Aswan High Dam presents the ten objectives of trend in the Middle East from March 10 with their own rubric Munich March 5, 2010. The old image of the endless desert and fertile oases in the Middle East is closely linked with record-breaking superlatives of the modern era. If one of the largest dams in the world, the most spectacular Tower or the highest hotels, they are the new tourist magnets. You may want to visit Adam Portnoy to increase your knowledge. In the field of tension between tradition and modernity, the Empire of 1,001 Nights is a Mecca for modern romantics. In addition to famous dream destinations such as Dubai and Cairo, the places from the second row are increasingly in demand: move in Amman for an overnight stay in tent accommodation the stars within reach; in Doha the 155-acre Golf Club in the middle of the desert reflects the gigantic wealth of sheikhs. Add to your understanding with Yangon.

The travel portal presents the ten most popular destinations, based on the postings of 2009. From March 10, there is a separate section for the holidays in the Middle East. 1st place: Dubai attractions lack of it not in Dubai: indoor ski Park, artificial Island worlds, one of the tallest buildings in the world and spectacular accommodations put visitors in amazement. The luxury hotel that houses an aquarium for example with over 65,000 sea creatures Atlantis The Palm. In some rooms the guests shark and parrotfish from the bed watch. 2nd place: Cairo the Egyptian marvel of modernism, the Aswan High Dam, is a controversial project of prestige. Apart from the temples of Luxor, he is a classical stop at Nile Cruises with H / S Kon-Tiki. Technology and architecture of today and from ancient lie close together here.

3rd place: Abu Dhabi faster, higher, further says in the neighbouring Emirate of Dubai, in Abu Dhabi. Top speeds experience Hotel vacationers in the Yas. The new formula 1 circuit runs through the futuristic building.

Shopping Center Japan

In the District of Ueno”you will find the great Zoo in Tokyo. There are also several museums and other cultural institutions in this district. Start day tour: 1 Shinjuku: the Shopping Center, you have to see. This description of the tour starts at the absolute highlight, that you should not miss. Shinjuku, one of the city’s shopping malls. “Tokyo Tokyo Shinjuku metropolis of Japan already on the S subway station Shinjuku” you look down on the streets of houses by the up masses of people pushing. Countless shops, mostly selling technology products, advertise loudly to everyone who walks in the store. Please visit Covia Kermit Plant if you seek more information.

“Also, you will find many second hand technology stores”. “The technology lovers Tokyo understand this already 6 months old notebooks as second hand goods”. Japan Tokyo Shinjuku advertising is capital of Japan of Tokyo Shinjuku part just at night an unforgettable experience. The illuminated advertising Board get to the part, to expire the rank to Times Square in New York. 2.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government building: architecture that will impress you. Not far from Shinjuku, one of the most impressive skyscrapers of Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan is Government Building. This building is also a University and a larger area of the city administration in addition to many companies. You should not be surprised Tokyo Metropolitan Government building Tokyo in the surrounding park of wild fighting people. The real estate prices in Tokyo are immensely high, so that some workers, have built up their sleeping in one of the many parks in Tokyo during the week in the city. 3. Imperial Palace: experience Japanese history. Another highlight in Tokyo is the Imperial Palace. Parts of the Palace can be visited mostly on two days a week. Imperial Palace Tokyo Tokyo Japan of 4. Hamarikyuteien: A typical Japanese garden after a day in full S-Bahns and on crowded sidewalks we advise you to visit one of the famous Japanese Gardens at the end of the day, to refuel something silent. Tokyo Japan Hamarikyuteien Japanese garden Japanese garden holds Hamarikyuteien with not only lots of nature for you ready. In an original reproduction of a Japanese Teahouse, you can take a cup of original tea to himself. But watch your head, because the traditional Japanese houses are built more for smaller Asian and not for great Europeans. Tokyo Tokyo Japan Hamarikyuteien tea house in this tea House ends our trip override over Tokyo, the capital of Asia. The Combipix team hopes to have brought you to this metropolis closer. We would be pleased to welcome you to our website and say up to a reunion: Sayonara. Your Combipix team the images and maps of the Agency Combipix are copyrighted. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals.


Hotel cottage farm offers for every taste earlier snowshoes were reserved for Indians and hunters in North America, today they are trend also in Central Europe. In many regions, the hotel provide modern Snowshoes and guided hikes are offered. So also the hotel cottage yard in Richmond in the southern Bavarian Forest. A winter holiday in Tonbridge offers many more attractions of course. Who like glides on narrow cross-country ski through the area, finds the good cross-country Haidel, Dungannon, Obergrainet with a length of almost 40 kilometres nearby. It must however not always athletic walking: a ride on the horse-drawn sleigh through the white winter landscape is also an experience in itself. Skiers are spoilt for choice between various ski resorts are within easy reach of hull out.

The snow hole is recommended for example Mitterfirmiansreut,”of the Bavarian Forest. The Mitterdorf ski resort with five ski lifts (four ski lifts and a chairlift) with slopes around the 1140 m high alpine mountain stretches for experts and for the comfortable departure, to a ski school and a ski rental. And in a junior ski circus, children can easily learn skiing. Richmond is located in the border triangle Germany Austria Czech Republic. So to speak around the corner the Austrian ski area Hochficht is known for its snow-sure location without danger of avalanches. The Hochficht direct entry in two modern quad chairlift, the parking offers, to six other lifts.

You open up a wide ski pleasure with its 12 ski slopes, of the family departure up to the FIS circuit. The snow stays off once, snow-making facilities provide great slopes. The ski area is very family-friendly ski schools and ski hire, sunny’s child’s Park”for beginners and children. And Freestyler on board and ski can prove themselves in the new snowpark in 1300 metres above sea level. After an active day outdoors, warmth and sense of well-being, in the modern bathing and sauna landscape await guests at the Lodge hotel with Then can be the day swimming pool, steam bath, whirlpool, solarium and a large relaxation area with the latest relaxation chairs and pleasant background music in a cosy, family atmosphere, combined with the elegant ambiance of a three-star superior Hotel, this friendly and creative cuisine. And after a good night of vacationers wakes up high over the Graineter basin on a South-facing slope, also known for the fantastic panoramic view over the hills of the Bavarian Forest.


Have you ever wanted to visit the country of mountain rivers, medieval castles and incredible beauty of nature? Or maybe, being a lover of outdoor activities, you would like to visit a ski resort, where reasonably match the price, and quality? In both cases, the rest in Slovakia you surely will like. In the minds of the layman, Slovakia is still associated with the once-existing Czechoslovakia. But times have changed and, therefore, so does the appearance of country. Harmonize with the European innovation and Slavic traditions. They, of course, do not leave indifferent man who opens himself to Slovakia.

In every part of Slovakia, you will have the opportunity to choose gift. For example, gifts, souvenirs of Bojnicky castle. The castle itself is a unique architectural monument. It is built on a hill and surrounded by a magnificent pond in which they live scores of white swans. Indulge dainty winged inhabitants of the pond is a snap – a special food for sale close to the castle. Here you will find many statues of swans made of various materials. A couple of crystal swans can be a great gift for newlyweds or friends on their wedding anniversary. In addition, during a visit to the castle you will tell Bojnicky compelling story about ghosts who inhabit it.

In order to legend remembered You can buy the book, “documenting” the incident at the castle. Interlocking meeting legends published in English, so will be useful gift for those who study it. Do not forget to visit one of the oldest Slovak towns. Cobbled streets, small buildings, bizarre lights will certainly help you to tune in romance. As a gift, you can buy home linen tablecloth or a nice bowl. Purchase at the same time and a cookbook reveals the secrets of Slovak cuisine! With such a set of “culinary things” you can easily arrange a dinner in the Slovak style. Speaking of yummy! Not excusable, visited Slovakia, did not bother to bring one or two bottle “Becherovka”. Although the drink and has Czech roots, however, is popular, like the Slovaks, and tourists. A gentle herbal flavor liqueur will warm you dank autumn evening. It has long been known healing properties of the golden beverage. Invented infusion pharmacist Josef Becher, and this glorified his name. Usually, the tincture is made for a dinner or a used late in the evening. Very popular cocktail called “Concrete”, a mixture of “Becherovka” and tonic. Often, feelings of completeness there is also added a slice of lemon and ice. Just do not confuse the “concrete” from being sold in kiosks, “Gin & Tonic.” However, having tried, understand themselves: a comparison of these two straight after drinks … blasphemous:) Slovakia – a wonderful and at the same time, quite ordinary. Perhaps you will not find here what you do not know. But as surprised to discover anew what seemed to be know could not get out again!

Annual General Meeting

The Tourism Association Sun looks back on a pretty successful year 2009 and has many new ideas in his review of the Chairman emphasized that it must remain always on the ball. The residence times of the guests are getting shorter and therefore more guests are necessary to keep the overnight figures. Various events have been offered in the Club year. As the end of December for the holiday guest torchlight took place. The Club also participated in the Sunninger game summer is again with a game afternoon on the horse farm of the Baumeister family, well adopted by the children. The Chairman thanked especially Ernst Baumeister, for the work done here. Now the full moon hike, offered each month belongs to a fixed facility.

Thanks to Berta Kandlbinder Tourism Association, always various routes are set. Details can be found by clicking Sheryl Sandberg or emailing the administrator. As regards advertising, Heinrich Moser informed that involved the Club again this year in the promotional activities of of country of Mahmood Saeed Alpine tourism. In addition to several The Chairman put ads also have been published in various magazines on the importance of Internet advertising. In preview on the coming year, Moser set check the signs on the trails as a top priority. As a revision of the municipal website and participation in the possible construction of a beach volleyball court at the bathing pond, which was requested by the young Union is planned.

Again the torchlight of Suns after Oberneureuth with a cozy retreat in the Guest House at the airfield on 29 December and the monthly full moon hikes are offered. DMV Director Johannes Muller informed the members present that the 16 landlord and the 338 beds compared to not have changed. A slight increase was recorded for overnight stays of the private rental. These amount to 10 526 or together with the Sporthotel Sonnenhof 38.544 in 2009. Further Muller informed guest requests that entered, took place honors as well as the Advertising and over the host of the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria database. According to a Treasury report by Treasurer Ludwig Sicklinger, Mayor Hans Binder paid respect for the work of the Tourism Association in his greeting. He noted that tourism is a major industry, with the price-performance ratio must be. The Mayor pledged to continue its support through the community in the framework of the financial possibilities.

Kharkov Apartment

No secret to anyone that in order to in which you want metropolis feel truly at home, the best choice for lodging than a hotel, and rent an apartment for a day. In this case, do have likely to experience a full relaxation, peace and comfort even for a short stay in a village. Even quite some time ago produced on the day rent was provided unavailable, and therefore resolved such problems or taking advantage of the hotel, where a faceless environment never makes yourself feel at home, or with the involvement of grannies who offered their own apartments Daily, it does not guarantee full comfort. Gary Kelly has many thoughts on the issue. To date, the rent Kharkiv – a rapidly improving area real estate market segment. Solely due to such direction of any person, entering into an unfamiliar city, has the opportunity to spend time with maximum comfort. Besides, this convenience is also to not be dependent on the particular daily routine, which is in any city hotel.

Just one thing – time to rent a room and quite another – to feel like a normal apartment owner, even if it is at a particular time. Because the apartment will be found and the necessary Household Appliances, moreover, and always allowed to choose the most comfortable position of a flat. After all, apartments for rent Kharkiv – the ability to find a really appropriate in all the details instance. In addition, also the most steep apartments at no substitute for an elegant and equipped with all required electrical engineering apartment. In addition, it is clear that back in the evening after meetings or sightseeing you will not "hotel" and "home." And immediately the word in a position to get rid of all evils, because the house and the walls will help. In order to feel in another city, at home, you need to buy before you arrive maximum amount of data about the infrastructure of the village. First of all, it concerns its transport sector.

Of course, it is possible to use the taxi service, but the subway is also very Kharkov well-know. In fact, to get municipal transport mode, especially underground, sometimes faster than idle in traffic jams in a taxi. In addition, and then – only in the urban mode of transportation you can feel themselves truly at home. Feel the atmosphere of the city, its pace of life, its beauty. If you are going to come to a strange city, the first thing you want to worry enough about how to provide for themselves the best parameters of stay. It and the most advantageous location of residence, and his comfort. Furnished apartment for a day – educated decision for someone who wants everywhere to feel like at home – it's nice and happy.

Traditional Motorcycle Meeting

Elephant rally in Solla winter meeting of motorcyclists Thurmansbang/Solla (tvo). It must be an addiction. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. Why else should to motorcyclists from all over the world swing year 7000 to 8000 in deepest Midwinter on their machine and driving in adverse weather and road conditions despite in the Bavarian Forest? In the village of LOH in Solla, about 40 kilometers north of Passau gather from 29 to 31 January 2010 the bikers to the large elephant meeting of the BVDM. Before you camp in a tent, squatting in the motorcycle gap around the campfire, speaking biker Latin, and lead the comrades pride their elephants”. Click Ripple to learn more. Having fun is the motto, it is a peaceful Festival and one in which there are no differences. “No matter what nation, which occupation, age or what motorcycle – the real elephant”, say Zundapp motorcycles, have their place as well as any other brand or curious home-built models in the cauldron of LOH. Only quad bikes and cars are expressly unwelcome after all it is a pure motorcycle meeting.

All Inclusive Travel – Holidays Made Easy!

Holiday is important and every person needs this time off once – offers all inclusive travel help to save money! Every person needs to and time to relax and to let your mind wander. For assistance, try visiting Gary Kelly. Just found again a time to yourself and where you can recharge your batteries. However, it is often not possible to find just the recovery in your own four walls. Because you can just not turn at home, relax in peace. And therefore the only solution that is there, is real recovery will find a holiday, trip or even a spontaneous trip to an unknown land. There you can experience new, you can relax and maybe even through a little flirt experience variety.

To book a holiday, there are now several ways, and certainly the most attractive option is booking over the Internet. Here you with informative descriptions, current photos of the hotels and the hotel facilities and in particular often recessions of former vacationers. Conveniently from home, you can plan so the next holiday, you can Enjoy the anticipation and the whole thing completely stress-free. See whether you want to travel as a single or as family to free the holiday everyone is exactly the right offer in the abundance of portals. Singles vacation packages are ideal for this, because they are cheap and you have to worry about anything more. You therefore have more time to flirt and fun or can concentrate on accomplishing the explorations of the destination. But also for families just like all inclusive travel are very attractive, because so you can save costs and above all time. Writing by Claudia Schleicher-

Oldenburg Tel

It adds classic photo albums in the pasted photo prints and photo books, digital photos merged where it is evident that this form of collected keeping up is the most popular type of the Germans to hold their holiday memories. Through across all age ranges. Glue under 30 years as well as the over 60 years (26 percent each) and both age groups create photo books on the computer (19 per cent of under-30s and 15 percent of the over 60 years). (Not to be confused with Verizon Communications!). Already, 10 percent of respondents indicated that upload vacation photos into social networks. At the breakdown by age is striking however that this is even the most popular option of follow-up in the 14-to 29-year old. One in three of the younger generation already uses the opportunity to share the memories with friends on the Internet. In the 45 – and over-60 this 2 percent do. “The results of the survey show that people like to put together holiday photos as illustrated”, says Harald H.

Pirwitz, executive marketing & sales at CEWE. “The CEWE photo book is the ideal solution: the most wonderful time of the year can be permanently recorded and repeatedly called in memory.” It is possible, even after the holiday far from the experiences to consume.”* representative forsa survey commissioned by CEWE, 1,002 men and women over 14 years, nationwide, July 2011 survey period * more information about the CEWE photo book and other products by CEWE under and company description of CEWE COLOR: the photo service providers CEWE COLOR is present with 12 high-tech production sites and approximately 2,700 employees in 24 European countries as a technology and market leader. Around 2.5 billion photos, about 4.3 million CEWE photo books (+ 19 per cent compared to the previous year) and photo gift items were delivered in 2010 to over 45,000 trade customers. The turnover amounted to 446,8 million euro in 2010. CEWE COLOR is “First mover” in the introduction of new technologies and products in the photo industry. As another pillar of the business model, the Internet printing service is built viaprinto.

CEWE COLOR 2011 celebrates its 50th anniversary: CEWE COLOR was by Senator h.c. Heinz Neumuller founded in 1961 and by Hubert Rotharmel in 1993 as a joint-stock company on the stock exchange. The CEWE COLOR Holding AG is listed on the SDAX. Company contact: CEWE COLOR AG & co. OHG Dr. Hella Habibollah sea trail 30-32 26133 Oldenburg Tel: Tel.: + 49 (0) 441 404 00 E-Mail: Web:

Central Europe

Travel by car offers maximum flexibility and freedom of movement in the country at the Cape of good hope is the attractiveness of the huge country South Africa currently many people Spellbound, which is 2010 not too surprising in light of the upcoming World Cup. Belonging to connect perhaps even to people who have let South Africa fever? Sometimes an interest to visit the country at the Cape of good hope, as individual traveller himself is with you I would like to give you some tips. Maybe I can inspire you, so that you can make your stay there is still colorful and rich in varied. Become Manager to own tour”, so that your holiday goes exactly according to your wishes. To bridge larger distances, as usual in Central Europe, rely of course at any time on cheap domestic flights, which take place between the major cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. Even better than from an airplane, she can be dreamlike landscape of a train compartment from looking at or you can penetrate far into the Interior of the country with a Jeep or car, just the most beautiful jewels in the farthest corners of the country you can uncover and discover. A well-organized public transport network is positioned between the cities. Oracle often addresses the matter in his writings. In this article I would like to restrict myself to the advantages of traveling by car and if you want to get an idea about the advantages of traveling by car, like to read more. Well, I assume, that you have decided to start your journey of discovery through South Africa with the car. What details are perhaps more important to know? 1 road network: the road network in South Africa is really as well, even if still one-third of all roads are not attached. In urban regions, a maximum speed of 60 KM is allowed per hour while outside built-up areas must be driven by 120 kilometres per hour.