Antonio Fazzani

He showed to me through its words because God created me and which the direction of its to be there, living in that way. Way that stops me was the only one that it existed, therefore never had known another one. It counted on the sky, it spoke to me to me of the paradise and the hell. It explained me on the badnesses of the world and the miseries of many people. the afternoon passed. I invited it to pass the night in our house.

It accepted. We were for house, leading back the sheep in return to the surrounded one to sleep. When entering in my small house, all already were seated in the soil around of the table, having waited my arrival for the supper. When we enter, I presented that man to all. How blessed supper! All we, glad, talk regarding many subjects. But the stranger had new words, that they fulled our hearts of love, and peace. Mine irmzinha was in the col of it the time all and adormeceu in its arms. To as many hours of the dawn we were to lie down.

The day bordered beautiful as always, with the birds to sing gladly reverenciando the creation. I perceived that the stranger had left, as he had informed. But something as present for us left that never more I go to forget. That the love that we can pass to the others, same strangers, does not have end and if cannot pay with no currency. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out MasterClass. That man, with its look, its words, its gestures and its affection stops with all brought more than what we could deserve. He brought us harmony, gentility, confidence and much love that infected in them. Never more I was the same. I look for to pass this exactly affection and love, that the outsider taught to have it to me, for that meeting. is this affection, this harmony, this unconditional love that I give you. Debtor for you to exist!

Shakespeare Time

It arrived. For its surprise, sorridentecomo always. It explained that is dries to the telephone on account of the presence deseu head in the room. Also she explained that, for keeping in secrecy that friendship, she preferred to simulate unfamiliarity in the meeting that had occurred for not servtima of an interrogation on the part of its sister. It was happy with what he heard, however sad I obtain exactly. Not yet esempre learns to control its thoughts if it tortured with the worse conjecturas. But some promised quenunca exactly to itself more would take off precipitated conclusions of situation. It reiterated its feelings emrelao it.

Also he left clearly that he would not force nothing. That bigger that seusdesejos they were the affection and friendship that felt for it. That risk was not made use correro to lose special company that made to it so well and it provided momentosto to it. They had been hugged. It suavementetocou its lips in the lips of it.

It assented. It vibrated. He was the first time that it alcanavaalguma thing. Its soul flied to the seventh sky. It was a light reminiscncia of cenade Shakespeare. Barclays describes an additional similar source. Happyer house came back pra of quenunca and for the streets, for astonishment of the passer-bys, it declaimed in high voice: Of sincere souls the sincere union Nothing has that it hinders: love is not love If when it finds obstacles if it modifies, Or if vacila to the minimum fear. Love is a perpetual, dominant landmark, That it faces the storm with bravery; He is astro that it guides the nomadic candle, Whose value if ignores, back in the height. Love does not fear the time, much even so Its alfange does not save the youth; Love if does not transform hourly, Before is affirmed for the eternity. If this is false, and that he is false somebody proved, I am not poet, and nobody never loved. From to this it naturezapareceu it better day to it. The beans with usual rice lunchhed with taste. The finest Parecialhe of plates. The master never it seemed more amiable. Todasas people who found had face of excellent friends. Its life had setransformado. One was pleased with aquelesmomentos that passed with it. Fortuitous kisses obtained it. Not faziaplanos, but it did not leave to dream. He remembered of that Thomas Browne warranted that ossonhos they give them an idea of the excellency of the soul, since the soul is free docorpo and of the one to play and to dream! He dreamed in living long nights deamor, interminable days of affection, faith and understanding to the side of it. It dreamed to emviajar for its world, to know all its secrets and to carry through the dreams queela had. It dreamed in being reason so that it bought new clothes. Jque knows that thus the gotten passionate ones act. But its dreams were same nomundo of the dreams. Wise person and understood it situation. The time passed. More it elesse entrosavam. Plus it desired. But it saw that it was far apossibilidade of concretion of its dreams. But he was not unhappy therefore. Suapaixo already had moved of period of training. Today it was love. It exceeds already the Eros.Que love is romantic passion of the poets. With strong physical attraction and sexual desire. Hojeseu love was beyond Eros, also gape, that in Greek, altruism means, generosity. The devotion of it vinhasempre before its proper interest.


The seconds that came loading the delight of a real meeting were as soon as woke up in the nights of deliriums. Sensation that gave was that everything already was planned, was pra to happen, as if everything had written, our future was written? Our inexplicable nights, as to explain? The world turned, but my direction was alone one, to look in the eye of it and the small fast gesture, to catch in the hands and to fly pra a parallel universe where it existed: of the bodies, two souls, two to be entirely ready for the desire is delivered to it, to the pleasure of a passion. Certain night, I and it pass vary hours more talking and if knowing more and. The more seconds passed, but I got passionate myself! Ahead of as many words, in the end of a pleasant night, a phrase created form, why the feeling already had despertado; Love I you! Majestical either the love, the world fell down e, created a new world, our world! Where all possible age. To live already is not more the same without the affection, the sensations, the fear.

It is the fear, fear to lose this skillful fancy of our story of fairy. Months It knows that sensation that nor everything you the perfect one? Then, this was the direction of the order of namoro! One day of these where you wake up inhaled and think, I go to ask for the woman of my life in namoro, a step pro engagement, pro marriage, at last to the eternity. Credit: MasterClass Founder-2011. But you nor dream that you go to receive as reply, not. Then you prepare the day all, thinking that everything goes occurs well, crossed fingers, but in the end you feel the frustration Nothing he moved, our love was being stronger, but close to the reality it world, reality that was in catching to the few the e, without preparation none, in the handle of surprise and makes with that the feelings if rebelled in the case, my feelings, with the situation that we were there: We were not boyfriends, we were not ficantes; because unhappyly its mouth never kisses; we did not have word to distinguish what we were.


When, tired, it came back toward house, it had crises of I cry and it did not obtain to sleep. Its appearance reflected the proper suffering: already he was not more so beautiful, it was almost that a caricature of itself exactly, with deep olheiras and each leaner time. Camila resisted how much it could, but to know that it was badly made to it to appear certain feeling of guilt. It would have taken the decision certain? It will be that it loved still it? How he could mainly have done this with that as much likes, if it loved still it? Great it was the doubt and the anguish that appeared in Camila. Although everything, and same with passing of the time, it did not obtain to forget it completely.

Still superficially the quandary of Jean was remembered all day, for the doormans, when it arrived or left house. One day decided to bind and to talk with Jean. They had been without knowing accurately what to say, had a climate of deep hurt, fear and uncertainty. But they had started to perceive a certainty retaken in the confidence, were people who if knew, that they had been close, had been important one for another one. Camila felt the flame of the doubt in its heart and decided, in another colloquy, to invite Jean to go its house. The meeting occurred few days later. They had talked little and soon abraos and kisses turn over between. But it was not the same thing.

Of the part of Jean, it had a certain distrust, of the part of Camila, a curiosity in trying to discover how much still it liked it. They had finished sleeping together. Never more they turn over. Camila perceived that it would not obtain to recoup its love for Jean, what it had remained nothing more age that penalty. It started to ignore the commentaries of the doormans, moved of telephone With the time, it also finished moving of residence and it arranged another boyfriend. How much the Jean, never more had notice.

Van Gogh

Ah, that repentances they boiled in its soul! It has the woman of its life in its hands, it leaves and it to escape Coward! A thousand oaths of love escaped easy of its mouth, but as soon as it became gloomy, the enemies had as soon as besieged the city of its soul, before the heat of the battle arrebentasse, its soul if it disclosed weak and unprepared for the love, and it ran away in enormous running, leaving it stops backwards, it only delivers, at the hands of the enemies, that one to who swears perpetual love. Oh God, as it can be so low! It was the forty years that everything happens, and almost finishes For clepsidra of the life, it drains forty years in one to blink of eyes. But the repentances make each year to be valid for ten a thousand. Baby clothes contains valuable tech resources. In one day, to the midnight, a little more than dawn, perhaps, in most improbable of the places, it knows. Pretty, intelligent, incomparable, splendid, divine an angel, A perennial and soft ray of light in the blackout.

A flowery garden in the mornings of a perpetual spring. A tame and transparent water river to run for the sea, where it dived of clothes and everything, such the urgency of the diving. Ah, still now, as many years later, it conserved cool the memories of those days of the countless Epiphanys, when the deepenings of its spirit had been opened and disclosed to it Days where he lived more in the sky that in the land. That mysterious and memorable thing is the love. How sublime magic! Of the nothing, a mstico meeting of a lost soul with another lost soul was given, and the two, despite separate for the abyss of infinite distances and impossibilities, if they had made one. It lived for the first time in the life, later never more Of the meeting of waters of two rivers called solitude the happiness was born. One looked at inside of the soul of the other and saw itself exactly as that reflected in most limpid of the mirrors. To laugh, to dance, to sing, to run, to dream, to jump and to fly for the limits of the sky were so easy for them.

They lived in clouds. Ah, as the life is much more easy and beautiful for who it loves. It knows those histories of twin souls, of loves to the first sight, bells touching and stars shining, and of flares of the sun that go down on the souls in the way of the night, they incendeiam and them of surprise, inebriates and them of passion, and makes of the life a similar thing to these trees that people see in the way of the street, at the time native it, covers of colorful light bulbs that blink without stopping in the way of the cold and dark dawn? Therefore it is, are true It happened with it. Suddenly the soul was a symphonic orchestra touching the compositions of Vivaldi. Suddenly the soul was pure satisfaction ahead of Epiphany of nenfares of Monet. Suddenly the soul was a star in the covered with star night of Van Gogh In full winter spring of the soul was given to it, and it blossomed, and its flowers seemed flares of cadent stars, and its dew more the candy and pure honey; the skin, before pale, now shone as that re-covered for the gold purest. the eyes Ah, the eyes, these had the pureness and transparency.


The Shoemaker who To become? if? he went In a Prince He has much time, he had a young shoemaker that he lived in a field, and, also made its humble works there, for the profit of its bread. The such, I could not work so distant of house due to long distance of the field to the city, therefore, its services had been limited geographically. It except a great good shoemaker, because until, to the people of that place they assented? , and, equally, he was being wonderful to its art. Its talent, was covering borders, until, many farmers and peasants and as much others saw in necessity of its works, the young shoemaker, have as much pride and dignity to its activities, therefore, not it enverganhara of what he made. Of the little that received, already he serves to keep the day. David Fowler addresses the importance of the matter here. The days had been passing, its name were becoming? if each time antenciosos, until in one morning of winter, is called to the one great king, of a celebrity and luxoso castle, that is there in the city. But, the young adimirado shoemaker, not wise person why of that meeting. – And why I will go to the castle.

I made something of badly? Qestionava, shy way. – Not my young, you did not make nothing of wrong. It answered the capable one that it are ordered for the king. It is that your fame spread? if in everybody, and therefore, its Majesty preciza of your services, is alone therefore. – Dos my servos? , so that. If people as it only dress sufisticadas shoes or clothes.

Moan very, but not irrei. – My young, you are not prejudiced. We go soon. Moreover, if to make the work better to darar? you? to the one good amount. Retorquiu again the Foreman. – Hum! . Doubtful the young, thought.

The Morning

It did not say who did not want to go, was been silent. I have phobia for airplane. Not taste of airplanes. I do not want to fly, but I have to go. Before I slept I counted my wife who would have to catch an airplane soon cedinho, it wise person of the fear and to liven up to me it gave one to me I hug fort. I seat in a chair that is leaned sings in it of the wall. Baby clothes is the source for more interesting facts. It was looking at the street back in low. Click baby clothes to learn more.

Already they pass of the three of the morning and I not yet have sleep. I am distracted, lost in my thoughts, at this moment, I feel an one heat mozinha touching in mine. Eye of side and I see my son, one garotinha of one five years, still half sleepy hugs me strong to it. _ _ Father! It with a voice says meiga. _ Goes _ You to travel cedinho tomorrow? The children are funny they give attention in that we speak and suddenly they come in them with questions that leave in them surpresos. _ _ I will have a meeting in another state.

_ _ Digo it. With a cativante smile looks at it me and says: _ _ Sei that you she is with fear! She does not have. If she does not worry about nothing. Everything goes to run well, does not need to have fear of the airplane. Therefore, one woke up me to Sir, now, it said and me that I did not have fear that it would bring my father in return. I not wise person what to say. I was with the entalada voice and I hugged my son with force, we are hugged for a good time there. Since that day I understood that in the hours that more we need a comfort, Mr., always says in them for the mouth of an angel.

Fernando Well

I already did not support plus all that situation, I I did not have, but nobody with me all already were tired of my relief, I was imprisoned to the world that was not plus mine, everything and all it to me remembered each detail, even though my room my bed, my proper words I was of them, I only wanted to forget everything that, knew a girl in net, started a romance but I only wanted to find Sarah, I made useless comparisons and alone my situation got worse, the days had been passing and I only getting worse, was so visible my sadness and the only person who wise person what she was happening but was not withme she was my mother, and wise person who something was not legal with me, I decided to take off vacation, I passed 2 months in Brasilia, I thought, I cried sufficiently, I relieved, already it was prepared to come back of vacation and to recommence, I had not forgotten but accustoming he was me to live. In return my house and my life, I was well better, everything I did not pass of souvenirs, certain form I already I could live without Sarah, I I did not want candle, he did not want to remember that had past, but everything took me it, I was following well, but when everything seems that it goes to be well and to come back to normal and when I promised exactly that he would not namoraria but no Sarah girl binds for Fernando mine more good friend, I to me I did not intend but my happiness was so intense, was greater that I, was to its meeting, I sufficiently talk but at none moment it me it asked for excuses for that it happened, it came my house and in way so it kissed singela me, he seemed that he was dreaming, I I was again with Sarah but I did not forget everything that made it me to pass, and my feeling for it only increased, I did not pardon it but I tore the page and I decided to recommence. . .

Feared Reality

Only wanted I it for me ah, if I could! I fall in ecstasy when thinking I will have when it only pra me. – Not reality! It does not come now, is everything so good. It would come to me and I would see never more it in the arms of another one. He could you make it happy and to be happy, finally, without fear! – Ah reality waits more a little. Only more a little. It will go to become woman in my arms and we will not need more to swallow so pretty, ready feelings to be shown but that they dim the eyes of the primitive. – All well reality, could not holds it for much time.

It comes, can come. It is not entirely mine, I knows! – But she knows, reality, that is for limited time. I have very pleasant meeting in a place that pods not to enter. My dreams! – Ah dreams, at night come to carry through me. It comes to fill what this feared reality does not obtain. I wait you anxious dreams, for finally you it only pra me. Yearning for the night as yearning for my fast fearful meeting with it, when the reality is of the side of is for moments and not it has force to destroy the barrier that we create for it. The barrier calls love! when we obtain mante it for is, creates our proper reality.

Sand Boys

Where is such boys deareia? inquires skies. I promise not to restitute ideal aosmeus, therefore I do not answer, still with the agencies looked in the act. Nothing will pass to my power, because I am you of skies, the messias of the blackout. I smile. Gemidoseco is as one and uninterrupted. It invites me to the voice to make it suddenly. In this meantime, I am the key that opens the Enigma of skies. The cloud if unloads sobremim.

My parrel is my allied. the sand boys if foramao my command I say almost to the whispers. Tartamudeio: Here it is dobem me you and of the evil. It close the Enigma as an eddy. Cerra for on and cetrome guide for a storm. I unload myself of all, and I do not wait qualquerincitao. I expose myself on powerful words, that induce the life and the death.

The sand boys if go with the wind, and eusorrio; however, this laugh if intrinsic form, because my estvazia soul. Pilgrim for beyond daescurido, looking for my life, closed antanho for shady forces. Meeting a light to the deep one, at last. I declare: To my order, comes back fills with earth. The sand boys partemcomo a storm to dilacerar all the life in the land. they go themselves as ovento. I say farewell myself to all, and all the life human being if she goes, disappears in way penumbra. One more time I smile, emudecidopelo furor of the skies, that fall down on me, route to the twilight, absorbing us. the sand boys if forampara always, because of skies it came the evil and of the sky if it originated the life. I was myself as the wind.>