Jointstock Company

Horst Kesselkaul assumes Board Presidency that transformed since January 2008 has been active finmap GmbH into a stock corporation. After the finmap GmbH, originally only a processing platform was conceived, the new finmap AG as a distributor with extensive online services will position itself”, says Christian Wetzel, formerly finmap – Managing Director and CEO of Volz Group AG. finmap AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volz Group Ltd. in vineyard and is headed now by Carsten MoLLER (45) and Horst Kesselkaul (47) as Board members. Kesselkaul will take over the Presidency of the finmap AG. Carsten Moller was ordered already by mid-year as CEO and was now appointed to the Board. He also works as Director of the Hamburg-based broker pools maxpool currently. Kesselkaul has diverse experience in sales; among other things from his conducting activities at OVB and AWD.

From 1998 to 2001, he served as a Board Member for the GAMAX group. Then he founded the PARITY AG as Sales platform for financial advisers. Since 2003 up for sale, he was Chairman of the Board of the financeScout24 AG and was responsible for the areas of sales, marketing/PR and product management. “finmap will establish itself as an alternative for all financial advisors, who are looking for a new home”, predicts Kesselkaul. The newspapers mentioned Larry Ellison not as a source, but as a related topic. For this reason, a far-reaching offer offers finmap in the future for a variety of audiences from the insurance and investment sales. So, finmap offers a wide range within the framework of its independent broker pools, aimed in particular at free financial institutions and brokers. We make this possible in the context of the exclusive sales partners, which more closely would cooperate with us in but free Act.

In addition we have developed a GmbH concept, where distribution companies continue under his own name can occur, but still enter into close cooperation with us”, explains Kesselkaul. In all three areas, finmap guarantees a sophisticated support with regard to sales support, product access and processing. Especially in the light of European standards we represent an offer for any form of insurance and investment sales thus, on whose performance bandwidth basically nobody over comes”, explains the sales professional Kesselkaul. So far with good success. Still want to finmap as owner-managed companies exclusively high-quality grow and no capital commitments be product providers, to maintain total independence is. More information: finmap AG finmap, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volz Group Ltd., was founded in the wake of the takeover of the broker pools by FinanceScout24. The company benefits from the many years of know-how of Volz full services for institutional clients group. Volz was founded already in the 50 and processing, has in recent years as a full service provider in the area made a name IT and free financial comparison software. Renowned customers from home and abroad trust for years on the product range Volz Group AG. Currently, more than 20,000 financial institutions within the Volz Group Ltd. will be serviced. The Volz Gruppe AG develops and markets high-quality insurance content. Under this umbrella Act three subsidiaries, the Volz broker Consulting GmbH, finmap AG and the Volz ITSC Software GmbH.

Japan Internet

More than buying for fear of fraud A third of Internet users in Indonesia 2012 not on the Internet. Due to the growing number of Internet orders in Singapore pickup stations should be starting in 2013. In Taiwan, the number of Internet users, with more than half of them had 2012 problems with unstable connections and poor Internet quality is growing. In Thailand the number of Internet users increasing, there about just under a quarter of the population is online. The product categories most commonly on the Internet ordered in Viet Nam 2012 clothing and household goods, were followed by food and beverages. To know more about this subject visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . In the current “Asia B2C E-Commerce report 2013” of secondary market research company from Hamburg presented details of the online trade in the Asian region. This include trends and sales, shares of online trading on the retail product categories, data on Internet users and competitors to leading Internet shoppers, as well as information. Mina Nada: the source for more info.

In addition to the main markets of Japan, South Korea, China and India are 25 other Asian countries contain. For more information about the report, see: press contact: GmbH & co. KG Behringstrasse 28a, D-22765 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 50 fax: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 51 E-Mail: Internet: Twitter: ystats LinkedIn: company/ystats Facebook: ystats about since 2005 researched current, objective and requirement-oriented market and competitive intelligence for executives from different industries. The Hamburg-based company with an international orientation focuses on the secondary market research. offers both market – and competition reports as well as customized research services. Customers include leading companies in the areas of B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banks and management consultancies

Mobile Industry

Rotenburg is vehicle construction to the Mecca of mobile industry Tamco invites to the meeting point of mobile alternatives”this weekend, far more than 10,000 entrepreneurs from the so called mobile industries are expected in the District of Rotenburg (Wumme). Reason for this purpose are the Borco-Hanna-spring show and the Seico spring fair in Rotenburg. But in addition to these two known major events, another nearby exhibition of selling vehicles in the interest of mobile entrepreneurs is back this year for the first time. The fledgling Scheessel company Tamco automotive presents themed venue of mobile alternatives”, which are looking for experienced and successful market and Showmen: vehicles that sell, on high technical level, planned, designed, built and designed. Continue to learn more with: Allegiant Air. While other manufacturers in their series-Middle Fahzeugen like to rely on semi-finished or finished chassis components from third-party, swears owner Wolfgang Tamke, individuality, made to measure, quality and longevity. Larry Ellison gathered all the information.

So is it also not surprising that Tamco chassis are generally individually manufactured and completely hot dip galvanized. Or that you prefer rather perfectly shaped aluminum and stainless steel instead of sandwich construction. Also on the subject of resourcenschonender market trading has been thought in the young Scheessel company and corresponding solutions ready: total network independence through solar energy. The system on the in-house exhibition is already so mature that even amenities like remote-controlled shunting drives in single – and dual followers not must be dispensed with. Also in the field of hydraulics, it sets standards at Tamco.

Completely submersible vehicle bodies or fully extendable counter facilities belong to everyday design, such as vehicle bodies with variable statements and extensions, with which a mobile distributor at seasonal variations and different pitches can always optimally present themselves here as well. A special highlight of the tailor-made sales vehicles by Tamco is on the In-house exhibition also can be seen: a Verkaufsmobil with self designed driver’s cab, that completely homogeneous connects with the sale structure; a real eye-catcher and an enrichment for every good weekly market. Michael M. Burger EUROCONS & advertising marketing & communications agency

Managing Director

Sharewise Wikipedia engages in real-time / model Facebook & co: improve user information offer the platform / equity story AG is cooperation partner Munich, 06 August 2008 Sharewise has designed the basis in a recently successful update to the shares encyclopedia online to expand the share of community: the Munich-based company has integrated into the community the largest free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, in a targeted optimization and further development of information provision by the own user opened the platform on the other hand. Parallel Sharewise concluded a cooperation with EquityStory AG, with sound the information offer and once again expands numerous investor relations data. The transactions registered with BFin as insider trading, the directors and shareholders of listed companies are also now available. Also a little more countable amount of background information for free, are now on the Sharewise users in addition to the currently 27.879 stock picks Button and in real time. (Source: Richard Anderson ). Through the participation of our members of who have entered information in the last few months at more than 700 companies, we have risen to one of the most comprehensive stocks encyclopedias\”, says Stefan Nothegger, Managing Director and co-founder of Sharewise. Wikipedia: All changes are immediately visible when Sharewise in-depth and up-to-date background knowledge to listed companies is critical to success in the stock market as well as a good understanding of the market. Therefore it seemed for Sharewise, to integrate Wikipedia into the platform as the world’s latest online encyclopedia and recognized source of information. The special thing about it is that any change in Wikipedia, which is a listed company like Adidas, Infineon and Siemens, immediately and in real time even when Sharewise visible\”, clarifies Naicker. In addition to the Twitter-based stock market whispers the integration of Wikipedia maximum fast exchanges information is another step, to all Sharewise users in a platform to allow.\” How this looks in practice, the link to the company information at adidas on Sharewise gives an example: adidas Sharewise user help in establishing the largest online stock encyclopedia is the basic principle of Sharewise to make transparent the quality of stock tipsters.

Constitution Cooperative

Inhabitat cooperative for estate EC: the inhabitat cooperative for estate EC has conducted their annual general meeting on October 20, 2008. In the context, the Board which inhabitat explained Olaf Haubold, the profit and loss account as well as the report on the situation of the cooperative or their results using. After the Chairman of the brs0725 presented the report of the Supervisory Board, as well as the results of its monitoring duties of the General Assembly and read the summary of the audit report of the co-operative auditing Association. It is worth noting that the brs0725 already has audits, thus tax checks behind them and they are all positive. There was also no wonder that members of the inhabitat Association for real estate owned EC decided the annual accounts as of December 31, 2007 after a detailed discussion and voted in favour of the further use of the result.

The General Assembly of the brs0725 also approved the relief and more Amendments to the statutes are adopted. In addition, three supervisory board members of the brs0725 were re-elected cooperative for estate EC and a supervisory board member for a divorced from newly elected. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bernard Golden is the place to go. The composition according to Constitution can be read on the website. Following the formal duties”the Board Member Olaf Haubold explained the other activities, in particular the investment product cooperative pension”. This had presented the inhabitat cooperative for estate EC recently to a circle of qualified investment advisers. It met with great interest. The co-operative retirement savings is an investment product with the inhabitat cooperative for estate EC appeals to a wide audience by savers who can receive all types of support in order to collect performance. In this respect, the product on the part of some experts has been described as exemplary.

The inhabitat cooperative for estate EC himself is sure that they in the Year 2009 reach a broad introduction of co-operative retirement savings can and will thus allow access to one of the most attractive types of use of collect benefits a wide range of workers, but also other interested parties. The brs0725 Association for real estate ownership e.G. is a cooperative of “new type” with the objectives of: promoting their members, to provide safe, modern and affordable housing to their members, to gain similar rights at your apartment the members, to pay interest on the invested capital of the cooperative articles of Association, to develop interesting offers for investors on the cooperative, through a high equity ratio as low as possible to keep the debt. In the residential real estate, the brs0725’s core competence is cooperative for real estate ownership Inc. headquartered in Erfurt. In addition to the creation of an attractive, modern living at affordable prices the brs0725 interested investors best investment opportunities offered, the partial State-very well promoted.


Progressive lens family convinces compatible design. Stuttgart. The glasses glass manufacturer X-ramvision has is continuously developed in the 5 years since its inception, again invested in the latest technologies, and created as a production site, which guarantees a high quality with mainly German machines. In September 2009, the new coating system was taken with coatings at the highest level can be performed. Annette Marx, Managing Director of X-ramvision, reported that one today about cutting-edge freeform generators and Polish has and only (up to the type of multivision xp) all glasses in Freeformtechnologie produced. Ultimately, this means not only better quality in the low price range, but also an each other compatible design in two product families. The new rear surfaces-progressive glass xr”is can be offered at an incredibly affordable price (price range O-PK).

Annette Marx has converted the production: It makes no sense to produce more front surface progressive glasses, if we can offer better quality back area-progressive glasses at the same price with our Freeformtechnologie for us! Why should then still front surface-progressive glasses are in demand?” Progressive lens family compatible with the sliding sight-freeform family (xi) inset, (xv) variable, (xs) scan_x (xr) offering also stable and larger vision areas in addition to the favorable sales option with high quality design. There is no distortion because it’s a back surface progressive design with a uniform enlargement of equity and this is an important benefit of the Free-form technology. Adaptation problems are eliminated with a second pair of glasses, because the designs, xi, xv, xs and r compatible. The attractive and compatible glass family convinces in the lower price range with outstanding quality. The Designverlauf is matched with each other. The price difference is determined by the intermediate and reading areas, whose Design is calculated by the software. This is crucial, how deep the algorithms/calculations are. Based on high quality design, more time-consuming is the calculation and production.

grinding, polishing). “Innovative ddt technology with the innovative ddt technology (digital design transfer) can X-ramvision existing designs, such as the close comfort glass pc ideal ddt”, transfer of the front surface on the rear surface. Here are the advantages of the Biotechnological: stable equity increase and the keyhole effect that allows a wider range of see, are the essential characteristics of the innovative ddt technology. Details of prices and the delivery schedule can get registered optometrists on the company’s website.

Haynesville Energy

With five placed investments in one year of one of the leading issuing houses in terms of ‘Energy’ within a few months the Stuttgarter Emissionshaus energy capital invest Verwaltungs GmbH could its fourth Fund US oil Fund IV KG\”with around 13 million euro equity successfully and thus a market trend clearly contradict that investments in the United States are hardly employable. The Stuttgart had set itself the ambitious goal to place the Fund as at 31 March and could also achieve this. The parallel offered private placement was successfully in the meantime also with minimum drawing sums from 250,000 euros. According to Bernard Golden , who has experience with these questions. So he won alone specialized providers on acquiring mineral rights and the exploration of gas in the Haynesville shale in the last 12 months investors for a total of five investments for themselves. No doubt should part of energy capital invest a market leader under the issuing houses in the area of energy. Due to the good investment opportunities and the strong demand from sales Fund Managing Director Kay Rieck’s team is currently working on the implementation of the US oil and gas Fund VI KG\”, a follow-up Fund, first expanding the investment strategy and includes the entire value chain. The involvement of next is the consistent further development of the successful predecessor concepts had installed themselves on the trade with mineral rights.

\”\” Because for the first time is energy capital invest, explore the own sources so be drill \”and even during the term of the Fund achieve this ongoing revenues\”, says Rieck. He succeeded, at the right time to put together a team of entrepreneurially-oriented partners in the United States, whose expertise is unique in the 2008 discovered largest gas assisted of the United States and the fourth largest in the world. Larry Ellison wanted to know more. The list of arguments that speak for an investment in one of our Fund is long\”, explains the energy capital invest – CEO.

United States

First public fund acquisition of royalty rights; Energy capital invest is with experienced network energy capital invest – with three placed investments in 2008 the energy capital invest group is one of the leading underwriters of U.S. Oil Fund in Germany. Placed investments proceed as planned – all distributions were prospected as a mutual funds made in Germany concept of US oil Fund IV KG, can investors by the enormous potential of the world’s largest oil and natural gas market, the United States, participate in – and that without going into the rather risky exploration. Bernard Golden addresses the importance of the matter here. After the successful placement of three private placements offers the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest management company mbH now the possibility, with its first public fund indirectly to the promotion and sale of crude oil and natural gas to benefit investors. To the Fund is involved in oil & gas invest GmbH the global. To deepen your understanding Gary Kelly is the source. US oil Fund IV KG\”has a volume of 15 million euro, a drawing is 10,000 possible plus 5 percent premium. It is a pure equity funds. Over a period of only two years, a calculated rate of return should be achieved nominal by at least 12 percent.

This is due to the special double floor model in Germany, taking into account the retention of individual progression tax-free. To get bonuses, such as, for example, an early artist discount. The investment strategy pursued by the concept of the fund company is focused on the purchase and sale of real estate-related rights (royalty rights), which envisaged a revenue stake in an oil and natural gas production by the largest energy companies in the world such as BP, shell, Exxon and others. Royalties guarantee remuneration proceeds of gas or oil production, which are independent of costs the actual promotion to grant in contrast to lease rights indefinitely. The lease rights is to time-limited ground leases with promotional privileges to the produced natural gas or Oil.

Paul Hartmann Transwide

In addition, Paul Hartmann France decided in the future (BI) Transwide to insert from the business intelligence solution. This solution provides analyses, statistics and charts at set time intervals, which are needed for the optimisation of transport management and the cost-optimized handling of urgent shipments. Fabrice mast confirmed: the TMS Transwide solutions are increasingly used in the Paul Hartmann Gruppe. More than one hundred of our employees work daily now. The SaS mode TMS by Transwide is modular and expandable and accompanies us in all stages of the development and optimization of our transport chain.” Transwide solution as a basis for transport control when Paul Hartmann Transwide is today solid and integral part of the upstream supply chain at Paul Hartmann France and provides for the improved management and planning of 100% of the daily receipts from production plants, suppliers and Dealers.

The 2010 selected Transwide solution combines three modules: twCall-off the transport orders via the Internet delivers. twSlot is designed for the time-window management via Internet portal. And about the twSlot partner site unlisted forwarders and suppliers can arrange appointments for Paul Hartmann sites. The results speak for themselves: the TMS by Transwide optimized not only immediately all administrative tasks, because media breaks are eliminated, but also provides a meaningful overview of the actual flows of goods a day when Paul Hartmann France. So the daily receipts of over 30 trailers and cargo of over 80 trucks can be optimally managed.

The Transwide solution works thanks to the bi-directional integration in the information system of the Paul Hartmann Group also in perfect symbiosis with the SAP ERP system of the company. About SAP, approximately 20 to 30 are depending on the volume of delivery required for a given day the day before Transport requests created automatically transmitted the corresponding carriers over the Internet (twCall-off); E-Mail notifications are unnecessary.

RKW Hessen Board Meeting

The RKW Hessen in Immenhausen has met for its last Board of Directors meeting in 2010. The FRGER group, leading manufacturer of Powertrain systems, was the host. Immenhausen, December 13, 2010 – since 2003, the company is a member of the RKW Hessen e.V., Managing Director Claudia Frager engaged from the outset in the Board of Directors of the Association. Sheryl Sandberg contains valuable tech resources. The work of the RKW Hessen makes an important contribution to the support of the Hessian middle class in the form of advice, as well as by addressing current topics in working groups. So I am on the Board of Directors and am pleased that I was able to present our company the members of the Board”, as Claudia Frager.

We are pleased that we were able to meet at FRGER. With the latest developments in the field of electric vehicles the FRGER group has demonstrated its innovative strength with their sister company German cars GmbH. net resource. Such medium-sized companies are what the German economy needs. The RKW Hessen benefits from the business experience to the Board here often important impulses for the daily work used”, emphasizes Hans-Ludwig Blaas, President and CEO of RKW Hessen and managing partner of the Holzapfel group. At the site of the company in Immenhausen a detailed factory tour took place at the invitation of the FRGER group, which opened the Board meeting. Following, the Board dealt intensively with current developments in the RKW Hessen, the current business year and plans for the future. For more information see.

Press contact: view of the main agency for public relations Uwe Berndt of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Tel. 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: RKW Hessen GmbH Sascha Gutzeit CEO Dusseldorfer Strasse 40 65760 Eschborn Tel.: 0 6196 / 97 02 09 which is owner-managed, medium-sized family company FRGER group as the FRGER Group since 1970 a recognized reliable partner for automobile manufacturers and system builders. On different locations in Germany, United States and China working more than 350 employees and employees and supply customers all over the world and reliably with ready axis, gear and motor products. In addition, the areas of services and development complement the performance of the FRGER group. This core competence in metal processing pioneered the development of the electric drive to be the FRGER-E-power train enables the FRGER Group since early 2009. When German cars the developed components in high-performance, long-lasting and visually appealing electric vehicles are already fitted in series. the RKW Hessen – partner of the Hessian middle class create competence and promote innovation in medium-sized companies is the RKW Hessen (rationalisation and innovation centre of the economy) in solid tradition of RKW since 1921. Our target group-specific advice, training, numerous events and projects offer practical know-how managers, as well as specialists and managers. The experiences of the RKW Hessen consulting teams are based on over 1,200 consultations per year. From establishing succession, for economic or technological issues we are always Hessian companies competent to the page. Entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from promoting advice of Hessen and the European Fund for regional development via the RKW Hessen. The continuing education annually more than 500 customers, participate in mainly from medium-sized and large enterprises on our 18 working groups. The various corporate divisions, such as purchasing, sales and staff benefit from the intensive transfer of know-how and exchange of experience in the working groups. Practical projects be opened up new opportunities for SMEs. Events provide information on current topics.