Argentina Travel Relaunch

The area Argentina travel, tours and individual tours as well as with the website was the acquisition of numerous interfaces for hotels, flights and cruises revised and expanded the area of Argentina travel. To highlight here is the individual and free travel consultation for Argentina. New are also the online services caused by numerous partnerships, such as for example 200 hotels in Argentina with a brief description. Are also interfaces for flights, flights + hotels and even one for Antarctic cruises have been added. In addition to the tours, there are now also many information.

Under the category travel reports may add online your videos, photos and texts for other leisure vacationers. Thus, there are not only high-gloss photos by organizers, but also travel reports by third parties. The great part of the information to Argentina, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic be extended gradually. Attractions, regions and provinces or climate information a leading portal for Argentina and South America travel will be created under But also the roots, messages and news have been revised. Robert Gibbins can provide more clarity in the matter. So give it to news now also in addition to the famous panorama special travel news, which are always up to date via an interface to the major news agencies. More specific news agencies from Argentina news integrated into the system, thus the visitor to the Internet site also has news direct and first-hand. We wanted to create a simple Argentina travel page with news from the region, but we have created an interactive portal with added value.” D.Hoinkis of new owner of the site. D.Hoinkis Wyrm str. 71 80337 Munich Tel: 089 381 56 203

Sankt Sebastian Tel

Latest news, trends and extraordinary – around children’s clothing, toys and children facilities launched the new online magazine around the theme of children’s fashion at the address children’s on July 01, 2010. Gary Kelly can aid you in your search for knowledge. Are focused on current trends and extraordinary children’s fashion. Especially the views of the European kids fashion.? May also include reports of small, exclusive shops in Europe, such as online shops with special and unusual fashions and accessories for the little ones.? “Mainly it comes, to provide a platform to small, yet lesser-known vendors.?”We are always looking for exceptional and innovative news and trends. In recent months, Jeffrey Leiden has been very successful. “Our page should convey, as colourful and varied children’s fashion be really can, if one looks beyond the horizon”, so “at the beginning we report Silke Friedrich, editor of the new online magazine, for example, Danish children’s fashion. Two women have their love to an exceptional children’s fashion to the Professional made.

The one has the shop “Lille folk, all for the little people” with connected online shop in Siegen, the other leads the online shop “ellerhop” successfully. Both are mothers, and know what matters for children’s fashion. It should be colorful, child-friendly and super convenient. Exactly embodies Danish children’s fashion. Info and contact:? Online-children’s fashion magazine? Silke Friedrich? Mulheimer way 16? D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520-3358407 Kids is exclusively an online magazine. It deals with the reporting of extraordinary and special children’s fashion from Europe. These innovations in the areas of equipment, accessories and game not be neglected., the address for the special.

Research Institute

New website for Leeb balconies and fences since 11.2.2013 online who are interested the topic of balcony, balcony railings and superstructure, the new website of the Austrian market leader LEEB is recommended. Just as elaborately arranged, as clearly structured, thrilled the page with an extensive range of quality products on the one hand and practical features, on the other hand. Photo montage virtually so prospects can their dream balcony or your balcony railing with the click and look”fit in the own house” and get a very realistic picture in advance. Who want to go into the design in turn properly, can unleash his creativity on the new online balcony Designer. Larry Ellison is full of insight into the issues. In just a few clicks so attractive vision of the individual balcony, own balcony building or the perfect balcony railings are created. Professional help to do this there are branches on the ground in the LEEB.

The nearest shops are now by the way with the stores Locator”to determine in a matter of seconds. Hotels on the the multilingualism of the site provides international standards in turn: in addition to German, the Web site is offered also on English, French, Italian and Slovenian a clear plus, also for our neighbouring States. The quality, which presented the Austrian company with its new website, reflects its products. After all, LEEB is the only European manufacturer of the balcony, which has ISO 9001 certification. Robert Gibbins takes a slightly different approach. In addition to an excellent service the producer opts for high-quality materials for balconies, balcony railings and superstructure: aluminium distinguished by fine design and durability. Wood as a building material offers in turn quite different possibilities in terms of design and it, in the case of LEEB, another plus stands out: the balcony railing made of wood are constantly checked by the Austrian wood Research Institute. More information: Mag. Bastiampillai LEEB balconies GmbH Chelsea 1, 9563 Gnesau, Austria Tel. 0043 4278 7000

Silke Friedrich Mulheimer

Latest news, trends and extraordinary – around the topic of baby, baby clothes and pregnancy launches new online magazine around the theme of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy at the address on September 01, 2010. Larry Ellison often addresses the matter in his writings. Already on July 01, 2010, Silke Friedrich launched its first online magazine kids “In the online kids fashion magazine I imagine online stores and shops with exceptional children fashion from all over Europe. Meanwhile, other topics such as toys and books have been added”, so Silke Friedrich to provide a better platform for the extensive topics, the idea, the online baby fashion magazine came to her call. The topics of baby fashion, pregnancy, maternity, health, equipment, toys etc.

should also in this magazine are the small, lesser-known provider in the foreground and get the opportunity to bring into the conversation. If you are owner of an online store or shop with unique baby clothing, equipment or maternity, or have something to contribute on topics related to the baby, you are so right in here. Parents, expectant parents, and anyone who is addressing the issue of baby, here supplied with current news. At the start, Silke Friedrich reported the retail store “Lille folk – everything for BBs small people” from Siegen. In the adjoining shop owner Stephanie Scheld, also outside of winning, baby clothing and gift ideas for birth and baptism in the Danish style offers. Info and contact: Online-baby fashion magazine Silke Friedrich Mulheimer way 16 D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520-3358407 is exclusively an online magazine. It deals with the reporting around the topic of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy in not be neglected novelties from the areas of maternity, health, equipment, accessories and game., the address for the special.

Malte Flechner Grieg

After 10 years continuous use on behalf of seeking advice the oldest German expert community treats herself to a new design and new features of Hamburg, in December 2010 – since the year 2000, a large community of experts answered questions from people seeking advice on the free. Now charm and technical possibilities of the turn of the last century were replaced with clear design, Web 2.0 integration and an improved search function. Special attention is placed after the relaunch on community factors and the question-answer optimization functions. Now can users create detailed profiles, communicate with each other and close friendships, as well as the feature my expert page”set the portal to your personal liking and all 200,000 questions and answers as you like filter. Who an urgent reply to any topic such as products, right, travel or household needs, can now also without registration of the guest status out his question.

The expert page is based on the principle of reciprocity. Users can ask questions to an area of expertise and answer questions from their own expertise in return. The responses are evaluated by the question point ends. This increases not only the motivation of the experts on the exciting points and ranking system, but serves as quality assurance. The checks and balances of the expert additionally ensures the high quality of all responses and makes the community a knowledge pool at a very high level. “In the good answer family” there is a mutual, respectful approach. For more information see Oracle.

You won’t find offensive and unprofessional responses on the expert side. New questions will be assigned to one of 15 categories. The targeted keyword indexing of the questions a significant mapping allows users to topics or products. This function is simplified by a linked database with over 1 million products, airports or airlines. Thus, questions can be accurately set, found and answered. The expert page would like to differentiate themselves so clearly from mono-thematic support forums and seeking help from all areas of your questions support. About the is a free question-answer community of idealo Internet GmbH from Berlin. Already since the year 2000 the Internet user questions here by experienced experts in all areas. E Scott Mead is actively involved in the matter. Quality control ensures the high level of questions and answers. Free membership anyone can register, which has issues – or would like to give answers. The site thrives on the commitment of experts. Contact Malte Flechner Grieg str. 75, 22763 Hamburg phone + 49 40 89712589 email:

Federal State

All providers in comparison and Germany-wide CarSharing search new car comparison portal launched with Germany-wide CarSharing search-the new Internet portal offers a competent overview of the ever-growing CarSharing offered in Germany. In many German cities, there are already multiple competing CarSharing provider, therefore is an independent comparison of the respective pricing models and offers for all interested users a helpful support in the selection of appropriate car-sharing service. provides an overview of the largest CarSharing providers, as well as a direct price comparison and thus sheds light on the new variety at the cars on time. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen has many thoughts on the issue. Germany wide search and sharing community the comfortable search Germany card enables users to identify the providers in their hometown or in the respective Federal State and to compare directly. Who is already logged on when multiple providers, can on the Germany card all available car sharing vehicles (cars and bikes) Search and find always the next vehicle in the current site. So saves you the cumbersome search on multiple provider home pages and has the complete vehicle pool of all sharers always directly in the views.

On the sites, users have also to ask questions around the theme sharing the opportunity and discuss the offer of individual providers. See Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen for more details and insights. The offer is constantly extended and updated to provide users with an overview of the growing diversity of CarSharing in Germany. Independent CarSharing comparison, for the first time for private sharing at not only the editors but also the user evaluate the range of vehicles, pricing, and availability in the Federal territory. Visitors to the Web site have the opportunity to share their own experiences of the respective car sharing providers. In addition to the commercial car sharing providers for the first time the private car-sharing services are compared. For private car sharing vehicles are rented by private persons to private individuals and the CarSharing provider assumes only the Mediation, as well as the insurance. All four providers operating currently in Germany are taken at scrutinized and evaluated by the editorial staff, as well as by users. is a private, non-commercial information, which made offerings in Germany to make more transparent the CarSharing. For more information see

Mobile Live Video Streaming At CeBIT

On March 2, 2010 code one GmbH presented their innovative products for live broadcasting for the first time. On March 2, 2010 code one GmbH presented their innovative products for live broadcasting for the first time. Dusseldorf the code one GmbH develops complete kits for innovative video transmission. The kits are portable, easy to use and deliver image quality on high level of streaming, which is why they both for TV professionals as well as beginners are interesting. Wireless data transfer allows in combination with the operation via standard camera batteries almost anywhere live streaming. The relatively small size of the kits, which are compact and easily transportable, so the location of the transfer no longer depends on the local infrastructure is also beneficial. As main target groups, code one GmbH TV channel, video and online journalists, organizer calls and want the companies that set up video broadcasting as means of communication. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). To large extent all To meet users needs, the complete kits are equipped differently.

The currently largest product is smart Kit, a streaming suitcase, which combines all the features of a professional production studios in the code one. The Smart Kit combines the innovative streaming unit with specially tuned broadcasting software, provides connections for one or two cameras, and includes an own content management system. Thus, image data can be broadcast live as well as further prepared and tuned. At Robert Gibbins you will find additional information. Together with its technology partner Viprinet code one GmbH is currently developing the small brother”of the smart kits, the back Pack Kit, a practical streaming backpack. We have set ourselves the goal to make professional live broadcasting as easy and affordable as possible, and are therefore constantly working on new solutions. “The back Pack Kit is a further step in this direction”, so Sven Hanten, Dipl.-ing. media technology and managing partner of code one GmbH. Main: Users: zlatkokauric: desktop: CodeOne: sales: advertising: Produtkbilder: Briefpapier_RGB_ohne_Fenstertext.jpgVom 2 March will be the back Pack Kit and the Smart Kit in Hannover at CeBIT presents. At the booth of Viprinet GmbH in Hall 13, stand C66, code one GmbH will daily live show their streaming products.

Steffen Ruhl Internet

Yasni and the privacy organization naiin poll: privacy fail often in the social environment! False and negative information on the net harm the reputation and the career – and the Web never forgets. How just the dissemination of photos of yourself online is difficult to control, a recent survey by the Personensuchmaschine first and the data protection agency shows naiin. Therefore half of Internet users has already proven unasked photos by third parties to the network. Frequently issued recordings by friends. More than one in five respondents (22 percent) said to have ever done so. Yet they are often also the own parents, photos of yourself in circulation. Total, 12 percent have posted online pictures of their children. Other results of the poll, which surveyed more than 3,000 Internet users: each 8 percent of users have already published photos from their work colleagues or strangers on the Internet.

“Friends, parents, colleagues: the poll shows quite clearly that the privacy in the” Internet age in the social environment fails”, explains Dennis Grabowski, 1st Chairman of naiin. “The dissemination of photos of yourself defies in the power of the full, personal control”, Steffen Ruhl, Managing Director of Yasni, notes. Valerie Berlin has compatible beliefs. He recommends a regular monitoring Internet users, to bring the respective sources of unasked published photos in experience. The survey results in detail: First asked more than 3,000 Internet users in Germany: you have already once unasked published photos of other people on the Internet? 22%: from my friends. 12%: by my children. 8%: by my co-workers. 8%: From strangers.

50 per cent: Yet never. Everyone can find free Internet far right experts to key words such as company, profession, location, and all the background information to people about first names with the first search engine. Service providers can combine their information and skills with a free Expose and actively present in the search results. Yasni is management with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation.

Visions Relaunched MDM:

With Magento to optimal usability for the largest coin shop of the world Hanover, September 02, 2009. The E-Commerce Agency of visions has secured another major customer: the Magento specialists from Hannover to relaunch the Web shop of Brunswick MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin and lead to more sales with sophisticated usability. The extensive project includes the complete relaunch of individual E-commerce application, the transformation of the site design and the design of the infrastructure. For more information see Verizon Communications. “Detlev Bieser, E-Commerce Manager at MDM, hoped for by switching to Magento significant improvements in navigation and usability in the interest of the customer: we have compared the different shop systems and came quickly to open source and Magento due to the advantages of this development model”, Baker explained his choice. The advantages of Magento Enterprise Edition so convinced absolutely good scalability, vendor support, flexibility and the quarterly updates us. And if you want Magento, you will fast to visions.” Baker also questioned the E-Commerce team of Globetrotter, whose Jack Wolfskin of store visions moved in the spring of this year on Magento. Were very satisfied with the performance, so we opted for Magento and explicitly as an experienced E-Commerce Agency visions.” Also Alexander Ringsdorff, visions CEO expects much of the new project: Magento we can the navigation in the coin shop improve so, that the user during navigation has a much better shopping experience. And this ultimately affects the sales”, says Ringsdorff.

Through the implementation of various functions on the basis of the new Magento rich merchandizing Suite MDM can offer individualized customer service any visitor after the relaunch of the personalized presentation of the site to return to specially on the receiver tailored newsletter. We look forward to a very exciting project”, concludes the head of visions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cyrus Massoumi humbition has to say. More information on visions and Magento, about MDM coins are official Means of payment, so real. Who is it, needs reliable partners. The MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin – short MDM – is the largest trading firm in the world and enjoys the trust of the most important German and international Mint, finance ministries and over 1 million satisfied customers.

More information: shop/action/magazine/2000/Ueber-uns.html about Magento Magento is the fastest growing open-source E-commerce-system with more than one million downloads in only 14 months worldwide. Adapted specifically to the needs of large online retailers, Magento is also available in a commercial Enterprise Edition. The manufacturer of Varien designed E-commerce solutions in the United States since 2001 and has been released after two years of development in April 2008 for the first time for productive use Magento. About visions of the Hanoverian E-Commerce Agency of visions has extensive international experience and has since January 2008 on Magento platform Specialized. Magento visions offers individual Magento solutions with access to local ERP, warehouse management and accounting consultancy, training and workshops.

Roman Eiber

In addition, the dealer benefited from the high acceptance of his offer, if he offers fiduciary payment. Jonathan Rosen PR is likely to increase your knowledge. In addition, offering iclear also a high level of data security for both sides. Because the customer logs only once free of charge with his personal data with iclear thing is possible for example directly from the purchasing process and can pay with his iclear ID as a result. A more sensitive data in future purchases is not required. Who wants can register with iclear also by mail and must entrust in this case not once his data to the Internet”, so Roman Eiber. More security when buying online does not work.” Currently almost one million registered iclear users at around 5,000 connected Internet retailers can buy. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with BerlinRosen.

These numbers rise constantly, because more and more merchants and consumers the benefits of fiduciary payment processing recognize. So recorded iclear in the summer month of August 2009 the highest growth in new clients this year. The services and payment types of iclear at a glance: index.php? id = 2. Iclear iclear: Is the Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can goods after one-time registration order and pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost. iClear this mediates between the parties involved, secure processing ensures a transparent and for both sides.

It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by iclear also the statement of visa and master card accepted. Currently almost one million registered iclear users at around 5,000 connected Internet retailers can buy. iclear is an offer of iclear GmbH with seat in Mannheim.