Process Square Offers Process Management As SaaS Version

Munich: software process square offers its solution process enterprise, on to the figure and control complex processes now also with consumption-dependent calculation on the basis of the concept software as a service (SaS). During this procedure, the software by the user company is rented and paid according to duration of use and number of users. This is possible to cost 30 per user. Is run the software on a server of the customer, the price is reduced even to 20 euros. SaS makes the step into the new world of requirements and flexible process management, because the users in their plans become more independent of the investment budget”, explains process square Managing Director Dr.

Karsten Konigstein. Often this way is also economically sensible, because the costs consistently geared to the needs of”he added. When using this tools on the servers of process square required in many cases coordination of the Department with the IT Department, because process is also Enterprise”not on the internal systems is operated. The SaS model also based on the AJAX-based technology of process enterprise is possible: through the dynamic exchange of data between server and browser AJAX provides an interruption-freer and smoother work compared with conventionally programmed Web applications. This benefit also applies to the Web-based tool process enterprise”.

Its interface allows you to use as the user is already used by a client-based software such as Office programs the solution with the same comfort. The application feels it, as the software on the computer of the employee would be installed. “About process square GmbH: process square offers its solution process enterprise” a mature approach to the operationalization of complex processes. Corporate -, programme -, and cross-organizational business transactions will be provided for the first time in an overall context and tax via a central platform, and measurable. The implementation is carried out without time-consuming Project work of the Department. Process enterprise”is characterized by a minimal training, easy to use, significant increase in efficiency in the processes and rapid return on investment (ROI). The AJAX-based technology also ensures a high security for the future. Together with its partners it is the process square possible, worldwide as processes to implement and this on the basis of a software to provide a service (SaS) model.

CoPlanner GmbH CoPlanner

CoPlanner GmbH is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Graz, March 2010, also 2010 CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH the confirmation to the Microsoft Gold Certified partner received. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH thus again reached the highest certification, which provides Microsoft. In the context of the Microsoft partner program recognizes Microsoft technical knowledge for services in the and for the technology market. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. Gold Certified partners have the highest level of competence and have the most extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies and maintain the closest relationship with Microsoft. For this status, the professional certification of the employees considered criteria in addition to customer satisfaction and reference projects.

This ensures that customers in all areas receive the best possible professional qualifications for the project implementation. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Oracle. To achieve the highest status as Microsoft Gold Certified partner is very important us because we our customers can guarantee this, that CoPlanner a high-quality software is technologically on the latest, “State”, says Dr. Walter Fatana, Managing Director of the CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH. as last year, we achieved this distinction in the areas of ISV/Software solutions”, business intelligence with the specialization of business intelligence platforms (environment for reporting, data analysis, planning and consolidation), data management solutions (OLAP, DWH processes, data mining) and SOA and business process”. Thus it is possible to meet the high requirements of our customers us “.

Intensive Therapy

Describers: Humanizao, Units of Intensive Therapy, humanizada Assistance, Nursing. ABSTRACT Introduction? ' ' Humaniza' ' wasinstituted by The Health Ministry in 2003; it was created with the objective of placing in practice the principles of SUS, well you stimulate the solidary changes among managers, workers and users, committed with the defense of the life. UTI is an area destined you attend patiences in critically ill and that need special cares. The nursing team should to relieve an attendance that surpasses the barriers of the physical care and you promote actions humanized that favors the patient' s recovery, these actions will generate an approach of the professional with the patient and consecutively of the professional with the family. Methodology – Revision of the literature, in which were lifted up 12 scientific articles published from 2001 you the 2010, the theme of this study is by to their analyses.

Results – By the obtained dates, is necessary you address the nursering attendance and you transform it in the managerial practice dynamics and catalytic humanized actions gone back you the human being with specific needs having the family about you support points will be the patient' s recovery, on to other hand were found factors that to hinder the relationship among professional and patient. Conclusion – It is necessary that the teams of health start you invest in humanized actions with the objective of the health units should create lives human conditions of working will be the team that lives to together daily with the patients interned in UTI. Descriptors: Humanized, Units of Intensive Therapy, humanized Attendance, Nursering. Introduction In the last times, the humanizao in UTI has been a very boarded subject, in result of the concern of the professionals of the health in offering a quality assistance. Being thus, the central focus is to understand the individual necessities of each patient, fortified for the contact next with the familiar ones, which directly influence in the process of cure and whitewashing.

The Power Of The Mediocrity

Incredible as in the last times the mediocrity has taken advantage in some ways of our society in relation to the knowledge, abilities and the ability. The Fact is that nowadays ' ' to be is less important of what parecer' ' With a society directed to the consumerism, I appeal appearance and sensation of being able is very difficult to find place for the ability, ability and the knowledge. Not it is difficult nowadays to find people occupying place of prominence in the society, in any way, either cultural or enterprise it, who simply are distinguished for its appeal appearance, its academic formation or its ' ' jeitinho Brazilian to conquer coisas' ' , but that in the practical one it does not have capacity to be where they are. How many they are leaned over in a clerical table, the front of a computer or until commanding some work with results below of the waited ones and continue there as if they were ' ' timos' '. While many others with immense capacity are forgotten in some I sing of the society or the companies for not to take care of the requirements of a society that if modern says but it does not obtain to distinguish ' ' to regulate of timo' '. The capacity of being politician in the social and enterprise ways has been the way fastest for the ascension of the people.

To be accepted passes for speaking and acting in the way that more pleases other people of the same half. Gain insight and clarity with litecoin. Not to have this capacity distance any person to reach its objectives, this if not impediz them completely. Being that in the history of the humanity those that had dared to disagree with the system had revolutionized many concepts and today they are had as geniuses. In the current days what more we see they are selling of ideas, that if displayed of correct form and with the certain tools bring more return of what those that solutions vendem.

Highgloss Coating

Onlineprinters GmbH meets the demand for UV varnished print products of Neustadt an der Aisch – resistant, glossy and classy. These are the characteristics of modern UV varnishes, that now at the online printing the portfolio rounded finishing techniques for high-gloss-finished printed materials. \”Our customers ask reinforced the use of UV coatings for their high-quality printed materials\”, Bernd Schurmann, online printers GmbH. If you are not convinced, visit Oracle. \”Now we offer printing and modern finishing techniques in many different grades under one roof\”, explained the Manager. With the new UV coating machine Colibri 74 flyer, posters, business cards, postcards, business folders and the covers of high-quality magazines can be refined brilliant and high-gloss. In the online shop the customer has always been the choice was between standard finishes with pressure and emulsion based paints or heavy-duty foil lamination on plastic base.

Now the UV varnish complemented the portfolio as a high-quality version Surface finishes. In addition to the highly brilliant and scratch-resistant coating, also the efficiency of UV coatings is a major plus for the customers. The surfaces are durable and classy in the appearance, while but significantly cheaper than the conventional foil lamination, as usual, for example, in the catering industry. Brilliant prints for glossy brochures and posters also in the advertising industry demand increases steadily with brilliantly refined front pages after glamour and glossy magazines. UV lacquers gloss points and deepen advertising messages. A market segment has the innovative printing particularly in the eye: \”very interesting are are for our in – and UV lacquers for flyer and fold flyers, which offered foreign customers now also on low papers\”, Stefan Plomitzer, Manager of onlineprinters GmbH. The wide premium of printed materials and finishes, to which belongs also the assortment of CHROMOLUX specialty papers with metallic effects, is a genuine alternative for agencies and Creative, wishing to produce valuable and yet cheap advertising on tight budgets for their customers.

Dolores Hidalgo

The famous ruta 2010 “a new poster boy for the national as well as international tourism expected to be. As a special attraction, 200 colourful and illuminated at night by their fire hot-air balloons in the sky will rise in June 2010. “VIVA MEXICO” so it can be heard on the independence day, 15 September, from the balcony of the Government building in the central squares of each city. The festivities are accompanied by large fireworks and dances, traditional music and throughout Mexico is located to this day in a State of emergency in honor of the bicentennial 2010 Buenos dias Mexico’s team has worked out an interesting itinerary. In the footsteps of independence fighters, explore the historic and beautiful colonial cities in Mexico.

In Queretaro begins your journey of ruta de la libertad. The first conspiratorial conversations of the conspirators against Spanish rule took place here. The House of Dona Josefa Ortiz, the wife of a high Spanish Colonial officials, meeting point served as clandestine leaders of the independence movement. Continue the home of Ignacio Allende, the famous defender of Mexican Independence to San Miguel de Allende. Here willing to struggle alot to Allende joined together, which celebrated the first victories over the Spaniards; Allende was renamed the city in 1826 to honor its current name. Follow on the Ruta 2010, reach Dolores Hidalgo, the cradle of the revolution. Assuming that the first plans for an insurrection, which had been forged in Queretaro, were betrayed early, so we simply decided to start the fight directly from Dolores Hidalgo. Father Miguel Hidalgo urged, and the campaign against the Spaniards should begin with his fiery speech to the people.

Hidalgo is one of the most most revered heroes of the country, which is why the city of Dolores Hidalgo has reached also a pilgrim status. Continue to close nearby Guanajuato, whose Einwohner also joined Hidalgo. After a first The Spanish the city could reclaim however win the uprising of Mexicans, which resulted in the so-called death lottery. Here citizens were drawn randomly, which were first tortured and then later hanged for deterrence. Others including (LTC), offer their opinions as well. After independence was declared in 1821 Finally, the city with the could build recovered numerous villas and churches wealth, which today makes one of the most beautiful country of Guanajuato. The next stop of your trip is Morelia, which was named after a further Unabhangigkeitsewegung, Jose Maria Morelos, hero in 1828. This continued after the execution of 1811 in Chihuahua battle Hidalgos and took his place as head of the movement. Birthplace is now a museum Morelos and his image adorns the Mexican 50 Peso note. The final highlight of the route is Guadalajara, which was also an important venue in the Mexican Revolution. Hidalgo also introduced a revolutionary Government, but a short time later was smashed. Was her Interest? Then ask a detailed trace of tours on the Ruta 2010 “on and you experience this very special event. Also love to visit Mexico Buenos Dias on the homepage! Esther Dave (08.03.2010) Buenos dias Mexico business & travel

Petra Kama E-books

CONTENTSERV, the leading specialist for Web-based enterprise marketing management software solutions supports the output of E-books in the open EPUB standard from its Web-to-print solution. Rohrbach/ILM Feb: CONTENTSERV, the leading specialist for Web-based enterprise marketing management software solutions supports the output of E-books in the open EPUB standard from its Web-to-print solution. An open standard for eBooks EPUB is the internationally recognized, open, XML-based standard for E-books that 2007, by the international digital publishing Forum (IDPF) was adopted as amended. As open, unbounded manufacturer standard, EPUB for all market participants is very easily accessible, open further development and use. The standard is currently on the market and is already supported by many book readers. Compared to the PDF standards, EPUB has the advantage that can dynamically customize the text output to the screen size and the viewing habits of the reader and particularly suited to the issue on mobile devices. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. In particular, the new E-book reader Apple iPad is on this standard set and thus allows users to take advantage of a wide range of market of E-books. EPUB output via the CONTENTSERV Web-to-print solution just for publishing business E-books are already a hot topic and will in the future still gaining importance.

“Leads from Alexander Worl, CTO of CONTENTSERV GmbH: we expect that Apple could succeed with the soon to be released iPad, similar to revolutionize the market for digital print publications, as happened with the iPod in the music industry or the iPhone in the telecommunications industry.” “He adds further: it refrain that the EPUB format will play soon a very central role in particular for our publishing clients.” With this format, its output via the CONTENTSERV integrated Adobe InDesign Server is, the software manufacturer strategically thus opts for a very important standard, and provides So media companies with its extended product interface an innovative solution for the future marketing of publications. To support our customers on their way into the era of digital publishing, CONTENTSERV has decided in its cross media publishing strategy to take on the EPUB format”, Alexander Worl confirmed this development. This will allow future users of the Web-to-print solution, to spend their publications parallel as print version or at your fingertips directly as E-books to make them available for portable book readers. More CONTENTSERV is can be found at. The CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV is software vendors for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). Unique in its comprehensive and user-friendly approach, the CONTENTSERV solution is the creative system of marketing, sales and communications.

With this approach, all media, print and communication processes are supported. Media, such as catalogues, portals & Websites, magazines or advertising materials produced professionally without expertise via a Web browser. As a result, optimize processes and unforeseen costs and time savings made. This in turn leads to a faster time-to-market product communication and thus clear competitive advantages.

Heless Abas Customer

The mutual inspiration of between two companies Karlsruhe, Mar 2010 – produced the Heless company based in Schwetzingen for over 60 years accessories for dolls and girls toys. Today, the family-owned company will succeed by Beate Becker. She was also, who in 1983 as young boss, decided to run the medium-sized company in the age of electronic data processing. The young entrepreneur not decided at that time to one of the usual software solutions, a major manufacturer of hardware such as IBM, Siemens, Nixdorf, but gave ABAS the newcomer a chance. A decision that has looked back it up today, even if it was necessary to overcome obstacles on the way. In the following report. Decision for an independent software \”was the way to our ERP system. In August 1983, we conducted a tender by using a consultant. Gain insight and clarity with Southwest Airlines.

Previously we had reviewed various solutions at CeBIT. There were still no ERP systems in the modern sense. At that time, the large hardware vendors offered with it solutions. In accordance with were we first with companies such as Siemens and Olivetti in the conversation. It has drawn out long.

After two years, we would have signed almost with a large provider. Signing of the contract in the House of the company we were us then but not as a customer, but more like a supplicant. We felt different contractual provision as inadequate. We covered our decision again. Our consultants we pointed out that you can plan software regardless of the hardware. This was a new approach. At this time, there were only two companies in Germany that independent solutions for the business planning offered hardware to my knowledge: Roth in Bavaria and ABAS in Baden bei Wien. At that time, even UNIX as an independent operating system on the German market spread. Our consultants appreciated it as a moment, that we had signed the contract not the major providers and could now purchase a standalone software.

Hessian Website Award

Common error: incorrect imprint. Online guide supports medium-sized businesses. The demand is exceptionally high after the Online Advisor website design for SMEs”, companies make fit aims for the competition. Four weeks after the launch, already 2,000 companies have tested how well they deal with regard to design, organisational, technical and legal requirements with their website design. Information about the Online Advisor and to the competition, the criteria and tips to take part, see neg website

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from industry, trade, crafts and services can participate in the NEG website award until February 28, 2010. Important criteria for the selection of regional and national winner are a legally flawless imprint, as well as a clear targeting; These requirements will show you misjudged, widely used by companies like the experiences of the last awards. Most frequent error: missing VAT identification number, registration Court and register number. Cease and desist letters to the affected Companies can be the result. But not only the imprint must agree, it applies also to know the demands of the target group and to win new customers with a professional website. This is standard for most large companies now. Many small and medium-sized companies but still have problems with a professional Internet presence.

Here, the NEG website award wants to help and create a greater awareness for the need of an attractively designed site. Online Guide makes you fit for the competition with the help of the online advisors website design for SMEs”enterprises can check whether your website meets the most important artistic, organizational, technical, and legal requirements. Thus, the advisor represents a location with recommendations for action. It provides a free initial consultation for the professional design of corporate websites online and in a few steps. And the basis of a decision to participate in the NEG website award. Hessian website award go to the finals at the federal level Country competitions ahead. In Hesse, the three centres of excellence for e-commerce host turn Hesse, EC-M and ECCN the Hessian website award, which can be reached at. From the national winners of the competition a neutral jury selects the national winner, which beckons a prize money of a total of 9,000 euros. In addition, Internet users can have a public Prize, supported by computer weekly, market and middle-class and the e-commerce magazine. How to best implement a website, inform the 29 centres of excellence network e-commerce, which together run through the NEG website award. Read more about the competition and the terms and conditions under. The network of e-commerce the NEG ( is an Association of 29 regional centers of excellence for electronic commerce and industry Centre for the trade. Medium-sized businesses and craft will support to the implementation and use of E-business. The Network is supported since 1998 by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). The EC-M as one of 29 knots in the network of e-commerce is the EC-M direct contact person for interested companies as well as for the technology provider. The compe

Microsoft Office Outlook Web

BitDefender warns: spam wave threatens users ‘Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access’ Holzwickede, 01 February 2010 security expert warns BitDefender ( currently before a malware threat, which is dangerous especially for users of Microsoft Office Outlook Web access. About a fake email link, the user should press, to inject a range of Trojans, viruses, and exploits on PCs and initiate the download of further malware. The PC user is then faced with a whole wave of threats. The Web Access user receives an E-Mail in which he is instructed to install several security upgrades. He could make the necessary settings via a link.

This link leads however to a fake Web page with Microsoft Office logos and prompts to download an .exe file, updated supposedly all security settings. Instead, more malware is downloaded without noticing the user there. These include mainly following threats: spam-tsunami threatens Trojan.Spy.ZBot.EKF is one of the most active and most persistent E-threats. Oracle has compatible beliefs. This was already massively spread during the wave of spam to the swine flu infection. ZBot injects malicious codes and manipulates processes of the Windows Firewall. The Trojan searches for sensitive data on the infected PC and waits for commands of its programmer.

Newer variants of this pest have bent in particular on Bankkonteninformationen and login information etc. and create screenshots of their desktops to get more useful information. Trojan.SWF.Dropper.E uses a vulnerability in the Adobe Shockwave Player. Here, he masquerades as Flash animation and installs more malware files. Also by this threat, there are several variants that install new types of malware. Similar to moves Exploit.HTML.Agent.AM. Also he has targeting vulnerabilities in Flash objects. This exploit aims to inject malicious code to the PC via Flash animation on Web sites. Others including Gary Kelly, offer their opinions as well. When an infected Web page is opened, the Trojan creates a specially crafted Shockwave-Flash(SWF)-Objekt, of the new malware is reloading. Currently, Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen is one of the most dangerous threats on the net. The exploit infects PDF files by exploiting different vulnerabilities in the JavScript engine of the Adobe PDF reader. Then, the exploit executes a malicious code on the affected host. The threat is the currently most dangerous E-threat in the current malware ranking from BitDefender (12.04 percent infection rate worldwide). To guard against such dangers, BitDefender recommends consumers follow any links in emails from unknown senders. In addition, a reliable security solution should be installed on each computer. Users who suspect a malware infection on your PC, can in addition with the BitDefender free check your system online scanner. See:. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the Founding of the company in 2001 has used BitDefender new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online.