Mobile Live Video Streaming At CeBIT

On March 2, 2010 code one GmbH presented their innovative products for live broadcasting for the first time. On March 2, 2010 code one GmbH presented their innovative products for live broadcasting for the first time. Dusseldorf the code one GmbH develops complete kits for innovative video transmission. The kits are portable, easy to use and deliver image quality on high level of streaming, which is why they both for TV professionals as well as beginners are interesting. Wireless data transfer allows in combination with the operation via standard camera batteries almost anywhere live streaming. The relatively small size of the kits, which are compact and easily transportable, so the location of the transfer no longer depends on the local infrastructure is also beneficial. As main target groups, code one GmbH TV channel, video and online journalists, organizer calls and want the companies that set up video broadcasting as means of communication. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). To large extent all To meet users needs, the complete kits are equipped differently.

The currently largest product is smart Kit, a streaming suitcase, which combines all the features of a professional production studios in the code one. The Smart Kit combines the innovative streaming unit with specially tuned broadcasting software, provides connections for one or two cameras, and includes an own content management system. Thus, image data can be broadcast live as well as further prepared and tuned. At Robert Gibbins you will find additional information. Together with its technology partner Viprinet code one GmbH is currently developing the small brother”of the smart kits, the back Pack Kit, a practical streaming backpack. We have set ourselves the goal to make professional live broadcasting as easy and affordable as possible, and are therefore constantly working on new solutions. “The back Pack Kit is a further step in this direction”, so Sven Hanten, Dipl.-ing. media technology and managing partner of code one GmbH. Main: Users: zlatkokauric: desktop: CodeOne: sales: advertising: Produtkbilder: Briefpapier_RGB_ohne_Fenstertext.jpgVom 2 March will be the back Pack Kit and the Smart Kit in Hannover at CeBIT presents. At the booth of Viprinet GmbH in Hall 13, stand C66, code one GmbH will daily live show their streaming products.

Steffen Ruhl Internet

Yasni and the privacy organization naiin poll: privacy fail often in the social environment! False and negative information on the net harm the reputation and the career – and the Web never forgets. How just the dissemination of photos of yourself online is difficult to control, a recent survey by the Personensuchmaschine first and the data protection agency shows naiin. Therefore half of Internet users has already proven unasked photos by third parties to the network. BerlinRosen has firm opinions on the matter. Frequently issued recordings by friends. More than one in five respondents (22 percent) said to have ever done so. Yet they are often also the own parents, photos of yourself in circulation. Total, 12 percent have posted online pictures of their children. Other results of the poll, which surveyed more than 3,000 Internet users: each 8 percent of users have already published photos from their work colleagues or strangers on the Internet.

“Friends, parents, colleagues: the poll shows quite clearly that the privacy in the” Internet age in the social environment fails”, explains Dennis Grabowski, 1st Chairman of naiin. “The dissemination of photos of yourself defies in the power of the full, personal control”, Steffen Ruhl, Managing Director of Yasni, notes. Valerie Berlin has compatible beliefs. He recommends a regular monitoring Internet users, to bring the respective sources of unasked published photos in experience. The survey results in detail: First asked more than 3,000 Internet users in Germany: you have already once unasked published photos of other people on the Internet? 22%: from my friends. 12%: by my children. 8%: by my co-workers. 8%: From strangers.

50 per cent: Yet never. Everyone can find free Internet far right experts to key words such as company, profession, location, and all the background information to people about first names with the first search engine. Service providers can combine their information and skills with a free Expose and actively present in the search results. Yasni is management with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation.

Visions Relaunched MDM:

With Magento to optimal usability for the largest coin shop of the world Hanover, September 02, 2009. The E-Commerce Agency of visions has secured another major customer: the Magento specialists from Hannover to relaunch the Web shop of Brunswick MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin and lead to more sales with sophisticated usability. The extensive project includes the complete relaunch of individual E-commerce application, the transformation of the site design and the design of the infrastructure. For more information see Verizon Communications. “Detlev Bieser, E-Commerce Manager at MDM, hoped for by switching to Magento significant improvements in navigation and usability in the interest of the customer: we have compared the different shop systems and came quickly to open source and Magento due to the advantages of this development model”, Baker explained his choice. The advantages of Magento Enterprise Edition so convinced absolutely good scalability, vendor support, flexibility and the quarterly updates us. And if you want Magento, you will fast to visions.” Baker also questioned the E-Commerce team of Globetrotter, whose Jack Wolfskin of store visions moved in the spring of this year on Magento. Were very satisfied with the performance, so we opted for Magento and explicitly as an experienced E-Commerce Agency visions.” Also Alexander Ringsdorff, visions CEO expects much of the new project: Magento we can the navigation in the coin shop improve so, that the user during navigation has a much better shopping experience. And this ultimately affects the sales”, says Ringsdorff.

Through the implementation of various functions on the basis of the new Magento rich merchandizing Suite MDM can offer individualized customer service any visitor after the relaunch of the personalized presentation of the site to return to specially on the receiver tailored newsletter. We look forward to a very exciting project”, concludes the head of visions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cyrus Massoumi humbition has to say. More information on visions and Magento, about MDM coins are official Means of payment, so real. Who is it, needs reliable partners. The MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin – short MDM – is the largest trading firm in the world and enjoys the trust of the most important German and international Mint, finance ministries and over 1 million satisfied customers.

More information: shop/action/magazine/2000/Ueber-uns.html about Magento Magento is the fastest growing open-source E-commerce-system with more than one million downloads in only 14 months worldwide. Adapted specifically to the needs of large online retailers, Magento is also available in a commercial Enterprise Edition. The manufacturer of Varien designed E-commerce solutions in the United States since 2001 and has been released after two years of development in April 2008 for the first time for productive use Magento. About visions of the Hanoverian E-Commerce Agency of visions has extensive international experience and has since January 2008 on Magento platform Specialized. Magento visions offers individual Magento solutions with access to local ERP, warehouse management and accounting consultancy, training and workshops.

Roman Eiber

In addition, the dealer benefited from the high acceptance of his offer, if he offers fiduciary payment. Jonathan Rosen PR is likely to increase your knowledge. In addition, offering iclear also a high level of data security for both sides. Because the customer logs only once free of charge with his personal data with iclear thing is possible for example directly from the purchasing process and can pay with his iclear ID as a result. A more sensitive data in future purchases is not required. Who wants can register with iclear also by mail and must entrust in this case not once his data to the Internet”, so Roman Eiber. More security when buying online does not work.” Currently almost one million registered iclear users at around 5,000 connected Internet retailers can buy. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with BerlinRosen.

These numbers rise constantly, because more and more merchants and consumers the benefits of fiduciary payment processing recognize. So recorded iclear in the summer month of August 2009 the highest growth in new clients this year. The services and payment types of iclear at a glance: index.php? id = 2. Iclear iclear: Is the Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can goods after one-time registration order and pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost. iClear this mediates between the parties involved, secure processing ensures a transparent and for both sides.

It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by iclear also the statement of visa and master card accepted. Currently almost one million registered iclear users at around 5,000 connected Internet retailers can buy. iclear is an offer of iclear GmbH with seat in Mannheim. Evaluates Area For

“”App of the week”award motivated sporting ambition of app developers In January launched in his shopping blog the area cool apps”. In this special section for iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Palm apps, developers have the opportunity to present their programs with a specially created, personal presentation. Speaking candidly bitcoiin told us the story. This presentation is also included by potential users also have the master readership of the blog note, informed a four-digit number of Twitter followers about the posting with the presentation of the app. “There are also the awards app of the week since early January from” as well as app of the month “award. These awards have fueled the ambitions of many developers on the one hand and on the other hand were accompanied very honored by the relevant trade press. Due to this success story has upgraded now strongly the theme of apps. Under, apps.asp are now many hundreds of cool apps”presented. In contrast to other app directories is limited to the Top apps of the different categories.

Also, the presence of a German description is an important inclusion criterion. “The awards app of the week” and app of the month “are regularly awarded. Jonathan Rosen PR may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The winner but more recently using an activity index “detected. Indicators such as page views of app, number of reviews written by readers and reviews are incorporated in the calculation of this app index”. Moreover, count incoming links from social networks and blogs. The exact formula is however kept to suppress attempts of manipulation from the outset. First attempts at manipulation such as E.g. machine-generated page views had to be fought off already. To give the developers are legal advantages in the competition for the very creative to award app of the week”. Creative descriptions, blog posts, mailings to the users of the app to Twitter – and Facebookpostings with the request to use the voting features at “team already observed. were the cool apps Such a sports competition is of course explicitly desired.

Process Square Offers Process Management As SaaS Version

Munich: software process square offers its solution process enterprise, on to the figure and control complex processes now also with consumption-dependent calculation on the basis of the concept software as a service (SaS). During this procedure, the software by the user company is rented and paid according to duration of use and number of users. This is possible to cost 30 per user. Is run the software on a server of the customer, the price is reduced even to 20 euros. SaS makes the step into the new world of requirements and flexible process management, because the users in their plans become more independent of the investment budget”, explains process square Managing Director Dr.

Karsten Konigstein. Often this way is also economically sensible, because the costs consistently geared to the needs of”he added. When using this tools on the servers of process square required in many cases coordination of the Department with the IT Department, because process is also Enterprise”not on the internal systems is operated. The SaS model also based on the AJAX-based technology of process enterprise is possible: through the dynamic exchange of data between server and browser AJAX provides an interruption-freer and smoother work compared with conventionally programmed Web applications. This benefit also applies to the Web-based tool process enterprise”.

Its interface allows you to use as the user is already used by a client-based software such as Office programs the solution with the same comfort. The application feels it, as the software on the computer of the employee would be installed. “About process square GmbH: process square offers its solution process enterprise” a mature approach to the operationalization of complex processes. Corporate -, programme -, and cross-organizational business transactions will be provided for the first time in an overall context and tax via a central platform, and measurable. The implementation is carried out without time-consuming Project work of the Department. Process enterprise”is characterized by a minimal training, easy to use, significant increase in efficiency in the processes and rapid return on investment (ROI). The AJAX-based technology also ensures a high security for the future. Together with its partners it is the process square possible, worldwide as processes to implement and this on the basis of a software to provide a service (SaS) model.

Hessian Website Award

Common error: incorrect imprint. Online guide supports medium-sized businesses. The demand is exceptionally high after the Online Advisor website design for SMEs”, companies make fit aims for the competition. Four weeks after the launch, already 2,000 companies have tested how well they deal with regard to design, organisational, technical and legal requirements with their website design. Information about the Online Advisor and to the competition, the criteria and tips to take part, see neg website

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from industry, trade, crafts and services can participate in the NEG website award until February 28, 2010. Important criteria for the selection of regional and national winner are a legally flawless imprint, as well as a clear targeting; These requirements will show you misjudged, widely used by companies like the experiences of the last awards. Most frequent error: missing VAT identification number, registration Court and register number. Cease and desist letters to the affected Companies can be the result. But not only the imprint must agree, it applies also to know the demands of the target group and to win new customers with a professional website. This is standard for most large companies now. Many small and medium-sized companies but still have problems with a professional Internet presence.

Here, the NEG website award wants to help and create a greater awareness for the need of an attractively designed site. Online Guide makes you fit for the competition with the help of the online advisors website design for SMEs”enterprises can check whether your website meets the most important artistic, organizational, technical, and legal requirements. Thus, the advisor represents a location with recommendations for action. It provides a free initial consultation for the professional design of corporate websites online and in a few steps. And the basis of a decision to participate in the NEG website award. Hessian website award go to the finals at the federal level Country competitions ahead. In Hesse, the three centres of excellence for e-commerce host turn Hesse, EC-M and ECCN the Hessian website award, which can be reached at. From the national winners of the competition a neutral jury selects the national winner, which beckons a prize money of a total of 9,000 euros. In addition, Internet users can have a public Prize, supported by computer weekly, market and middle-class and the e-commerce magazine. How to best implement a website, inform the 29 centres of excellence network e-commerce, which together run through the NEG website award. Read more about the competition and the terms and conditions under. The network of e-commerce the NEG ( is an Association of 29 regional centers of excellence for electronic commerce and industry Centre for the trade. Medium-sized businesses and craft will support to the implementation and use of E-business. The Network is supported since 1998 by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). The EC-M as one of 29 knots in the network of e-commerce is the EC-M direct contact person for interested companies as well as for the technology provider. The compe

Wulf New

Real time applications and location-based services are the new digital trend. Phil Vasan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With the version 1.4 the popular iPhone app now to the elementary part of the listening experience are: the practical Eincheck function has every user of the free app immediately the opportunity to find out, whether in a location already the party, the DJ rocks, friends or the swarm here to celebrate. Just the more Locationeintrag via iPhone calling, check in at your fingertips in the location and communicate with other checked-in users a feedback and commenting in real time! Through the integration of Facebook connect, the information be shared with friends on Facebook directly and quickly. “Check-in: the Eincheck function we create value for users and customers new added value for our users as well as for our customers in gastronomy and industrial: after the weekend is so very transparent, in which location of the city of the party buzz was the greatest”, explains managing director Kai Brokelmeier. At the same time, the Eincheck function represents a new and innovative loyalty program, with the operators of clubs, discotheques, bars, restaurants and shops can reward those popular users who frequently log on in their location”: free drinks, free admission or discount coupons to the new, district-based social media feature the modern customer relationship management are set no limits.

In the United States already a Riesenhype, location based services for going out now will take to Germany! The popular app (version 1.4) was developed by the Geomobiler GmbH in Dortmund and is in the Apple download goals see go/iPhone-available for free. Other functions of the iPhone app by entering events, access to Lieblingslocations, comment on pictures, and much more. Monthly 10,000 event tips available are the users. Jan-Peter Wulf

Paderborn Germany FON

Press offered the free and reach strong press service of the Paderborner oak media GmbH, premieres! Paderborn, on 05.03.10 press offered well over 100,000 press releases are available online! Written by over 6,000 editors, optimised and clipping including free media the press texts are available. Distributed are the press releases for the ENERLIX network, such as energieportal24 for the Department of energy and the environment, as well as numerous media partners, via RSS feed and twitter. At Cloud Computing you will find additional information. Over 23.8 million views of the messages are testimony to the power and range of press offered. The oak media GmbH and the press offered editorial forward the sustained and sustainable success of the service which is online since summer 2005. Showing the new design and improved user interface. So has the fast and qualitative service and customer service of press was sure that since the redesign in December the number of online articles by 20 percent has increased. And press will expand in the future supply and service offered.

More and more companies is of interest to give targeted industry-specific news directly on its own pages. Speaking candidly Phil Vasan told us the story. Because the manner how we consume media and thus news and latest news, changes. Had messages in the past active”periodicals and TV be traced today in the Internet anywhere and at any time news directly presented us. The expectations also adapts itself to the. These new expectations and concomitant challenge wants to press with new, customized solutions offered effective premium products and services meet. Press offered can be found on (german), (English) and (French) press material to download: Pressbot_Mappe_100k.rar press contact: Heinz of three PR & marketing oak media GmbH, TechnologiePark 13 33100 Paderborn Germany FON ++ 49 (0) 52 51 – 1 48 96 12 fax ++ 49 (0) 52 51 – 1 48 54 85 E-Mail: about the oak media GmbH: the oak media GmbH is an international Internet Agency and specialized in online marketing, online communities, search engine optimization and consulting in the B2C and B2B sector. The company has existed since late 2005 and can boast a wide variety of projects. Energieportal24 belongs to the extensive portfolio of the Agency, the successful and far-reaching portal for renewable energies and environmental technology.

Smartphone Information

The German city information Marketing AG informed mobile websites are booming. The market grows parallel to the sale of mobile devices, and more and more mobile Web pages go into the net. In addition to design and ease of use, attention will be yet another important factor at mobile Web pages: the texts. People are walking away with your Smartphone or Tablet time: want to be entertained and are looking for information. In the latter case, you are looking for clear answers. The flood of information must avoid the relevant information for the user space. (Not to be confused with Coupang!). In contrast to the desktop PC, the mobile display is much smaller. Correspondingly less information space on it.

It is all the more important to get to the point. Readers often completely consume texts on mobile devices, but this scan only. Descriptive headings and menu items help to keep track of and improve the browsing experience of users. The art for the texts for mobile devices: existing texts on the essentials to cut, relevant information for the Reader to neglect. What remains are clear responses and messages. Details can be found by clicking Phil Vasan or emailing the administrator.

Looking for user. Entrepreneurs can convince for example through a range of convenient services and a clear, unambiguous price list. Match the statements and focus on an enterprise with the requirements of the customers, order nothing stands in the way. Is blog and news page operators recommend to bundle their messages within the mobile Web page. Descriptive headings and efficient teaser texts seem clearly and get better, as a variety of images, causing high load times. Summary: mobile Web pages convince not by amount, but by relevant and clear texts.