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Actual Meetings

We both know perfectly well that next to us are people who put the terrible diagnosis – schizophrenia. It is a severe mental disorder that affects many functions of consciousness and behavior, including thought processes, perception, emotion (affect), motivations and even the motor sphere. Best viewed schizophrenia as a syndrome, ie set of symptoms and signs, as there is no agreement on why the disease. The practice also suggests that schizophrenia involves several disorders. Each of these different currents and originality to some extent family history (family medical history). In determining the type of disorder included a combination of signs and symptoms. There are many hypotheses about the causes of schizophrenia, since theories are considered as a cause of unhealthy family relationships to biochemical concepts suggesting that underlying disease is metabolic disorder of the brain, resulting, for example, in the elaboration of substances that cause hallucinations. Studies of twins and adopted children demonstrate the importance of genetic factor, but the mechanism of manifestation of its action and method of genetic transmission is unknown.

Such people will not envy. But sometimes in life there are these strange cases. Illness Tamara Savelyeva was that woman claimed that she regularly communicates with a green men arriving to it from one of the planets, located near the star Antares. Delusional, according to relatives and doctors, speech at Tamara Steel appear immediately after the tragic death of her husband, which happened when Savelyeva was little more than forty years. Long-term outpatient treatment have failed.

Moreover, Tamara began at night to run away from home explaining their behavior is the need to meet with strangers. It happened that she did not appear for weeks in an apartment, forcing the family to organize the search. Women found it in the suburban woods, then at the cemetery, on the city dump. More …

New Theologian

St. John Chrysostom (43, 685). No word is not enough to depict the true love, as it heavenly, but the heavenly origin … Even the language of angels are not able to investigate its perfection, as it constantly comes from the Great God (43, 995). Love has no place in the world, lives in humble heart (43, 996). You can not find anything more precious, nothing above and nothing … more durable than love. Because 'Love never fails, though prophecies will cease, and tongues will cease, and knowledge will be done away' (1 Cor.

13, 8). Without love, not only all splendiferous birth gifts, but the fame of the martyrdom-nothing. Venerable John Cassian the Roman (Abba Heremon, 53, 379). For the believer, the love of God-sufficient solace, even at the death of his soul (55, 178). . A wonderful love of God to man knows when he is in hopeless circumstances. Here, God reveals His power to rescue him.

For neither man knows the power of God in peace and freedom. And nowhere is God so significantly is not a moguschestva his sight, as in country of silence in the desert, in places free from gathering and rumors, typical dwelling among men. Reverend Isaac (55, 222). Love … the Savior is the work of the Spirit, or His presence is significant, hypostatically visible inside I, (as) light. Light as this with nothing comparable, and all the ineffable. St. Simeon the New Theologian (59, 220). People are looking for an easy, not hard work.

American Association Film Companies

Internet newspaper Kabbalah World peace can only help awareness of what it means in reality a global human condition, in which we came. Michael Laitman's values of mass culture affects the physiological and psychological health of the American Studies psychosomatic society has shown that people are largely exposed to the influence of popular culture have predisposition to high blood pressure, as well as most other people are neurotic and hostile. They are at particular depression, among them below the level of competence, ethical values, trust and altruism. Thus, our beliefs and relationships directly affect the health and well-being. Low bar of mass culture does not allow people to enjoy family, work and spiritual experiences. Replacement of this are the primitive pleasures that give rise to both physical and emotional discomfort. Modern mass culture, with its destructive effects, admittedly, is rapidly separates people. In this connection, scientists are on the agenda of the new educational standards that raise the bar and open up opportunities for a full and happy life.

At a time when greater ego destroys the remnants of normal friendly relations, it is necessary to find a firm foundation for universal interconnection. The situation gets worse, warn psychologists and sociologists, and time to search for remains not so much. 'Of all the arts, for us is the most important movie 'These words of Lenin, made almost 90 years ago, today we hear quite true. In 2008, the box office worldwide box office reached a record – $ 28.1 billion, according to the American Association Film Companies (MPAA), brings together eight leading Hollywood studios.