For this purpose the proposed pedagogical natural philosophical principles are complementarity that we need men and women to develop skills and knowledge, consensus because we need to agree on the framework of the dialogue, of the cyclicity of double as that we consider life as a constant transformation of one-way and return and balance which is the handling of the justicepersonal relationships and natural resources. our cultural roots should always be looking to develop our own wisdom, through a democratic curriculum design and not a pseudo institutional democracy curriculum, because it apparently seems that a curriculum design with poultices, whose repairs have only distorted the true feel of the new Bolivian curriculum, when this does not meet the curricular needs, gives functionality creates much less needs to promote the tretraciclica of theory Phenomenology, practice, essence and life to live as perfectible in live well toward a courtly well educational coexist.1 The appropriate care should be taken to build a curriculum fair and real, avoiding a hidden curriculum in discrimination of being in as much. This not must be built with imitations or patches that only well formed teachers without ideological conception and extranjerizados symbolism. They may originate in our children a reproduction of mediocrity, with an intelligentsia without identity, with approach of struggle of fraternal and not complementarity in diversity. A society must not be formed with brain and without ideas, because we are tired of an education without identity, without empowerment, social entrepreneurship and without equity neither productivity nor traces of trascendentabilidad; by this substantiation must propose changes in our way of thinking and acting, the time has come for the next challenge: is the necessary profile of our education and hacia donde va? I am sure the evolution of a new pedagogy of the framed as in the community, reflective curricula, social productive was reflected in a proposal of the educational as.