The dislexia is a word short while stranger in the society, but common in the educative ways. Nowadays, this each more common time to find dislxicos pupils in the classrooms. Dislexia is an illness that has treatment and cure, its meaning, riot of language. The attention deficit is the found upheaval more in the classroom. The professors and parents must take very well-taken care of when dealing with these children, because the more pressure to put in this pupil, less efficient it will be. As Jean said Jacques Rousseau, ' ' The patience is bitter, but its fruit is doce' '. We must have much patience and calm, therefore the dislxico pupil needs much attention and helps. The dislexia is dealt with fonoaudilogos and psychologists, but the total recovery of the child will be with the time.

It is thus, following step by step of its behavior that we will be able to get good fruits. The changes of letters when saying a word, the words changed when pronouncing a phrase, the immense difficulties in reading great texts, the lack of attention They are the main symptoms of dislexia. Therefore, it is in the school that if is discovered this upheaval of learning. An interview made in the city of Guarapuava- PR, with Mrs. N.F.H mother of P.H.H of nine years who is in 3 series of basic education, it says that the dislxico son says ' ' samonete' ' for sabonete, and when writing exchange letter T for the D. ' ' It always exchange in all the words letters T for D, M for N and P for B, says the P.H.H.&#039 mother; ' The boy already had improvement according to doctors 30%. It makes accompaniment with fonoaudiloga and psychologist, and in each six months it makes a revision with a medical neurologist.

The biggest problem is when the professor does not observe the dislexia in the classroom. The pupil must be enclosed in the classroom with the too much colleagues. Law 9,394, of 20/12/96 (Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education), says that the carrying pupil of the dislexia, must be enclosed in the classroom in normal regimen, as the too much pupils. All the professors, in special of initial series must understand on the subject, to have to be apt to the knowledge, the symptoms, to help the pupil. This is not a problem alone of the professors. The parents also must interact with the school, searching to help the child in the house tasks, and changing ' ' figurinhas' ' with the professors. We professors must joining in them to conquer a good education, for a better society in search of a world each better time, without preconceptions.