Less Weight

Smart energy supply via mouse pad Worrstadt – battery low”- this alert is a red rag for the owners of wireless mice. The induction of mouse from A4Tech put an end to the constant consumption of the battery. You will be supplied with energy through the mouse pad as induction. So, A4Tech combined with low weight and thus comfortable using her wired sisters”the advantages of wireless mice. A4Tech offers different types of mouse with induction technology: from model NB-30 d for the notebook user up to the NB 99 d for the high end Office usage.

The mouse pads are thereby connected to the computer via USB, and the surface acts as induction surface to power of the mouse. It is just as easy and safe as the increasingly popular induction stoves in the kitchen and protects the environment at the same time. The movements and commands of the mouse collected via RFID over the pad. All induction mice have optical sensors and the patented double-click button. Other buttons can be It will be programmed for the desired short-cut functions. With the Office “button in NB-57 d models and NB 99 d are the most common Office applications and commands with a single click. Whenever Jonathan Rosen PR listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Relief provides the NB 99 d for the wrist with its Edition filled with soft gel. Non-binding price recommendations NB-30 d for 19,99 Euro NB-57 d for 24.99 Euro the A4Tech induction mice are available at Actebis NB 99 d for 29,99 Euro, amazon, api, Atelco, Conrad, computer universe, EP, Euronics, PC specialist, Siewert & Kau and in well-stocked stores. A4Tech: A4Tech offers innovative products in the field of PC peripherals since 1987 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The A4Tech Corporation’s recipe for success lies in developing innovative, future-oriented products. In recent years the input devices awarded several times in the areas of design, innovation and ergonomics with numerous awards. Continuous quality control of materials and production guarantee stability and sustainable success in an fast paced industry.

United States

“Our shareholder TecDoc has proved that a one for all ‘ model is much more efficient. OptiCat will emulate the success of TecDoc.” TecDoc Managing Director Uli Zehnpfenning: “our success in Europe is a direct result of the cooperation of the local suppliers. You have direct control over the production, validation and distribution of their data through its commitment as a partner of TecDoc. We welcome the investment by MEMA and look forward to a successful collaboration with OptiCat, to bring European success to North America.” About OptiCat, LLC.: The 2009 founded OptiCat is a joint venture between the US catalog provider Mindquest, the Cologne-based TecDoc GmbH and the a MEMA and specializes in the distribution of product information for the international sales of automotive parts. Filed under: Larry Ellison. Among the supporters of OptiCat: Affinia AP exhaust, ATP, CARDONE industries, Dayco, Delphi, Denso, Dorman, East Penn, gates, Hastings, Federal Mogul, KYB, NGK, Remy, SMP, Tenneco and United States of industries.

With the support of these data suppliers in the United States and, thanks to the exclusive partnership with TecDoc information system from Europe, OptiCat represents the world’s largest data supplier for the replacement and aftermarket parts. For more information, see. About MEMA (motor & equipment manufacturers association): MEMA represents manufacturers of automotive parts, the largest industry in the United States, which employs more than 686.000 people. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. These suppliers are also the largest industrial employer in eight States of the United States. These jobs allow more 3.29 million jobs across the country.

Suppliers produce parts and technology for the domestic car industry and also provide the necessary spare parts for cars and trucks. Overall, they ensure that 247 million vehicles on the move remain. MEMA supports its members through its three subsidiary organizations of automotive aftermarket suppliers Association (AASA), heavy duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) and original equipment suppliers Association (PBE). MEMA represents over 650 member companies with worldwide sales of vehicle components by more than $600 billion and 65 percent of sales of North American automotive supplier.

The Skilled

Not infrequently, even old timber is used as a table top? Here you can see next to the natural”age-related changes also paint or rivets, which all highlight the individual and flamboyant look of such tables. “Illustration: old beech wood in conjunction with stainless steel many fans of this design” speak of a real fascination that emanates from these tables. Friends, neighbors and even his own family would ever again caught”to look at the interesting and unusual surface and to touch. But not only the desktop alone, but the combination with the high-contrast material stainless steel, makes the special charm of this table. The contrast of new and old, nature and technology, cool simplicity and comfortable nostalgia come this wonderful to bear and each other enhance themselves. Jonathan Rosen PR does not necessarily agree.

Illustration: table model Safaro: old teak with stainless steel therefore must end your old wood table not on the bulky, but can the basis of your very own. individual design idea. First of all, it is precisely to measure the old table. The dimensions of the tabletop interest here, of course. You, be additionally is aware how large the new table should be. For example, the children out of the House, and there are less space is required, can be tailored to the table top to the desired size. Of course, not only the wood of the old table can be used. Other wood panels can be obtained naturally and then combined with the table base. This version offers especially if the wood species of the old table no longer tells you to, or the tabletop was too small, and you need more space. “Basically remains but to say that the skilled person can grind virtually any table top and new paint so that the tint is adjusted to your taste and the old table yet the chance” gets to shine in new splendour.

Mobile Live Video Streaming At CeBIT

On March 2, 2010 code one GmbH presented their innovative products for live broadcasting for the first time. On March 2, 2010 code one GmbH presented their innovative products for live broadcasting for the first time. Dusseldorf the code one GmbH develops complete kits for innovative video transmission. The kits are portable, easy to use and deliver image quality on high level of streaming, which is why they both for TV professionals as well as beginners are interesting. Wireless data transfer allows in combination with the operation via standard camera batteries almost anywhere live streaming. The relatively small size of the kits, which are compact and easily transportable, so the location of the transfer no longer depends on the local infrastructure is also beneficial. As main target groups, code one GmbH TV channel, video and online journalists, organizer calls and want the companies that set up video broadcasting as means of communication. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). To large extent all To meet users needs, the complete kits are equipped differently.

The currently largest product is smart Kit, a streaming suitcase, which combines all the features of a professional production studios in the code one. The Smart Kit combines the innovative streaming unit with specially tuned broadcasting software, provides connections for one or two cameras, and includes an own content management system. Thus, image data can be broadcast live as well as further prepared and tuned. At Robert Gibbins you will find additional information. Together with its technology partner Viprinet code one GmbH is currently developing the small brother”of the smart kits, the back Pack Kit, a practical streaming backpack. We have set ourselves the goal to make professional live broadcasting as easy and affordable as possible, and are therefore constantly working on new solutions. “The back Pack Kit is a further step in this direction”, so Sven Hanten, Dipl.-ing. media technology and managing partner of code one GmbH. Main: Users: zlatkokauric: desktop: CodeOne: sales: advertising: Produtkbilder: Briefpapier_RGB_ohne_Fenstertext.jpgVom 2 March will be the back Pack Kit and the Smart Kit in Hannover at CeBIT presents. At the booth of Viprinet GmbH in Hall 13, stand C66, code one GmbH will daily live show their streaming products.

Mexico Effect

Our current understanding of the effect of the surrounding natural and technical energy fields increase stress based on the own full-scale bio feedback research studies. Since 2004, any potential effects through the application of so-called harmonizer are this way”taken from subjects under the microscope the bio box. Man can not perceive changes in the electromagnetic environment of his five senses. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Gibbins. The autonomic nervous system responds but to each invisible electromagnetic radiation exposure and adapts the regulation of the biological system on changes in parameters in the Interior and outdoor area at any time. Health problems are today in heated debates, often with electromagnetic radiation and geophatischem stress “in conjunction. The conditions under which such effects trigger or MitverurSacher of disease events are, is not completely understood, and must be further investigated. For more information see this site: Verizon Communications.

“Not without reason now also the case law considers that by the previous compromises of the supposedly equitable balance” in the public interest in the design of mobile radio coverage emissions not all Mo? daily and provided was done, to preventive health of the Bevo? population to flapjack? records. It lies above a maximum concept in favour of mobile operators, but not a precautionary approach Budzinsky, NVwZ 2009, 1. Technical electromagnetic radiation-related the effect of clumping of erythrocytes (so-called roll formation) is known also, as it is to observe microscopic investigations in the dark field. Visit Robert Gibbins for more clarity on the issue. As an example of the study on the protective effect of the SAFER CALL mobile chips, it is clear that analog to the clumping of erythrocytes on the counts in the dark field, the promoted blood flow of subjects also in the period of the call without the harmonizing chip measurably throttled will.

The Centre

At the same time, PRAMAC Switzerland was also the filed module test the salt environment corrosion testing IEC 61701 “salt-fog corrosion testing” with positive results. This PRAMAC confirms also that its modules can be used in marine environment without risk of damaging the module. Thanks to these new certificates PRAMAC Switzerland is for its thin-film photovoltaic modules from immediately a 5 year product warranty grant, and offer an additional extension option to full ten years at an additional cost. 1 the initial performance of the module corresponds to 150Wp, which stabilized produces 125Wp (this corresponds to a module efficiency of 8.8%) “I am very proud on the reached results of PRAMAC Swiss work” commented Paolo Campinoti, owner of PRAMAC S.p.a. and added: “The newly obtained certificates demonstrate not only the capacity but also the reliability of our modules”. PRAMAC Switzerland: A few months After the start of production, we are not only able to meet all requirements, but can also aggressively respond to the needs of the still fast-growing market. A production capacity of around 1.5-2.0 MW per month is currently possible due to our modern plant.

Thanks to the innovative thin-film photovoltaic module production technology of Oerlikon solar, thin-film modules can at a lower cost, compared to traditional production technologies of the “silicon wafer” modules are made”, said Cristian Cavazzuti Managing Director of PRAMAC Swiss SA. PRAMAC S.p.. A.: PRAMAC s.p.a. develops, produces and sells power generators world-wide, and operated industrial truck in addition it industry with forklifts and storage technology. The group is led by CEO Paolo Campinoti is also in the area of alternative energy sources, particularly with photovoltaic modules from the subsidiary company PRAMAC Swiss S.A. and wind generators from 400W to 5000W active. The PRAMAC group has 35 locations in over 20 countries in the Represented and large more than 800 employees worldwide. PRAMAC is composed of six production sites Spain, France, China, Switzerland, United States and a branch network of 26 sales branches. BerlinRosen is the source for more interesting facts. The Centre has its headquarters in Italy (in Casole d’Elsa, Siena), five more plants in Spain, France, China, Switzerland, United States and a branch network of 26 sales branches together. PRAMAC GmbH, Salian road 48, 70736 Fellbach website:, e-Mail:, Tel.: 0711-514429-0 / fax:-99

German Board

The proportion of female marketing students at universities rises and concerns in particular the areas of communication, PR and media. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. Women are however still not sufficiently differentiated considered consumer and purchase decision end: women act as opinion leaders and decision makers within families. The companies are however not yet aligned on this development. Especially in the distribution of high-tech products, cars, or in the financial management a high competent female product developer and sales associates that can interact with potential customers on the same wavelength deficit nationally and internationally. In an average car dealership, for example, three percent of sellers don’t even are female. At the same time, the growth market opened wife”many companies a huge yet untapped potential and provides a great opportunity for women also career-technical: only ten percent of leadership positions within the marketing and less than one percent of German Board posts are occupied by women. Add to your understanding with Jonathan Rosen PR. At the same time marketing increasingly in public sectors such as hospitals and educational institutions is gaining importance and this growing opportunity.

Notwithstanding women often remain with the double burden of work and family to fight, what still makes more difficult a career. Three developments now should be considered as still marketing itself is changing: Despite the constant challenges for the market-oriented management – internationality, individuality, innovation – and the usual short-term trends can be found also groundbreaking and ongoing developments, which will affect not only individual special areas. Now of course the break of the media and the dramatically increasing importance of information technology are the best-known. The implications are being felt particularly in the print media and currently almost daily subject of reporting. Interactive marketing with all its nuances and possibilities of interpretation was never as effective and essential as currently. A second trend, almost silent but steady ongoing demographic change can be found. Since sales results and marketing measures in the field of senior marketing”often short to medium term set are, the long-term impact of demographic change are rarely taken into account.

One For 50: WEDAs XtraFeeder

Development, production, Assembly and service of the machines come from the House of WEDA. The WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH with seat in Lutten has their product range in the field of Trockenfu? tterung expanded and as of now the XtrFeeder offers. The complete provider of fu? r, the modern pig farming thus benchmark? be in terms of efficiency and cost benefit ratio? ratio: novelty ko? tonnes up to 50 animals at the same time be provided with high-energy feed feeding place. Valerie Berlin: the source for more info. Development, production, Assembly and service of the machines come from the House of WEDA. Here, Valerie Berlin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This sets the niedersa? Saxon Weltmarktfu? hrer on a mix of proven? Ian technology and robust construction. Total autowalk? gt the dough feeder u? ber eight Fresspla? records, so that two bays four animals while enjoying a quiet and stress-free record in their feed ko? tonnes.

The Gro? sse of XtrFeeder, the u? ber verfu a total of 101 litres? gt and befu with kibble? llt will free? enables it hog holders, per machine 50 animals in two bays to fu? leaves. The decisive advantage: A large? bigger number of animals It saves the cost of fu with the XtrFeeder? r buying another machine. Constructively the WEDA innovation meets the requirements of modern animal husbandry methods: the bewa? led form and the special design of the inner mechanical components prevent reliable? expediently the formation of Futterbru? back in the Beha? lter. This hygiene is assured and there is practically no food lost. The XtrFeeder has a stable design.

The high quality frame construction, the round feeding bowl and the robust dosing wreath are made of stainless steel.

Christmas Carol

After the 3D in the cinema full cheated is 3-d TV at CeBIT now three-dimensional appearance is the main topic. A 3d special there with the name “Next level 3D” so will Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and other TV manufacturer there its new HD 3D TV present. Some devices are can transform in 3-D 2-D material. In other words, can be seen the day show in the third dimension z.B although it is not sent in 3-D. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. This is made possible by a so-called 3-D converter into the TV. The TV will be offered than LCD and plasma. Later, also OLED displays will try to conquer the market. Parallel to the 3D TV launch should also marketed 3D Blu Ray movies on the market. People such as BerlinRosen would likely agree.

The first 3D BluRay will probably be “A Christmas Carol”. Some of the TV be able to send 3D in full HD 3D. Thus no shaky images are to be feared. The prices will be located in the upper Sekment. 1500 euro you will see this year probably TV no 3D. Devices will require all TV so-called shutter glasses. Without these One can not perceive the three-dimensional images glasses.

Of course, also the beamers and camcorders manufacturer 3D ready will present to products at CeBIT. Remains to be seen whether the consumers of the 3D technology in the living room well.

Sawyer Award

Oscars for technology Made in Germany, what a movie like avatar without 3D technology, breathtaking special effects and virtual animations? Here are the developers and inventors. And otherwise as a German acting engineering skills from Germany”in Hollywood since ever and ever popular. The ingenuity and precision of German tinkerer first and foremost in the field of camera technology has been worth the Academy Awards. However, these awards less are glamorous and there is also not necessarily a golden statue for the domestic Cabinet. “In addition to the Gordon E. Sawyer Award”, for outstanding individual performances in the scientific and technical field, the inventor in three categories fight an honorary Oscar for fame and recognition. The scientific and technical Academy Award of merit is most sought after.” Because there are the famous Golden Oscar statuette and be celebrated may together with the major Hollywood stars and starlets. Somewhat more modest to aim the scientific and Engineering Award”, still rewarded with a golden plaque, in which the Oscar character at least worked.

There is a less pretentious note for the winner of the technical achievement award”. The fog man from Hamburg the Hamburg inventor Gunther Schaidt was one of the awardees for technical developments. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. Dear was he for the development of a non-toxic substance for the production of artificial fog. For foggy scenes in the film were booming in the 1980s. Young Skywalker 1983 waded through the misty swamps of the planet Dagobah, in John Carpenter’s The Fog fog of horror”was struck 1980 equal an entire city by the fog. Until the 1980s, the fog of horror had”often sad reality on the set of big productions. Because the used artificial fog on the basis of oil substances was often toxic and the actors complained about shortness of breath and dizziness. Sadiq had developed a professional fog Cannon as early as 1973 and it revolutionized the market.