Defense Research Agency

Since this leads to serious errors, many research companies are testing up to 50% of the results interview. This process involves repeated, usually a phone, a survey of a number of participants study. Non-response error is a significant problem, because people who refuse to participate in research is likely to be significantly different from those who went to cooperate. There are several reasons for the refusal to participate in the study. Mainly – the fear of consequences. The study also may be perceived as an invasion of privacy.

In addition, people can be unfriendly configured in relation to the researcher. Error unable to answer. Respondents may be unable to respond if they did not know or forgot, they also may be unable to properly express it. Problems in each of these cases may be even worse if the respondents will invent answers, because they do not want to admit his incompetence, or want to favor the interviewer. It should be remembered that in most cases, respondents are willing to help the researcher and try to give as much information. Contribute to research an error can make the distortion of time, averaging, or omission of information. During the interview errors may occur reluctance to give a precise answer and distortion response. Among the reasons for this phenomenon may be a sense of invasion of privacy, lack of time, fatigue of the respondent, for reasons of prestige and social acceptability of an answer, courtesy, lack of information and style of response.

Input errors, data analysis and interpretation After all the completed questionnaires were delivered to the office of Defense Research Agency, specialists begin the process of developing a database of research. At this stage, the personal data entered in the specialized statistical program, coded, and are multi-stage test. This technical activities that could prevent technical errors. For example, the incorrect coding can lead to loss of valuable data open-ended questions and data entry errors committed under the influence of human factors, may distort the data is properly carried out field stages. As a rule, carried out checks allow level technical input errors, and coding. Improper use of statistical analysis is more serious problem. Typically, marketing research data analysis is limited to simple tabulation – construction of linear and cross-sectional distributions of responses to the questionnaire. Of course, the use of elementary statistical procedures that do not require special skills and knowledge to mitigate the risk of data misinterpretation. But when used sophisticated statistical methods of cluster, regression, joint analysis, the risk of incorrect data increases. The output of the customer receives false information and is based on it are the same false conclusions. In conclusion, Marketing research – it highly intelligent activity. Luckily for professionals and amateurs to the chagrin of this case, the ability to conduct credible market research related to the wealth of knowledge in many scientific disciplines, and the mastery of this science takes many years. Nevertheless, today's growing market research there are more and more specialists with a distant view of reliability. Their formula – 'authentic' = 'true'. Their customers should be careful, taking for granted a 'truth'

IV International Workshop For Florists

Today, few would argue with the fact that the flowers – it’s an art that requires not just skills – skills, crafts – but also imagination. And, as in every sphere of art, it is very important moment transfer of experience and a spark of inspiration. From 11 to 17 March 2016 on the island of Crete, an International Master-class in the educational program of the Greek branch of the World Service Delivery Interflora. The event was attended Florists in Russia, Norway and, of course, Greece. “Best of the Best” – was the motto events, which means that the master class came the acknowledged masters of flower arranging, to share their knowledge, experience and skill with more than twenty participants. Tor Gundersen from Norway, winner of numerous awards in national and international competitions, told the master class on how to use natural materials to create high quality and original compositions that meet the requirements of high-tech age. The famous German florist Gregor Lersh, professional, whose name is known throughout the world, shared creative solutions and technology a bridal bouquet, decorations, and a linear design space. Mr.

Lersh – one of the most famous designers in the world of floristry, winner of seven gold medals of the highest rank, 30 gold and countless silver medals for their participation in international competitions. Through workshops, lectures and presentations, Lersh shares his experience with the florists of the various countries. Individual style of teachers and members of the Master class, their talent and love – put together, all these ingredients gave rise to the original and unique compositions. Complex structures, which play in the rays of light, glass and metal stand, wire – all of it was used for a delicate fancy flower arrangements in light colors. Luxurious floral masterpieces are born from a combination of natural materials with linear or curving designs, executed in an expressive colors, amazed and fascinated. Master class visited the winner of Championship of Russia Irina Treneva professional floristry. The prize – a trip to the workshop – has provided the Russian representative of the World Service Delivery Interflora.

Classes at the IV InternationalMaster Class’ 2016 held at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of the walls in the city of Chania.

Comparative Analysis

Geogrid, made of polymeric fibers (mainly from PET fibers) are distinguished by high mechanical properties and are used to create reinforcing layers. Geogrid reinforced base like the pavement of krupnofraktsionnyh materials, slopes of embankments. In the upper layers of reinforcing the pavement along with the geogrid of PET fibers are widely used geogrid from the glass or basalt fibers. Geogrid of glass or basalt fibers are similar and superior to PET geogrids their mechanical characteristics of the fibers, but their properties are less stable in comparison with polymeric geogrids in relation to possible violent impacts during operation. The main disadvantages steklosetok and basalt nets: 1) Inability to impregnate fiberglass asphalt (only possible surface coating fiberglass with bitumen, so fiberglass is a foreign body between layers of asphalt concrete) – a similar problem with the linkage in asphalt grid of basalt and metal grids, 2) poor adhesion with asphalt steklosetok 3) Poor resistance fiberglass aggressive Wednesdays and water – given the available test loss in strength after 7 days – about 10%, lime – about 30% of its original strength.

This negatively affects the behavior of glass fiber in the ground structures – due to rapid loss of strength from exposure to groundwater and water-borne particulate material, 4) High strength fiberglass or loss of basalt nets during laying and compaction asphalt mix or the overlying soil layer, which is associated with a low resistance material such materials to mechanical damage and impacts, 5) Lack of resistance to shear, which leads to abrasion of the material in the coating (this is partly due to the chaotic structure of the fibers of fiberglass). There were cases when, after 3 .. 5 years old asphalt covering fiberglass mechanical wear a white powder. In ground fiberglass in Europe do not apply at all, as expected loss of strength geogrids and faster than in the asphalt concrete, 6) Glass separates the layers of asphalt, which leads to difficulty of transfer traffic loads on the underlying layers of road construction, increased wear of asphalt concrete and accelerated the formation of ruts, waves, combs and other deformations of asphalt concrete pavements; 7) Various factors (the difference – about 12 .. 20 times) fiberglass thermal expansion worsen the already nonideal work together fiberglass and asphalt, 8) Geogrid of fiberglass and basalt bad perceives the dynamic forces due to which the relative movement between the asphalt and fiberglass can almost completely destroy the fiber, 9) Glass is very fragile material and in any cuts the load is destroyed, and after milling asphalt to create an additional layer of leveling, which leads to additional costs. Most interesting is that a number of manufacturers in steklosetok as material strength indicate the strength of individual strands (glass fiber). When these fibers produce geogrids, about 40% of the original strength is lost due to friction at the nodes, the friction of adjacent threads of each other and some loss of strength associated with the production. More detailed analysis of production technologies geogrids manufacturers, as well as with the current situation and outlook for the Russian market can be meet in the report of the Academy of marketing research Conjuncture industrial markets "Market geogrids from NM PET yarn in Russia."

Mechanical Manufacturers

Distinguish visible and hidden fasteners. Visible fixing easier, by capping, screws – screws or rivets. Apparent suspension system consists of a vertically placed T-shaped profiles, for which by means of special brackets (capping, clips) are mounted facing materials. Junction to metal cladding is non-rigid way through the silicone seal or waterproof sponge pads. Capping attached to the substructure with stainless steel rivets. To give the whole structure a single color, the visible parts are painted in a color fixing cladding material. Leading Manufacturers fasteners are used only in the powder coating. The advantages of the system are apparent: a low cost of substructure, even in the case of reducing the size of ceramic tile, maximum flexibility, possibility of replacing the plate without any mechanical effort.

Concealed mount is used for mounting the cassette-type cladding, granite, natural stone. In the last two cases, covering materials requiring additional processing that leads to higher construction ventilated facade. Concealed mounting types (granite, natural stone slabs such as "marmarok", etc.) may be the following: hidden mechanical mount; hidden fastening combination (mechanical / adhesive); concealed fixing with attaching plates to the profiles; hidden fixing points (pins) for slabs 2-3 cm thick For concealed mechanical fastening plates are usually hung on a frame in the four mounting points. Anchor hole drilled in the mounting points on the rear side panels, then the hole is inserted a screw anchor dowel. Further, the bracket is attached latch or bolt of stainless steel. Plates are normally supplied drilled.

SCAN Presented

The disgnostic criteria used currently for the diagnosis of the schizophrenia have as base the CID 10 that they place the presence of characteristic symptoms for a significant portion of time during the period of 1 month (or less, if treated successfully), as: Deliriums; Hallucination; Disorganized speech; Disorganized or catatnico behavior; Negative symptoms, that is, affective embotamento and others. On these symptoms a research in 24 was elaborated mdiuns for the 3 SCAN, a type of psychiatric interview standard and for DDIS (Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule). Scale DDIS investigates the first-class presence of 11 symptoms for the schizophrenia diagnosis. Mdiuns had presented, on average, four of them, but the presence of the symptoms did not indicate the existence of no insanity; The report also it says: ' ' Moreover, they also they had presented a good social adequacy and they had demonstrated to better have a mental health that of the population in general ' '. It did not have mental correlation between frequency of medinica activity and problems or social misalignment. Since the end of the decade of 90 CID 10 (international code of illnesses) defines that it has the normal state of settles or possession, that is that one that happens during a medinica manifestation, and the pathological one, caused for some illness. In scientific literature, many times mdiuns (that if it communicates with espritos) are described as people of low escolaridade and income. Its mediunidade must be understood as one ' ' mechanism of defense against the oppressions sociais' ' , or as manifestation of some dissociativo or psychotic picture. However, a study carried through for psychiatrist Alexander Moreira de Almeida 4 with mdiuns espritas of the city of So Paulo showed a different profile: mdiuns had presented one high level partner – educational and a prevalence of lesser mental upheavals of what the found one in the population in general.

National Index

That is, 33 million children are illiterate functionaries. The functional illiteracy is quiet and brings serious damages to the country. Beyond discouraging the child who is in the school, it reduces the empregabilidade and the chances of social inclusion, mainly it enters poor. Nos if deals with people who had never entered in a classroom. They know to read, to write and to count; but they do not obtain to understand written word.

In ampler vision, the functional illiteracy has fort impact in the productivity and the national competitiveness. One searches done for one doutorando of the USP, in the passed year, calculates in US$ 6 annual billion the fall of productivity in the companies, provoked for the basic deficiencies of the employees. These deficiencies if translate, for example, in the incapacity of the person to read and to understand a manual of instructions, norms of quality and security to develop well its work or to follow training courses that demand reading. A practical example of the problem occurs in an assembly plant of Is Bernardo, in which simple manuals of equipment instructions or official notices of the department of Human resources become indecifrveis enigmas for 78,5% of the employees of a sector of the production. ‘ ‘ unhappyly, the numbers of the assembly plant if repeat in other companies of the Pas’ ‘ , it laments Walter Ihoshi, vice-president of the Trade association of So Paulo. In accordance with INAF 2005 (National Index of Functional Illiteracy), of Institute Pablo Montenegro? entity without lucrative ends tied with Ibope (Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics) 74% of the Brazilian population is illiterate functionary.

According to professor-doctor of the USP, Issao Minami, the main cause of this problem is the discontinuity of the education. The low index of escolaridade and I the quality of education disable the people to apprehend and to perfect the techniques of the writing and the reading, tools that would after allow to the continuous learning the conclusion of formal education. In accordance with Minami, so that the functional illiteracy is eradicated is necessary to invest in basic education of quality. ‘ ‘ necessary to apply better the R$ 41 billion the governments federal, state and municipal destined to the education, per year, to invest in infrastructure and, mainly, the qualification of the professors. After all, they are responsible them for good aulas’ ‘ , she finishes Ihoshi. CONCLUSION the understanding involves much more that decoding, you are welcome it advances formulates to know it that it is used to decide definitive problem if it is not known as to solve it. She is necessary, mainly, to understand what if it asks for, to mount the problem, using the had formulas, for finally arriving the reply. In a similar way, it is not enough to know to read to understand what he is being read.

Brazilian Government

In this way, the patrimonial education is limited to a field to a space to a city to a school to a museum, and not to a work that objectifies a bigger identification of the public regarding what it is material culture, built culture, religious culture. We forget it thus human being that it works direct and indirectly in the implantation of this and other impactantes workmanships. In this article we will present proposals for the development of a patrimonial education in the sucroalcooleiro sector, of form to search a bigger understanding on the cultural patrimony. 1 – The Sucroalcooleiro Sector In thirty years of existence the Brazilian sucroalcooleiro sector passed for great changes generated for economic and technological transformations. Years 70 historically it was one decade of great investments in the country, where the culture of the development predominated is of the growth of the economic cake. Prolcool was an energy program developed by the Brazilian Government of then the president of republic Geisel Ernest, was created in 14 of November of 1975 for decree n 76,593, with the objective to stimulate the production of the alcohol, aiming at the attendance of the necessities of the domestic market and external and the automotivos fuel politics ( – access 22-08-11).

' ' This program although its imperfections, injected considerable addition of capital in the sector fomenting the beginning of the technological development in all the related economic segments with the alcohol production from the sugar sugar cane, principalmente' '. (Rossel, 2007) It was also in this period that the production of world-wide energy mainly reached its limit with the crisis of the oil in the years of 1973. In such a way, ' ' Prolcool' ' it counted on great investments and tax incentives of the Brazilian government for the construction of the plants. These incentives had lasted until the year of 1990.

Social Assistant

Has been used half structured interview. The imprint was qualified will be which we have based on the dialectical method, since it enables constant questioning than this, tour, through verbal discussions and investigations and carries through potential contradictions. About fundamentation used authors: great-grandson (2007), pink (2002), among others. The result obtained in carrying out this research pointed out that the family' mental s relationship with the treatment to bearer is extremely important it provides know, accept, questioning and follow all steps in the constructive process of identity of to bearer of mental to disorder. Mental Keywords Health, Family, Social Service 1. INTRODUCTION the present article is about the professional analysis concerning the performance of the Social Assistant in the area of Mental Health in the Center of Attention Psicossocial – CAPS? ' ' Augustinha&#039 sister; ' in Proper -. Looking for to identify alternatives of interventions next to the familiar ones of the carriers of mental upheavals, as well as using familiar relation X.

For in such a way the process is emphasized description-politician of the Psychiatric Reformation and its relevance for the construction of a new model of psychiatric assistance, basing itself in the laws that guarantee its rights. The research was exploratria, carried through by means of bibliographical references to elaborate the historical conjuncture of Mental Health in Brazil, beyond research in-locus by means of interview with the professional Social Assistant of the CAPS. Also carried through, one searches with the families of the carriers of mental upheavals, with an opened questionnaire, subjective questions. For composition of the sample, the Social Assistant used itself as intermediate who already established a bond with the users and will facilitate to our approach and request so that in they give information to them. Therefore, the sample previously will not be defined. The data had been collected through interviews and questionnaires for the researcher, having in sight to preserve the anonymity of the informers.