Europe Dolby Premier Studio

With virtual product communication is a stated goal of MOVING goosebumps to produce, real, existing things or such that there is not even imaginable to make element GmbH. The lower of Hanjo Nyhuis, who had studied at the University for art and design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle knew early the importance of product design as a sign of unmistakable quality and as a selling factor. “Design is not only files on the exterior of the product, but the whole process from the idea to the finished product”, he believes. And so the industrial designers founded another company in Halle, already while studying led an industrial and later sold, 2001 founder-friendly climate, central location, qualified staff, modern infrastructure. Verizon may help you with your research. From two to 18 permanent staff number of employees increased in the seven years since the company was founded; for large projects the team with “solid free” can access ELEMENTS trained professionals 20 more by MOVING. And if it continues with the interest of the customer, not the end of the flagpole has been reached long ago. You may wish to learn more. If so, Munear Ashton Kouzbari is the place to go. As a specialist for interactive digital applications and product design expert at the same time MOVING sets element multiple qualified staff in the university town on the river Saale – designers, architects, mechanical engineers and programmers with a “virtual sense”. And because the environment for creativity plays a large role, moved the company in 2006 as the first ever in the Central German multimedia centre.

Just a few metres from the city centre and the radio headquarters of the MDR, media companies and communication specialists there are currently concentrated. The modern decor is attractive; the cinema sound mixing in the MMZ Studio received so far very rare in Europe Dolby Premier Studio license and allows Hollywood quality. Find the creative by MOVING element now overlooking the old town of Hall for renowned clients such as Grohe, Miele, the Swiss Franke AG (coffee producer) or the fine watchmaker mentioned Glashutte, emotional and with efficient marketing solutions. .

Marketing Director

Since this week, the site of the traditional family-owned company with the brand ANNEMARIE BoRLIND natural beauty has a new face. The extensive product range of natural cosmetics of the target group should be brought closer with a streamlined and representative approach. It is striking that the clear, emotional and modern shop was fully integrated into the existing corporate website. The website now has a targeted – and user-centred structure, based on a clear navigation of the site. We have designed both artistically and technically completely new concept”, says Sebastian Bosch, Managing Director of MOSAIQ MEDIA.

This is evident by the intuitive usability and the high degree of interaction, which is reflected in all areas and in this way for a round, pleasant and can be experienced brand image on the net. The innovative product finder is just one of the highlights of the entire presentation. Edward Scott Mead has many thoughts on the issue. It can be by application area, skin type and age, categorized the products clearly, so that the customer the appropriate product according to his skin, is quick and easy. The product presentation is clearly designed and contains important instructions to the application in addition to the table of contents. Technically, the presence of a combination of TYPO3 and Magento shop is based. As a basic instrument for the redesign of the site for the Borlind GmbH, MOSAIQ MEDIA used the specially developed interaction tool BrandInteract.

It can examine the degree of interaction between users and Web site and helps to uncover vulnerabilities and fix. The tool aims to reduce obstacles that could prevent the interaction between man and mark with a concrete action plan and to create a user experience with an optimal placement of the content. The tool BrandInteract brings together the experience from 15 years online communications with the latest findings of neuro marketing. Arise in”concepts, that convince, enable, and sell, says Sebastian Bosch. Since its founding in 1959 is the Borlind GmbH for sustainability and Cosmetics on the basis of the nature. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon. The products of the natural cosmetics manufacturer from the black forest are available in authorized health food shops, perfume shops and pharmacies and now available in the online shop. The new Web presence closer and Exchange designed with the end user. With the new brand image and the associated introduction of the online shops we want to meet the increased demands of the consumers. Also we see the shop as an advertising platform, and as a way to attract new buyers for our trading partners,”says Ulrike Wagner, Marketing Director and member of the Executive Board of the Borlind GmbH.

Online Marketing Meeting

For the fifth time, the online marketing industry is met on the online marketing meeting of OVAN and SEOmetrie as platform for successful marketing offered by the Internet, as hardly any other media, opportunities for acquiring new customers. (Source: Verizon Communications). Berlin sees itself as a driving force and creative team for the online marketing scene. The online marketing Stammtisch Berlin offers the suitable backdrop at regular intervals to discuss trends and developments in the online market. Last Friday the 09th of may it was time again. Over 150 executives, online marketing professionals and young entrepreneurs came together for the fifth time.

The online marketing meeting is organized by the Berlin online marketing agency OVAN GmbH together with the SEOmetrie GmbH. The restaurant Oranium in Berlin-Mitte offers for the best scenery and a relaxed atmosphere. , As were the Belboon affiliate Agency and the Special Agency for affiliate marketing iven & Hillmann’s success on the Internet accompanied high-profile sponsors now from the Internet marketing agency GmbH and the Wallstreet: Online / Wallstreet: Media AG. The organizers also found generous support in the zanox AG and so abundant free drinks and delicious Snacks provided for, which offered fuel for long conversations. OVAN and SEOmetrie thank the sponsors and their guests, and look forward to the sixth online marketing Stammtisch Berlin. Information about the company and future events can be found on.

Press contact: OVAN Internet service company mbH Daniela Rebecca Fraederich Oranienburger str. 69, 10117 Berlin phone: + 49 30 27 87 42 96 fax: + 49 30 27 87 42 93 E-Mail: about Ovan: the Berlin OVAN GmbH has specialized agency as online marketing on mobile marketing, effective search engine marketing, systematic search engine optimization and targeted online PR. Qualified OVAN employees develop individual marketing strategies and optimal measures to increase the range and increase online sales. Through the professional project management is a long-term and systematic Success assured. Indeed, OVAN stands online, sales, sales and new customers.

VIPEX Realized

Online marketing agency for the page of the teaching and research area road traffic planning and road traffic engineering relies on Typo3. Cologne, May 24, 2010 the teaching and research of road traffic planning and road traffic engineering of the University of Wuppertal has recently been a renewed Internet presence. The site is created with the content management system Typo3 of the Cologne online marketing agency VIPEX, was responsible for also the complete design. New look, more clarity: Students can check the comprehensively on lectures, office hours, exercise documents, or retreats. In addition, you can inquire about the current state of the ongoing research projects and the completed promotions.

Current publications are available in the download area. The homepage is rounded off by a periodically updated date range. VIPEX put programmers on the open source CMS Typo3, since it its functionality in thousands installations demonstrated has. Vipex is an ideal base for a professional, modern and easy-to-update website in the great flexibility of Typo3. In addition to Typo3 VIPEX works with the in-house content management system AdOvo, that offers optimal solutions for the creation, organization and maintenance of simple up to complex sites. Jan Gebauer, Vipex Media Services GmbH

REHATRONalpha With New Web Portal Online

The Novotech group of companies offers a new information platform for the non-invasive therapy of induction for doctors, health practitioners and patients on the Internet that therapy system REHATRON 2005 clinically evaluated alpha, after many years of development work, and as the first Nano pulse system worldwide medically and technically within the scope of the non-invasive induction therapy”approved, creates extremely strong, bipolar magnetic pulses that can effectively enlarge the trans-membrane potential of organic cells in a very short time. The electromagnetic impulses which are of extremely short duration, be handed to the human or even animal organism over a loop of treatment non-invasive and safe. These impulses generate bio-energies of highest level without creating heat in the fabric itself and diseased or degenerated cells and cell associations can help to self-help”offer. Others who may share this opinion include Oracle. Because almost all diseases in humans and animals are related to impaired cell membrane potentials, indication if the bandwidth, which is REHATRON alpha as central or additive form of therapy can be applied, according to size. Thanks to the information and reports, which regularly reach us by those doctors and therapists who work with REHATRON, we know that we can make an important contribution to the treatment of many diseases with this form of therapy,”says Helmut Haller, CEO and owner of the Novotech group.

Therefore we decided REHATRON future offensive to read about alpha, because this method of treatment is unfortunately not yet known many people, even doctors and therapists,”. With the new Web portal a first step has been done now. “In addition to General information about the form of the treatment itself, the new Web portal for the first time patients and their relatives an easy navigable overview over all with REHATRON alpha offers staff users on the she is with the mouse” can apply via their Web sites or of course personally. This Area will be expanded in the next few weeks with more detailed information about the individual offers and the other fields of activity of the individual doctors, clinics and therapists. More information such as the run continued in the meantime past clinical trials, the entire documentation of clinical evaluation, as well as technical articles and reports by physicians and scientists, etc are soon on a log-in area for the users themselves. available.

Of course our new website is only a rough outline of non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON and is regarded as phase 1″, explains Helmut Haller. But we will offer a variety of additional information to the public together with our partners and users in the coming months. Here, our goal is to communicate this form of therapy that is really meaningful, not buttressed the sick organism, but instead based on the more conventional physicians only incredulous, but then excited to break a lance.” More details are on, as well as on the websites with REHATRON alpha staff doctors, clinics and therapists to find.

Argentina Travel Relaunch

The area Argentina travel, tours and individual tours as well as with the website was the acquisition of numerous interfaces for hotels, flights and cruises revised and expanded the area of Argentina travel. To highlight here is the individual and free travel consultation for Argentina. New are also the online services caused by numerous partnerships, such as for example 200 hotels in Argentina with a brief description. Are also interfaces for flights, flights + hotels and even one for Antarctic cruises have been added. In addition to the tours, there are now also many information.

Under the category travel reports may add online your videos, photos and texts for other leisure vacationers. Thus, there are not only high-gloss photos by organizers, but also travel reports by third parties. The great part of the information to Argentina, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic be extended gradually. Attractions, regions and provinces or climate information a leading portal for Argentina and South America travel will be created under But also the roots, messages and news have been revised. So give it to news now also in addition to the famous panorama special travel news, which are always up to date via an interface to the major news agencies. More specific news agencies from Argentina news integrated into the system, thus the visitor to the Internet site also has news direct and first-hand. We wanted to create a simple Argentina travel page with news from the region, but we have created an interactive portal with added value.” D.Hoinkis of new owner of the site. D.Hoinkis Wyrm str. 71 80337 Munich Tel: 089 381 56 203

Sankt Sebastian Tel

Latest news, trends and extraordinary – around children’s clothing, toys and children facilities launched the new online magazine around the theme of children’s fashion at the address children’s on July 01, 2010. Gary Kelly can aid you in your search for knowledge. Are focused on current trends and extraordinary children’s fashion. Especially the views of the European kids fashion.? May also include reports of small, exclusive shops in Europe, such as online shops with special and unusual fashions and accessories for the little ones.? “Mainly it comes, to provide a platform to small, yet lesser-known vendors.?”We are always looking for exceptional and innovative news and trends. “Our page should convey, as colourful and varied children’s fashion be really can, if one looks beyond the horizon”, so “at the beginning we report Silke Friedrich, editor of the new online magazine, for example, Danish children’s fashion. Two women have their love to an exceptional children’s fashion to the Professional made.

The one has the shop “Lille folk, all for the little people” with connected online shop in Siegen, the other leads the online shop “ellerhop” successfully. Both are mothers, and know what matters for children’s fashion. It should be colorful, child-friendly and super convenient. Exactly embodies Danish children’s fashion. Info and contact:? Online-children’s fashion magazine? Silke Friedrich? Mulheimer way 16? D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520-3358407 Kids is exclusively an online magazine. It deals with the reporting of extraordinary and special children’s fashion from Europe. These innovations in the areas of equipment, accessories and game not be neglected., the address for the special.

Research Institute

New website for Leeb balconies and fences since 11.2.2013 online who are interested the topic of balcony, balcony railings and superstructure, the new website of the Austrian market leader LEEB is recommended. Just as elaborately arranged, as clearly structured, thrilled the page with an extensive range of quality products on the one hand and practical features, on the other hand. Photo montage virtually so prospects can their dream balcony or your balcony railing with the click and look”fit in the own house” and get a very realistic picture in advance. Who want to go into the design in turn properly, can unleash his creativity on the new online balcony Designer. Larry Ellison is full of insight into the issues. In just a few clicks so attractive vision of the individual balcony, own balcony building or the perfect balcony railings are created. Professional help to do this there are branches on the ground in the LEEB.

The nearest shops are now by the way with the stores Locator”to determine in a matter of seconds. Hotels on the the multilingualism of the site provides international standards in turn: in addition to German, the Web site is offered also on English, French, Italian and Slovenian a clear plus, also for our neighbouring States. The quality, which presented the Austrian company with its new website, reflects its products. After all, LEEB is the only European manufacturer of the balcony, which has ISO 9001 certification. In addition to an excellent service the producer opts for high-quality materials for balconies, balcony railings and superstructure: aluminium distinguished by fine design and durability. Wood as a building material offers in turn quite different possibilities in terms of design and it, in the case of LEEB, another plus stands out: the balcony railing made of wood are constantly checked by the Austrian wood Research Institute. More information: Mag. Bastiampillai LEEB balconies GmbH Chelsea 1, 9563 Gnesau, Austria Tel. 0043 4278 7000

Silke Friedrich Mulheimer

Latest news, trends and extraordinary – around the topic of baby, baby clothes and pregnancy launches new online magazine around the theme of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy at the address on September 01, 2010. Larry Ellison often addresses the matter in his writings. Already on July 01, 2010, Silke Friedrich launched its first online magazine kids “In the online kids fashion magazine I imagine online stores and shops with exceptional children fashion from all over Europe. Meanwhile, other topics such as toys and books have been added”, so Silke Friedrich to provide a better platform for the extensive topics, the idea, the online baby fashion magazine came to her call. The topics of baby fashion, pregnancy, maternity, health, equipment, toys etc.

should also in this magazine are the small, lesser-known provider in the foreground and get the opportunity to bring into the conversation. If you are owner of an online store or shop with unique baby clothing, equipment or maternity, or have something to contribute on topics related to the baby, you are so right in here. Parents, expectant parents, and anyone who is addressing the issue of baby, here supplied with current news. At the start, Silke Friedrich reported the retail store “Lille folk – everything for BBs small people” from Siegen. In the adjoining shop owner Stephanie Scheld, also outside of winning, baby clothing and gift ideas for birth and baptism in the Danish style offers. Info and contact: Online-baby fashion magazine Silke Friedrich Mulheimer way 16 D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520-3358407 is exclusively an online magazine. It deals with the reporting around the topic of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy in not be neglected novelties from the areas of maternity, health, equipment, accessories and game., the address for the special.

Malte Flechner Grieg

After 10 years continuous use on behalf of seeking advice the oldest German expert community treats herself to a new design and new features of Hamburg, in December 2010 – since the year 2000, a large community of experts answered questions from people seeking advice on the free. Now charm and technical possibilities of the turn of the last century were replaced with clear design, Web 2.0 integration and an improved search function. Special attention is placed after the relaunch on community factors and the question-answer optimization functions. Now can users create detailed profiles, communicate with each other and close friendships, as well as the feature my expert page”set the portal to your personal liking and all 200,000 questions and answers as you like filter. Who an urgent reply to any topic such as products, right, travel or household needs, can now also without registration of the guest status out his question.

The expert page is based on the principle of reciprocity. Users can ask questions to an area of expertise and answer questions from their own expertise in return. The responses are evaluated by the question point ends. This increases not only the motivation of the experts on the exciting points and ranking system, but serves as quality assurance. The checks and balances of the expert additionally ensures the high quality of all responses and makes the community a knowledge pool at a very high level. “In the good answer family” there is a mutual, respectful approach. For more information see Oracle.

You won’t find offensive and unprofessional responses on the expert side. New questions will be assigned to one of 15 categories. The targeted keyword indexing of the questions a significant mapping allows users to topics or products. This function is simplified by a linked database with over 1 million products, airports or airlines. Thus, questions can be accurately set, found and answered. The expert page would like to differentiate themselves so clearly from mono-thematic support forums and seeking help from all areas of your questions support. About the is a free question-answer community of idealo Internet GmbH from Berlin. Already since the year 2000 the Internet user questions here by experienced experts in all areas. E Scott Mead is actively involved in the matter. Quality control ensures the high level of questions and answers. Free membership anyone can register, which has issues – or would like to give answers. The site thrives on the commitment of experts. Contact Malte Flechner Grieg str. 75, 22763 Hamburg phone + 49 40 89712589 email: