MCM Estate

“Stable, robust and reliable”, writes to the trend in Magdeburg the real estate newspaper currently. Although the capital of Saxe anhaltinische could hold not the positive development of the previous year in terms of rental, but this was marked by a special effect. So rented proud 15,000 square meters in one fell swoop in 2011 the Ministry of environment of the country and thus “distorting” the big picture. Extrapolating this rental earnings from 2012, Magdeburg increased again in 2012. To give an impression of the economic situation of the city: despite rising population, decreases in the unemployment rate significantly.

Magdeburg is in the Eastern European cities network said continued attractive prospects offers in the real estate market. The charge of MCM investor Management AG to see continued good prospects for investors. The vacancy in the city declined in 2012 to 13.5 per cent (previous year 13.7 percent), very sensitively dealing with no longer rehabilitation-enabled objects. The demand is unbroken, which is why professionals determine that Magdeburg real estate market is stable through and through. Because even withdrawing the “market bodies”, which fell vacant massively off.

There are currently living around 230,000 inhabitants in the town. The top rent for Office objects remains at 10.50 euros per square metre, on average there are around 8.50 euros. Investor interest is undiminished, because in particular apartments are currently still considerably cheaper to acquire than, for example, in Berlin. But the demand comes increasingly from its own users. High in the favor of investors maintained apartment buildings stand, so the real estate newspaper. A business which operates MCM very successfully for many years and this benefit investors in the form of profit participation rights. A smart strategy, because many investors would benefit with manageable amounts better from the professional as to be years-bound itself on many real estate development business. For more information, MCM investor Management AG

BIM System

Jenoptik s business division laser systems in the field of lasers & material processing receives the American Vision Award 2013 for the JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM. The JENOPTIK laser cutting system-VOTAN BIM is the product that have the greatest potential of the nominated products to solve business challenges through technological innovation. Jenoptik have clearly proven by the technological progress with the laser cutting system. Main criteria award were the three aspects of innovation, value and impact for the vision. Sponsored by the American Technology magazine of high tech views, the award program was launched in 1996 in life, to capture innovations in applications of information technology. The customer benefits of technology innovation is at the Centre of the assessment.

Laser machine for demanding tasks in the 3D-Metallbearbeitung. The Jenoptik’s Division had the JENOPTIK laser cutting system-VOTAN BIM (beam in motion) presented in the autumn of 2012 for the first time in the United States. The system combines a fixed laser with robot-assisted Motion sequences. The centerpiece is a laser robot with integrated beam Guide. The robot arm is unique, because the laser beam is fully integrated and extremely precise with a repeat accuracy of + 100 m can be done”, so Christon Manzella, sales manager of the Jenoptik laser systems in North America Division. With the new plant concept, currently, laser services can be used by up to 5 kilowatts.

The advantages of a robotic system, such as the high mobility and accessibility, precision and dynamics of the system, remain unchanged. Finds the JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM for the laser cutting of 3D-Metallbauteilen especially in the automotive industry, for example for complex 3D-Karosserie-and construction parts or hydroformed tubes for exhaust systems and car body components. But also the machining of contours and the placement of function holes in so-called white goods, in tanks and containers are made considerably easier by the laser machine. The other possible applications Laser cutting system is the processing of thin metal parts and demanding profiles such as an aspirator or an exhaust system. “The innovation in the JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM is in your flexibility in the processing speed and efficiency in cost and process maps, which offers various advantages above all car manufacturers and automotive suppliers”, summarizes Christon Manzella. The axis movements of the robot arms are up to 60 percent faster than the norm in the laser metal processing and allow therefore shorter cycle times than conventional metalworking laser robots.” Other advantages of the JENOPTIK laser machine-VOTAN BIM are an excellent contour accuracy for high-quality cutting result, short commissioning and implementation times and low operating costs through energy-efficient laser sources. Also, the laser cutting system distinguishes itself by its compact design and the extremely flexible handling as also dynamics.

How To Do A Market Analysis

We have decided to start a business, or expand the line with a new product, anyone who is our big idea to develop, we must evaluate the environment and define our goals. The analysis will always be useful. And one of these is the market analysis. To begin with, what we mean with that will analyze a market. In the sense of a business, market definition is the following: market: is the place where they sell the product or service; i.e. the market defines the opportunity and customers. When the necessity of the client binds with the product or service, defines a business opportunity.

This means that we must have a good knowledge of our product and our market. You need to take into account that this is only a part focused on customers. If we wish to have an approach more general analysis of business opportunity there is Business Plan: steps to do a market analysis are as follows: define your market: the description of the market with features detailed demographic data, geographical, social, economic etc; they will give us a more complete profile to be able to locate them. The segmentation is also very useful since you can categorize their consumers and develop more targeted strategies. Evaluate the size and projection of the market.

This is important since one of the basic objectives of the market analysis is knowing if an opportunity exists and if it is possible that this will capitalize on. For example, if the number of internet users grows and these are still appreciating the purchase online, companies will find greater opportunities to sell their products for this medium. Identify your value proposition. You will be giving a use value to its clients when it comes to offering your product or service. This value must be greater than the purchase price that they are paying. I.e. the client perceived benefits in your buying decision. This will get it if you clearly identify solutions that delivers its product to customers problems. At this point there are useful strategies such as: identifying the advantage Competitive, or the key factors of success. For a market analysis, there is a complete tool that will help you solve it, this is the market research.

Marketing Online

Having a Mentor as a Sponsor that has a system that can use and with which you can work side by side is very important. Another way, and I think that the most effective is to hire a personal coach, a coach in this area specifies. In this way they will see your weaknesses and your strengths and create a tailor-made marketing plan. This way sincerely will save you many hours of lost time and money. The experience of these people in your field specific surely exceeding you read on your own. While the hiring of a marketing mentor take you to the best results, the majority of people who are beginning attempted to keep costs to the minimum possible and do not see this as a viable option.

However, from my own experience I must say that if he had hired a coach when I started, would have saved me much time, much money and the results would have come much more quickly. Whatever the way in which you decide to learn about Marketing Online, make sure you always get closer to someone who can offer help. The self-taught process you make lap me long time, lots of money and delay my results a lot. It wasn’t until I really decided to invest money in my education and training when I really started to build the results that I wanted to achieve. If you are thinking in choosing a mentor, sure to be an honest person and direct. There is nothing worse that say you what you want to hear, although it is not truth. If you still are trying to understand Marketing Online techniques, and in particular, the attraction Marketing can help you build your business successfully, you can subscribe to the free course Los 7 steps basic from the Marketing of attraction. It is a very powerful workout that will help you quickly understand how you can work your MLM business intelligently and different.