Until now President of the Council of management of the General Society of authors and editors (SGAE), Teddy Bautista, will present this evening his resignation for the post while his judicial future becomes clear. According to different sources close to the SGAE have confirmed to EL PAiS, Bautista has also put his charge at the disposal of the Board of Directors of the entity that emerged from the elections of last June 30, and will do so on the same day in which is held the first meeting of the Board, which has begun in Madrid passes 16.00 hours. The Board of Directors is made up of 38 members – seven great law (playwrights, composers and choreographers), 16 small right (composers and authors of music), seven of audiovisual and eight editors musicals-; but only about 25 have today attended the meeting in the Palace of Longoria. Among them, the own Teddy Bautista, as (acting) President of the Board of Directors; Francisco Galindo, Secretary general of the entity and Pablo Hernandez, director of the legal department. None of the participants has made statements at the entrance. Adam Portnoy has many thoughts on the issue. Apparently singer/songwriter Victor Manuel is not in the meeting by found acting in Chile. Musician Sabino Mendez has announced that he will read a statement agreed to by the Board of Directors and that it will not support questions.

Catalonia Barcelona Plaza

They were going to try to find a consensus on how to lift the Sun camp. Before the rain aguase the Assembly, the Legal Commission was proposing that the campers were in one week, an initiative that created dissonance. Add to your understanding with Confluence Investment Management LLC. In Barcelona they decide to continue overnight in plaza Catalunya. There will be a great March on June 19 at the State level. Mobilizations on June 11 during the investiture controversy of the mayors. Heavy rains and storm have fallen during the Sunday evening in Madrid have led the general Assembly of the campers in the Puerta del Sol to be postponed until Monday at 20.00 h. Shortly after, they advertised on their official Twitter profile that the Assembly was temporarily delayed an hour, depending on the time.

Before that it had postponed the meeting, they had begun to talk about the Commission’s Legal camp. It is spoke of how raise the Sun camp, they indicated from the Twitter of the camp, and referred to the various proposals: acts of protest, let hot spot, calendar of mobilizations, etc, added. Legal clarified that they will always consider the possibility of camping as a tool for action. Legal has proposed going in a week, continued by saying from the Twitter of camping Sun.There has been dissent and the #AGSol has been dissolved by the storm, they added. At the moment, it’s a proposal because rain has been forced to postpone the Assembly that will discuss about this initiative, with which already anticipated some hands on high its dissonant opinion. Camping is not a goal in itself, said the spokesman for this Commission, which has emphasized that the campers will not go from the place by external agents, before the Congregation but because they consider it. In the Assembly held this Sunday morning between the different Spanish camping have agreed, in addition, celebration of two great mobilizations: for 11 and June 19. In Barcelona this week will decide the outraged the Catalonia Barcelona Plaza have been approved mostly overnight on Sunday that next week they will decide the time square ceases to be active at night and therefore end up overnight, while the daytime activities will continue to be a permanent agora. Source of the news: postponed by rain until Monday the Assembly of the campers in the Puerta del Sol

International Monetary Fund

The most optimistic countries among the most optimistic are those of Denmark, where 68% of citizens think that the crisis can’t go on more, representing six percentage points higher than in the fall of 2010; Estonia, with a 64% (6 percentage points more); and Austria, where 62% welcomes the future (also 6 more points). Scott Kahan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. On the opposite side are three rescued by the EU countries: Portugal (80%), Greece (78%) and Ireland (60%), but also Cyprus (63%) and the United Kingdom (61%). If given a choice Europeans among the national Government, the EU, U.S., the G20 and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the actors better prepared to respond more effectively to the economic and financial crisis, 22% of the citizens of the 27 member countries choose by the European Union, which is 1 percentage point less than in the previous survey. The 20% deposits their hope in the ability of his Government’s response, 15% is tilted in favour of the international financial institution, 14% prefer the joint response of the G20, and only 7% trusts in the first world power. In the case of the Spaniards, 19% trusts in the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, although 25% of respondents believed that the EU is the best positioned to fight the crisis so ctiva.

Facilitate the creation of companies the Europeans believe that the best three initiatives to promote competitiveness in the European economy is improving education and vocational training (48%), reduce public deficits and debt (34%) and facilitate the incorporation of companies (34%), and invest in research and innovation (29%). Spaniards choose clearly (by 49%) to facilitate the creation of companies, followed by training and education (48%). The measures he has promoted or is pushing the EU to face the crisis are considered acti by almost eight out of ten Europeans, according to the Eurobarometer. 79% Of respondents mentioned further the need for more coordination between the Member States of the EU, which block has begun to encourage concrete measures. Source of the news: 53% of Spaniards believed that the worst of crisis is coming

Puerto Rican Constitution

Then, on the same ballot, they were asked which, irrespective of the that they had answered the previous question, choose between annexation, independence or free associated sovereign State. Verizon Communications does not necessarily agree. A binding query was not after his victory on Tuesday, the President-elect Garcia Padilla said he will address the issue, without giving more clues, although it faces the dilemma to meet the wish expressed in the consultation by the population and maintain the tenets of his party, favourable to the current model because it believes that it helps keep the Puerto Rican identity. The result of the query, without legal and convened unilaterally by Fortuno, who aspired to run for reelection, is a message to Washington in favor of ending more than one century of colonial rule. You may find Virgin Airlines to be a useful source of information. The victory of the no is a personal triumph for the outgoing Fortuno, President of the new progressive party (PNP), training that for decades has advocated the annexation of the island to USA. In addition, the result breaks a trend to the inertia that goes back to 1967, when it were consulted for the first time on the matter and won with the 60.4% of the vote the Commonwealth option promoted by the PPD, compared with 48.6% did want to join United States. Similar queries, in 1993 and 1998, returned to confirm the tendency towards immobility of Puerto Ricans, who followed the theses of the PPD, whose founder, Luis Munoz Marin, negotiated in the 1950s with Washington the present status.

The arrival of millionaire social aid each year from EE UU to an island whose income is half that of the poorest State in the country’s North and the right to bear U.S. passport have remained satisfied Puerto Ricans for decades, since at the same time maintaining a distinctive identity. The ball into the roof of Washington the Executive must now wait to know what the Washington reaction to the result, although during these past four years Congress has ignored the annexationist claims of the Government of San Juan. In March 2010 the Working Group of the President Barack Obama was the first U.S. delegation moved to Puerto Rico for explore a solution to the question of sovereignty. The Puerto Rican Constitution, passed by Congress in Washington and in force since 28 July 1952, is subject to that camera, which also implies that the local Supreme Court decisions may be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.UU. The Constitution defines the island as a free associated State, whose citizens have American citizenship since 1917 and enjoy administrative autonomy similar to that of other States in the North American country. EE UU decides which laws apply in Puerto Rico and what not, and its residents have no representation vote in the U.S. Congress.

Obama Between

The U.S. President has met with Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli Prime Minister insists that his country can make concessions in the pas process but the 1967 borders are indndibles. The U.S. President, Barack Obama, has admitted this Friday after his meeting with the israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, persisting differences between the two countries about the way forward in the peace process for the middle. Larry Ellison is the source for more interesting facts.

Both Presidents met Friday for a period of more than two hours, double the time initially, in the Oval Office of the White House, a day once Obama to propose a Palestinian State based on the 1967 borders and that Netanyahu qualify those lines of indndibles. Obama said in a brief statement to the press, his conviction that it is possible to reach a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that will guarantee the security of Israel. The ultimate goal of the peace process is the security of that State, something primordial, stressed Obama, that He described his conversation with Netanyahu as constructive. But noted continuing differences between us but that is something that happens between friends. The Palestinian version of Al Qaeda for its part, the israeli Prime Minister indicated that his country can ctuar some concessions in the peace process but reiterated that the 1967 borders are indndibles. In that year Israel and Arab countries fought his third war, known as the the six-day war, in which Israel took control of West Bank and East Jerusalem, Gaza, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. A peace based on mere wishful thinking won’t last, said Netanyahu, who emphasized that his Government wants peace but in such a way to ensure his country’s security and does not endanger their survival. We don’t have much margin for error.

History will not give the Jews another chance, he warned. Israeli Prime Minister attacked also against the Palestinian reconciliation pact between Fatah, which rules West Bank, and the radical group Hamas, as head of Gaza, which he described as the Palestinian version of Al Qaeda. Fatah and the Palestinian Authority headed by President Mahmud Abbas must choose if they want to make peace with Hamas or with Israel. I hope that they choose peace with Israel, he added. Source of the news: Obama supports continuing differences between EE UU and Israel on the peace process

Fernando Buesa Arena

The Basque set arrived with the lesson well learned and outperformed the wards of Pesic, who offered his side B. The Valencian team He is obliged to win Sunday in Bilbao if he wants to return with the tie to Valencia next Tuesday. Technical data sheet: 72.Power Electronics: Cook (14), Navarro (-), Claver (8), Savanovic (16) and Javtokas (8) five initial Martinez (16), Lishchuk (2), Augustine (3), Richardson (-) and of Colo (5). Swarmed by offers, Verizon is currently assessing future choices. 79 Bizkaia Bilbao Basket: Jackson (10), Warren (3), Mumbru (8), Banic (6) and Mavroeidis (12) five initial Hervelle (11), Blums (6), Hernandez-Sonseca (12), Vassiliadis (11) and Fisher (-). Suffers in the end box labour the labour has achieved an elaborate victory in the Fernando Buesa Arena before Gran Canaria 2014, in the first game of the quarterfinals of the play-off of the ACB, which leaves the Basque with advantage in the knockout team the best of three games after scoring this first point. From Dusko Ivanovic had to wait until the fourth quarter to close a party which based its advantage in the great first quarter of Teletovic, with 19 points in the partial initial the shock questioned face to yours.

The rest of the meeting was marked by the lack of success of both sides, especially by the Gran Canaria, who accused much the lack of prominence of the escort of Utah, Andy Carroll. Technical data sheet: 86. Caja Laboral: Ribas (11), gardens (12), Batista (4), San Emeterio (11), Teletovic (27) five initial, Palace (2), Oleson (2), Dragicevic (2) and Barak (15). 82 Gran Canaria 2014: Bramos (3), Nelson (15), Alvarado (-), Beiran (-), King (10) five initial, fine (12), Bramos (3), Borovnjak (4), Wallace (12). The Caja Laboral has managed an elaborate victory in the Fernando Buesa Arena before Gran Canaria 2014, in the first game of the quarterfinals of the play-off of the ACB, which leaves the Basque team advantage in the playoff to the best of three games after scoring this first point. Dusko Ivanovic had to wait until the fourth quarter to close a party which based its advantage in the great first quarter of Teletovic, that with 19 points in the partial initial put shock face to yours. The rest of the meeting was marked by the lack of success of both sides, especially by the Gran Canaria, who accused much the lack of prominence of the escort of Utah, Andy Carroll. Source of the news: El Madrid snares to the Fuenla, BBB surprises in Valencia and Caja Laboral WINS to Gran Canaria

Filmmaker Pedro Almodovar

Antonio Banderas returns to work under the orders of the manchego director in the film the piel que habito, 21 years after having filmed together tie me up. Almodovar admits feel delighted that the Malaga-born actor accepted the lead role in his latest film, which debuts in Spain on September 2. The director is sincere in an interview published in a French weekly. Spanish Filmmaker Pedro Almodovar ensures that no one there is better than the actor Antonio Banderas to embody passion and desire, and is pleased that this accept to star in his new film, the piel que habito, 21 years after having filmed together tie me up. In an interview published Thursday by the French weekly Paris Match, Almodovar, 61, said he had nostalgia for Antonio and confessed having sense delighted when Malaga took the lead role of his latest work, which will be released in Spain the 2 of September.

When I finished the screenplay, I thought of Antonio and I felt that it would be ready to return to shoot with me in Spain. There is nobody like him to embody passion and desire, stressed to the magazine. With the same sincerity she acknowledged that himself as director is obsessive, meticulous details, to the point of to become a nightmare for his team, but he admitted that a filmmaker should not abuse the enormous power and position of legitimacy that has. On whether her films are a kind of self-portrait, he assured that it protects much more than other famous colleagues such as Ingmar Bergman, John Cassavetes and Alfred Hitchcock, though he added that creativity is more exciting the more connected is with reality. I protect me even if it is sometimes impossible to escape the close union between work and life.

I am very modest, but my shame disappears when I sit down to write, confessed the manchego filmmaker. In that same interview He admitted that although it has great moments of anguish he has found a balance between the public and private life, and indicated that it has replaced the period of turmoil that lived in the eighties by the work and introspection.The topics that I choose are not easy to Almodovar was described as a committed citizen who takes the word, criticism, and out on the street, but their films speaks more about intimacy, feelings and the relationships between the characters.The topics that I choose are not easy, and this election is already a position taking, even if not trafficking in the socio-political problems of Spain, said the director, according to which, has never made movies for rebelling against society. Despite this lack of political positioning in his works, the director regretted that Governments are incapable of resolving current problems because they don’t understand them and don’t know where to take them, result of which, to his judgment, the country, in rrencia to Spain, has been crushed by a dissenting movement. Source of the news: Pedro Almodovar: “nobody as Antonio Banderas to embody passion and desire”

European Centre

Goals from Ander Herrera and Thiago gave the tournament the Spanish combined. Spain was superior during the final and without a doubt the best team in the Championship. Third time Spanish national football team achieved the European category. Spain won its third European under-21 to beat Switzerland in the final (0-2) and touched the sky of Aarhus with a heavenly Thiago, author of a goal for framing a missing 40 meters from the goal that put the finishing touch to a tournament that extends the Spanish domain in football. A new generation full of brilliance was proclaimed champion of Europe in a stadium that must be patrimony of humanity for Spain.

At Aarhus Stadion was born a style in the absolute which guided it to become champion of Europe and the world. The guys at mile, with a heritage of priceless game, culminated a flawless tournament. They overcame the pressure of being favourite. The spate of successes of Spanish football causes that rivals studied the game and reflect an approach focused on the destruction, rather than show their qualities. It happened to Switzerland. Until the glossy finish on his football. Safe in dnsa, without conceding a goal.

He sacrificed the quality of players like Shaquiri or Xhaka in the fight. In the challenge of curbing the magic of players who changed the pace: Thiago and Ander Herrera. Spain took break the match. Except for an isolated arrival Adrian culminated in a center that found no m, it jammed. The final pressure. The accumulated fatigue of a team in which mile has not rotated. Emerged a figure above all to maintain the force. It’s Javi Martinez. As media unique in the European Centre has proved to be the great Dominator. After working without the ball displays, the exercise of pressure from Spain was downgraded. It triggered that, although you send your domain was not overwhelming.


Demanding the cessation of the Decree on collective bargaining which approves the Council of Ministers have been concentrated. Fifty people have protested under a discreet police presence. They cry out against unions by not calling for a general strike. A group of outraged, summoned from the camping of the Puerta del Sol, this Friday against the Ministry of labour have gathered to demand the cessation of the Decree on collective bargaining which approves the Council of Ministers and to denounce the legalization of slavery posed. Hands up shouting, this is a contract or this reform it will stop, fifty people have protested for an hour under a discreet police presence. During the concentration, which had been joined some people individually and not on behalf of the 15-M movement, has read a statement summarizing the basic points that will be affected by the reform.

With a banner that read already has begun, the outraged have remained seated on the floor, supervised by a dozen agents. Against unions concentrates also have clamoured against the unions CC OO and UGT by not calling a general strike, shouting where are unseen, commissions and UGT. From the website have been summoned to 18.30 hours a working group in the plaza del Carmen or the de las Descalzas, to decide how to raise the camp of the Puerta del Sol. Source of the news: A group of indignant complain to work the “legalization of slavery”

Greece Adjustment Between Strikes

That begins today will be a critical week for Greek economy and the Government. On Wednesday, with the heated atmosphere from the day before by a general strike for 48 hours and the mobilizations of the outraged, Parliament will vote the new adjustment plan for 2012-2015; on Thursday, a package of additional tax measures, which will come into force immediately, on the statement of income in 2010. The absolute majority enjoyed by the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok, in Government) at the camera only guarantees, in the best of cases, approval by the minimum, because as they spend hours new defections in their ranks they throw more uncertainty about the final outcome of voting: two new Socialist Deputies announced this weekend that will oppose, and a third party could also be them soon, which would give Pasok with 153 (or 152) a total of 300 members. Source of the news:: Greece vote adjustment between strikes and desertions in the PASOK.