Insurance Association

For the ninth time in a row, the magazine determined the cheapest car insurance policies in its November edition from 151 plans. The consumer advocates confirm once again the German internet that she very often appears in the list of the cheapest deals. Financial test confirming ultimately that pays our economic actions for all”, summarizes Falko Struve, Member of the Board of the German internet, the results. As a special feature, he emphasized that the online subsidiary of the Insurance Association offers the Continentale despite the cheap prices even the highest quality of service. This is regularly confirmed in surveys of TuV Saarland with top marks. The entire administration share on gross premiums, which includes expensive advertising, is the German internet only at about 7.0 percent. Competitors with aggressive advertising spend up to 30 percent, what with paying customers. Also, motorists can save over 50 percent of their premiums, when up to 30 November Cancel and change from 01.01.2010 to the German internet.

Kundenwerbepramie is increased particularly attractive to 30 euros this year for existing customers, if win you friends, relatives or friends. “With 30 euros, the Dortmund paid this canvassing during the period 1 November until 31.01.2010 so all benefit: we are looking forward to new customers, they get a cheap car insurance and our existing customers an attractive premium”, Falko Struve explains the benefits. More information: on the German internet insurance: the German internet insurance began in 2001 as the first online car insurer. Behind her, the Continentale is the Insurance Federation. Best TuV certification of service quality, customer satisfaction and data security are the German internet. Independent comparison tests (Finanztest, Autobild-TuV-report, Stern, Spiegel Online) confirm the favourable tariffs.

Professional Association

In addition also their business partner present the sport associations and clubs under benefit function and best data protection. Members receive information about special offers and promotions, they can either directly online or through the card but perceive the corresponding partner. Use of this benefit feature of the card lies in the decision of the individual card holder. This must give his consent for the use of the advantages. The cardholder must agree to also participate in the community under active. Not, gives its consent to the athletes he uses the card only as his club membership card.

These are important aspects relating to data protection, where to play special role in the system German sports badge. In times where weekly data scandals at companies and online portals are made public, must be guaranteed the highest standards, to To win trust. Already during the development of the German sports card the data protection supervisor BvD e.V., worked closely with Mr Thomas Spaeing, proven data protection experts, and member of the Board of the Professional Association, who continue in charge of the project. Thus, it is ensured that the German sports badge can be not only complies with the current data protection regulations, but even called exemplary advantage system in Germany. The security of the information and communication Portal is regularly checked by independent experts. In March, the competent supervisory authority (LDI NRW) attested to the German sports badge a spotless standard.

The first year of the first year German sports badge was mainly used to anchor the project down in organized sport in Germany. Now 13 of the 16 regional sports association and 9 umbrella organisations have signed binding agreements to support the system with the operator DSA German sports card company. Also many regional offices the sports federations have already joined. Information and facilities of the sports clubs are in full swing and the information and offer under is constantly growing. The German sports badge is already used by several clubs for controlling access to Club and training facilities and used successfully to the local advantage partner acquisition. In collaboration with the sports federations and clubs the functions of the portal evolve constantly and the framework deal for the card. So opens up E.g. in combination with an association management software that provides an interface to the specific Club member database at, completely new possibilities of club management. The largest community project in organized sports in Germany has recorded drive and is on course for gold.

Association Kenya

Translation company engaged socially Alphatrad International GmbH, one of the market leaders in the field of translation services, actively supports the Swiss aid organizations hope for Kenyafamily and children in Kenya with Gratisubersetzungen. Club homepage, important documents, which are required for the work, as well as the correspondence between the Club seats and the contacts on the ground in Kenya are translated by the translation professionals free of charge. Alphatrad thus makes a contribution to help the needy Kenyan children specifically. Children in Kenya since 1995 with headquarters in Basel and its aid projects focused on the village of Kikambala and its surroundings. In the past few years were drilled with the help of member contributions, material donations and donations, including a drinking water fountain, a sewing school founded and created a vegetable and poultry farm. Also, the women in the region by qualified personnel are taught education and first aid in hygiene, family planning, and advice on social issues. Hope for Kenyafamily was founded in late 2008 in Auenstein, to realize the construction of an orphanage in the VOI region.

At the time the members of the Association seeking sponsors for a drinking water fountain. An orphanage for about 50 children with at least twelve bedrooms is planned, adequate sanitary facilities, kitchen with pantry, as well as a spacious dining and game rooms. Continue to be a fruit and vegetable garden and a small animal farm with chickens and goats, to ensure the self-sufficiency of the home. The construction of a children playground is planned. Kenya is situated in East Africa and occupied space 148 in the human development index (HDI) of the United Nations (comparison: Germany no. 22). Many people live in great poverty, without work, without sufficient food and under poor hygienic conditions. Worst, it meets the children, which usually no access to schools and training.

Alphatrad has more than 25 years industry experience and offers technical translations Lektoraten in over 50 languages of the world, and also the setting of German and foreign-language texts as well as audio transcriptions of. If necessary apply layout work and the adaptation of websites. In addition can be translated texts in the express service within a few hours. Our translators particularly on technical and legal texts are specialized in translations. The Alphatrad group has 40 branches in six European countries, only nine of them in Germany.

Nonprofit Associations

The Berlin specialist for association management Friedemann Rojahn serves non-profit organizations for over 20 years. Berlin, may 28, 2010 – the Berlin specialist for association management Friedemann Rojahn supervised nonprofits for over 20 years. With skill and diligence he ensures his clients legally clean, transparent and efficient settlement of donations and public grants. Donation is a matter of trust. This applies even for prominent people, as Alice Schwarzer on the basis of Metun & can affair recently painfully learned. Non-profit associations through their years of persistent social work, which has already become an indispensable part of public social services acquire this precious confidence socially engaged people. Many organizations are finding themselves through the current negative headlines around two large Berlin social institution of discredited threatened. In addition, they fear a significant overhead by future sharper controls of their use of funds.

These to cope with the additional administrative overhead, can be problematic especially for volunteer-run clubs. “Trust is good, control is better so could the guiding principle by Friedemann Rojahn, owner of the GmbH” are within the current discussion. The trained merchant distinguished by expertise: Often several volunteer share the management tasks. These include the areas of finance and management of Member data in a hand. “Only in this way, the necessary control is possible otherwise funds often lost the Club.” From this and other administrative shallows, the preserves GmbH”non-profit organizations for over 20 years, of the equestrian Association of kindergartens up to cooperatives of the Knights Hospitaller. While the administrative specialist throws his considerable expertise to vereins – and tax issues in the pan.

Of course, we replace not the counsel or tax adviser, but we can alert the Board to, when the corresponding advice recommended is”, says Rahul. This special knowledge are there in particular, that the boards of non-profit associations can benefit from. All too quickly, an administrative error into a legal nightmare for its Board of directors personally liable can grow out? We relieve especially volunteers at the administrative tasks. If the Association Management runs effectively and legally correctly, there can be no rude awakening due to formal error, who sneak out of ignorance or lack of time”, RAI performs. The bandwidth is large: modern database technology facilitates the member management, postal mailings to members to be done with the in-house inserting in a fraction of the time. A complete “Office services” to the approval of the Board will be installed upon request. Capacities are released, Board members can concentrate on content, faster to recognize critical situations and cope better. Thus they sustain that even in difficult times survival trust of their private and public sponsors. “About the GmbH” Friedemann Rojahn, managing partner of GmbH, has specialised for more than 20 years on the management of clubs.


I am not worried very for not having tilted and well definite muscles or having the body ' ' sarado' ' as the fashion demands. Not me estresso for not possessing a corporal silhouette defended by the cinema, television and magazines of fofoca. I am not worried simply about nothing of this for the fact of not being a marionette of the propagandas of companies of cosmetics, clothes, academies and clinics of aesthetic. That they compel in them to have a body ' ' bombado' ' or magrrimo as if we were stars of the films of Hollywood or stars of passarelas of the FASHIONWEEK. They want that each girl and woman, man and boy if seem the esquelticos models of passarelas of fashion and ' ' Arnold Schwarznegger' ' of the life. But they are worried not by our health but why more products of beauty, plastic vitamins and surgeries want in them to vender each time. Does not exist more place for normal people? Does not exist more place for the simple and mortal people? More place to the sun for the people does not exist who exactly not possessing the silhouette of Barbie or the silhouette of the Brad Pitt they are capable to love, to be loved, to be accepted and to be happy? Is necessary really shape the body to the taste of the academies and the taste of the esteretipos that thresh the body and atrophy the brain? It is necessary really if to dress, to feed, and to maquiar it the taste of the esteretipos that show a false face while they hide the true one behind heavy maquiagem? Still I believe people whom the freedom has to be what they want and not what the others say they to be. I believe a world where the people are not enslaved of ' ' culture of a body escultural' ' created and kept for companies who are not worried in transforming the people into healthful people but becoming them massificadas and manipulated people.


Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every human being. His eagerly awaiting and preparing for it in advance. Everyone wants it is his wedding was unique and special. It is also important to try to keep all moments of this long-awaited day. Therefore, no wedding is complete without a photo or video. And since the wedding episodes can not be replayed or repeated, video should be taken off flawlessly – it will remember for all life. It is very important to be able to shoot a qualitatively appropriate moments wedding.

This operator sees interesting moments, even in places where others do not notice, and does not charge anything extra, what then nobody will be interested look. A good operator should not be seen and heard, his job is to not straining the guests and the newlyweds, to capture beautiful and well the whole wedding day, so you all watched and wondered: "And when he it's time to shoot? ". Today in Moscow, many wedding studios and salons offer their services for implementing high-quality photography. Videography weddings – it's an art that requires special training and a large experience. Therefore, the salons offer professionals who can implement not only the usual shooting and staging. Of material which otsnimaet videographer, mounted film, in which there are titles, music and colorful special effects.

Video editing allows you to save and skillfully highlight the most interesting moments of the wedding. In addition, the studio offers the organization is not only a wedding video, but also other activities such as: days birth, various presentations, corporate parties, various celebrations or anniversaries. It's very nice when you can view the tape or disk, which captures an important and significant event for you. You Once again, can laugh and a taste of the feast and merry mood, recall favorite moments in his life. If you want your wedding day, birthday or anniversary memorable, so good take care not only about its proper organization, but also the presence of an experienced videographer who can not only efficiently and professionally organized shoot, but also provide quality installation filmed material. Believe me, bright and interesting movie to your participation – this is not a waste of time and money, and a long and good memory for a lifetime.


The educative process implies the crossing, the conflict, or demands contribution between factors related with the diverse dimensions of the person human being: afectiva, ethics, technique, intellectual, corporal, avaliativa? In the ideal plan, all these dimensions would have to be combined in the all that is the personality human being, of the individual and social point of view. Therefore, the least as ideal, the educative process aims at to the totality of the man ‘ ‘ (GILES, 1983:27) the man, this being, still mysterious in many of its aspects and/or dimensions, constitutes, at the beginning of century XXI and of the third millenium, according to chronology of our calendar occidental person, a true enigma and, perhaps therefore, not yet obtained, in the territory, that physically inhabits and thinks to know, the stability, the tranquilidade and the balanced development enters all the individuals of its proper species, at last, the true dignity of the condition human being, even so weighs the advances that, relatively to the studied antiquity, if they have verified, mainly in what it respects to the life hope, as well as in plus some aspects of the involving materiality. Then, which the reasons and which the solutions to get excited, for better, the current situation of this exactly Man, integrant of a world in constant alteration, even in the aspects most natural of its constitution. That it lacks to this Man, pparently, so ‘ ‘ powerful? ‘ ‘ If it is certain that, traditionally, if it unites with the science notion, the knowledge concept and, in this perspective, if they analyze, also, the diverse ways to understand the world, being able here to be distinguished some of the classic levels: spontaneous knowledge or common sense; scientific knowledge, this with one has supported current of techniques, technologies and equipment and considered as a recent victory of the humanity, mainly from century XVII with the revolutions Coperniciana and Galileica…

Proper Thoughts

Proper thoughts inexist. The human being is instructed to think since that it is born in what must think, do not leave it exempts to think about what wants, thus causing suffering, therefore the life, does not possess formula. We suffer daily. Each suffering has its proportionality in the referencial of the facts, the events, and this, in compliance with the age, the species, the social level and intellectual of the agent who this interiorizando the suffering of the moment. Since the sprouting of thinking of the race human being, this comes instructing the human beings about what they must think, or, in what it wants that the human being thinks.

The suffering is a physiological factor of the race human being and, the biggest suffering of these, is not the loss of a wanted being, of corporeal property, but, yes, its awareness of its death. Therefore, the death of a neighbor donates, of a relative, donates, of an esteem animal, donates, of a son, its parents. All these losses are bearable sufferings, for being emotivos extravasados at the moment of the occurrence. But, pain, suffering inigualvel, unconscious that it goes to the few mining the forces of this body, comes and it penetrates such which an incurable plague in its conscientious one, is the awareness of its proper death. It understands, I do not speak of that death that can come for accident, an illness, therefore of this, the human being is unconscious and it does not suffer, but yes, of its slow, physical, conscientious, visible death with passing of the years the mirrors showing it to them, youngest pointing it, the governments also, with priority atendimentos, that these are not necessary, but is more pencil sharpener of that its death this next one.

This conscientious death is shown to it in the mirrors of its room, in glasses of the show windows of the store in shoping Center, in its to walk, its physical activity following its shades pointing directly its deteriorizao route to the disappearance. Being this the reality of the beings livings creature. To be born, to grow, to age and to die? These ' ' verdades' ' they had been the ones that had placed in the human brain. Thus we think, thus we act, why we are some centuries repeating what the primrdios thoughts had thus spoken and still are only accepted as ' ' verdades' '! This the human being accepting, believing, having faith and acting as teachings of the Bible, the Alcoran, the Bhagavad Gita, among others, without questioning, adding a comma, a til in these secular teachings! Pods until questioning: This making a mistake! The knowledge will advance! I answer, yes, the warlike, medical knowledge, of the physics, biology, sociology, geography, history, the philosophy, at last, of the knowledge of natural sciences! the knowledge of the life? The knowledge of our way of life of our house, our planet land? They are these apprehended and followed? Are taken the serious ones? They are the main goals? Some when being reading these ranks can until laughing, but to laugh is a form not to think, of not wanting to think about the facts that are ahead of its life? It ignores not to want to suffer, but there that it suffers, it suffers!

The Thought

Oconhecimento proceeding from the soul can in such a way be its perceptions, how much queDescartes called its wills. The wills are classified in duasespcies: those that constitute action of the soul that they finish in the proper soul, whose thought applies it objects that are not material, corporeal, extensive; those that constitute actions that finish in the body, as the movimentosvoluntrios that we co-ordinate conscientiously. (Discardings, 1983: p 224) Thus, to the knowledge is, for Discardings, the condition of all acting that &#039 is preceded porum; ' querer' ' correspondent, in way that how much to the conformed event econstitudo for the action, we can find its causes already in the deliberation doagente. The man only can want something that knows e, from now on, temliberdade to want it or not: ' ' Not we could want thing some without we want saberque, nor knows it it not to be for an idea; but I do not affirm of modoalgum that this idea is different of proper ao' '. (Discardings, 1983: pg.224) the imediaticidade with that Discardings recognize the thought, would correspond, for it, in the character according to which a thing would not need deoutra thing to demand the recognition of its validity, as if, then, fosseo thought everything that on which immediately it exists in the man, of form to also aservir of data for a constatao of the existence. It is in this manner that, for Discardings, the validity of the proposal ' ' I sou' ' dopensamento is given by the immediacy.

The soul, while totality of the internal experience, has opensamento as it saw only of access. The thus understood thought was characterized as the only premise qualnenhuma another one is previous, characteristic that its successors had not exempted dacrtica. In the theory of Discardings, therefore, the thought was condition of qualqueroutra activity of the reverse speeds cogitans, including the fondness.

Treasure Map

This is the psychology of wealth. The path leading to wealth is this: procrastinate part of the money for business development, part of the education bit for charity, and the rest live in the pleasure. If you are not yet able to purchase what are dreaming, then Program your mind on receive much more money in the future, and then everything will turn out. Act 4. Be honest, it’s profitable! I think this law should not comment. Live with pure thoughts and honest attitude, above all, to themselves and those around you people. That are giving you will receive. The universe can not be deceived! Act 5.

“Treasure Map” helps materialize the desire classic “Treasure Map”. Arm yourselves with scissors, the most beautiful magazines, and select their photos, which like you own the most. What’s next, I think you have already guessed. Choose the interior, that car, those jewels, that beauty or handsome, the country house that, in your opinion, is embodiment of your dreams and put your picture in the center of this beauty itself. Important! Please pay attention to the fact that the picture was not bleak, threatening objects, armed men and all the negative scenes.

Only joy, only beauty, only abundance, only health, only love! Understand what you are doing? You show yourself and the Universe, that dream of yours has already been achieved. You already got all of what the dream. Do you have it, and in the best possible way, in the most perfect form, in the brilliant expression.