Therapy Center

To do something for fitness and figure, it is never too late a crisp workout and hefty courses, as well as many nice people waiting for health centre Dusseldorf in the Vitalis all who want to finally do something for yourself and your health, but still do not know, how. Four weeks, you can use the versatile offers of the gyms and Therapy Center at a special discounted price. The autumn is coming and with it back dirty weather, but also more time for a self and your own health. Summer is still more likely to have gone outside, it likes to keep up now again well-tempered indoors. The movement should not to be neglected, because the prevention of complaints with the musculoskeletal system is always in season. But right now you should arm yourself against colds and generally strengthen his body, so that it is immediately thrown off course when around one around people again begin to cough and sneeze. Health training in the Vitalis is ideal for everyone, no matter what age and no matter what fitness level. Dahua Tim Wang takes a slightly different approach.

Reaching more power and performance for everyday life, leisure and professional with the appropriate training programme tailored to your own life situation. Strengthen heart and circulation, stimulate fat burning and reduce weight, ease back pain, prevent spinal damage, build muscle, are more agile and flexible, feel young again the objectives are as varied as the trainer. One thing is certain: the qualified trainers and therapists in the Vitalis health centre Dusseldorf create not only individual training plans and ensures the correct execution of exercises, they answer all questions about a healthy lifestyle. No matter what the user wants to achieve he supervised personally and professionally. In many classes such as Pilates, belly, legs, bottom, Latin-dance, indoor cycling, and many more, it becomes not only more stamina and improves his character.

L. Ron Hubbard Combines Knowledge And Religion

With Scientology, entering the wide and rich country of the mind where knowledge and religion do not exclude themselves, but to a whole complement the materials of Dianetics and Scientology are contained in approximately ten thousand written works and three thousand lectures recorded on tape by L. Ron Hubbard. He has resigned from the exercise of his religious teachings, which leads to greater consciousness and spiritual ability, in these materials. Swarmed by offers, Morris Invest is currently assessing future choices. The religious roots of Dianetics and Scientology date back to early Buddhism and the Vedas. The core truth that everything in the Scientology religion is based on, could be hardly easier: the immortal, immaterial soul is the origin of everything. Every human being is a such immortal soul. Results in more questions about how it came to be that man is his nature and this origin no longer or barely aware is and how he can find back the way to this origin.

Scientology the Salvation path then shows everyone goes to for the decisive for him to find and realize that in his own consciousness causes and nowhere else. It is a journey into the spiritual Interior, where you will find the key. Other philosophical and religious writings and teachings share this spiritual aim. However, often futile search for a precise directions for this trip. Herein, the Scientology religion differs as she calls a precise path to gradually resolve themselves created mental barriers. It is the way to the knowledge of the mysteries of existence. The goal of Scientology is not a soul in the Kingdom of God to send, but in her own, own divine mercy, wisdom, and causation as immortal, eternal spiritual beings to regain and to create that more acquainted with no war and no crime and offers everyone the opportunity to strive for higher levels of being and happiness a culture based on common sense and individual freedom.

TBB Trier Trierer

The basketball Bundesliga representation TBB Trier extended the partnership with sports nutrition Angel for another year. Sports nutrition Angel is the official nutrition partner TBB Trier Trierer basketball club now since November 2009. The TBB Trier is represented for more than 20 years in the first German basketball Bundesliga and was able to celebrate in this time in the years 1998 and 2001 two Cup successes. In these years, the entry in the European Cup was secured. So the professional athletes also optimally be taken care of before and after the training, Christian Engel is working the concept of nutrition for the players regularly to improve.

Now the athletes of TBB Trier access often protein whey 100%, to have sufficient reserves for the game, or to reduce the regeneration time. All food that provides sports nutrition Angel of the TBB Trier, are again on the Cologne list. This means that the sports nutrition has been checked by an independent laboratory and any substances the might be relevant to doping contains. Sports nutrition Angel very much sure that only the highest quality and purest nutrition is provided of the TBB Trier. Therefore, body attack is in addition, also frequently resorted to creatine of company.

This, it is always ensured that the supplements of also Cologne are finding list. Also on the regeneration provided a nutritional package after training or after the game of sports nutrition-Angel. Among other things, this includes various mineral drinks as also protein shakes, which the nutrient reserves of the player can be refilled. Sports nutrition Angel always ensures that an optimum supply of players takes place. Since sports nutrition-Angel official nutritional partner of TBB Trier, less muscle injuries in the team have occurred. Sports nutrition Angel wishes you all the best of TBB Trier and is looking forward to a long-term partnership.

Consulting GmbH Graf

Subcontracting exhibition engineering FMB in Bad Salzuflen on November 3rd, 2010 is in Bad Salzuflen the Zuliefermesse engineering FMB, one of the leading machinery fairs in North Rhine-Westphalia, took place. At the fair is mainly about innovative drive and control technology for mechanical engineering”. Especially medium-sized companies, the target group on pages of the exhibitors and the visitors. One of these many companies, which focuses on the mid-sized market, is consulting”mallet. As a member of the landscape Association OWL exhibits the consulting not only locally, but supports and sponsors the FMB trade actively. The goal of the fair is the exchange of information on the fields of application of new technologies. Visitors and exhibitors can discuss extensively experiences, concerns, opinions, and interests. Like last year a comprehensive lecture program in the energy takes place arena.

Hans-Jurgen Wessel, CEO believes the initiative OWL Maschinenbau e.V.: rising Energy and resource costs to determine the procurement and costing. Companies with corresponding offers and solutions for greater energy efficiency will have the edge when their customers.” Energy and resource costs are no foreign words for mallet consulting. The purchasing professionals that are focused to lower exactly these types of costs with their optimization approaches for several years. Not only companies from the mechanical engineering industry will benefit from the help of consultants. Klopfel Consulting provides cross-industrial service. To make a picture of the Dusseldorf management consultancy, it is cordially invited to attend the 3-day events in Bad Salzuflen. Klopfel consulting is a consultancy firm that has specialized in procurement optimization since the beginning of 100%. The customers include well-known production, trade and service companies.

The team of consultants convinced by pragmatic approach and fast achieving of measurable success. Other competencies include international project teams, cross-industry consulting expertise and technical know-how. These skills combined with the 100% performance-related remuneration mallet make consulting a sought after consultancy. Find more information about mallet consulting under: mallet Consulting GmbH Graf-Adolf-str. 41, 40210 Dusseldorf 0211 / 8825940

Annual Meeting: Hamburg

On 25 October in Hamburg pending changes in the electronic toll procedures in the focus of Hamburg at the meeting, 23.09.2011. Upcoming changes in the electronic toll procedures and the exchange of experience by users since the introduction of the procedure are the themes of the first zmv annual meeting of ENTITEC AG on October 25, 2011 in Hamburg. The Hamburg-based company, specializing in complex software solutions for insurance companies, pension funds and provident, invites the decision-makers from the departments and the IT of the number concerned. It refer to customers and experts of ENTITEC AG, as well as external experts on a variety of aspects of the paying agent login procedure. Also the user of the entitec solution zmv.connect will have the opportunity to decide which features should be implemented with priority.

The event will take place at the Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Michel. In addition to the lecture, the opportunity for networking and to visit an accompanying exhibition is for the participants. Here are current Solutions of entitec to model-driven software development, document management, data warehouse and business intelligence presents. The coming changes in the paying agency registration process, in particular the social compensation, which must be integrated in the future are a focus of zmv annual meeting. As it is considered from the perspective of the statutory health insurance companies, reported Michael Bernhardt, product manager of AOK Systems GmbH. In addition the participants in the example learn the provincial Rhineland, by entitec developed and certified solution zmv.connect was integrated into the complex system environment the provincial Rhineland and approved for production. In a lecture to the roadmap by zmv.connect the entitec system consultant Jan Crusemann Swen will introduce upcoming technical innovations Doktorczyk and then with the participants discuss, how new features should be prioritized. The paying agent login procedure is binding introduced since July, 2011. Involved in all paying agencies of a pension such as insurance, support and Pension funds, provident and other bodies, whose payments to the recipient represent a source of income.

ARCUS Sportklinik Pforzheim

The 33-year old tennis player Michael Berrer was recently operated in the ARCUS Sportklinik Pforzheim. At the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, Berrer had to give up due to injury as there favorite in the quarterfinals against Roberto Bautista Agut. Already in the first sentence of the game the pain significantly to remember was him and because syringes, painkillers and a physiotherapy treatment not relieving the pain could be achieved, he went with the score at 2-6, 1-0 from the square. The investigation in the ARCUS Sportklinik found then the diagnosis: so-called free joint bodies have been found in the left elbow of the performance athlete. This means detached pieces of cartilage, which can cause a painful blockage in the joint. To avoid damage to the joint, the attending physician Dr. Hollinger recommended a minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.

The doctor is very pleased with the success of the operation and expected that Mr. Berrer can begin again quickly with the training and will return in about 3 months in the competitive sport. The 33-year-old Schwabe has seen some success in big matches throughout his career and is therefore currently number 140 of the world rankings. He reached the ATP finals several times and won the Heilbronn open, a major challenger tournament. He also played among others in Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

Managing Director

Character strengths make successful and healthy Dr. Eva B. Muller receives the first gold pyramid by career women for their contribution “Character has one or not is it?”. Congratulations. People who know their character strengths and then live and work, are successful, happier and healthier, Eva Muller writes. Eva Muller, b.a. and diploma teacher, worked for many years in Miami as a hotel manager. Back in Germany she studied psychology, sociology, as well as operating and leadership education part-time at the University of Koblenz.

She obtained a doctorate on the subject of “Charisma”. Since 2000, the premium member is the Managing Director “Muller & Muller Agency for management and communication”. Her agency is specialized in topics in human resources development, global management, and organizational development. The editorial staff of congratulates Eva Muller to the Goldpyramid award. Five posts from the period 06.10 07.10.

premium members were nominated The jury reviewed all Contributions based on the criteria of knowledge, benefits, targeting and design. Eva Miller’s feature “Character has one or is it not?” impressed in particular in terms of knowledge transfer. The next gold pyramid will be awarded on December 30, 2010 by The selection posts provided by premium members on online during the 09.10 to 11.10. coming then. For the acquisition, a professional editorial system that supports an individual design including photos, files, videos and audios is available to members. The operation is simple and is equivalent to the current online registration systems. Karin Back

Yves Dambach

The latest projects are in close cooperation developed with customers such as Saint-Gobain, Eurocontrol, Alphega Pharma, and many other prestigious companies. The realization of the projects involve individual solutions tailored to measure. Saint-Gobain: Guideline of skills the Saint-Gobain Group needed a common language and common practices around the leadership. KTM advance produced as a solution the module guidelines of the Saint-Gobain skills that explains each stage of competence so are Manager will be able to identify them and to insert into their team. These skills are trained with the help of a Board Panel, which makes accessible the guidance has three modes. Different topics are covered: discovery mode (guided courses), training mode (game), evaluation mode (test score). Eurocontrol: Safety nets Eurocontrol is the international organisation for the central coordination of air traffic control in Europe.

This module is aimed at air controllers, pilots and the whole the decision makers and European managers who supervise aviation security. The goal is raising awareness with regard to air conflicts in the form of clashes. Here the application of various aspects have been used as a solution through educational means, and with the help of different scenarios: the procedures for the use of the systems, the application of Eurocontrol published specifications (standards) and lastly the influence on the work of the air controllers. The success of KTM advance distinguishes itself especially through the pedagogical approach, which is paramount. This approach is now also in the book serious game: educational revolution explains. The authors, Valerie Boudier, doctor in information sciences, and Yves Dambach, Executive Director and owner of KTM advance, have thus their knowledge to outsiders made available.

All these news are presented for the first time at the booth of KTM advance. Discover how you optimize the transfer of your knowledge, and Know-How Their staff is perfect. Advanced eLearning programmes & serious games we create – you learn KTM advance designs and designed interactive tutorials, and serious games.

International Year

Sky observations in whole Germany, it must be not always the Midsummer night in Scandinavia, the Festival of Bayreuth, or a Wildlife Safari in southern Africa. There are plenty of other reasons to go on trips. The year 2009 is declared as the international year of astronomy. Many observatories provide a wealth of events. Visitors have the possibility to look towards the sky and listen to the lectures by experts. The Internet portal reported the most exciting events in the year of astronomy. Potsdam is with the Castle and the Park Sanssouci always worth a visit.

In September and October, the Exploratorium offers another reason for visiting the capital of Brandenburg. During a half-hour experimental course, children not only have the opportunity to explore the outer space. Looking through a real telescope can be a bit closer to heaven. A model demonstrates the incredible distances within the solar system. The scientists Johannes Kepler considered revolutionary in the Astronomy.

His mathematical findings about the movement of the planets led to their further development. The exhibition dedicated to him in Stuttgart is worthwhile. From September 15 until November 15, the provincial library of Baden-Wurttemberg granted an interesting insight into the life of Kepler’s. Can be visited first prints of his books, letters and historical astronomical instruments. Amateur astronomer Hadia unit from the Saarland Merzig is committed to all the sky observation. From October 9 to 31 with him can Jupiter the planet marvel at. The spectacle increases depending on the weather conditions at the Stadthalle Merzig always on weekends from about 19:30. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/896 contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

One For 50: WEDAs XtraFeeder

Development, production, Assembly and service of the machines come from the House of WEDA. The WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH with seat in Lutten has their product range in the field of Trockenfu? tterung expanded and as of now the XtrFeeder offers. The complete provider of fu? r, the modern pig farming thus benchmark? be in terms of efficiency and cost benefit ratio? ratio: novelty ko? tonnes up to 50 animals at the same time be provided with high-energy feed feeding place. Development, production, Assembly and service of the machines come from the House of WEDA. This sets the niedersa? Saxon Weltmarktfu? hrer on a mix of proven? Ian technology and robust construction. Total autowalk? gt the dough feeder u? ber eight Fresspla? records, so that two bays four animals while enjoying a quiet and stress-free record in their feed ko? tonnes.

The Gro? sse of XtrFeeder, the u? ber verfu a total of 101 litres? gt and befu with kibble? llt will free? enables it hog holders, per machine 50 animals in two bays to fu? leaves. The decisive advantage: A large? bigger number of animals It saves the cost of fu with the XtrFeeder? r buying another machine. Constructively the WEDA innovation meets the requirements of modern animal husbandry methods: the bewa? led form and the special design of the inner mechanical components prevent reliable? expediently the formation of Futterbru? back in the Beha? lter. This hygiene is assured and there is practically no food lost. The XtrFeeder has a stable design.

The high quality frame construction, the round feeding bowl and the robust dosing wreath are made of stainless steel.