Social Recognition

Fight for Social Recognition: Axel Honneth and Critical Teoria. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Advantech. Summary: The text to follow approaches a reading of the presentation made for Landmarks Noble of the book of Axel Honneth. Fight for recognition: the moral grammar of the social conflicts. Introduction In this Noble reading points the intellectuals reference with respect to the construction of the Critical Theory. It initiates the text approaching that in 1924, Max Horkheimer, Felix Weil and Friedrich Pollock they had established to the University of Frankfurt (Main) the Institute of Social Research. One of the Horkheimer intellectuals considered an ambitious program of research to interdisciplinar that it had as reference the marxism and the workmanship of Marx, inaugurating, thus, ' ' Crtica&#039 theory; '.

The School of Frankfurt is an intervention form politician-intellectual (not partisan) in the public debate and academic German. The Critical Theory is not limited to describe the functioning of the society, but yes to understand it the light of an emancipation at the same time possible and blocked by the logic of the social organization effective. Thus, the orientation for the emancipation ahead demands a position of a critical behavior of this social reality that if it intends to apprehend and to know. Honneth is enclosed in the tradition of the Critical Theory, therefore of the one new route to the Critical Theory, where its concepts are anchored in the process of construction of the identity (personal and collective), and that the process of &#039 passes to have as its grammar; ' luta' ' for the construction of the identity, understood as one ' ' fight for reconhecimento' '. To understand a little of Honneth, we must have as starting point for Habermas reflection, in Dialectic of the Clarification, whose main objective of inquiry the reason human being and the social forms of rationality, concluding of this inquiry that the instrumental reason consisted of the estruturante form and the only one of the social rationality in the managed capitalism.


The educative process implies the crossing, the conflict, or demands contribution between factors related with the diverse dimensions of the person human being: afectiva, ethics, technique, intellectual, corporal, avaliativa? In the ideal plan, all these dimensions would have to be combined in the all that is the personality human being, of the individual and social point of view. Therefore, the least as ideal, the educative process aims at to the totality of the man ‘ ‘ (GILES, 1983:27) the man, this being, still mysterious in many of its aspects and/or dimensions, constitutes, at the beginning of century XXI and of the third millenium, according to chronology of our calendar occidental person, a true enigma and, perhaps therefore, not yet obtained, in the territory, that physically inhabits and thinks to know, the stability, the tranquilidade and the balanced development enters all the individuals of its proper species, at last, the true dignity of the condition human being, even so weighs the advances that, relatively to the studied antiquity, if they have verified, mainly in what it respects to the life hope, as well as in plus some aspects of the involving materiality. Then, which the reasons and which the solutions to get excited, for better, the current situation of this exactly Man, integrant of a world in constant alteration, even in the aspects most natural of its constitution. That it lacks to this Man, pparently, so ‘ ‘ powerful? ‘ ‘ If it is certain that, traditionally, if it unites with the science notion, the knowledge concept and, in this perspective, if they analyze, also, the diverse ways to understand the world, being able here to be distinguished some of the classic levels: spontaneous knowledge or common sense; scientific knowledge, this with one has supported current of techniques, technologies and equipment and considered as a recent victory of the humanity, mainly from century XVII with the revolutions Coperniciana and Galileica…

Proper Thoughts

Proper thoughts inexist. The human being is instructed to think since that it is born in what must think, do not leave it exempts to think about what wants, thus causing suffering, therefore the life, does not possess formula. We suffer daily. Each suffering has its proportionality in the referencial of the facts, the events, and this, in compliance with the age, the species, the social level and intellectual of the agent who this interiorizando the suffering of the moment. Since the sprouting of thinking of the race human being, this comes instructing the human beings about what they must think, or, in what it wants that the human being thinks.

The suffering is a physiological factor of the race human being and, the biggest suffering of these, is not the loss of a wanted being, of corporeal property, but, yes, its awareness of its death. Therefore, the death of a neighbor donates, of a relative, donates, of an esteem animal, donates, of a son, its parents. All these losses are bearable sufferings, for being emotivos extravasados at the moment of the occurrence. But, pain, suffering inigualvel, unconscious that it goes to the few mining the forces of this body, comes and it penetrates such which an incurable plague in its conscientious one, is the awareness of its proper death. It understands, I do not speak of that death that can come for accident, an illness, therefore of this, the human being is unconscious and it does not suffer, but yes, of its slow, physical, conscientious, visible death with passing of the years the mirrors showing it to them, youngest pointing it, the governments also, with priority atendimentos, that these are not necessary, but is more pencil sharpener of that its death this next one.

This conscientious death is shown to it in the mirrors of its room, in glasses of the show windows of the store in shoping Center, in its to walk, its physical activity following its shades pointing directly its deteriorizao route to the disappearance. Being this the reality of the beings livings creature. To be born, to grow, to age and to die? These ' ' verdades' ' they had been the ones that had placed in the human brain. Thus we think, thus we act, why we are some centuries repeating what the primrdios thoughts had thus spoken and still are only accepted as ' ' verdades' '! This the human being accepting, believing, having faith and acting as teachings of the Bible, the Alcoran, the Bhagavad Gita, among others, without questioning, adding a comma, a til in these secular teachings! Pods until questioning: This making a mistake! The knowledge will advance! I answer, yes, the warlike, medical knowledge, of the physics, biology, sociology, geography, history, the philosophy, at last, of the knowledge of natural sciences! the knowledge of the life? The knowledge of our way of life of our house, our planet land? They are these apprehended and followed? Are taken the serious ones? They are the main goals? Some when being reading these ranks can until laughing, but to laugh is a form not to think, of not wanting to think about the facts that are ahead of its life? It ignores not to want to suffer, but there that it suffers, it suffers!


If somebody to love, without in turn awaking love, that is, if its love while love not to excite reciprocal love, if somebody through the vital manifestation while man whom he loves not transforms into loved person, is because its love is impotent and a misfortune. (MARX, 1970, p.235). /a>. The friendship between Lester and the Ricky young, take its authoritarian father to distrust that its son gets much money through a life homosexual prostitution. Baby clothes is often quoted as being for or against this. The supposed possibility to have a homosexual son who if relates with Lester takes the military man to ahead nourish a feeling of anger of the false revelation that it compels its son to make he accuses when it to get illicit money: ' ' where it got this money? I do not lie pra me I saw you with it! What it made you to make? I do not go to be motionless knowing that my son is one becomes wormy! ' ' When refusing itself to believe it its son, who the friendship between it and Lester does not involve no homosexual relation, starts to spank saying it it: ' ' I swear I banish that you from this house and I see never more you I prefer to see you dead of what one becomes wormy! ' '. This is the moment where the young sees the possibility of if seeing free of the yoke of its father and has lain: ' ' It swears it orders that me even so? It has reason! I charge 2000 dollars! I am optimum loving of this region father! ' ' This is the triunfal moment of the release of the Young that if fires to its mother and goes to the meeting of Jane for invites it to leave with it. At this moment the homossexualidade of to militate is extravasada in a spontaneous act and challenging when in full weather it goes to the meeting of Lester that in an act of fraternity and solidarity receives it and this, to the inquired being: ' ' where she is its woman? ' ' it answers it: ' ' it must be trepando for there with the prince of the property It wants to know of a thing? I do not bind! Our marriage is alone of faade, I is not imported with this! It is as an advertising, of as we are normal, but all little this! But you are tremendous, you need to take off this clothes! He says me what you need? ' ' The revelation of Lester and the manifestation of fraternity take the military man to a declaratory act. . Sheryl Sandberg describes an additional similar source.


They negotiate as two partners and not as religious. At last, when perceiving these details we understand that the film will have a denunciation tone and these had made in them to remember that Guillermo de Ockham also denounced while still alive the disobediences of the Church in relation to the accumulation wealth of the clergy. It’s believed that Eric Kuby sees a great future in this idea. in the film accurately the personage William de Barkeville if dirige to the monastery to participate of a meeting that will deal with this subject. We can then trace here a parallel between the personage and the reality. Following in this direction, admitting that Barkeville is Guillermo of Ockham, we can also observe its critical position and as it makes use of the logic to try to inside understand the first death of the religious one of the monastery. In the scenes that if follow we observe that it has a counterpoint in the reasoning used for Barkville/Ockham and the excessively religious ones. These are taken to believe that it has in the place the supernatural presence of something that it caused that death and the franciscano goes by means of the observed facts trying to find logical explanations for the occurrence. Scott Kahan is often quoted on this topic.

the scene where it takes a walk with the beginner for the monastery and arrives until the place of the death of the priest. It goes analyzing the possibilities of as the death of the priest would have occurred or if it killed somebody it. He goes raising hypotheses if being valid the logic. This position remembers and very the positioning of Ockham in century XIV when it revealed to adept the referring questions the logic and metaphysics. This positioning also is evident when the second death in the monastery happens, now of a great translator of Greek; again the religious ones of the monastery are taken by explanations supernatural and if they despair, but Bakerville again reveals adept of the use of the reason to explain the facts.


The care of itself is a synthesis form, a connection point, enters the history of the subjectivity and the forms of governabilidade. Read more here: David Fowler. In the culture Greek, the care of itself is the fact to occupy exactly of itself, to be worried obtains, in this culture the care of itself was atrelado to a perspective of government of the others or government of the city. For Foucault, when the Greeks defend the care of itself, in the truth, they mention the care to it of the soul, as space for the thought, for the reflection, the dialogue, the meeting with the other, that is, taking care of of itself, occupying of itself, to occupy of the soul, imply that the individual has one better understanding of its relation with the others and of the world that is its return, therefore, to take care of of itself, means to know if. When &#039 appears the dlfico rule; ' mesmo&#039 knows you it you; ' , it appears atrelado the beginning of ' ' he takes care of of you mesmo' ' , it is pparently subordinated. When the dlfico rule appears in the philosophy, it appears around the Scrates personage, where this appears being the man of the care of itself and has for function to stir up the others if to occupy I obtain same, if to worry I obtain same, to have care I obtain same. When Scrates goes to make its defense before its plaintiffs and its judges, it says that none ashamed for being in that situation is not felt little, quite to the contrary, Scrates says to be extremely proud for being able to interpellate the people and to say to them to occupy I obtain same, being this, an order given for deuses, which Scrates obeys. After that, Scrates, retaking the subject of the care of itself, says the athenians, that if really he will be the convict, who would lose, would be proper they, therefore would not have plus nobody to stir up them it if to occupy I obtain same.

In this care of itself, they exist so to speak, four important things. First, who is Scrates stirs up the others to occupy obtains same, but this activity was trusted to it by deuses, that is, Scrates is fulfilling orders. In according to place, Scrates that stirs up others to be occupied obtain same, finish leaving to occupy with it proper. In third place, the care of itself is being a moment where the eyes if open, it is waked up and if it reaches the first light. in room place, also exists the comparison that is made between Scrates and an insect that pursues the animals, pricks them it makes and them to run and to agitate itself, that is, the care of itself is then being a species of sting that must be cravado in the man, to be part of its existence and constitutes an agitation principle, of movement. We see that the care of itself is the bedding from which if it justifies the imperative of ' ' mesmo&#039 knows you it you; '. He is then described that the care of itself has close relation with it knows you it exactly you, being that, the care of itself folloies knowing itself exactly it itself and if becomes a basic notion to characterize the attitude and the philosophical activity.

Possible Way

In the research, they had made the following question: How it is that if it could improve or become more easy the relations of the parents and people in charge of education with the school? Resp. He is, the parents must of time in when visiting the professors in the school and also the professors must write the parents to inform them of the situation of its children. Regarding the same question, another mother answered: Although as already I in mine said in case that he does not have claims to present, I effectively believe to be of all the interest for both the parts that great interchange of ideas between parents and professors has being that the parents collaborate whenever he stops such is called. Perhaps to have a regular information bad of the situation of the pupil in the school and not only in the end of each period. In another school located in an half-agricultural zone in the North of the country where the textile industry predominates traditionally, this same question was answered of the following form: With more papers of information on all the activities beyond the meetings of parents; after the meetings of parents to be passed papers for all the parents, therefore ace times is not possible gone its; thus all more would be informed. The Relations Parents Professors, To be Improved, Alone to the Possible Way. David Fowler often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Aver More Dialogue and Persistence In Ensino stops With the Children More Nessisitadas and Dificoldade. These texts had arrived at the hands of the researchers of written form, then they do not know nor the age, nor social origin, nor the degree of instruction. But they know the place and the language. also many of these parents point to the difficulty of that to the times it is difficult to understand what they say professors.

Festive Occasions

We always make question of remembering in them our anniversary. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg by clicking through. Although at different times, every year we wait the time of the carnival. We repeat the same gestures and greetings in Passover. at the end of the year we make always the same trips and familiar meetings to commemorate the Christmas and new year (the places can be different and the people can be others, but we repeat the same commemoration). For these and others it is that we can say, without undeserving the linear dimension of history (therefore the things are and they are not what they are), that we live in circles. This if manifest also in our intentions and objectives. In each end of year? start of another one? we repeat the intentions: to leave to make such thing, to start to carry through one another one To stop to smoke, to stop to drink, to make diet to emagrecer, to start to make physical exercises to improve the health, to move of love, to remodel the house, to study more to pass in a competition old carried through intentions and that they will not be become fullfilled, therefore we do not remain in the same daily life of current repetitions.

The intentions and plans are made at the moment of the party, at the moment of the ticket of one year for the other; they are made not to be fulfilled! But as our life she is cyclical, we repeat the intentions, but we do not produce conditions so that the intentions if carry through. therefore, in some cases, in them we even frustramos, therefore we would like to make what we do not make nor we will make. This behavior, we can say, is one of the characteristics of the human being. The human being, among others things, is fantasioso. It creates thousand of intentions that never will be become fullfilled and if it places countless objectives that never will be reached.

The Philosphy Of Beauty

Modernization of the economy, stylization of life, control the future expansion of the search space of exciting adventures, a compound with a stronger partner (partner), the opening of a conditionally "Super-powers", the acquisition of irreversible natural beauty, the aesthetic design of business generation – here's the short list of activities, which I propose to do in the dense early the third millennium. "Business as a hobby, and life satisfaction" – directing motto or style of life, promoting the rights in the worlds of his future beyond the unpleasant unexpected events and encounters. The path to higher levels improving one, and there I will talk through the birth of my philosophy of beauty, philosophy, aesthetic contemplation of the worlds, the material space. Official site: Ripple. But before I begin to move towards the first stage of "elixir youth ", it is necessary to discuss the following rules: the first – altered consciousness of temporary space, the second – avoiding stereotypes to reality, and the third – setting up a program of their own" self-discovery. " Civilization is a new generation carries the idea of a holistic, undivided segments, man.

Ability to manage their own system of life – is the first axiom of the ensuing reality. Life activity bears dynamic development of the events, actions, which reproduces the people. (Similarly see: Oracle). Do all of the personality can be attributed to life? Are all areas of life can be estimated as productive for the individual? These questions everyone must answer himself, not lost in the maze of self-justification or, worse, self-accusations. For even more analysis, hear from Phil Vasan. The golden mean – this is a conscious "samonastroy" system under the control of individual action. Logic and intuition – this is the direction in the worlds of their own fantasies. Business-fiction, business-card, business theater, business empire, show exchange, beauty-projects – key words for achieving such goals as "intellectual elixir youth. " To learn to control their own destiny, just need to touch the world of aesthetics.

But how to do it, eliminating any attempt to abuse them, how to do it easily and naturally, how to combine a feeling of responsibility and pleasure? I'll talk about it in terms of philosophy of beauty, namely, synthesizing the ideas of the beauty industry, architectural creativity, design research, simulation and design space of any complexity. Let's call it a mental environment of aesthetic generation, a generation, have fun in the contemplation of the beautiful around them, generation, making the objects of contemplation, a generation that lives on Rules of Beauty and the responsibility for this beauty. The idea is to be beautiful in the subconscious of each of us the right to take the opportunity to translate his idea of beauty is for everyone, let's the ability to invent beautiful worlds, oblivious to reality, and then start to build their projects in our lives. Do you know how to dream? That hides a meaning of the word, where this dream you and what are the boundaries mosque? – On this I will argue in Next time, before the meeting on the web.

Relativist Theory

If the relativista theory was applied, all the domination forms taxes for groups of being able would be justified, since these actions would be relative. From there the necessity of if ratifying critical the done ones to such theory. Simply to say that everything is relative is not enough to study the diversity that also has between different societies and inside of each society. If you would like to know more then you should visit Verizon. It is necessary to understand its historical context and its intersociais relations, so that not if exalte characteristic harmful e, of this form if searchs to reach progress. II WHAT ONE UNDERSTANDS FOR CULTURE Since the last century the concerns in if learning the cultures human beings comes increasing. This necessity evolved from the increasing contacts had between different peoples, and the studies if had come back in such a way toward those societies that were growing and if modernizing, how much for those societies that went disappearing or if depriving of characteristics on account of the increasing globalization. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Ellison.

This concern however was not capable to create an acceptable unanimous definition of what it is culture, since, for culture, much thing is understood. The synonymous one more comumente used to assign culture is of the artistic education and manifestations, however also they have culture of a time, with the evolution of the medias and the proliferation in mass, and also culture as the characteristics of a people, as its beliefs, its language and its way of if dressing. He has innumerable other definitions, however the study in screen he hugs the subject in more including way, searching to appreciate everything what he says respect to the one population, without if leaving to influence for as much variation in the study of the culture, but yes, longing for always to understand the reasons of as much diversity in order to improve the study. With the objective to advance in the subject, we go to restrict the subject.