Goblet Man

It looks at for the soil and still finds two goblets dirty of wine, and asks: – What these goblets are making here in the soil love? Who was here with you? The woman did not obtain to take off the eyes of the door and this finished calling the attention Joo who for a moment nor thought about knowing what he could is behind the door, but still thinking that a trick was alone She opens the door and of the one of face with a man still badly tremendous dress and of fear, after that unexpected meeting Joo stops a great fight with the man, the two roll the stairs and the woman cries out despaired saying for the man who goes even so. It obtains to escape and leaves running until door in direction the street, Joo runs behind trying reaches it, but it loses of sight. The neighbors leave to the house door to see what he is happening, Joo look at for all those people looking at for it as a flock of ready carnivores to attack the canine tooth in defense, it puts the hands in the head and still cries out there of the street: – Its vagabunda! Poor fellow, looks at that you made She finished with our life. It enters in desperation, the woman can see it if approaching to it as a fierce dog, creaking teeth and with one blood mark that goes down of the nose. It kneel itself in the soil and starts to cry out asking for pardon, and without thinking Joo she applies one covers to the face of it, at this moment she arrives the neighbors take who it for house of them and ask for so that Joo if he calms, but it is with much hatred and he did not have the people, then it thinks about the worse things of the life.