Managing Director

Since clearer and improved pricing makes new much June 10th summer: now even cheaper rates offered by primacall its customers. The offer was revised comprehensively, so is the right solution for every type of communication. The online presence of primacall presents itself now clearer: the full connection, VDSL and mobile tariffs are divided into three categories. “Whether our customers often, rare or even international calls, if they want to be constantly online or only occasionally with a few clicks it is now possible, is the perfect fare will find”, said Marijana Vukusic, Managing Director of primacall GmbH. With the new star fare, the Berlin-based company presents your previously lowest complete offer: an Internet Flatrate with up to 16,000 kbit / s and from 2.9 cents per minute to the German fixed network calls. For even more details, read what Rick Garcia CBS says on the issue. The new voice tariffs are supplemented by primacall with precision mobile Internet offerings. The UMTS Surfstick is now over 20 percent cheaper. Is no longer a problem to surf”out there in the summer and with the fast top-DSL (up to 3.6 Mbit/s), it’s even more fun. For more information, see. Emanuel GALIC

Schmitt Spryng Herengracht

The new platform by Spryng is a fact. Amsterdam, the 23.07.2010 – Spryng is known as a reliable supplier of mobile services. Customers via a self service platform can take advantage of most of the products and services. It’s products and services as consumer-friendly and accessible as possible to make Spryng’s effort. To realize this, the company has launched recently a new platform, which has many small changes and facilitates the handling of the customers. So, the new Spryng website contains more screens, allowing an easier operation of the products the user. Learn more at: Verizon Communications.

Still, the design of the site has been revised and improved in order to increase the usability for the customers and to ensure easier handling of the page. Technically, some changes were performed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from E Scott Mead. So, a user interface has been created for receiving SMS with all required configurations for premium SMS shortcodes, virtual mobile numbers and the SMS2Mail application can be set. The statistics functions the old platform have been revised and expanded. Customers can now more information about current orders and thanks to extensions such as z.B online as well as via the API, comprehensive use to make long SMS, Spryng’s SMS gateway. The renewal of the platform on and on was carried out until today. The new version also in Belgium, the United Kingdom and South Africa will be launched in the near future. In these countries, yet the old platform is online. Katja Schmitt Spryng Herengracht 138 1015 BW Amsterdam

Mobile Data

Until June 30, 2010 giving away CareSocial optimized for the completely installed data acquisition devices for easier detection services, operations and tours of new mobile data acquisition for ambulatory care services all new customers with mobile licenses workers until June 30, 2010 giving away CareSocial require completely pre-installed DAQ devices for easier detection services, operations and tours continuous cost pressures and tougher requirements on the part of the cost all new customers with mobile licenses nursing services a growing degree of planning and documentation from. Without computerized target planning, the economic operation of an out-patient care service is already longer no longer to realize; now, the cost bearers in many federal States require even the minute-based billing of is operations. To prevent costly, partly double paper capturing of the services nursing services will no longer pass in the future mobile data capture solutions. To do this, Johannes Kersten (CareSocial): the concern of the Employees in a cleaning service that you should deal now to the already scanty periods for their activity in the patients with data acquisition devices, is unfounded. It has built up a positive feedback of the orderlies and nurses in our pilot projects already after a few weeks”.

The mobile data acquisition system is simple to operate. Large, colored buttons with understandable features – here is the fast and uncomplicated work clearly in the foreground. The employee starts and stops only his tours and operations, where the timestamp will be set automatically. Also, he can cancel operations or add. The collected information flow up in real time in the is planning Board of missions and tours in the administration interface of CareSocial. A comparison of target is can be done with a mouse click and be immediately settled on request. As an addition we have still a news service developed, free where the employees of the Administration messages on the mobile Data acquisition devices can send similar to SMS,.” Mobile data acquisition makes transparent the work in maintenance, the individual processes in time and costs, analyze and optimize.

CareSocial delivers mobile data collection devices in cooperation with Telekom fully installed. For more information on the Internet at. Heard about CareSocial CareSocial with more than 150 installations throughout the country one of the leading software solutions for nursing services. CareSocial supervised this micro – care services as well as larger institutions with over 200 employees.

100 Mbps Internet Leased Line

Broadband access based on fibre optic technology throughout Germany the company HessenKom GmbH & Co KG (HessenKom) provides companies with HessenKom Ethernet Germany on a permanent broadband Internet access based on fiber optic technology. Companies that need a professional, fast and reliable Internet access are the target audience for this product. Connections can be realized a high-quality Internet access from Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen with a maximum transmission speed of 1,000 Mbit / s. The data transmission is it symmetrical. “CEO Peer Kohlstetter: we are pleased that we now are through a new partnership with a major German providers able to offer Internet connections with bandwidths between 50 Mbit / s and 1000 Mbit / s at very attractive prices.” The new product HessenKom Ethernet Germany 100 is for example with a bandwidth of 100 Mbps synchronous to the price of 1,899.00 EUR available, where in a contract period of 36 months the Setup fee is waived. All prices are subject to careful scrutiny of local infrastructure (glass fibre). Price adjustments resulting from construction or rental of fibre-optic cables. Other functions such as an SDSL, Ethernet or ADSL backup, VoIP ports for the connection of the telephone system or security packages with SPAM protection are also possible such as URL filtering, virus scan and firewall management.

Ethernet is HessenKom in many cities nationwide available, e.g. in Flensburg, Kiel, Rostock, Hamburg, Bremen, Braunschweig, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Koblenz, Wiesbaden, Freiburg, Nuremberg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. See more information business/ethernet.html Andrea Arndt HessenKom GmbH & co. KG