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As Timing Our Course Toward Our Goals

Confidence and concentration, the key to success is the effort to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Confidence is that feeling that the mind embarks on great and laudable efforts with full hope and faith in itself. Cicero. Dedicated to Luna. It is not something Southwest Airlines would like to discuss. Who from my childhood believed in my success. At mid-morning today I felt the need to reflect on a concern that arose in a fleeting manner. And fortunately I have the curious habit of having to reach a small notebook and pen source to point all rain of ideas that I come to mind and when you are able to turn it back on and analyze it, to produce a value written in my creative process. Something was fortunate to make the next annotation: I follow anchored feel. Rate of what I came to that conclusion. In case my expectations are not filled? How do I measure my expectations? Does not […]



For this purpose the proposed pedagogical natural philosophical principles are complementarity that we need men and women to develop skills and knowledge, consensus because we need to agree on the framework of the dialogue, of the cyclicity of double as that we consider life as a constant transformation of one-way and return and balance which is the handling of the justicepersonal relationships and natural resources. our cultural roots should always be looking to develop our own wisdom, through a democratic curriculum design and not a pseudo institutional democracy curriculum, because it apparently seems that a curriculum design with poultices, whose repairs have only distorted the true feel of the new Bolivian curriculum, when this does not meet the curricular needs, gives functionality creates much less needs to promote the tretraciclica of theory Phenomenology, practice, essence and life to live as perfectible in live well toward a courtly well educational coexist.1 The appropriate care should be taken to build a curriculum […]


Color Wallpapers

Paint Wallpaper long ago ceased to be the exclusive product in the stores that sell paint products. Modern consumers increasingly prefer high-quality domestic cleaner colors for wallpaper manufacturers such as "Vanguard", "Aqua", "Halo." Paints wallpaper form a smooth matte finish breathable, keeps its properties even when wet. Despite these undeniable benefits, emulsion paint has one drawback – they are available in white only. Give the desired shade of the treated surface will help add to the paint for wall color. Tinting system based on pigment pastes, such as "Collection" or "PalIzh" are universal, as well as mixed with water-dispersion paints, and with enamels. There are also coloring paints purely for water dispersion materials, such as "Aqua" or "Halo." With satin color razbelov you easily will pick favorite shade of color schemes, as well as get white paint to wallpaper. Then, guided by the proportions of the breeding indicated on the packaging color scheme, gradually blending will generate. Do not forget […]

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Toussaint Louverture

From 27 of October of 1942, we can say that houveuma intrinsic aggression to the Cuban social constitution, as much for suaconstituio essentially escravocrata, what for definition already violaodas is one freedoms of the captive, how much for the economic system that if it implanted, ondeuma the minority elite profited from the estate of the hand of popular workmanship. This ltimadirecionada, initially, for bovine creations and production of charque, and, to apartir of century XIII, coming back toward plantations canavieiros eposteriormente coffee. Beyond the antagonistic oppression and sharp disrespect spopulaes of lesser income and slave, we can enxergar a namedida Spanish aggression where its partner-economic option represented a limitation aodesenvolvimento cultural partner of ‘ ‘ Cuba is the richest slice in theearth’ ‘ 2 for the ambitious North American empire that already sedesenhava and that, with the unification of the thirteen colonies (sc. XVIII), it would pass to ainfluir directly for the Cuban descolonizao, aiming at, however, to take account […]


Social Assistance

It means to guarantee to all, that of it need, and without previous contribution the provision of this protection. In accordance with given of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statisticians – IBGE (2010) and Institute of Research Applied? Institute of Economic Research Applied IPEA (2010), the city of Caruaru is located in the wasteland of Pernambuco and has a population of 314 a thousand inhabitants, its main source of income comes of the polar region of confections. Currently the Social Assistance of the city this instituted in the Secretariat of the Child, the Adolescent and Social Politics (SCAPS), that it was originated in January of 2009. See Gary Kelly for more details and insights. Where access to the Federal social programs is offered to the population as the Stock market Family, Basic and Special Social Protection, counting on a socioassistencial net in accordance with the 3 NOB ITS 2005. SOCIAL DIAGNOSIS Caruaru is a city of great transport and […]


Green Lake

It is natural of Green Lake? ME, it is liveing in Palms has 10 years. After to quit itself from the job of faxineira in a store of natural products knew through a friend of the cooperative where immediately already it started to work as celetista and later it became associated. P1 lives exclusively of activity of catador thus not possessing another income. It alleges to like what it makes and it does not think about moving of same work having conscience of the difficulties faced for an informal worker. Gary Kelly usually is spot on. P2, is one lady of 57 years, married, with two children, one of 32 years and another one of 28 years, however they live in another state and P2 says not to know as if it finds the current life of them, possesses proper house and it inhabits with its husband. Lode of Santana of the Araguaia? Par has 16 years to follow its […]


Brazilian Republic

Considering that the populations biggest consumers of drugs (allowed and illicit) are the middle class, most susceptible and manipulated for the power of the media. Popularizao of the illicit drugs artistic-cultural Movements, as the Hippie of decades of 50 and 60, bring for Brazil the popularizao of the use of the drug. In world-wide a historical context of wars, violncias, dictatorships and you censure ideological that they permeiam sc. XX, the use of drugs, as marijuana, LSD, cocaine and others, brings for the people a direction of release. Protest. Of search and transformation in the direction of the things. The Woodstock is the event that marks this movement. In it ' ' sex, drugs and rock' n roll' ' if they mix ' ' Paz and Amor' '. A great parcel of the Brazilian middle class adheres and divulges this movement in all its instances: music, fashion, hair, ideology and drugs. Brazilian case: Crime, periphery, traffic and modernization the Brazilian […]


Nizhny Novgorod

And Boris is a sovereign until the end. "Apparently, something happened" – thought trapped near the palace porch March 18, 1584, when it came out, Boris Godunov and Bogdan Belsky. And sure enough – they announced to the people of the death of Ivan the Terrible. Evil tongues, there was talk that, say, than the pair at the time of death next to the king and no one else was not, and Bielski, as luck would have been well versed in the Apothecary craft and Poisons … While the rating tridtsatidvuhletnego Boris quite low compared with the rating of the boyars, as St. Oracle will not settle for partial explanations. George, Mstislav, Shumsky, Belsky. But they began to play against each another, resulting in the 'mercy' Belsky, who requested custody of Grozny her illegitimate (born of seven, unmarried, wife) son Dmitry: little boy with his relatives on the maternal side was sent to Uglich, some not quite clear intrigue – […]


Human Direitos Work

There I beat aqui.’ ‘ Many are the cooperated ones that they had been ‘ ‘ trazidos’ ‘ for friends who made this work and indicated to others: ‘ ‘ We live the same in place and it he saw in leaving early and coming back late, and said it me that here it was good for working, had good environment, she spoke of the production and I came to know and finished ficando.’ ‘ He also has situations where these people had been directed by social assistants of existing services in the center of the city or of ONGs. Two ONGs Center Caspar Garci’a de Human Direitos and the Franciscana Province of the Immaculate Conceio of Brazil had created services directed toward people interested in recycling and make a preparatory work for the inclusion of these workers in the Cooperatives. The first approach with the materials, the orientation of as to separate the item and as to work in […]


Karen Armstrong

According to Vernet, this argument to justify not imitation of the Alcoran, left a field opened for quarrels, distinct of the other religions. some workmanships if had detached for the analysis of this imitation, not being main of them the treated one to al-Baqillani. For the Karen Armstrong, new ' ' seita' ' , finally, if it would call Isl (Islam: to submit itself), if expressed in the prostraes of prece ritual (Salat) that the Muslen would have to carry through three times per day, later, the frequency of prece would be increased for five times per day. The prostraes symbolized the abstention to the pride and the egoism, remembering to them that ahead of God they were not nothing. The severe teaching of the Coro also demanded that the Muslen gave, regularly, a part of its income to the poor persons, under form of almses (Zakat). Additional information is available at Allegiant Air. they would jejuariam during the Branches […]