Any creative person will sooner or later cease to create a table and decides to show the results of their sleepless nights the world. And if, for example, a writer to do it simply – you can start a blog on LiveJournal. That designer, photographer or illustrator of these funds is necessary. What will the creator of the graphic content? There are several ways. First, you can register in one of the social networks and share their work in personal photo albums, but in this case, the author's audience will consist mostly of his friends Friend.

Secondly, it is possible to lay out their work at a special service to create a portfolio on the web. Go to Jordan Helman for more information. For example,. The advantage of this method is its simplicity. It does not require knowledge of a person at least some web-based and done well, as fast as the registration in the usual social networks. Then you only need to regularly upload your pictures and start acquaintances among these the same artists. Third, you can create your website. Learn more on the subject from John T. Stankey. Way, of course, more time consuming and expensive than others. Its advantage is the complete freedom of action, which is lacking in the previous methods.

Not only can you arrange your site as you wish, and in fact, correct design framework for a picture or artwork for the album – a pledge the right perception of your work the audience, but also add to it any additional information. Besides it, your site can become a springboard for further creative growth, and, perhaps, and your business. Let us consider a third option. What does it take to create a website portfolio? Must find a suitable engine. The most popular of the free, open-source engine at the moment is the CMS Joomla!. Pros of this engine is that it created for a huge number of additions and extensions, setting that you can get a project that is right for you.

Lack Of Knowledge

Lack of Knowledge is more than replenished by new works by Dronov and personal experiments. And I already own unique website design, almost an exact copy of the created me once on the people. Only now there is and comments, and your own forum with the guest book, and yes a lot more there. Fortunately there was no limit, but the reality quickly brought me back to earth. My child was on the domain.

Ucoz.ru, and therefore was in danger. Blocking Account hacking site, the collapse of the server – and forever you can forget about the existence of Baraholkina. The site of course will continue – I carefully store all materials on the hard drive, but the site address may be lost irretrievably, and Numerous users in a week forget about my existence. And so anxious to perpetuate his name in ages! Buying a second-level domain, or – chase loot That ended free Odyssey "Baraholkina Sergei. It is time to fork out.

Domain bought from time-tested and the crisis of the supplier – nic.ru Registration and year lease – 600 rubles, an extension for another year – 450 rubles. Difficult to call such amounts obdiralovkoy, even in the midst of crisis. Ucoz again not summed up (although pretty tickled the nerves) – Domain pinned without complications, and a total of two days, my site was accessible to a new address, and fully functional. Has occurred which, God forbid, I can always use another host, and the page will remain the same. Beauty! The highest stage of evolution that remains in the future? Remove ads and logo ucoz. Why? The cost of these services is that the money You can buy hosting without ads and set free there engine. But it worth it? The answer to this question can only give a time and experience. And if ukoze not be a "storm", something to think about leaving I'll be very reluctant to

Portal Articles

Nowadays, many motorists are thinking about buying a car on credit. But where there is demand, there is also a suggestion that led to a huge variety of offers from banks to borrow on a brand new car. I am glad that constantly improving conditions for car loans to customers. According to estimates by the end of this year already, most dealers will sell about 40 percent of the loan machines. Each bank offers its own system car loans, somewhere will require only a few documents, but what else just 18 and as always, the problem is a certificate of official income. Throughout his time for the approval of the application (from 30 minutes to 2 weeks).

Interest from 9 to 14 percent in foreign currency, 19 – 55 rubles. All banks are similar only in that the car owner must at once paid off a third of the cost of goods. I want to warn immediately that the easier it is to take the credit, the more it will cost payment. And in general there are so many nuances that everyone should know who decided on this sweet word car loans. Unfortunately many people mistakenly believe that will only pay interest on the loan, insurance, and for gasoline.

Forgetting that their money will also go for the payment of parking, cleaning, maintenance, purchase of spare parts and accessories, change of rubber, and of course the penalties for failure to comply with traffic regulations. And often half-baked Motorists faced with new costs, say goodbye to their favorite car. It is reasonable to think through everything before you decide to buy a car on credit. And further information will give you good food for thought. Naturally need to determine the brand of car, then select the auto show where has a service base, as the car must also pass a pre-sale preparation, and in the future of the service. Need to find out about this salon, as has proved that they have with the services of registered vehicles in the traffic police, if they have compulsory insurance. Of course this is all being overcome, well, why, when it is easier to buy another. Above, I mentioned that it is desirable to own stations. Since many cars need to install additional parts and accessories. And if service base, all could be included in the price of cars. Many have already practiced it, in fact easier to get the same fully equipped with a car on credit, than to buy additional equipment from its own budget. May even have to get on the waiting list, but for now equipped with auto go to the bank for the loan. Portal Articles

Electronic Magazine

At the end of 2010 earned online electronic magazine online a-news.Info. To date, a-news.Info offers its readers the latest information on such areas as: new gadgets, interviews with interesting people, and announcements of games and software news search engines and social networking events from the world of the Internet, news from the world of Hi-Tech and more. To deepen your understanding Jack Bogle is the source. All information supplied in the form of news and analytical articles. The site has a column editor. The main idea in publishing magazine was the desire to gather in one place all the exciting news and to give readers a fresh and reliable information not only about the main events in the world of the Internet, but also of those news that bypassed his attention mainstream media. A distinctive feature of the site is a flexible editorial policy, that is, subscribers have the opportunity to recommend wording a-news.Info, the news of what the field of Internet should be told and how news should be given attention. In addition, the magazine offers all those involved in the subject and wishes to express his opinion, to take an active part in the daily life of the magazine. Matt Benchener will not settle for partial explanations. Especially for this opportunity to comment provided all published news site.

Recently, the site of the magazine, was Now you can download and install on your phone to view our application log via phone or PDA, as well as the ability to post our news on your website as updated informers. 'In publishing this e-zine, we set ourselves the goal to provide our users the latest information and cover all areas, one way or another related Internet. The journalists a-news.Info – a team that looks the most important and timely information. And I, as editor, I invite all those interested in news from the world of the Internet, to become our readers and friends. "

Yandex Google

After the creation of any Internet resource is the key to promotion in search engines. After all, many online sources, and to Internet users always have access to exactly the desired address necessary to maintain a high ranking secret email. This is facilitated by the so-called SEO-optimization (website promotion services). Beneath it is understood a number of measures aimed at improving the position in search engines. To put simply, the higher quality data services, the 'above' will be the site you want to issue a search engine after the introduction of the request, it will allow potential visitors to quickly get information about it. Website promotion in search engines has certain peculiarities. First, before the optimization, it should be good to analyze the information content of a site is to adapt the text on pages a job search engine algorithms – except that it was useful to network users, it must be properly identified and the search engines. Secondly, when it comes to strengthening and promotion of certain electronic resource professionals engaged in the operation – the promotion web site, you need to keep abreast of what's happening by logging site in directories on a variety of forums, promoting on social networks.

In other words, it is important that on-line project has always been 'on hearing' users, and the flow of visitors it is not exhausted. It is believed that the promotion of the site should be about two months. Much depends on the type of the promoted web-site. For example, if we are talking about the site, with regularly updated data, it is sufficient to create a number of search queries that will lead potential users to the desired home page. Promotion in Internet also can develop in the following areas: 1) optimization, ie, a package of measures to query search engines and for this position by improving the optimized site. In this case, treatment the available information content of a resource, a kind of 'fit' it to the needs and preferences of potential users.

2) Low Frequency promotion – in other words increase the rating of an Internet resource among the masses little popular and virtually no competitive sites, by creating a set is not quite accurate searches that can predict the possible interest of users. 3) Promotion of sites among the social spheres, ie, advertising, discussion on social networking sites and forums, information about the site among the Internet users, particularly young population, registered in the network. 4) SEO-audit. It targeted elimination of the defects of the site, preventing the normal operation of potential customers with on-line resource. After such processing, website promotion significantly noticeable, because it becomes more easy to handle and, hence, its popularity is increasing. When promoting a site in Moscow and other Russian cities, special attention should be paid the same mentality of users in the region. He having an impact on search engines, whether or Yandex Google, or another way to gather information. Successful promotion in search engines is carried out through a combination of measures that aim to develop media and social advertising, offering for informational contact with users and others. This kind of event to promote the Internet require a working professional, because they cover raznobokie media tools, and therefore sometimes have to turn to SEO-specialists, providing a significant advancement in search engines within a few weeks.

Theme Audience

More and more companies prefer to advertise on the Internet. Why? The answer is – because it effectively. What are the advantages of moving companies in the network, we consider this issue in more detail. First, the Internet is concentrated the most solvent and educated audience, which also is growing rapidly. People come to the network have fun, spend time to communicate, but also to obtain information, and also a commercial nature. They learn about products, services, compare prices, in general, choose, and, after careful consideration.

The network is designed so that people can easily get information about exactly what they are interested, you need to, so Internet audience is also very topical. Companies do not pay for those people who are not interested in their advertising or posting, as it happens with newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Such is the narrow focus to promote something in common with another and with the fact that in real life is very difficult to trace exactly how the ad had affected the audience, the Internet, where everything is recorded and documented, making it much easier. Secondly, price. The crisis has changed much in the market promotion.

Customers, customers become less clear. The audience comes to the buying process more carefully, many companies are literally chasing their customers. Price development in this case is very, very important. Internet provides complete planning and budgeting easier it is correct at the time of promotion. When that promotion on the Internet are often much cheaper than traditional media.

Mail Dreams And Desires

You yourself, then you know what you want from your life? Specifically, you know? Then you will not be difficult to prepare a letter to his dreams and desires. But honestly, I rarely met people who could clearly, specifically and in detail to articulate their dreams and desires! A small percentage of those who could already, as a rule, were classified as successful and affluent people. Therefore, I will help you understand more of their desires. When you after reading this page clicked the link on the 'Letter to the dreams and desires', then get on a separate page, and met with all your explanations and comments. There you can easily arrange your letter and send it to the Universe.

In the meantime, read on. This will be 5.7 of your desires, which, after sending a letter to find their place in the universe. As soon as you send the letter at the same time your thoughts will start to materialize. and begin a continuous process of approximation of the execution of your thoughts and desires. Sometimes this phenomenon is called the Law of psychological magnetism. That is, you have made specific thoughts will inevitably attract to his moment of wish fulfillment. More detailed look at the relevant page.

Launching A Site

Every day, more and more people are creating new sites on the Internet. I do not have any figures, but I think the hundreds of thousands of new pages being added daily (if not more!) The only reason all these new sites are needed – getting traffic to them in order to familiarize the visitor with or hobby, or your dog, or engaging in any sales of this most visitors. Hence the following question: How can you generate traffic to my new site? Of course, there are a number of different answers to this question, and what I'm doing myself, most likely very different from the one that will do the beginner internet entrepreneur. The reason is that launching a new site, I use an existing project and the traffic from it to promote the new site. I understand that anyone starting an online business will not have these features (and to be honest I did not have when I started), so that let's look at this issue from the outset.

The fact is that the fastest and probably the most effective way to attract targeted traffic to your site – buy it. But do not hurry to give their money or what exchange for the sale of traffic. He is there, certainly cheap, but just as stupid and. Even if you get traffic from them bought, he would not be targeted traffic, ie surfer looking for socks on the internet, but it has thrown to you on a site that sells baby food.

The Modes

They continue to look for a soul mate and hope to find her on a dating site. Unlucky in the questionnaire honestly point to point, "love relationships", "marriage Start a Family, "" desire to have children. " In this case, the required long-term real relationship in order to understand whether you fit this man or not. 5.2 "Conditionally unlucky" – let's call them so. These include men more often elderly, have experienced a family life, lived with his wife n-th number of years (but not lived with her until the end of his life). They have no children, good jobs, not poverty-stricken, but are willing to once again find a life partner, a new family and have kids. These men – already accomplished people, but they lack the warmth, love and understanding.

6. Virtual. Virtuals in a lot of our time. Many of the virtual on the job had nothing to do for fun. Some point to the Profiles goal – "correspondence", while others openly about it do not say. Virtuals do not give your phone number from the actual meeting refused, citing a lot of reasons. If a young man tried to meet with you in first week or second your online communication, but continued to correspond with you, then it probably is, indeed, Virtual.

Virtual often young men, who in life demand at the fair sex. They are afraid to meet in real life, because they are afraid of failure, fear seem insecure. And with online dating pimply kid can feel like a macho edakii, knowing all the modes of communication and seduction. In his letters he could paint you in detail how and what he will do with you privately.

Web Design

Web Development – Design at the professional level – is not just a beautiful design and readable text, while the original idea, the concept of a unified style, perception of the integrity of the artistic image of the site, its simplicity, convenience and consistency. These network resources attract visitors and visiting this site, you not only get the right information, but also admires the great web design, and most importantly – he will remember this site and at need to necessarily come back. Therefore, those enthusiasts – beginners who have made their efforts to earn money on the Internet, should be clear about the basics of Web technology and terminology, a virtual network. Basic knowledge should start, because not knowing the essence of the basic concepts of technology saitostroitel'stva, you will never learn to earn money on the Internet seriously. However, it is nowhere meticulous research and study rather complex server technology and / or based on network programming, rather to know the basic concepts of web design and conceive the essence of the basic Internet terms.

After starting Moneymaker initially quite vague imagine what a hosting service, the Internet zone, the domain name system, network card and so on. And it is really confusing for a beginner definition – tags, metatags, hypertext network, links, etc. But – if you wish make money online than on ice cream, and a car, or aim a blow at something more serious, then all the knowledge one way or another you will need.