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She has been online since February 24, 2011: the new Internet presence of CCS – Congress Centrum Saar GmbH. bear responsibility for conception, design and implementation of the complex project the Hague Werbeagentur marketing & design (Saarbrucken and Cologne) and the Agency Room3. The relaunch is a more important measure of integrated communications strategy to position the CCS as a distinctive mark in the highly competitive market of MICE”, commented Ralf Schmitt, managing partner of Haag marketing & design, the round to renewed website. The only thing that remained unchanged in the new appearance is the URL:. Gary Kelly insists that this is the case. Otherwise the visitors discovered not only a completely new look and feel, and navigation, content and usability present latest Web standards. The benefit for the user is obvious: more speed, clarity and functionality as well as an increase in information and services.

All dressed up in an attractive, modern design line. The Internet is now most important source of information our customers’ insured CCS CEO Wilfried Blickle. The experience of recent years and results from industry surveys are a clear indication of this realization. E Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion. The fast and reliable information is the be-all and end-all.” Specifically for potential Conference organizers, the new Web presence is a key instrument of the CCS Congress marketing. Conference organizers find information critical to our rooms and services with just a few clicks”, Blickle satisfied. Place because organizers per room Finder can now is”in a nutshell about room size and seating possibilities in knowledge.

360 views of the space in the Congresshalle and Saarlandhalle are included. Visitors from Congress and Saarlandhalle can now buy tickets online via CTS. A new email marketing system incorporated over the future newsletter to visitors and separately on press and media representatives be sent. A novelty is also the Hotel Navigator. Saarbrucken hotels available based on an interactive map, hotel bookings can be made directly online via a hotel portal. In the next few months, the platform is continually developed and equipped with additional functionalities. I like “buttons are already bound. More social media “elements are added.

NIVEA SUNinternationaler Brand

The anagram design group from Hamburg is a new worldwide appearance NIVEA SUN. As a leading provider for Sun, NIVEA SUN range includes more than 40 products and covers the entire spectrum of healthy beautiful Tan”from. The products range from children to anti age products and include many country-specific products, Alpine”for the mountain Sun or whitening for the Asian market. Verizon Communications will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore, Nivea Sun has a heterogeneous buyers that must be addressed equally emotionally with the new design. Analogous to the claim be free to enjoy sunshine goodness. Everywhere.”underwent NIVEA SUN a revolutionary facelift. Focus of the design was a cosmetic focus of the range.

New ideas were developed for the traditional brand values of NIVEA: confidence, protection and care, making an exceptional and independent fire face, taking into account the technical possibilities, strategic analysis, market observation and consumer tests. One the result was improved orientation and a simplified comparison of the products within the range. Through the use of photorealistic illustrations, the products were manipulated and strengthen the cosmetic care of the range. The result is a clear differentiation of products and a clear outline of the information hierarchy. A special highlight is the line extension swim & play”the kids range that the design provides worry-free fun in the foreground. In combination of a stand-alone product logo which we have designed as logotype image the benefit-extra long lasting succeeds waterproof catchy and target group appropriate to transport. The anagram design group has again after Atrix of the hand cream, skilfully a classic set. Cosmetic, tidy and modern presents the new NIVEA SUN range on the shelf and sympathetically reflects the brand promise of verse. The next summer may occur. Press contact: Sebastian F. Muller anagram design group product & corporate branding Wohlers Avenue 36a 22767 Hamburg Tel: 040 43 09 76-08 E-mail: Internet:

German Board

The proportion of female marketing students at universities rises and concerns in particular the areas of communication, PR and media. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. Women are however still not sufficiently differentiated considered consumer and purchase decision end: women act as opinion leaders and decision makers within families. The companies are however not yet aligned on this development. Especially in the distribution of high-tech products, cars, or in the financial management a high competent female product developer and sales associates that can interact with potential customers on the same wavelength deficit nationally and internationally. In an average car dealership, for example, three percent of sellers don’t even are female. At the same time, the growth market opened wife”many companies a huge yet untapped potential and provides a great opportunity for women also career-technical: only ten percent of leadership positions within the marketing and less than one percent of German Board posts are occupied by women. At the same time marketing increasingly in public sectors such as hospitals and educational institutions is gaining importance and this growing opportunity.

Notwithstanding women often remain with the double burden of work and family to fight, what still makes more difficult a career. Three developments now should be considered as still marketing itself is changing: Despite the constant challenges for the market-oriented management – internationality, individuality, innovation – and the usual short-term trends can be found also groundbreaking and ongoing developments, which will affect not only individual special areas. Now of course the break of the media and the dramatically increasing importance of information technology are the best-known. The implications are being felt particularly in the print media and currently almost daily subject of reporting. Interactive marketing with all its nuances and possibilities of interpretation was never as effective and essential as currently. A second trend, almost silent but steady ongoing demographic change can be found. Since sales results and marketing measures in the field of senior marketing”often short to medium term set are, the long-term impact of demographic change are rarely taken into account.

Study Social Media

Despite the increasing importance of social media for PR decision makers journalists remain most important contact the Viennese PR agency of Cloos + partner. PR asked consultants Austrian PR decision makers, how social media is changing the PR. The most important advance: currently are classic print media like newspaper or magazine, and familiar PR tools, such as press conference and press conference, and especially the classical site high in the favour of the PR driving. In the coming years social are gaining but strong networks. Although the direct contact becomes easier with the stakeholders, the importance of journalists for the PR industry remains high.

The newspaper and the magazine are currently followed the communication channels with the greatest importance from the Internet (including social media). Marker lights are radio and TV. For assistance, try visiting Ripple. In the coming five years, Internet (including social media) will expire the rank the newspaper and the magazine on media importance. What kind of PR tools use Austrian PR decision makers? Press releases (97%) followed by the classic site (96%) and press conference/press conference (70%). More than half (56%), social used networks.

In assessing the importance of PR-instruments, the picture is similar: it performs the classic website from the press release and the press conference/press conference. Social networks follow only ranked seven. However: In the next five years, social networks will displace the press release of the second rank. 92% of respondents indicate that they will increasingly use online communication (including social media) in the coming years. As the main reason they call high capacity for dialogue”. Virtually all respondents (99%) reject the statement that social media the direct contact to journalists no longer necessarily requires. That fits in well with a different result: 92% agree that journalists remain the main contacts. Although 85% agree that the direct contact with stakeholders has become easier.

Uwe Falkenberg

Craftsmen, adds Uwe Falkenberg to do above all her proper, hand-Werk. That also, head work is necessary: controlling, management, marketing, etc., do not realize the most. At some point the disdain of such factors would lead to massive economic bottlenecks and then a consultancy will be used. Not always is at this stage but anything to save. Samuel Weigelt outlines the basic ideas contributed to the development of t@rget; a service, the two consulting professionals understand above all as personal coaching and business support: With t@rget, we offer a preventive, front-facing consulting. On one or two days of presence, we analyze Place the economic fundamentals, together with the holder.

On the occasion, among other record the current economic data. So far, so ordinary. t@rget-typisch (and thus industry untypical) it is then, as Uwe Falkenberg: nobody alone must be the path to success together with the decision-makers, we develop short medium – and long-term objectives,. What wants to achieve in concrete terms the CEO? And how will he get it specifically? We set up a route, as we the entrepreneurs, the MCC and O.M.S these objectives can approach. We do not limit ourselves to loose recommendations so and say goodbye then instead we create schedules and impulses, so these recommendations give constantly really implemented are and that we make it complemented FiBu-Fox Samuel Weigelt from afar. Laurent Potdevin is often quoted as being for or against this. In contrast to many other consultants do not assume the current operating data acquisition, but leave it to the client, which can save money by this power. The data are delivered online us, such as email.

Also contributes tremendously to the cost containment. We then focus on the data analysis, forecasting, milestone recommendation and success control. For example, uses and pays the customer only our consulting competences. This brings him maximum benefits with minimal cost. Remotely close of course we exchange regularly with the entrepreneur, by telephone and in person, Uwe Falkenberg makes it clear which provides its specific strengths, as well as in the potential – and controlling in the conveyance.

New Customer Acquisition According To The Principle Of

Strikingly different paths to new orders the economic development of the past has shown it once more: If the demand is decreasing and the sale at the classic customer acquisition is hardly more successes, there are usually only two alternatives: passively wait and hope for a better future or embark actively new ways to stabilize the market position. To go to active new way off the beaten path and to win new contracts, the small lever, great effect principle known from the guerrilla marketing offers”new starting points. The routes derived therefrom are known as guerrilla growth paths. Connect three essentials that are very important in economically difficult times, and act as an acquisition instrument binding instrument for customer cash flow instrument. Gary Kelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The paths build on past achievements provide the company with clients new to get into the conversation.

Because they constitute an interference in the Organization of the customer and must be discussed at executive level and negotiated. Existing Guerrilla growth paths use trust always apply for well-known customers. For one thing, because only the changing processes are known, on the other hand, because it already knows and trusts each other. In this way the business with customers can be expanded and there is also the possibility to come into the business with former customers sympathetically opposed the company. Specifically bring four concrete guerrilla growth ways to (1) changes in this way is there always a change of service. While the change so extensively applied, must be agreed at the Executive Board level. This can be a change in the terms of payment, to the storage in the acquisition of new tasks for the customers and the like. The result of the change is always a win-win solution for both sides. Example: A construction group manufacturers in the mechanical engineering, even international purchases, offers its customers its general procurement expertise.


1 Perseverance you know starting an internet business is not clicking, you have to work, after-nochar have to put a power as needed if these by opening a restaurant or other business, what happens is that most people start and throws the towel because they realize that fixed costs are very low to start a business on the internet; the first time they not work simply they bounce the towel or he surrenders and is why most entrepreneurs fail. 2. Strategic alliances is partnering with others who are doing the same thing that are resting, make their first release together; create a group of 4 or 5 people, do not only not only your doing from your home, pick up the phone, skype, contact with other people and go to events that are keys with the people you’ve met and with the knowledge that is shared in those events. Larry Ellison has similar goals. Businesses are made face to face, don’t you think that just having a page on the internet you will become a millionaire you have to learn some strategies and techniques that you will take to a level where you can already create your first product. 3 Spear Your product link a product and then create the product, you can make a release and send it to a group of people; Implements what you learn and not leave for later, since most of the people say that I learn this and I still need to learn what the best thing you can do to learn is to take action. So you know what they learn to take action, to implement and try to make friends with people who are in the same business. Laurent Potdevin is full of insight into the issues. If you would like to learn more on how to start your business on the internet I invite you to watch this free video that shows you the secret number one I have learned to make money on the internet with your own business, visiting

Promotional Productsdealer

Full service provider Pierce successfully within the promotional products industry, shows whether the good old pen, chip holders, lanyards, tote bag or shoulder bags, promotional items are also the printed slogan or the company logo in everyday life always present and with the promotional items. This high level of functionality and the steady presence with help the high relevance of promotional items as selected communication instrument steadily. This applies particularly to the importance of promotional products for medium-sized companies. But promotional regardless of company size as is considered very important component in the communications mix, which supported by the positive development of real expenditure of advertising article. More information is housed here: Oracle. Promotional items Distributor must comply with this relevant increase in promotional products, promotion, merchandising and marketing. In addition to continuously optimised supply and distribution facilities, which relates to the growing importance of external consultants for companies, the promotional insert or in the future, an action plan as the promotional monitor the GWW clearly highlighted. Full service provider stand out successfully within the promotional products industry, since they have a unique performance, which brings together the services consulting, creation, production, marketing and sales. Thus customers – receive everything from one source regardless of budget or number of pieces -: it was a promotional or giveaway with pressure over an exclusive custom-made to the own web shop.

In addition they have textiles and bags usually excellent possibilities for the production of custom-made products and own brands, for example, with a focus on.

Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Lighter – a compact device for multiple reception of fire, the principle of which was originally based on the excision sparks when struck flint on flint. In modern use lighters sparking friction alloys, electric ignition hot wire, an electric discharge. High-grade diesel fuel is evaporating after passing through the capillaries of the wick, or reducible combustible gas (eg butane). Tanks, fuel, flammable, regulatory and other structural elements are assembled in a variety of lighter artistically designed buildings. This definition gives a lighter Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

Short and succinctly, but somehow it dispassionately. And for the emotions, and notice the positive, there is definitely a reason. Undoubtedly, a lighter – it's quick and easy to Booster, but today it is also an accessory that creates style, capable of a bright shade personality of the individual. And how much enthusiasm these 'artistically designed shell' cause the real connoisseurs and collectors! Prometheus feat, though not passed without leaving a trace, but depreciated. Nowadays, every death able to easily and naturally give people the fire will not get penalties from the gods. To do this, pull out a match or lighter. However, the nameless inventor of the XVI century especially not invent anything I had to. Helped savvy, which made the old broken thing in useful for a household device – because it is suspected that this inventor was a Russian or Ukrainian. A thought of it until the following: use the broken guns, going to the release. He inserted into the barrel of a wooden grate and connect it to a special mechanism, which is a piece of steel strike sharply: from emitted sparks ignited tinder.


It dissolves in water to form maleic acid (44.1% at 25 C) Solubility (g per 100 g solvent at 25 C) in acetone – 227, benzene – 50, toluene – 23.4, ortoloksilole – 19 4, kerosene (boiling temperature of 190-210 C) – 0.25, chloroform – 52.5, CCl4 – 0.6, ethyl acetate – 112, dioxane – 182. Maleic anhydride is very reactive. When interacting with monohydric alcohols forms a mono-and diesters with glycols – unsaturated polyesters. Comes in Diels-Alder reaction with conjugated dienes, forming cyclic adducts. When attached to the double bond of H2O or H2 is converted to malic or anhydrides respectively succinic acid, H2O2 accession – in tartaric acid, NH3 or aliphatic amines – in aspartic acid or N-alkyl-substituted. With alkylbenzene reacts to form anhydrides arilalkilyantarnyh acids. Similarly, the maleic anhydride reacts with conjugated unsaturated compounds containing methyl or methylene groups at the double bond.

Copolymerization of maleic anhydride with vinyl compounds and olefins leads to a saturated linear polymers. Maleic anhydride is readily hydrolyzed to maleic acid, which in the presence of thiourea or other catalysts easily isomerized to fumaric acid. Industrial methods for producing maleic anhydride 1) vapor-phase catalytic oxidation of benzene air over a stationary oxide catalyst vanadiymolibdenovym 2) vapor-phase oxidation of n-butane over a fixed or fluidized catalyst vanadiyfosfornym oxide. This method is economically benzene is preferable. In both methods of maleic anhydride from reaction gases emit in the liquid and solid state and in the form of maleic acid, which is subjected to dehydration, carried out in the heat film-type devices or by azeotropic distillation with o-xylene.