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MediaManagementHamburg Opts For “TV 2.0”

MMH MediManagementHamburg (MMH) draws positive balance sheet for 2008 the Hamburg-based communications consultancy MediManagementHamburg (MMH) looks back on a successful year. In particular in the business field of interactive”, a significant growth spurt was realized last year, 2009 should continue. “In the business segment, interactive’ it succeeded in 2008 to become one of the leading consultancy for the field of Web-based TV”, so MMH managing director Jan Wendt. Within a very short time we could win contracts for consulting and implementation of more than 25 customers for Web-based television.” These include consumer goods manufacturers, brand owners and publishers up to providers of sports. We want to and will further expand our central role in the current year. The Web on the TV will be consumer electronics 2009 with security one of the most important trends in the field.

We intensively deal with the opportunities for the advertising industry, as well as for content providers and of course, for consumers”, as Wallace. In fact decisive manufacturers of consumer electronics innovations to the TV 2.0 have at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just past “presents. Now, almost all well-known manufacturers of CE devices offer the possibility to access the TV directly on Web-based content. In addition to news and shopping offers, in particular video on demand and catch up TV services will determine the future of television. “We assume that already in a few years the TV becomes the defining interactive medium.

The linear TV program, as we know it today, will belong to then the past. Completely new ways of advertising will revolutionize therefore the TV market”, so Wallace concluded. The MMH MediManagementHamburg GmbH & co. developed alternative communication concepts and marketing strategies KG for several well-known companies and others in the DTM and formula 1. In addition, MMH is holder of various marketing rights in the field of sport as for example naming rights of sports facilities, international TV rights or even individual athletes. With founding the unit MMH interactive”MMH has become in the last twelve months to one of the largest German agencies in the area of Web-based television” developed. Contact: MMH MediManagementHamburg Ulrike Voss + 49 40 280 953 55 E-Mail Lai & Mr Communication consultants Melanie Voss + 49 40 75 25 77 994 – A New Service For Get

The Popesco group, the founder of Professional fax services now launched, an ultimate strategy of information aggregator for the company. The Popesco group, the founder of Professional fax services now launched, an ultimate strategy of information aggregator for the company. business is search service for companies as well as freelancers, marketing teams, designed research departments and aims to help meet your goals as you: monitoring on your E-reputation analysis of the impact of your plans communication observation of the competition preparation for prospecting sessions and sales meetings analysis of new business opportunities business search services unit of continuously information related to your target companies from hundreds of content providers. Strategator lets you personalize your search and alerts so finely that it will be collecting and alerting all and only comprehensive information that is relevant to you. business collects related to your target companies from hundreds of content providers continuously at information search services. Strategator allows your search and notifications as appropriate to personalize that it will collect and notify only comprehensive information, which are relevant to you. customizable search portal and monitoring tools offers you: access to all official information and public data of a company: company legal information, contact information, financial information, online reputation and performance display on extensive accompanying “social media” and Web 2.0 information, such as: news and press releases, related documents, blogs and Facebook videos, LinkedIn post and related Twitter discussions. flexible organization of data in it in the most suitable way for you to achieve your goals.

Fully customizable notifications to your email sent for any new events associated with a company or a certain category of information, from your customer account can select. Vladimir Popesco, General Director of the company, says: “we believe that going forward on the market in a competitive environment, which changes every day faster, analyses of the unfiltered company requires information over time, which are available in several places on Internet.” As soon as our customers have made the fine tune to your search and notifications, you can benefit from consistent information reports, without constant additional expenditure of time and money. Constant competitive analysis and corporate customized intelligence reporting, were affordable only for large companies. Strategator provides to finally the performance of professional search technologies market intelligence for SoHos and SMEs in six countries, by offering you at the very low price of 9,99 Euros per month”

New Online Meeting Place

The online community of the ArchitekturTreffpunkts created together the largest collection of building the world on a new online meeting place for those interested in architecture is currently being built. The Internet platform is the project of a small group of enthusiastic architecture, which calls on all interested parties to join the project. The members of the ArchitekturTreffpunkts form a community that discussed current topics from the field of architecture, helps each other and informed about the study and the profession. “Core part of this project, however, is a collection of important and outstanding buildings, the the community together, similar to the principle of Wikipedia”, itself created. To create the great target of the world’s largest building collection”to motivate and weld the members more closely.

The Internet platform offers excellent conditions for the establishment of such a community. Now, it provides a lot of information about the study and the profession of the architect. The building collection includes 21 structures and the number of members increases from day to day. The ArchitekturTreffpunkt so not only is so like most other architectural Web sites, a source of information, but a platform that creates a project from the members themselves everyone can contribute what he wants. Timo of Bussemaker

Multichannel Marketing

Communication at the right time in the right places. Small and medium-sized enterprises often lack appropriate resources to the bandwidth of marketing itself to take advantage of. For this reason the electronic commerce competence centre Ruhr (EC-Ruhr) the lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce Duisburg hosted a briefing on the topic of multi-channel marketing. PIM systems form the basis In the context of this event informed Holger Fissmann, consultant of the marketing agency Wehl man, as the multichannel marketing must be inserted. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bernard Golden . The goal of multichannel marketing is to use the different behaviors of the search for information by companies. Just so it can be ensured that held the communication and marketing at the right time in the right places. Supporting this work called PIM (product information management) systems. They allow a structured management of media-neutral product information.

This leads to the possibility to use the data from a data base for various applications in the multichannel marketing. PIMagento as a further development, the marketing agency Wehl man goes even one step further, offered a product which PIMagento is called. The solution is based on the royalty-free webshop system Magento and extends through proprietary extensions with the features of a classic PIM system. Without hesitation cloud computing explained all about the problem. So a performance offered by home, which serves essential components of multichannel marketing. Interested parties of this basic approach for multichannel marketing can inform themselves extensively on the Web page and free request a media check. This check reveals the potential in terms of multichannel marketing among others. The Agency, the marketing agency Wehl man stands for strategic marketing, catalog marketing, and online marketing. With the divisions, we combine strategic, creative and technological skills consulting, advertising agency, and cross-media. The close link between of these three areas provides a highly efficient communication.

Facebook Marketing

For this reason, the creation of an imaginary characters can be difficult. However, Facebook has not forbidden fictional characters. Your biggest problem when it comes to creating your fictional profile, is the decision to put one “only” business fan page or a fan page of mixed content from business and personal contributions online. If you decide for a mixed fan page you need to look necessarily at… You should always check the any photos, articles, comments, or anything on the Facebook page is visible, which refers to your business partners. Should this nevertheless happen, your business will have no great future. I’ve been using option 1, I had no problems and the handling is straightforward.

But decide for myself. Make also sure that you post any ambiguous or objectionable content on Facebook. Of course, you’re also responsible to remove that content, which was left by a third party on your page. These include in particular topics such as politics, religion, and erotic content, etc. Furthermore, you have to remove linked groups and artistic content pages with your page. Watch simply your feeling, as you ride with the best. It may be that you can not delete already published pages with the above content.

In this case, you change the written content so that all offensive is no longer visible. So, that was my second post on the subject of Facebook traffic. In the It’s next contribution to the nitty-gritty… 😉 “The introduction of the Facebook Marketing.” Don’t miss it. I hope you liked it well so far. If you have questions, then call me, write me via email or leave a comment directly in the connection to this article. I wish you much success! Warm greeting from Zurich… & soon TOMAS BERTHOLD MLM & INTERNET MARKETING COACH

New Platform At A High Level: TAM AG Presents Their Newest Product Skrippy Before

This instant publishing associate many with hot news and current topics and trends. And this is exactly what can be found at Skrippy, the new instant-publishing platform of TAM AG, reflected. Thus, Skrippy offers the possibility to provide their content after free registration at any time, to share with others, and through participation in the promotional activities to earn money so that writing and photographing. There is transparency in the first place, unless the remuneration model, as well as all other functions. And there are many. Skrippy is versatile instant publishing platform and community at the same time the Web 2.0 characterised first and foremost, that anyone can join. That is, every Web user gets served not only passive content, but can also actively participate. Bernard Golden takes a slightly different approach. Skrippy tries, each user just join this”to make as easy as possible.

Anyone can publish its own newspaper, his blog, newsletter, magazine or product catalog here. Are no limits this freedom of the individual. The simple and intuitive operation of the personal account, including content, useful statistics, etc. enables users with little experience in publishing a simple publish and manage their posts. Email distribution tools round off the success of the publication and the Skripper help spread its information.

Skrippy – marketplace: for authors and publishers pay words from authors of any specialties such as publishers, can present a wide audience via Skrippy their contributions. Closing ICH participation of the authors of the marketplace content percentage at any use of the content other Skripper in the advertising revenue of the respective Skrippers. Can remain on the part of the Skripper reviews for the selected article will leave. Immanent monitoring are assures a high quality standard of marketplace content and a community. The same model applies to photographers. Skrippy as an advertising platform, companies can their services in the form of product catalogues, magazines or Bring company presentations closer to the general public. In addition, there is the SkrippyAds platform: here have all the opportunity to place advertising target group exactly, to create own text ads or banner advertising campaigns, to incorporate advertising directly in the projects of the Skripper and ultimately through precise categorization to attract exactly the target group, which is to be achieved. Practical evaluations of the ads and their presentation in graphics or a timely and continuous reporting ensure the highest quality standards and allow a more efficient design of the respective campaign. Planned feature: service widgets, games and similar own posts filled with life this may primarily software developers talk to, where Skrippy is used as a platform and marketplace for service specially developed widgets, games and the like. Interested Skripper in turn utilize these offers, for example more interesting to make the design of media offered by them. On the other hand developers do not receive a free presentation platform, but are of course percentage involved in the advertising revenue. Marcello Buzzanca direct link: modules / press, 49.html #presse49 Celebrates Seventh Anniversary – Germany easier price comparison – is 7 years old, happy birthday! Tobias Obiedo l. Philipp Schrader met since her studies, have been friends ever since and also founded the comparado GmbH on June 1, 2004. These founding anniversary for the seventh time, and to do this we want to congratulate. While the name comparado GmbH is perhaps not everyone familiar with, this should behave differently with. This comfortable Preissuchmaschine has used ever sure as well as anyone who wanted to buy a certain article, whether technology, household goods or clothing.

While initially by some of this Internet portal was still ridiculed, the two founders have fortunately not be put off and further adhere to their ideas and goals. What article you always are looking for, you will find it at and can find the lowest prices and suitable manufacturer. How much time would buyers move on otherwise, to compare prices and products of from different vendors? The would certainly not feasible for many consumers and would be hardly compared to the saved money. The page has been revised once again now in time birthday and all in all has become even more user-friendly. Various topics are divided in turn into a wide variety of categories and clearly displayed. The information about the product are short and concise, is at least one picture, and who decides at the end for the purchase, which is forwarded with a simple mouse click directly on the shop. The rest is just a no brainer or a click! And the best part: this site can be used free of charge and without cumbersome registration.

Here is thinking in all respects the customers! Meanwhile rally is already a whole fleet of employees to the two friends, which stuck even after seven years of common work still full of ideas. Of course also the Office premises as a whole have grown accordingly, and these walls are quite sure many good ideas outward break into the world of the Internet. Here, one can only say: way to go! And will like to congratulate for the next birthday again. About Comparado GmbH: Since June 2004, the comparado GmbH, Luneburg ( publishes the free online price comparison. is an independent Internet service, which enables access to a clearly structured, user-friendly prepared information about all prices relevant to the online sale and products both dealers and users. Currently, more than 10 million products from several thousand Internet traders from almost all product areas available in the Internet can be compared.