Sand Boys

Where is such boys deareia? inquires skies. I promise not to restitute ideal aosmeus, therefore I do not answer, still with the agencies looked in the act. Nothing will pass to my power, because I am you of skies, the messias of the blackout. I smile. Gemidoseco is as one and uninterrupted. It invites me to the voice to make it suddenly. In this meantime, I am the key that opens the Enigma of skies. The cloud if unloads sobremim.

My parrel is my allied. the sand boys if foramao my command I say almost to the whispers. Tartamudeio: Here it is dobem me you and of the evil. It close the Enigma as an eddy. Cerra for on and cetrome guide for a storm. I unload myself of all, and I do not wait qualquerincitao. I expose myself on powerful words, that induce the life and the death.

The sand boys if go with the wind, and eusorrio; however, this laugh if intrinsic form, because my estvazia soul. Pilgrim for beyond daescurido, looking for my life, closed antanho for shady forces. Meeting a light to the deep one, at last. I declare: To my order, comes back fills with earth. The sand boys partemcomo a storm to dilacerar all the life in the land. they go themselves as ovento. I say farewell myself to all, and all the life human being if she goes, disappears in way penumbra. One more time I smile, emudecidopelo furor of the skies, that fall down on me, route to the twilight, absorbing us. the sand boys if forampara always, because of skies it came the evil and of the sky if it originated the life. I was myself as the wind.>