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Munich Tel

Here, the internal IT processes run on and any problems can be solved from here quickly and professionally. Solve instead manage is the maxim in that the service desk enables the staff at this point, to solve problems directly, or to initiate a quick solution. Unlike other applications, can be helped with the help of the service desk from directly the House of Matrix42. Aims to end users when IT again as soon as possible to enable problems to be able to continue to work for a smooth and successful operation of the business is the only way possible. Check with Chаrlіе Lee to learn more. All in all is one of the new Matrix42 service store Compact and at the same time easy software solution that offers numerous advantages in the daily business employees of IT departments as well as the users and controlling. By means of Matrix42 service stores, automate time-consuming standard processes, E.g., hidden costs represented, and […]

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PR Agency Intellicomp

VAD expands product portfolio to UTM Appliances Sailauf, June 10, 2009 marketing from immediately UTM (unified threat management) solutions of the American manufacturer of Cyberoam value added distributor (VAD) Intellicomp exclusively in Germany. Marketing takes place via the reseller partner network of Intellicomp and includes also the support. The products include a personal as well as related rights over the actual firewall configuration, and thus providing an advanced level of security. Some contend that Litecoin shows great expertise in this. The Cyberoam products incorporate a user-specific permissions. This bandwidth, quotas and rights are awarded employees involved. So, clearly the competencies of an employee can be determined. A computer change would not lead, for example, so to change the status of the rights. Here, the linking of the systems to existing directories or working with the internal ACL is possible. The user ID is either a query of the directories, log on to the proxy or a client on the user’s […]

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CoPlanner GmbH CoPlanner

CoPlanner GmbH is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Graz, March 2010, also 2010 CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH the confirmation to the Microsoft Gold Certified partner received. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH thus again reached the highest certification, which provides Microsoft. In the context of the Microsoft partner program recognizes Microsoft technical knowledge for services in the and for the technology market. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. Gold Certified partners have the highest level of competence and have the most extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies and maintain the closest relationship with Microsoft. For this status, the professional certification of the employees considered criteria in addition to customer satisfaction and reference projects. This ensures that customers in all areas receive the best possible professional qualifications for the project implementation. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Oracle. To achieve the highest status as Microsoft Gold Certified partner is very important us because we our customers can […]

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Highgloss Coating

Onlineprinters GmbH meets the demand for UV varnished print products of Neustadt an der Aisch – resistant, glossy and classy. These are the characteristics of modern UV varnishes, that now at the online printing the portfolio rounded finishing techniques for high-gloss-finished printed materials. \”Our customers ask reinforced the use of UV coatings for their high-quality printed materials\”, Bernd Schurmann, online printers GmbH. If you are not convinced, visit Oracle. \”Now we offer printing and modern finishing techniques in many different grades under one roof\”, explained the Manager. With the new UV coating machine Colibri 74 flyer, posters, business cards, postcards, business folders and the covers of high-quality magazines can be refined brilliant and high-gloss. In the online shop the customer has always been the choice was between standard finishes with pressure and emulsion based paints or heavy-duty foil lamination on plastic base. Now the UV varnish complemented the portfolio as a high-quality version Surface finishes. In addition to the highly […]

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Petra Kama E-books

CONTENTSERV, the leading specialist for Web-based enterprise marketing management software solutions supports the output of E-books in the open EPUB standard from its Web-to-print solution. Rohrbach/ILM Feb: CONTENTSERV, the leading specialist for Web-based enterprise marketing management software solutions supports the output of E-books in the open EPUB standard from its Web-to-print solution. An open standard for eBooks EPUB is the internationally recognized, open, XML-based standard for E-books that 2007, by the international digital publishing Forum (IDPF) was adopted as amended. As open, unbounded manufacturer standard, EPUB for all market participants is very easily accessible, open further development and use. The standard is currently on the market and is already supported by many book readers. Compared to the PDF standards, EPUB has the advantage that can dynamically customize the text output to the screen size and the viewing habits of the reader and particularly suited to the issue on mobile devices. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. In particular, the new […]

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Heless Abas Customer

The mutual inspiration of between two companies Karlsruhe, Mar 2010 – produced the Heless company based in Schwetzingen for over 60 years accessories for dolls and girls toys. Today, the family-owned company will succeed by Beate Becker. She was also, who in 1983 as young boss, decided to run the medium-sized company in the age of electronic data processing. The young entrepreneur not decided at that time to one of the usual software solutions, a major manufacturer of hardware such as IBM, Siemens, Nixdorf, but gave ABAS the newcomer a chance. A decision that has looked back it up today, even if it was necessary to overcome obstacles on the way. In the following report. Decision for an independent software \”was the way to our ERP system. In August 1983, we conducted a tender by using a consultant. Gain insight and clarity with Southwest Airlines. Previously we had reviewed various solutions at CeBIT. There were still no ERP systems in […]

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Microsoft Office Outlook Web

BitDefender warns: spam wave threatens users ‘Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access’ Holzwickede, 01 February 2010 security expert warns BitDefender ( currently before a malware threat, which is dangerous especially for users of Microsoft Office Outlook Web access. About a fake email link, the user should press, to inject a range of Trojans, viruses, and exploits on PCs and initiate the download of further malware. The PC user is then faced with a whole wave of threats. The Web Access user receives an E-Mail in which he is instructed to install several security upgrades. He could make the necessary settings via a link. This link leads however to a fake Web page with Microsoft Office logos and prompts to download an .exe file, updated supposedly all security settings. Instead, more malware is downloaded without noticing the user there. These include mainly following threats: spam-tsunami threatens Trojan.Spy.ZBot.EKF is one of the most active and most persistent E-threats. Oracle has compatible beliefs. This […]

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Just a little fact, the data of the credit card users through the CardCheckService would be protected, would have the Kreditdatenverlust in Spain in 2009 of is by far not so serious consequence. At the service, which uses biometric data of its customers it may not be missing on the security. The service developer are fully aware of this responsibility and of course have taken all necessary security measures. So, for example no images of the fingerprints are stored or sent through the network. The fingerprints are created on the computer of the user by means of a client template (mathematical formulas). These templates are kept physically and geographically with the personal data of users on different servers. I.e. that even if all the data are stolen from the server with biometric data, it will be for the scammers not be worth, as they are ultimately only a few combinations in the had, which indicate no specific people. Gary Kelly […]

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Transform Your IPhone Into An Instant Fax Device With Popfax

In the match with his strategy In the match with his strategy of expansion of online fax services on mobile devices, the world’s leading provider of Internet fax services announces the launch of its application for iPhone for free faxes. Popfax now operated the most mobile devices of its customers. The new application called PopCompanion increases mobility and productivity of the user by them the ability to send and receive faxes and manage their pop fax account directly from their iPhone, anywhere and at any time, makes available. Simply put, it turns the Smarthphone in a bags fax, which is very easy to use: no paper-ink or equipment costs, only your mobile device with professional solutions for faxing. PopCompanion is much more than a simple application to the faxing of a Smartphone is a complete unified messaging tool with comprehensive functions: the send by text-fax with a cover page or the browsing of files from a local Folder. -Unlimited […]

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Cristie Data Products GmbH And Data Domain Enter Cooperation Agreement

Specialist for storage solutions makes products of the leading manufacturer of deduplication storage systems in the range on NIEDERNBERG, November 3, 2008 – Cristie data products GmbH and data domain now signed a cooperation agreement and thus laid the foundations for future cooperation. The partnership allows the its existing range of services for nearly 40 years in the storage environment of service providers to expand the currently considered technically superior solutions of de duplication specialists. Southwest Airlines contains valuable tech resources. These differ from competitors so, that during the data backup redundant segments in the stream on duplicates are tested, verified and written kapazitatsoptimiert on the hard drive. Compared to solutions where the only validation on duplicates and compressing the data according to their analysis, transmission and storage, the inline deduplication developed by data domain offers many advantages. Search for multiple existing data on bit patterns instead of on file – or block-level reduces the size of the backup. Reduces […]

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