Castle Allenstedt

Topics-touring needs clear information who wants to travel as an individual tourist on the biographical traces of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, had to search long until he gave an overview of destinations and tours. You didn’t expect that this cultural mega issue. But in Weimar, Thuringia, Germany, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse or Wetzlar, where the poet Prince was once at home, apply their poet places separately in the regional marketing. That however, is properly thought out regional interest, giving away a part of the tourist potential, or up to 30 percent of Internet attention. For Goethe”and thousands of other tourist topics exists no so-called holiday road” or an advertiser theme Association of Museum facilities.

There is a positive trend for the so-called topics touring with German tourists. Tours for single travellers outside of marketing and marketing communities offers the independent Internet portal cultural tour Here are already about 800 rpm with about 6,000 destinations in Germany, Austria, and of Switzerland. Different routes but also in the neighbouring foreign countries. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg by clicking through. Thus, cultural tours, study tours, educational trips are to plan art or architecture travel. Every day new tours and destinations will be added in the portfolio.

A complete overview tour – from the Castle Allenstedt near Halle/Saale up to the Casa di Goethe in Rome – and five special regional tours are offered at about Goethe. Editorially, each tour station is provided with a brief description, photo, contact and navigation data, link to the organizer and matching book recommendations. The tours are provided according to plausible aspects together, regardless of free or fee-based provider entries. In contrast to the offers of portals in the roads, not the marketing interests of tourism providers but the expectation of the tourists in the foreground stands on cultural tour in the compilation of the routes. Architecture, film, cinema, gardens, history, manor houses, are the major thematic areas of the portal Cultural region, art, lifestyle, literature, music, natural history, religion, technology, theatre and science. There are also approximately 180 special categories such as Renaissance, economic history, land art, ecology, legends & tales, crane observation, Reformation, aviation, theatre history or philosophy. The allure of the offered travel arrangements is often to bring what else probably wouldn’t find together in these tours together. These are among other galleries of classical modernism and gourmet restaurants in Hamburg, monasteries with an own vineyard in Austria, of Switzerland and South Tyrol or surviving historic cinemas in the Berlin district of Moabit. More and more users of the portal will find that already the search provides a high factor of discovery after an interesting route.