As Timing Our Course Toward Our Goals

Confidence and concentration, the key to success is the effort to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Confidence is that feeling that the mind embarks on great and laudable efforts with full hope and faith in itself. Cicero. Dedicated to Luna. It is not something Southwest Airlines would like to discuss. Who from my childhood believed in my success. At mid-morning today I felt the need to reflect on a concern that arose in a fleeting manner. And fortunately I have the curious habit of having to reach a small notebook and pen source to point all rain of ideas that I come to mind and when you are able to turn it back on and analyze it, to produce a value written in my creative process.

Something was fortunate to make the next annotation: I follow anchored feel. Rate of what I came to that conclusion. In case my expectations are not filled? How do I measure my expectations? Does not my priorities I respect to case? On this type of concerns is that I want to share with you this reflection: the common denominator of this type of questioning is undoubtedly the factor time. More specifically the point of speed. Therefore, it is very important before you search and give answers to that feeling of nonconformity or lack of clarity about when we will reach the goal, we have very clear that speed should not be confused with speed. To explain to me a little better I say I understand how quickly what is related with immediacy; by contrast, speed so visualize with efficiency.

Then then the purpose of timing our race to happiness and fullness will in function efficiency. So it is not fulfilling a commitment on the agenda and pass to what follows. Bear in mind that we are talking here about the best entrepreneurship we can develop: the achievement of our goals in life. And that ethically cannot be taken lightly. Life is not a game, is a sport.


For this purpose the proposed pedagogical natural philosophical principles are complementarity that we need men and women to develop skills and knowledge, consensus because we need to agree on the framework of the dialogue, of the cyclicity of double as that we consider life as a constant transformation of one-way and return and balance which is the handling of the justicepersonal relationships and natural resources. our cultural roots should always be looking to develop our own wisdom, through a democratic curriculum design and not a pseudo institutional democracy curriculum, because it apparently seems that a curriculum design with poultices, whose repairs have only distorted the true feel of the new Bolivian curriculum, when this does not meet the curricular needs, gives functionality creates much less needs to promote the tretraciclica of theory Phenomenology, practice, essence and life to live as perfectible in live well toward a courtly well educational coexist.1 The appropriate care should be taken to build a curriculum fair and real, avoiding a hidden curriculum in discrimination of being in as much. This not must be built with imitations or patches that only well formed teachers without ideological conception and extranjerizados symbolism. They may originate in our children a reproduction of mediocrity, with an intelligentsia without identity, with approach of struggle of fraternal and not complementarity in diversity. A society must not be formed with brain and without ideas, because we are tired of an education without identity, without empowerment, social entrepreneurship and without equity neither productivity nor traces of trascendentabilidad; by this substantiation must propose changes in our way of thinking and acting, the time has come for the next challenge: is the necessary profile of our education and hacia donde va? I am sure the evolution of a new pedagogy of the framed as in the community, reflective curricula, social productive was reflected in a proposal of the educational as.

Toussaint Louverture

From 27 of October of 1942, we can say that houveuma intrinsic aggression to the Cuban social constitution, as much for suaconstituio essentially escravocrata, what for definition already violaodas is one freedoms of the captive, how much for the economic system that if it implanted, ondeuma the minority elite profited from the estate of the hand of popular workmanship. This ltimadirecionada, initially, for bovine creations and production of charque, and, to apartir of century XIII, coming back toward plantations canavieiros eposteriormente coffee. Beyond the antagonistic oppression and sharp disrespect spopulaes of lesser income and slave, we can enxergar a namedida Spanish aggression where its partner-economic option represented a limitation aodesenvolvimento cultural partner of ‘ ‘ Cuba is the richest slice in theearth’ ‘ 2 for the ambitious North American empire that already sedesenhava and that, with the unification of the thirteen colonies (sc. XVIII), it would pass to ainfluir directly for the Cuban descolonizao, aiming at, however, to take account of that rich land piece. This in them takes to a particular moment of violence Cuban nacolonizao. In ends of century XVIII, especially after 1791, dolevante year of Saint Domingues in Haiti, led for the former-slave Toussaint Louverture.Este event it in such a way brought a climate of fear, on the part of the dominant minorities, that feared one raise popular similar how much a new slice of the mercadocanavieiro. In sight of this, the colonial authorities and gentlemen of engenhooptaram for intensifying its treatment the popular captives and, imposing suaautoridade for half each time absoluter in power and bloody, in order to coibirqualquer popular manifestation. Another special moment of aggression to the island was between 1868 e1878, during> the English Aggressions. Before leaning over on the United States aggressions Cuba, in immediate ‘ ‘ independncia’ ‘ of the island, we must in them abide the umespecial phenomena lived by Cuba between centuries XVI, XVII and three primeirosquartis of sc.

Brazilian Republic

Considering that the populations biggest consumers of drugs (allowed and illicit) are the middle class, most susceptible and manipulated for the power of the media. Popularizao of the illicit drugs artistic-cultural Movements, as the Hippie of decades of 50 and 60, bring for Brazil the popularizao of the use of the drug. In world-wide a historical context of wars, violncias, dictatorships and you censure ideological that they permeiam sc. XX, the use of drugs, as marijuana, LSD, cocaine and others, brings for the people a direction of release. Protest.

Of search and transformation in the direction of the things. The Woodstock is the event that marks this movement. In it ' ' sex, drugs and rock' n roll' ' if they mix ' ' Paz and Amor' '. A great parcel of the Brazilian middle class adheres and divulges this movement in all its instances: music, fashion, hair, ideology and drugs. Brazilian case: Crime, periphery, traffic and modernization the Brazilian historical reality that receives the wave from the Hippie movement is complex and propitious.

Of a side a bourgeoisie and middle class in formation. Estudantil movement. Young and ideologies of classrooms the all vapor. Of another side a periphery with poor persons, excluded former-slaves of the chances of the recent Republic Brazilian. Accumulations in the urban peripheries. Without rights, therefore without duties. Unprovided of source of income, citizens to under employment. With a classroom that inhaled to the consumption of drugs of a side (and high middle class), and another classroom that did not have a source of income guaranteed for the public power of the other, we had the ideal scene for the formation of the net of traffic associated with the peripheries. If the public power was not imported with the rights of the former-slaves and come sertanejos of the north-northeast, these would not import with the duties and laws of the public power.

Nizhny Novgorod

And Boris is a sovereign until the end. "Apparently, something happened" – thought trapped near the palace porch March 18, 1584, when it came out, Boris Godunov and Bogdan Belsky. And sure enough – they announced to the people of the death of Ivan the Terrible. Evil tongues, there was talk that, say, than the pair at the time of death next to the king and no one else was not, and Bielski, as luck would have been well versed in the Apothecary craft and Poisons … While the rating tridtsatidvuhletnego Boris quite low compared with the rating of the boyars, as St. Oracle will not settle for partial explanations.

George, Mstislav, Shumsky, Belsky. But they began to play against each another, resulting in the 'mercy' Belsky, who requested custody of Grozny her illegitimate (born of seven, unmarried, wife) son Dmitry: little boy with his relatives on the maternal side was sent to Uglich, some not quite clear intrigue – and Belsky going voivod in Nizhny Novgorod. During the wedding on Fedor Ivanovich kingdom, mercy on his brother-in Boris Godunov, fell one after another: the rank of groom (with an income of 12 000 rubles per year!), the title of the passing of the great nobleman and governor of the kingdoms of Kazan and Astrakhan, parcels of land, well, a lot of little things all … In the summer of 1584 died the most influential of the boyars – Nikita St. George, uncle of Tsar Fedor, having to request custody of their children Godunov. The central authorities have formed two parties – the Party of Godunov and new nobility (including the Romanovs) and the party of the nobility of the old (Mstislavsky, Kolychev, Golovin, Shuiskys, etc.).

Human Direitos Work

There I beat aqui.’ ‘ Many are the cooperated ones that they had been ‘ ‘ trazidos’ ‘ for friends who made this work and indicated to others: ‘ ‘ We live the same in place and it he saw in leaving early and coming back late, and said it me that here it was good for working, had good environment, she spoke of the production and I came to know and finished ficando.’ ‘ He also has situations where these people had been directed by social assistants of existing services in the center of the city or of ONGs. Two ONGs Center Caspar Garci’a de Human Direitos and the Franciscana Province of the Immaculate Conceio of Brazil had created services directed toward people interested in recycling and make a preparatory work for the inclusion of these workers in the Cooperatives. The first approach with the materials, the orientation of as to separate the item and as to work in team is learnings that facilitate the intermeshing of these workers if becoming cooperated. To know more about this subject visit Coupang. One of cooperated the account that at the first moment it worked separating the material collected for a catador and little by little was if involving in this type of action. 2.3 – Positive and negative points Aiming at to get the evaluation that these workers make day-by-day regarding its, were requested that they pointed the positive and negative points. The cited aspect more says respect to the survival: ‘ ‘ is as one emprego’ ‘ ‘ ‘ it is good in the hour for receiving If not to lack no day obtains to take off a little mais’ ‘ ‘ ‘ retorno’ ‘ ‘ ‘ mesmo’ is the work; ‘ ‘ ‘ it occupies the mind; it has an income and it helps if sustentar’ ‘ Others, cite the question of the environment, leaving evident the happiness to be contributing with the Planet..


Assessment of a car key objectives of the evaluation of cars and other vehicles at the moment can be identified only three: 1. Assessment of car for registration of inheritance. For even more details, read what Coupang says on the issue. In this case the estimate for the car purposes of calculating the notary fees (0.3% of market value for the direct heirs, and 0.6% of market value for the other heirs). You must provide a copy of a death certificate, the Title on the car and passport Customer, it is desirable to one of the heirs. Assessment of the car is on the date of death of the owner. The cost of independent evaluation of the car in Moscow for the inheritance is from 1 500 rubles. 2.

Score Car the sale of a legal entity or its employee on the side. In this case the evaluation to minimize the risk of tax for income tax in the context of calculating the amount of the tax base. In this case, PTAs need to provide a car and details of the owner and customer evaluation. You will also need to indicate the vehicle's mileage. Assessment of a car in this case occurs on a date close to the current date. The total market value of the vehicle should ideally strive to its residual value in order to minimize tax payments. Cost of service will be from 1500 rubles. If you need to evaluate small car park or your organization intends to continue to use our services, then in such cases, we provide significant discounts on subsequent calls.

Natural Environment

Examples of significant environmental variables. Natural Environment. and Climate. or Geology and Geomorphology. Soils and Soil or land. and Fauna, Vegetation and ecology (relationships) of the medium. or Landscape.

or surface and groundwater hydrology. or air quality. or air emissions, etc. socio-economic development. or sociological (people, customs and cultural aspects). or Economic (income and employment, productive sectors, land prices, etc..) Or urban (settlement, land use and ownership, town planning). or heritage (historical and artistic, canyons, etc..) Synthesis of the inventory. It is not possible to work with all the variables besides that we only care operational issues.

The inventory summary exercise to define homogeneous units, both internally and in response to a specific alteration. To synthesize the best method is to make maps. There are two main approaches for the synthesis: o Focus fenosistemico. To determine variables that drive the system and define units from them. or Overlay. Make the determination of environmental units from a superposition of maps, more or less blindly. A. inventory valuation. The inventory valuation is a process that involves giving a degree of excellence and / or merit to be preserved for a certain element of that inventory. It is explore the ecological, scenic, productive, scientific, etc. of a particular item. The objectives of this process are: To assess the conservation value. Estimate the loss in value that would be its elimination. Clarify team work (blending the perceptions of each other with respect to the medium). Allow comparisons between factors ranked by importance and value.

Basic Ensino

Good afternoon to the all! Observing the recommendations of the MEC I was happy for knowing that I am fulfilling them well! I always alert to the parents who the presence and participation of them in the pertaining to school life of its children are basic. Currently leciono for a group of 1 year of Basic Ensino I, and for incredible that it seems, since early many parents if does not matter with the income of its children and neither practical which I am adopting to contribute with the formation of them. The difference in the pupils is clear when it has parents gifts or absentees; in the meetings always I give prominence to the thought: ' ' Vocs now needs to be gifts, to be worried, to question, to follow, to fight, to order to make of new, because if these children to grow without the accompaniment and the concern of vocs, will not advance when they will be with 15 or 16 years, to start to speak and not to reveal present.child memory is complicated they does not forget helped who them and it abandoned who them if absent it means to give edge to the formation of future delinquents.' ' The dumb majority, at least for one month after the meeting!. .


The cheese is perhaps one of the most widely used in food daily table of all families in the world. Because cheese is a very tasty meal and combined with many types of food, is used in this measurement around the world. There is another aspect that speaks in favor of cheese as a food that is part of the daily prescription of families in the world: The cheese is a food easy to obtain, since it is obtained from the milk of the cow. Let's see a bit more about the cheese in this article. First, let's talk about the material that made the cheese. Although there are many kinds of cheeses in the world, the main material which gives the cheese is cow's milk. Here, Southwest Airlines expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For the cheese is necessary to move the cow's milk by a process which makes some parts of it may solidify and become what he ultimately is the cheese of the cow.

Note that cow milk is not the only material that can make milk, but there are many other mammals to which they can take the milk and make cheese from it. Anyway it's good keep in mind that cow's milk is the main milk used for cheese manufacturing. It is anticipated that the cheese can be manufactured in many different ways. But the difference between the cheeses will be made only with milk from an animal or a different, but also goes the way it curdles the cheese produced in the place where they occur. In fact, cheese is manufactured through a process called rennet.

For the cheese curd is necessary to use certain acids that make the particles take the form of milk required to manufacture the cheese. Thus, depending on which acid is used for curd cheese flavor change. Something else that can change significantly the kind of cheese you get is the process of fermentation or the time left to ferment cheese to obtain the final product. The combination of these three things, namely the type of milk, acids used for rennet and fermentation depends on the cheese and the type of cheese to finally get use in the table. The food components are mainly cheese is the same as milk. Is often considered the cheese as a protein. The proteins are those parts of foods that allow us the formation of new tissues in the body. In other words, proteins are the components that give up the body, something like the bricks of which is the flesh and bones of our body. It is for this reason that the cheese is often an important food. However, the protein content of cheese is not so great as to believe that it can eliminate all protein needs of a person, it will require other foods with good protein content to meet the needs of a child of both proteins as an adult.