San Martin

The one that it has brings back to consciousness own that thinks and takes its arrests from dignity. The USA and Colombia him have thrown letters to America de Bolivar, San Martin, Or Higgins and Mart, and they do not seem but to outline it towards a future of wars, because in the middle of them, like the opportunist one on the fallen tree, is from where they remove to its firewood the old woman powers pawned on to remain without never changing, with the object of domear to the towns and guarding its interests (theirs, the one of the plutcratas), same that, if once they are threatened animate, them to begin the same political scheme again, but never to finalize it to give form to another system of brings back to consciousness social. Nor to think it! It is remained or one begins again in the same habit, but never it is possible to be arrived at its end. If the USA? that it is like saying Colombia so we spoke? they would lodge the healthy intention of adjustment and retirement of his traumatic influence in the region, already for would have demonstrated awhile it with the chapter of Honduras, where remains like the unique Member State of the OAS? ah, forgot Colombia to me? that one refuses to retire its endorsement to him to the coup participants. An historical opportunity failed to take advantage of that leaves without no tapujo the true face of the American intentionality on our mother countries. President Uribe also did his when not attending the recent meeting of the Union of South American nations, UNASUR. For that reason it is necessary to say that who it has it brings back to consciousness in the same way that it thinks, that who with eyes sees, as she says the saying. . .


Mother we are, yes, in distinct places, in different lives, but always let us stow and always we will be TOGETHER, joined through the bows of our LOVE. It close the eyes in search of souvenirs of my birth clearly, I do not remember myself, however something inside of says me to me that it was my the first and painful separation of my life. I died for a life and I was born for another one Sheltered in the comfort and safe from shelter the belly of the mother, suddenly I was ' ' expulsa' ' of its womb and ' ' despejada' ' in this mundo of my God who this. Saddest, I believe, I was the rupture of the umbilical lace What do you mean? How they separate to me of my mother? Later I only was to understand that It remained juntinha me With all its affection and devotion, until the final days of its terrena life. Many years later, already adult judging me and made woman, I lost my mother. Ah, I lost my soil, I had the clear sensation of being separate of its seio it fed when me of its milk. How to continue? How to live without my mother? For which reason the mothers die? It says me! Some time later I only was to discover that the mothers never do not die! They live perpetual! the death nothing more is that the birth for another life and as well as one day I was separate of my mother when of my birth, in another one my mother was separate of me through its birth for another life. The life is not easy without the affections, cares and the col that a mother is only capable to give But today I continue, therefore I know that the separation is brief and the love bows are non-separable Then today I do not have more the heat of my mother, as well as one day more I did not have the shelter in its belly However, meetings let us stow and always we will be in the union of our love. Mother we are, yes, in distinct places, in different lives, but always let us stow and always we will be TOGETHER, joined through the bows of our LOVE.

Rutherberg Process

In this direction it is important to emphasize that, for studying it is good for the growth of the human being in the qualification professional, is important also to understand the complexity of the work in the system of familiar production. To stimulate the population to search formation in the areas where it contemplates the agricultural system of production, and in this search to break the preconception that exists in the society that the citizen of the field does not need study. The acquired knowledge that is passed of father for children helps very in the process of work in the field. Many producers conserve techniques that had learned with the first colonizadores of the region of the Transamaznica, however the practical one comes being spread has many years. The family of agriculturists can depend basically on on local resources and native knowledge or external insumos ' ' estrangeiros' ' , chemical fertilizers, pesticides, mechanization and formal scientific knowledge. Diverse agricultural systems can exist simultaneously in one same area. Much of them described and &amp had been compared (Duckham; Masefield, 1970; Grigg, 1974; Klee, 1980; Rutherberg, 1980). p.

32) the reading it is very important for todos/as, either in the field, the city, or any space. The communication by means of the reading is basic in the process teach-learning, and all the professions demanded in the work market. The school regal victory search in its educational politics some incentives to improve the reading of the pupils. The practical ones of letramento in the pertaining to school environment if give of two forms; deed of division, based on the pertaining to school resume (contents programmarians), and informal, using espont aneidade inside of the process teach-learning. Already the families participate of this process through culminncias of projects, accompaniment of the activities of its children and pedagogical meetings. in this context the reading and writing are inserted in the daily pertaining to school of the educandos, and with the use of projects that has the subjects related to the bimasters, they make with that the involved citizens (parents and pupils) construct to the knowledge through the reading and writing.


The regrouping follows its course, as in the case of the BRIC, with the interesting invitation to South Africa to get up to its last meeting or the case of sub-group ISBA (India South Africa, Brazil) or the coincidences between Brazil and Turkey on the Iranian nuclear program. The announcement of retirement in 2014 of Afghanistan or the conversations with talibanes makes the possible results vague of that armed intervention. In the middle of this process it follows slow, even paralyzed, the construction of a substitute world order. China and Russia, meanwhile, have obtained a modus vivendi, with demilitarization of their borders and to share of influences in Central Asia. India and Japan come near before Chinese irruption. They are all reacomodos in search of better positions against the new global order.

Inclusively we can write down the Korean crisis against this background. North Korea, with serious problems including of hunger, is governed by a species of religious sect, but we removed some towns like the Kurds could become general when saying that it is the unique nation seated on two states, that is to say, legally is the unique nation that remains divided after the reunification of Germany and Yemen. That division continues being an inheritance of the cold war and an anomaly to solve, although the origins are clearly in the Japanese invasion of China, origin that stays in the present crisis, since the norcoreanos heirs of those facts follow in the power in a species of hereditary monarchy. And because they see those of the south like a North American appendix. There are foreign troops in North Korea, but no thousands of North American soldiers in South Korea. While it is continued watching simply the North like a problem of development of nuclear weapons will be no adjustment. By all means that its regime is a dictatorship of the worse ones and its record in human rights includes all type of violations.

Nostalgic Care

You are Nostalgic remembering those wonderful days next to your pair and want to revivir your damaged relation? You would be arranged to give to your relation another opportunity? If you adopt the measures contemplated in this article you will find the way to reconquer your ex- fianc2ee. 1 Recuerda, that the patience is without a doubt a virtue. Ten taken care of of not hurrying the things, in its place begins with the simple things. When you cross yourself your ex- ones, from time to time, you are not scared to say to him hello. You must try to maintain the contact with her so that it understands that it is trying to gain its attention, but deals with further on not allowing that to this advance in this first stage because he is not recommendable to reconquer to your ex- ones. 2 – To try to take the conversation slowly, trying to speak with her as long as you are able to do it.

Ten in account that the best thing is to make your conversations short and a little complicated generally. Ten taken care of of not revealing to him much, due to the fact that the stranger is without a doubt much more desirable for many women. In order to reconquer your ex- fianc2ee you must to take care of of you In addition, perhaps if you are with her in a celebration or meeting of some type and end up speaking with her, if a friend or friendly enters the conversation area, you must end the conversation with her and interact in the conversation with all. This will demonstrate to him that in spite of the conversation that you were having with her no longer it is most important in your life at this moment. Also you do not have preocuparte about coquetear from time to time just a little bit.

Source Patient

Table 2. Prevalncia of the feminine sex of the visitors to the patient of the UTI of the particular hospital of Ceres-GO. Prevalncia of the N Sex de 76,67 Feminine Visitantes % 46 Masculine 14 23,33 Total 60 10,00 Source: Research of Field, 2010. However this constatao in table 2 portraies the reality in all Country. The majority of the visitors to the patient of the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO is children, later others, followed of parents, wife (o) and brother (a) as it illustrates table 3. Table 3. Degree of kindred of visitor to the patient of the UTI of the particular hospital of Ceres-GO.

Level of kinship with N patient de Visitantes % Son () 29 48,33 10,00 Parents 6 Wife (o) 5 8,33 Brother (a) 4 6,67 Others 16 26,66 Total 60 100 Source: Research of Field, 2010. For table 3, in relation to others it is excellent to point out that they are friends of the patient or the family who goes to visit it. These data gotten in table 3 go of meeting with a research carried through for Echer, Onzi, Cross, Ben, Fernandes, Bruxel (10, p.34). It can be affirmed that the friend and majority familiar know why the patient to be in the UTI of the hospital and the minority affirms that not as she shows table 4. Table 4. Level of knowledge of the visitors on the park. The patient to be in the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO. Total 60 100 knows the reason of the patient to be in the UTI N de 6,67 Visitantes % Yes 56 93,33 Not 4 Source: Research of Field, 2010. In this context, it is not surprising to evidence that the majority of the visitors has information on the individual that if finds in the UTI of the hospital, as it detaches table 5.

The Word

The concept of the Word of God in the book of Hebrews is that it is alive and efficient, and more penetrating than sword of two gumes (sharp part), and penetrates until the division of the soul, and the spirit, and the meetings and marrow, and is apt stops to discern the thoughts and intentions from the heart; the Word of God it penetrates in closest of our being and discerns if our thoughts and reasons are spirituals or not. The two gumes when it cuts, can saving in them or condemning in them for the perpetual death. The Word of God serves so that we let us approach in them to Jesus as our supreme priest. Orando in all the time in the spirit? the conjunct approaches in them to God, it is the canal between us and it. Tiago 5:16 says that we must confess ours you blame ones to the others, to pray ones for the others, so that let us can be sarados, this in the sample because many times do not occur the divine cure between the Christians. We must confess our sins ones to the others and pray ones for the others. The sin in the church is an obstacle for our conjuncts and hinders the manifestation it to be able of the divine cure in the way of the church. complete Tiago saying: the conjunct made for one just can very in its effect. The conjuncts of just: Leva it more close to God? Hb Abre 7:25 the way for a full life of the Spirit? Lc D to it 11:13 to be able to serve? At 1:8; for the Christian devotion? Ef 3:14 21 Edifica it spiritual? Jd 20 D to it understanding of the provision of Christ for us? Ef Ajuda 1:18,19 it to win it the Satan?


‘ Then Esa ran it to it the meeting, and hugged it, and was launched on its neck, and kissed it; choraram.’ ‘ Gn 33:4 we have lived days where some people do not support ones to the others, for this or that reason. ‘ always has a good justification for ours; ‘ nervosinho’ ‘ , the other made something or left to make, and I, almost a god, gentleman of the veradade, did not like. It or it can until wounded having me, but I go to leave I stop backwards the things that if had passed and to continue walking for front, this pack I am not mine. I go to liberate pardon, I decide for this, not necessary to feel I only go to pardon and ready. The brother of Esa stepped on in the ball, or better, Jac dribbled its brother with an irregular play, marked a goal in impediment situation, provoked and extremely left its mogoado brother to the point of Esa to desire to kill it. Then the chance came, arrived the day to make right the accounts. Jac trembled on the inside, sighted its Esa brother (the wronged one) folloied of others 400 men. It was the end, the day of revenge, suggested plate to be saboreado cold.

Nor cold nor hot, despite in the East the climate esquente literally, Esa decided to pardon. It was launched the arms of to its hugged it brother and had cried of joy. The abyss that had simply between them disappeared. That it convinces you to the Espirito Santo the decision, then you will be free. It exists some reasons that do not leave you to decide to pardon, but the root of all they is its pride. Cut for the root it arrests what you, either intelligent. I leave to inform something to you: Pride is sin also, as well as they had made what you.

Skirt of the victim condition, the canvas is place for the losers. It raises champion (a)! JESUS was victim of an injustice, but he was not if justifying. IT hugged the cross, made what he had to be made and only promoted FREEDOM. B R C E! IT DECIDES TO HUG. HE IS NOT PROUD.


Beautiful place, the holy ghost place An environment takes that me to the meeting with the holy ghost. Ritual that has years if I repeated. Ahead of that covered with star sky, I can feel the magnitude of the creator. The breeze touches my skin, as a caress. The owls observe with attention each order that I carry through. I feel the angels my return. The peace fully breaches with the gates of my soul.

per instant I remain silenced, immovable sensible that sublime one to be able it consumes that me completely. I feel myself so happy, a meeting that restores the soul and of the direction mine to exist it. The magic of to that makes me place to smile, to cry, to praise Mysteriously I can say that I see the servant in everything my return! Simply my point of meeting with the creator. At this moment nothing it makes direction, therefore I disconnect myself of this world and I connect to the creator. My point of light, a place of divine inspiration.

Power Of The Mind

Many people lately have spoken in the power of the mind and this is truth, if you to perceive many people who had gotten success it had visualized in the mind the success first the goal or objective, would like today that you if attempted against for this, what you almeija that as much wants you can you are enough to want, you are enough to visualize and to believe that she can happen, when people you had not visualized things simple that finished happening, for example a trip the person you speak you wanted to travel in this holiday and derepente somebody invites to travel this happened to it why you visualized this before, when they had been to inaugurate the Russian mountain in the Disney MR. Wall Disney Already was deceased but its wife, a young that make a speeched in the event did not invite it to speak on the event and commented that penalty that MR. Wall is not qui to see this, when the wife of MR. Wall caught the microphone it said in the truth MR. the Wall was first to visualize in the mind of it, but vocs it now is seeing saw that vocs therefore it is here today, that is that is an example first. He thinks about this