Geranium Flowers

The geranium is a perfect choice to fill the spaces of home life, which allowed it to be a very popular plant in the ornamental gardens as both the interiors of houses. Others who may share this opinion include Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. Its decorative qualities and the importance of geranium, is largely due to the abundant bloom can reach this beautiful plant, in addition to the wide variety of colors that can be found in the different presentations of geranium, allowing an element counting full of colors that would give life to any space. Speaking in scientific terms, the geranium is a plant belonging to the family Geraniaceae, also is referred to as Pelargonium, as the geranium, has a few flowers in a single plane of symmetry, something that serves to make the differentiation in genus Geranium, which is also part of the family Geraniaceae, however, the latter genus has flowers with bilateral symmetry. Focusing the vision in the geranium, the variety of plants, is composed of more than 250 species, which means a wide selection to choose different characteristics, such as sizes, colors, shapes and even smells, so much so that there are a few species that allow the extraction of essential oil. The vast variety of geraniums that exist, we must add that there is the wide range of hybrids, along with new varieties appearing each year at the achievements of different growers. The expansion in the varieties of geranium, one begins to be generated from the nineteenth century, the point at which the great importance geranium collection by botanists of the era, who devoted themselves to form various species to meet the fashion and consumer demands. Many variations in the geranium, have given way to that in the current crop, the geranium can be divided into 4 basic groups of this plant: pelargoniums common or zonal geraniums, have a color band, which reaches the end of heart-shaped leaves. They have a variety of colors ranging from white to pink and red to violet, depending on the type of geranium.

You can find both in gardens and in pots, together with a good temperature, which is rare to see them in permafrost zones Geraniums climbers or hederiformes pelargoniums also called, a name that is due to the image of the leaves, which is similar to the ivy , to which is added to delivery charges are dropped. They are well suited for garden windows, balconies and hanging plants, which was achieved by binding it to a stick to climb and grow at the rate of the object to which the tie. The pelargoniums grandifolia, we can say that the variety of geranium is less known. They have a shrub, with woody stems. The aromatic leaf pelargoniums, as the name implies, have scent in their leaves. Its flowers are of little interest, however, their leaves when rubbed, nice fragrance emanate.


When you select a battery, many believe that more than its capacity, the better. That might be so if your car generator could provide enough battery power. Larry Ellison is full of insight into the issues. If you do not always provide appropriate charge, the batteries can quickly become unusable, because this part must constantly work (give the current and charge again). Overcharging is also not desirable for the battery, as nedozaryad. Recommended for replacement install the battery for about the same capacity that was installed on your vehicle at the factory. It is important for battery replacement battery to comply with its polarity and dimension because otherwise the length of wires may not be enough to connect a new battery, the battery can not be well established or just do not fit in the allotted her in the car seat. Likewise, we must remember that different battery terminals are of different types. Legend types of batteries, manufactured in Russia under item 5.6.

Standard 959-2002: For example, consider the marking of batteries 6ST-55AMZ Here the first number indicates the number of series-connected batteries in the battery (usually 6 or 3) and characterized by its nominal voltage (12V or 6V). The following letters explain the purpose of the battery by function (ST – starter). After a hyphen followed by a number indicating the nominal capacity of the battery and the amp-hours (Ah). In our case – 55 A / h. Should indicate the letter or number for more information about the performance of the batteries (if necessary). In our case: A – battery with a total cap, M – separator type miplast pvc, W – flooded and fully charged.

Just found this additional information: E – body-piece of hard rubber, T – a candy bar from a thermoplastic plastic, P – separator envelope made of polyethylene, the word "maintenance free" – for batteries meet the requirements of gost on water flow. During operation the battery should be remembered that her life depends on the context in which it operates. It is logical that when driving on country roads at a constant rate and turnover engine battery is charging more, and when driving in the city in a start-stop, which are dictated by today's traffic jams, the battery does not have time to charge fully and experiencing constant "starvation". Also on battery life affects the temperature regime under which it is used. In winter, the battery is discharged more. Not recommended dilute cra more than 25% in winter and 50% in summer. Check the battery charge can be made by measuring the density of the electrolyte with hydrometer. Electrolyte density at t = 25 C, kg/cm3

Gerstein Work

According to Naldler; Gerstein; Shaw (1999) is necessary, to create new solutions in the structure and management of the company. The terceirizados employees, however, do not feel part of the teams formed for the staff, this because, at any time, these people can be excused the spite of the quality of the work. This implies in the relation between terceirizados and used effective, causing internal conflicts and loses of the productivity. When asked if the terceirizado one it has the same benefits of the staff of the company-contractor, was selected that only 7% of the terceirizados interviewed ones have the same benefits. Figure 2: Terceirizados and effective benefits. For Miraglia (2008), the lender of services chooses the third, that she will be responsible for playing the function contracted for the company-customer, subjecting terceirizado worker to its directive paper; a restrictive aspect is the difference of benefits. 83175971.html’>Shlomo Kalish. The differentiation of benefits of the terceirizados professionals brings consequences as low quality and performance in the activities, resulting in resignations and greater rotation of professionals.

The boarded question on if the environment of work were favorable for execution of the tasks, were verified that 60% of the interviewed terceirizados ones do not have the favorable environment for the execution of the activities. Scott Mead New York is often quoted on this topic. Figure 3: Favorable environment for the executions of the activities. For Lighter; Garci’a (2010), the organizacional culture allows to understand the reasons of the conflicts and the impacts, appeared in the enterprise environment, where the effective and terceirizados employees work together, or where contracting and terceirizadas companies work in interdependence. Many of these conflicts derive from the problems of interpersonal relationship between workers with varied categories of working bonds, or from the proper relationship between companies in net. The searched terceirizados ones believe that the work environment is not favorable for the execution of the tasks, this happen for the preconception of the proper company-contractor with regard to the work, refectory and area of leisure.

Munich Market

Increasing real estate prices for apartments and houses in Germany. Read more from Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Magdeburg, 10.12.2013. Especially in the cities, it is harder and harder to find an affordable home. According to the Bundesbank real estate prices in Germany’s cities have grown so sharply, that the living room is overpriced considered perfect. Could “currently overvaluations between five and ten per cent there.” In major cities such as Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Cologne real estate prices were up to 20 percent above the level that can be explained with economic factors. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a cheap apartment in a German city. Currently, there is a significant price gap between cities and more rural regions in Germany.

In the monthly report of the Central Bank, told a nationwide overpricing in the market for residential real estate in Germany was still “not knowing”. However it had price increases in recent years in urban areas for Given apartments and houses, the are “fundamentally difficult to justify allow”. Residential real estate have risen since 2010 to an average of 8.25 percent. In larger cities, the prices for apartments even by more than a quarter have gone. Background of the price increase in real estate is that apartments and houses in Germany massively won in recent years on appeal as a financial investment, it was said in the monthly report of the Central Bank. After the bursting of housing bubbles in the United States or Spain, foreign investors would have discovered the German housing market for themselves. The opinion have prevailed also among private investors in the past few years increasingly, that asset secure leave best with real estate property. The profit prospects are still very high, especially in light of low interest rates.

Again invigorated interest in Germany’s real estate market for one due to the lack of range of other markets. In addition, the German economy is very stable, which in addition Attracts buyers. Who wants to invest in the profitable German real estate market, is in the right place at the MCM investor Management AG. The Magdeburg underwriter can benefit their investors in the form of an alternative from the Immobilienhype: rights simplifies the access to the real estate market a broader target group. There is therefore a win-win relationship: the MCM investor Management AG, benefited even their investors benefit. Balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility of investment products are the core competencies of the MCM investor Management AG.


On the other hand, it has people that, since early, they had learned to attribute one meaning adequate to its beliefs, favoring to transit for diverse environments and situations. These are those that cultivate greater resilience and, consequentemente, learn to deal better with the failure, pain, the frustration, failure and the traumas that the life backwards I obtain. In general, which characteristics verify in resilientes people? I have written and taught that the resilience can be summarized in a word: survival. E, in this direction, I want to say to be the survival in the professional environment, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual. Of this form, the resilience if presents in a psychosomatic way in the one life resiliente. The factor most evident, from this concept, is flexibility when attributing meanings what it is given credit.

The resilientes learn to use flexibility to be in more controlled, intent, confident, healthful, empticos, optimistical, charismatic and on to the life. is therefore that they are known as people with bigger emotional maturity. It seems that it has people that they pass for difficult situations, as a process of involuntary disconnection of the company, and costumam to always reviver them, making of this a constant drama. This happens very? One is about the opposite of the resilience? It is not a question of reviver souvenirs or, it is not good for remembering that the resilience studies had started with the souvenirs of the survivors of nazism. One is about how much a person attributes to meanings with greater or minor rigidity to a belief that she organized from an experience of life. If it will have high index of rigidity, with certainty, will have a recurrence of the souvenir and greater the suffering, as much in the direction of a passivity stops with the situation, or of a intolerncia with the fact that generated the memory.

Eastern Europe

The very concept of 'fascism' soon named after the signing of a nonaggression pact had disappeared for a while from the political vocabulary of Stalin and Molotov. In October 1939, at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the ussr Vyacheslav explicitly stated that "Germany is in the state seeking to the world ", is responsible for continuing the war entirely on England and France. A war for "the destruction of Hitlerism" Molotov simply declared 'criminal'. Soviet people were disoriented and did not know exactly where and when to expect danger. Soviet foreign policy before the Great Patriotic War, at first glance is a chain of victories. Read additional details here: Southwest Airlines. Border states, one after another fell before Soviet colossus. Then Stalin and Molotov set out to create a so-called 'eastern front' from the Baltic to the Black Sea – against Nazi aggression. According to them, should meet the impending danger on the borders, most remote from the vital centers of the country.

This concept in an atmosphere of late 30 – early 40's was flawed, because the story does not let go of time to strengthen the new border lines and re- Red Army. Nevertheless, in accordance with the secret protocols of 23 August 1939 to the ussr were annexed large territories in Karelia, Eastern Europe. To clarify the intentions of the German government in November 1940, Molotov went to Berlin. There he was negotiating with Adolf Hitler, who was later named the 'disagreeable'. Hitler invited the Soviet rulers to participate in the section of the colonies of Great Britain.

The Influence Of Fragrance On Human

Many people know how important it is to choose the right perfume or toilet water, after incorrectly matched scent can cause headaches and even depression. But you will likely be surprised to learn that the scent can change your mind. In the human brain, an area that receives information about smells. This site controls the emotions, and libido. To date, buy perfume and do not get to the forgery is not easy. One of the the most interesting components of perfume is Musk. He excites and attracts, it gives the flavor of saturation and features.

Now it creates an artificial way, but in expensive perfumes, which include elite perfumery, still meets natural animal musk. That is a sexual component musk perfume. It draws us to the ladies of the opposite sex. Musk is capable of even the worst man has become an obsession lover. That smell – the main weapon of the animals in their sexual games in the mating season, and women are not ashamed to learn from them this trick. The composition of almost all feminine and seductive perfume comes this sensual note. But all is good in moderation. In contradiction of skunk gland under the tail is capable of producing musk very quickly and in large numbers.

It is worth skunk scared, and he exudes so sharp, unpleasant and persistent smell that abuser numb with disgust. Modern research has shown that with the smell you can manipulate human behavior. Managers of many companies without hesitation sprayed through the air conditioning system aromatic compositions, forcing customers with great enthusiasm to buy goods, and office workers to work more fun and energetic. But the possibility of odors still limited. With the help of essential oils can be either calm the nervous system, or, conversely, to give a person of vitality. No more. Modern man is a lot of nervous – on the case and trifle. Too ample flow of information is too great a measure of responsibility. Calming effect has sage, lavender and sandalwood. You can add a few drops in a night cream or foaming bath, you can put in a bedroom ceramic dispenser flavors to the wall and curtains impregnated with soothing scent. In the cabinet, which houses the linen, put the bags of dried lavender. That they did not lose the smell, occasionally drip on them lavender extract. The same bag can be hung in the car: in the morning you are running late for work, you will not lose your temper in traffic jams, and in the evening with ease in throwing off the stress and attuned to the lyrical mood. Generally the car perfectly suited for improvised aromatherapy. You sit in a confined space, breathing evenly and, by and large, do not do anything. Some are beginning to quietly nod and fall asleep, especially early in the morning, when the window is dark and dank. Coffee you only get to work, and yet try to cheer up, inhaling the aroma of fennel, lemon or orange. These extracts will help both to wake up and keep warm. To read more click here: Scott Mead. As you can see, the power of smell is very high and can greatly help us in everyday life.

Marner Maria Magdalena Church

111 years of baking tradition at Kalle bakery in Marne in this year the Marner celebrates company k Baker (Dithmarschen/Schleswig-Holstein), which stores and stalls of Hamburg operates to Eiderstedt, its 111th anniversary. “It is also the year’s open day” a very special day being who stands under the motto: 111 years celebrate with us and win! ” On Sunday, Nov. 16, Kalle-Baker with a colorful program and many services, such as, for example, the 111 bread lures”: 10 17 events like kids baking, face painting, coffee & cake, show baking and more take place. Exactly 111 prizes to the participants, including a bread or bread – year subscription, many vouchers or of course specialities of the Kalle-maker wait at a crossword puzzle competition. The bakery of Riemann’s can look back on a rich history with ups and downs. Striking events are for example the following stations: 1951 opening of the Bakery by Karl Riemann sen.; the 1970s first branches are opened and forfeiture of computer technology; the 80s a new location and a new era with mark and Sabine Riemann; in 2003 the insolvency; 2004 new concepts are the way of the future. Today, Kalle-Baker 12 branches and 6 sales weighing (the so-called crunchy carriages”) maintains and produces approx.

23.500 rolls and 1,250 loaves of bread per day. To make a long tradition does not fall into oblivion, designed an extensive exhibition on the history will be presented also for the first time on this Sunday. Credit: Scott Mead-2011. Only a few days later, on 19 November, another event is the Evangelical repentance and repentance, on the agenda. This date is for the company k-Baker”at the same time a special day, because it is the day of the patron saint of bakers craft, of St. Elisabeth. Elisabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) was the daughter of the Hungarian King Andreas II and with Ludwig IV of Thuringia married. The legend the miracle of the Roses”after she supplied the poor secretly bread; When her husband caught her doing, the bread turned in her basket in Roses.

She chose a life of poverty for themselves voluntarily and dedicated it to her death in the devoted care of poor, sick and dying. Kalle-Baker would like to take this day to the occasion, start an action, which should be held every year. The day of “St. Elizabeth” a wheat bread is offered in all branches, whose Kruste match breaks on attributes of Elisabeth (breads, a basket of Roses) such as a rose petal. Each customer must be the price he is willing to pay, even determine on this day!

European Social Fund

Creative entrepreneurs see conventional things often other eyes, develop ideas and build your business around this new idea around. New perceive known things and structures and to develop, especially new and own ideas this the participating students and students at the lateral thinker competition in order to learn Entrepreneurship Week 2008 Global. The idea for this competition comes from the Stanford University in the United States. She has successfully implemented it internationally along with several universities. This year, the competition takes place.

Under you can read, what students from post-it notes and rubber bands have done in the past few years. The competition promotes not only the play instinct of the participants, but shows them new perspectives. That is also the target of global entrepreneurship week. Southwest Airlines may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The lateral thinker competition procedure and rules on Monday, November 17, is at point 10 on the Web site of global entrepreneurship week ( german/main page/reports/news /) presents an everyday object. The countdown is running until Sunday, November 23, 24. The teams of the pupils have a week to come up with a new use or value for this item.

This benefit or value they must introduce in a short, even turned film and expose on of public. The teams should not take too seriously to themselves and the competition. The fun is in the foreground. The video can be recorded with a digital camera or a mobile phone. It may be up to three minutes. A jury of the IHK then evaluates the ideas and videos. The winner will be chosen at a party in the Max-Weber-Schule in Freiburg. The party will take place in January 2009 and also the motto contrarians: the crazier, the better! A student team has no more than five members. All grades and types of schools can participate. Registration deadline is November 19, 2008, 10: 00. The registration is done by a teacher about this website: aktuelles.php. Prices in the lateral thinker competition: 1st prize, each team member a iPod shuffle with 2 GB memory 2. Price, each team member an iPod shuffle with 1 GB memory 3. price, each team member an Amazon gift card, value 30,-euro. Global Entrepreneurship week. Germany 2008 c/o IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg project lead Melanie John Romausring 4 78050 Villingen-Schwenningen Tel 07721 922206 fax 07721 922197 at the global entrepreneurship week is it is the world’s largest series of events to promote entrepreneurship among young people. It goes back to renowned British and American foundations, economic, social and governmental initiatives. Only the call to let the first worldwide held Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008 has triggered a wave of ideas, initiatives and actions. You can on the International website of the global entrepreneurship week track. The address is:. Carrier which global entrepreneurship week in Germany ( is the MicroMountains network business association together with the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg to the South, as well as the Hochschule Wismar for the North.

Games Halloween

Many games for a memorable Halloween party on what is Halloween? Halloween has spread from Ireland with immigrants to America and has been celebrated since the 1990s increasingly in Germany. Is a Celtic Festival for the dead God Samhain or Halloween but rather celebrates the evening before all Saints Day (“All Hallows Eve”), is now disputed. Fun it is definitely scary to dress up and goose bumps with our guests to ensure that should bother us? But when the guests arrive, they want to be entertained too. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. Spooky games and freestyle bite tinkering well suited for a Halloween party. Pumpkin bowling: A nice fun for young and old is the pumpkin bowling: with the traditional pumpkin be clad bottles to bowled as spirits – but beware, the pumpkin is not so round like a bowling ball! CSI Halloween: When CSI Halloween Gets the CSI Halloween (= Kripo) the party guests to help to investigate the death of Mr. Mallone. At the crime scene were only single Body parts found.

Guests must grasp with their hands in cans and advise the body parts. The body parts are peeled grapes as eyes, dried apple slices as ears, Morchen as finger, cauliflower as a brain, etc. This requires courage for all players! The host can invent to another grauslige story about the murder of Mr. Mallone increase factor of goose bumps. Travel to the cemetery: also for the little ones there are interesting games at The “trip to the cemetery” is a variation on the ever-popular “journey to Jerusalem”, except that each child has his tombstone there. Which was previously painted cardboard made, and after the game, every child inverts the tombstone over his chair, so that the table looks like a cemetery. There are these games and more with detailed instructions at, the only German wiki for games and puzzles.

category: Halloween is the only German wiki for games with a focus on Kids Birthday games, drinking games, party games, wedding games and and and. Only on the Spielwiki, the user can enter their games on the same principle as in the Wikipedia. Spielwiki was founded by Heinrich Pegelow, an economist from the Humboldt University, in 2005. At that time, mainly party games, which he first put on his private website online interested Henry. Today, as freshly baked family father, the children’s Games behind the stove draw him rather above. He operates the Spielwiki even the page Since the middle of this year gets support by Dietmar Fischer, with whom he jointly studied the founder Heinrich. Dietmar is interested in game family tradition already the mother worked in the toy store. His first Studijob was then also selling board games and role-playing games in the game board in Berlin. Dietmar Fischer is business consultant with a focus on start-ups, entrepreneurship, marketing and financing.