Average Ensino

The work and the citizenship are foreseen as the main contexts in which the capacity to continue learning must be applied. The basic formation to be searched in Average Ensino will more become fullfilled for the constitution of abilities abilities and disposals of behaviors of what for the amount of information. A curricular organization that answers to these challenges requires, to unfasten the resume enciclopdico, means the curricular contents with expression forms and communication to adopt diversified strategies of education that mobilize little the memory and more the reasoning and other abilities etc. the interdisciplinaridade must go beyond the mere juxtaposition of disciplines, the same also is involved when the citizens that they know teach and learn feel procedure necessity that in an only vision it disciplines can seem heterodox, but make sensible when called to give account of complex subjects. It is important to emphasize that the interdisciplinaridade assumes axle integrator, that can to be the knowledge object, a project of inquiry, a plan of intervention. In this direction it must leave of the necessity felt for the schools, professors and pupils to explain, to understand, to intervine, to change, to foresee something that defies one disciplines isolated and more than attracts the attention of a look perhaps several. Daniel Lubetzky understood the implications. The centers of interests of Decroly which, leaving of a motivador thematic nucleus for the pupil and following the process of comment, association and expression integrate different areas of the knowledge.

Diverse educators had considered methods that leave of a situation or subject that can be motivadores, but ovide Decroly (1871 1932), applies a method based on the evidence of the fact of that the people over all interest to satisfy the proper necessities natural. Decroly uses different arguments, established in its experience as man issuingly sensible programmarian and to the problem of the society. The same it says ' ' The education has that to be for the life it is based on vida' '. Concluimos saying that the methods many times are alone in the theory because in the practical one it is different. The professor in century XXI passes for a period of revolution in the education area, where the same the all moment is charged, but does not have investment, thus becoming difficult the correspondence between pupil and professor.

Educational Styles

The children who present difficulties in the school, in the understanding of new abilities, are running the risk to have problems in the different pertaining to school areas and in life in general, in its cognitivo development, social and affective, as a whole. Such difficulties, are of great importance, therefore the problems between the potential of the child and its execution, must be evaluated with care for a professional specialized in learning difficulties. If to the paper of the family we added the paper of the school we would have the formation of a net, therefore both are responsible in such a way for the learning as for the not-learning of the citizen. Filed under: Scott Kahan. Each human being presents a different history, a different necessity, a different expectation when it becomes related with the other, also with the professor. In turn, the professor in classroom does not see the pupil with the same looking at of another professor. In this perspective to psicopedagogo he fits to know as if he constitutes the citizen, as this if transforms into its diverse stages of life, which the knowledge resources of that it makes use and the form for which it produces knowledge and it learns. She is necessary, also, that psicopedagogo knows what is to teach and what it is to learn; as they intervene the educative systems and methods; the structural problems that intervine in the sprouting of the learning upheavals and in the pertaining to school process.

Each child has the process of different development, some learns with bigger easiness while others learn more to devagar. at this moment that is of basic importance that the professor analyzes each child individually to be able to adjust the contents in agreement the necessity of each one. The changes of education strategies can contribute so that all learn.

English Language Learners

However, so that this occurs satisfactorily, she is necessary that the professors, in the paper of facilitadores and mediators of the learning, find a form qualitative teoriaem to transform it practical. In this perspective, Saucers (2000) and Bridge (2003) they stand out that the professors need to have the conscience of that the acquisition of the geometric concepts must occur by means of the accomplishment of activities that involve the pupils in the comment and the comparison of the geometric figures, especially those related with the angular concepts. Finishing, the results of the accomplishment of this project of pedagogical intervention indicate that many difficulties with regard to the education of geometry exist, mainly, with the study of angles. In this direction, the necessity exists of that new strategies of education are used in classroom for the education of this content are not relegated to as a plain one and can take care of the pertaining to school necessities of our pupils.

Infantile Education

Very important to mention, also, internal evaluations in the schools that finish finally generating. In first place, the criteria of evaluation of the learning need to be clarificados (…). In as place she is necessary to consider the context of production of statisticians; while the indices of retention of pupils will be sources of evaluation, implicit or explicit, of the schools or its professionals, these pressures will be reflected in the production of the indices (…). To guarantee the cost all, basses reprovao indices enters the pupils of its schools is only the reply of directors and teachers to the confusion established for the proper centered administration of the education between ' ' sinais' ' ' ' ao' ' the fall enters in the taxes of repetncia and the improvement in the quality of education. (2001) Other statisticians. The evaluations in the school are carried through by the professors, continuously and not only at a moment of the learning process, valuing each advance and each progress of each pupil, the least what he mentions yourself mainly to Basic Ensino in its initial series, and in the Infantile Education.

They are elaborated in accordance with the planning of the pedagogical actions, the objective tracings and based in the legislation, having the first purpose of verification and not simply quantitative measurement of how many pupils they are alfabetizados. They have the function to show to the professor what she must be I coat, replanejado and retaken in diverse ways for the effective learning them pupils, the knowledge degree them pupils in determined content, if she is possible and through which strategy, to give continuity the same. These evaluations, therefore, finish generating internal statisticians who are taken the public knowledge. In basic education he does not have seriao and the progression is continued, however, in 4 year, to the end of the first cycle the pupils who had not obtained to be alphabetical can and must be restrained in cycle I.

The Formation

When the child starts school life, carries luggage, which is not always equipped you support and encouragement the habit of reading. In view of this concern is important you bring you public school the development this skill, arousing interest through activities and different environments. Key words: Reading, training of readers, School library. Introduction: The interest for the research of this article appeared from the happened necessities of the pertaining to school complaints, in which many pupils present difficulties to understand what they leem, making of this somewhat superficial act. The raised hypothesis is salient on the importance to implant in the public schools the library, therefore this space will allow to the contact with books since infancy, allowing a good development of the reading ability, and with this the pupils become participant assets in the construction of the proper knowledge. You may find that Scott Kahan can contribute to your knowledge. The objective of this article is to identify to the possible causes of me the formation of readers in Brazil; To define the function of the libraries and to develop psicopedaggicas strategies to stimulate the habit to read.

The research will have qualitative and quantitative endorsement, on the basis of the bibliographical theoretical survey and analysis of data. Reflection on the problematic formation of readers in Brazil Currently, it is common to hear the complaint of professors in relation to the learning of the reading for the educandos. One knows that the reading is not a mere lingustica decoding. ' ' The act to read that it is not depleted in the pure decoding of the written word, but if anticipates and if it prolongates in the intelligence of mundo' ' (FREIRE, 2003, P. 11). The individual needs to assume itself of its function while to be scholar, attributing meant its experiences previous. According to Mayan (2007, p.29) ' ' One perceives (…) that the reading is a necessary activity not only to the educational project of the individual, but also to the existencial project, and that, beyond being an act that if carries through in the scope of the cognition, it presents social character, historical and poltico' '.

The Birth

Methodology The research was carried through of qualitative form, leaving of bibliographical research that carefully had been selected and had given the theoretical basement for this thematic one. Consideraes final As it could be verified, stress lathe integrant part of the daily one of the human being. It is impossible to prevent it, however it is possible to know it and to control it, having the conscience of that it will be always a constant in our way. Lipp (1996) affirms that if stress will be understood and controlled it can be useful to the human being and contributes for its success and welfare. However, when if it presents of extreme form or uncontrolled it becomes the difficult life demasiadamente. Following for this bias, one becomes essential that each individual obtains to visualize the things with greater naturalness to become this one learning stops its life, accumulating new experiences and ways to face the problems. In accordance with Grandjean (1998), stress belongs to the life as well as the birth, the nutrition, the growth, the love and the death.

According to author, a life without estress would be artificial, but monotonous and not only also enfadonha. Thus being, when the professor is capable to use adjusted strategies, stress (controlled) a positive factor can become that will go to assist the professional of the education in the confrontation of desgastantes situations, and help it to develop it its practises in more healthful way. For one side, is important to reflect on as the professors can be considered agents of changes in a society that each time more charge them in parallel little value them. In this context if it cannot forget that the education comes enclosing each time new responsibilities that they overload the educator in its teaching paper, and that these professionals come being, most of the time, forgotten for the public politics assistance private to worker.

Human Rights Education

Still in article 18 of the ECA ' ' He is right of all to watch over for the dignity of the child being put them I save it of any desumano, violent, errifying, vexatious treatment or constrangedor' '. (BRAZIL, 1990). This specified article was placed strategically finally by the expression of its meaning, therefore the violence committed for the pertaining to school action through bullying it is incoherent with the proposal of if watching over for the rights of the child and the adolescent. The professor who naturalizes behaviors of bullying favors the contamination of the pertaining to school institution, to not punishing who he practises and worse when feeding it with practical social inconceivable of the point of view of the ethics and the values. After these reflections that involve terms you appraise and of legislation one searched to emphasize Gimeno Sacristn (2007) that it focused the relation between the human school and rights in the following affirmation: The developed education as the Human Rights must have as complementary and interdependent reference the following approaches: The basic right to receive education, of being escolarizado; boarding of the subjects related to the Human Rights in the school, as it is present in the resume and as it is worked in classroom and as if they respect the practical Human Rights in the educative ones, and where measured, these practical are in accord with full exercise of the Human Rights. (2007, pp. 134-135).

According to this author, the education as right makes possible the access to other rights, understands that only pautada in the Human Rights the education can form competent citizens. ers to explore varied viewpoints. One is not about the professor to mere introduce the knowledge of the human rights, but to incorporate them as principles norteadores of the prxis educative. Sacristn (2007, P. 142) focuses amongst articles of the Declaration of the Rights of the Man the right of not being submitted the tortures nor the penalty or cruel, desumanos or degradantes treatments, this imply as consequence the education: ' ' Analysis of the obstacles for the fulfilment of these rights. .

Research Study

However, an investigation appeared which motivated in them to carry through this study of research, that was: Of that way the offered education inside of the movement social it generates the awareness politics in the children? 1,1 Social context Although normally not to be worked referring subjects to the politicalization with the children for understanding that the same ones are incapable to learn this thematic one, the social movements breach with this idea, a time that the same ones teach very since early its citizens as if becoming politicized, conscientious of its paper inside of the society in which they live. From there that the investigation appeared that took in them to carry through this study of research, that was: How the education the education offered in the social movements creates the awareness present politics in its citizens? 1.2 1.2.1 objectives general Objective To understand the way as the offered education inside of the social movements of the field creates the awareness politics in the children. 1.2.2 Specific objectives? To identify practical educative the existing ones in the experience. To demonstrate the influence of the organization in the formation of the identity of its militant ones; To even know that point the present politicalization in the citizens inside of the social movements assists to them in favor of its fight. 2.FUNDAMENTAO THEORETICIAN According to LANGSTED (1991) ' ' we have to consider the children as specialists when if it deals with its proper lives, it was in the children whom if it searched to aquietar investigations and to find the signals that indicated the possible ways for the construction of educative processes that respect the rights, feelings and desires of the same ones. It is added this the option to reflect on the educative experience that if develops inside of a social movement of resistance to the degradante and classicista project of contemporaneidade' '.

Protecting Your Website

The relative ease of publishing information on the vast Web, supported by examples to follow, sooner or later turns out to many visitors to the web temptation to start your own webpage. If the site owner has a certain tenacity, literacy and good taste, and he definitely has something to say or to show the world, and examples to follow initially chosen wisely, the light may well come a worthy and worthwhile web project. A regularly updated site has original content copyright is a good chance of eventually becoming a very popular and bring some fame to its creator. It’s believed that Lawrence Ellison sees a great future in this idea. However, such is not always the most often appear on light concocted in haste pages, uninformative and poorly decorated. Nevertheless, even the potential authors of quality content that can be interest to a broad audience, are not polls geeks that quite naturally gives rise to certain difficulties when trying to publish their own materials on the web.

Often this is because many people do not think about the external design or compliance with technical requirements. In recent months, Financial Asset Management Corporation has been very successful. The first question that most acutely concerned about those who first created his life: where better to host your site, what hosting to choose? Question certainly important. However, first you need to design a website, at least in general terms. It is important to remember that everything – and the structure of the navigation menu, and the appearance of pages, and finally, the choice of hosting – should be subject to specific content, the site's content. A leading source for info: Adam Portnoy.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

The past summer was the most rainy in Moscow over the past eight years. Fees for wastewater discharges into water bodies may increase 10 times. If you are not convinced, visit Lawrence Ellison. Neekologichnym trucks from entering the center of Moscow will be closed from September 25. In the Atlantic, was born a new tropical storm 'Gustav'. After two decades of Earthlings will experience a shortage of fresh water.

Researchers found that in summer the weekend rain is more frequent than on weekdays. Europeans approve of the introduction of stringent environmental standards. The area of Arctic sea ice has decreased below the low of 2005. Scientists have discovered that cows are Earth's magnetic field. Review of the week from 25.08.2008 to 08.31.2008. The past summer was the most rainy in Moscow over the past eight This summer has been years in Moscow for the most rainy in this century.

During the last days of summer in Moscow has fallen 366 millimeters, which is 1 mm larger than the rainy summer of 2000. In addition, the summer of 2008 came in fifth place among the most raw summers since 1879. And if you take into consideration the Atlantic cyclone rains that came in last summer Tuesday in the Moscow region from the west and delayed over the northern half of the Central Federal County, it is possible that the monthly precipitation in the city exceeds 120 millimeters, which means that this summer will be very rainy in the history of meteorological observations. Fees for wastewater discharges into water objects can increase 10 times in last Wednesday the Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposed in 2014 to increase fees for wastewater discharges into water bodies in ten times.