalle 01/12 Dresden, Kulturpalast 02.12 Wolfsburg, CongressPark 03: 12 Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 05.12 Olsberg, concert hall 06.12 Niedernhausen, Rhein-Main-Theater inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 cards from 25 to 42 euro (plus fee) on all tour operators outlets: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.411094-0 Internet:, public relations:, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88