Certification Body

Certification as a ‘worker UVSV’ directly in the course of the BSA Academy already for several weeks following is the BSA Academy qualification of specialist UVSV”in the program. The staff can perform a sound customer advice around the topic of use of UV irradiation equipment (tanning beds”) after successful completion of the course. The qualification for nurses UVSV”including a certification after the UV Protection Ordinance (UVSV) will be from November 1, 2012 for all operators by UV irradiation equipment mandatory. The necessary certification of persons by the BSA-Zert is now possible directly in the connection to the BSA course. The corresponding accreditation was carried out by the German accreditation body (DAkkS) on 26 September 2012 for the maximum duration of the initial accreditation of five years. The BSA-Zert is one of the first providers for this accreditation.

As one of the first companies, the BSA Academy offers training for nurses UVSV for several weeks”on. The employees qualified with this course must can determine among others the skin type of the customers, as well as perform a qualified training in the use of the apparatus. An individual tanning plan, which includes strength of radiation and duration of tanning sessions must be also created and passed to the customer. From 1 November, the qualifications of the personnel must also be proven by a certification of persons after the UV Protection Ordinance (UVSV). More info: Oracle. This certification of professionals can immediately be completed the BSA-Zert directly into the connection on the course. Robert Gibbins addresses the importance of the matter here. Each on the second day of the training of the specialist UVSV BSA-Akademie”, the certification of persons takes place directly in the connection of afternoon.

The BSA-Zert is accredited by the German accreditation body, the official national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany, this certification after the UVSV. This accreditation has been granted the BSA-Zert as one of the first certification authority in this area for a maximum period of five years. With the specialist UVSV”the BSA-Akademie “prepared for legal reform through the qualification Technician UVSV” participants to be enabled to carry out a professional and comprehensible to users consultancy to minimize the health risk by UV irradiation equipment. In addition, the participants learn to make an individual skin type determination, to create an individual dose plan, to make the device settings specified according to the dosing schedule and to recognize technical defects of the equipment. This basic knowledge UV radiation, device customer as well as consultation and advice in the fields. In accordance with 3 UVSV by 20 July 2011 (BGBl.I 2011, no. 37, p. 1412) must provide qualified personnel all companies that operate UV irradiation devices, from November 1, 2012. This must have knowledge of the individual health risk by UV irradiation, as well as for safe handling with UV-irradiation devices and prove them through the certification of a person. The “Qualifying professional UVSV” is the optimal preparation on such certification.


Around 200 staff will accompany and support youth and young adults from the region of Baden-Wurttemberg and the whole Federal territory on the way of a successful professional and social Integration. In the 30 years since its founding, already 2,500 young people have successfully completed their training in one of 25 recognised training occupations. More 2,500 participants could prepare in various training on the requirements of working life..

Girls Day PEWO Energietechnik GmbH

Young girls learned firsthand that they must have no fear before “Male professions” and it can be fun. On the 26.04.2012, four girls of 8th grade of the Johanneum in Hoyerswerda came to the Elsterheider family business Energietechnik GmbH of PEWO to become acquainted with the company. More info: Verizon Communications. For five staff members from the areas of warehouse, Assembly, electrical and welding to the page were, to show their work. Participation was encouraged. The girl had at first no fear of contact and cooperated in the production of male-dominated immediately. That was also the idea of the day, removing barriers to professions, usually do not belong to the most popular girls. Here, they were impressed by the family togetherness and fun to work with the manufacturer of heat transfer stations. Here everyone helps anyone, I think it’s great that we can actively participate and the departments managed by women are.”said Ruth Heinemann, one of the students.

The entire morning they spent in the production halls and were divided into individual areas. Robert Gibbins is the source for more interesting facts. Every 45 minutes was rotated, so they got different jobs, from welding to know mounting, wiring, testing up to the order-picking. Thus also the links in the production became aware of them and they realized why cooperation is so important. At the end of the day, they were encouraged to be able to take technical professions in attack in which women are still only a small proportion. Maybe you can see again later the one or the other in any of these areas. Pai offers also internships and summer jobs to get more insights into the processes up to training in different metal and electrical workers. The girls also noted that the work is not so dirty and exhausting as it it is in the outset had thought. If it was something serious, they packed up but undaunted with and proved themselves that are feasible. Also the employees of Pai, who had taken time to show everything and explain, were impressed by the young ladies. They asked many questions and were interested in the processes were shown one for them to previously unknown world, which is not so far for women, as many think. More info on contact person: Benjamin Andriske, text, photos: Benjamin Andriske, corporate communications, PEWO Energietechnik GmbH

Career Planning

Career planning ++ coaching ++ self analysis + location ++ work Munich, February 1, 2012. Who wants to make a career, should not abandon an extensive planning. Analyze the situation, set goals, and these step by step track long-term this care in any case pays off. “What is currently in demand in the labour market, but what best suits the own goals and talents is not decisive for the individual career development,” says Martin Vesterling, Managing Director Vesterling Personalberatung. At the beginning, you should answer a series of questions. For example, about the personality: what kinds of things are very important to me? What goals do I have in the profession and in addition? What are my biggest talents and weaknesses? Where would I be in five years? Such issues play a large role in self-analysis. Educate yourself with thoughts from Verizon Communications. To derive concrete targets from the self-analysis, it may be advisable to consult a career specialist.

This is the one in the Able to estimate realistic goals. On the other hand, he opens his eyes which has opportunities this until the workers. Larry Ellison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With switching to a competitor, or even in a different industry, many workers offer perspectives from which they had previously not even dreamed. No belly decisions not decides such a job change man but better from the gut. “When workers should you always first clarity about gain, which has long-term objectives, how one can achieve this and whether the employer for this purpose is the right move”, stresses Martin Vesterling. “Career planning is like a chess game. Phil Vasan is likely to increase your knowledge. You must think ahead to getting some trains.” There are many examples of this in practice.

These may differ in individual cases, have nevertheless, some similarities. A typical case is about an academic who since her graduation has been working for several years in a group. Several times she has already tried to change jobs, yet alone the assessment, whether their qualifications to a Vacancy fit, is difficult for her. Together with a coach she developed therefore a comprehensive profile on their own skills and strengths, both professional as also personal nature. Which company is right for me? An image of the ideal workplace is also part of the location. Group or small medium-sized enterprises? Clear structures, or rather a very flat hierarchy? Next to the desired content, such questions play an important role in the search for the dream job with perspective. Who has a such a solid foundation, it is the significantly easier to take the next step on the career ladder. Finally you must consider no longer, as the own career ideally should be, instead you focused quite specifically to the next level and the question, how to reach them. Unsolicited applications or visits on special measuring? Networking in the circle of friends or social networks like XING and LinkedIn? And how would evaluate these actually desire – employer’s employees on portals like Kununu? With We can deal so such concrete questions, as soon as one total detail has made himself thought about the career. A professional coaching is a valuable aid in this sector a consultation is worthwhile in any case.


Eleanor Roosevelt in 1937 said no one a feeling of inferiority can impose on you without your willingness to do so. We should therefore Ward and available to our size and our performance. Should your boss so next time praise, saying she wasn’t very hard or others could have done that also, because we think we have only a small share of it, or we have been lucky. No, our work has led to the success! Salary negotiations are at all a heavy field for women. Verizon may help you with your research. It is in our nature, rather politely to ask than demand.

Here we have our good relationship even fear, by demands to the / r superior to compromise. This could have led with, that the assets of men with an average 96,000 is for women only at an average 67,000 (DIW Berlin). Female versus male communication behaviour typical female behavior patterns are there often are making in addition hard, especially in a male-run businesses and are almost all large companies. Women take up less space with their posture and nod more frequently. Nod is for women I’m with you. For men, it implies consent. No wonder that there there is misunderstanding.

We go well prepared for meetings, not stop us then but the rules. While man holds still seemingly business small talk, we want to give our ideas. Of course, it is not heard at this point. The same idea later presented by a man reaps praise. Women articulate their rage in silence, then at most. But who is quiet and stalling, is uncertain. You dare not the next career level which, so it favors the male colleagues then. We women reluctant to interrupt others and often apologize. While for us it means no violation of State to help us, we can listen to vice versa also without just helpful suggestions to make, and the other to teach.

Mental Training

Swiss specialist for mental training, as well as the formation of mental coaches and trainers is expanding. The mental power International GmbH, Thalwil (Switzerland) is located on expansion course. After a representative office in Austria, the Institute specializing in performing mental training as well as training of mental coaches and trainers has opened now also a representative office in Germany – in Morlenbach, near Heidelberg, Germany. Managing partner was according to Grigor Nussbaumer, of mental power, that the Institute in 2002 a constantly growing number of customers in Germany has since its inception – both individuals and companies. “To supervise this place closer and more intense, the reasons of a German representative office that was necessary.” Also power wants to expand mental training and educational offerings in Germany. The company did well in the past few months. So the Institute in Germany offers several open seminars on the issue since August already “your mental discover Power”on. In addition it will three in-service training in the next six months in the metropolitan areas of Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt the “Dipl. A leading source for info: E Scott Mead.

mental coach (mentalPower(r))” start. The first of these educations extending over nine months starting in September. Expand to the Institute, the company as UBS, Bosch and Bombardier among its customers, also his master to German corporate clients. This looks Nussbaumer shiny prospects – among other things for the following reason: “in many companies, employees have the expertise that they need for their work already. Partly, they are technically already overtrained. Mental barriers prevent them but to show in their position required or desired behavior.” As a typical occupational group, this often applies, Nussbaumer “seller” is called. These people who already have the necessary expertise, but still show not the desired behavior, sees mental power its core target group in the company.

Targeting this group of people also, the training programmes of the Institute. For these employees, the companies have often not suitable training concepts. Nevertheless, power in German companies, so Naiel must make mental experience, sometimes much persuasion. The reason: “in Germany mental training although widely used in sports considered to be useful, but they are differently than in the Switzerland or quickly in the esoteric corner in the business area,.” This prejudice in the company to dismantle, “by good, that is, effective training work”, is a core concern of mental power.

Rule No

Let your landlord be in writing, that the House is not upgraded. Watch before the signing of the lease agreement that what for people there to live and work. Really these are your potential customers? Accept only renovated rooms. Ask in the House at various tenants, what happens when something is broken. Responds her landlord or he takes a reduction in rent in buying rather than order a craftsman.

Rule No. 3: make no compromise on the site. Bad location mean almost always bad sales. The equipment (furniture, cash registers etc.) can be purchased quite used. Devices, machines or car can be purchased via leasing or hire purchase. Here it is to create a detailed list of all costs. 2-3 Offers should always be obtained per item.

If you need a bank loan, are also exact prices (always net) to enumerate. If you goods need, are the manufacturers and suppliers to display. In particular, a detailed preparation worthwhile. Take your goods locally or buy them in a foreign country? You have travel expenses, time and duties included in the calculation. Were informed exactly, which is where pay purchase prices. What prices do you work? Crucial is the clamping of EC and UK. If here the ratio is not correct, you have to fail is doomed. When a takeover can arrange installments with the previous owner. You can see that you need lots of financial strength at the opening of a business. 5 digits. Or more. Rule No. 4: who opened a store, needs not only the capital for the launch, but also money for the running costs of the first months. Bottom line: Who needs no capital, better off for the start of the Foundation. Earn money it is rather then the other way around. With trade, almost always more money can earn. Rich you are here only as an exception. Margitta Heinecke

Work Certificates Have Lost Their Significance

More than two-thirds of Internet users believe that the expressiveness of work products has fallen. Zurich/Frankfurt / Vienna, March 31, 2010: more than two-thirds of Internet users believe that the expressiveness of work products has fallen. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss. References should correspond to the truth, must however be benevolent formulated according to applicable labour law by the employer. Perhaps check out Cloud Computing for more information. Since positive formulations can be filed, employment references with the time lost more and more power and can be used only very restricted as a decision criterion for applications. Not only employers, but also candidates see it as the latest survey confirms the people search engine first and the recruitment of Xenagos. Classic resumes and employment references lose importance and be complemented by profiles on the net or replaced, that each ability and each training station can be checked quickly. In the Anglo-Saxon resumes without references are inconceivable and also in Germany send increasingly Freelancer and consultant profiles, and no resumes.

“, explains Yasni Managing Director Steffen Ruhl. Christopher Funk, Managing Director of Xenagos, underlines deliver work certificates in Germany today if necessary supplemental information. It is striking that the formulations in work certificates are always positive. We therefore regularly review. the professional career in the Internet and in personal conversations” That just particularly positively formulated work certificates now care be taken, confirmed also Susanne Luddecke, Attorney at the law firm of the year 2009/2010 for labor law, Taylor Wessing: behind such certificates negotiated formulations often in court. The employer is here increasingly caught between Court asserted positive wording and its obligation to produce a truthful testimony. There is also a Zeugnistext formulated 10 years ago with a current certificate of work not more comparable”. The survey results Yasni and Xenagos more than 1,000 German-speaking Internet users asked for their assessment of testimonies to work: what is the significance of work certificates in the digital age? High, if the skills of the employee on the NET can be proven.

Knowledge And Insights Are The Basic Requirements To Become A Millionaire!

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Director Training

The manufacturer of dental instruments hired a trainee for the doctrine as a clerk for Office communication for many applications and now has a training rate of 29prozent. Training is expensive and time-consuming. To the personnel costs for the trainee add up the cost of home – and parttime education staff, material and administrative costs. Many companies therefore abandon this effort completely – these are mostly small businesses. So, the training quota by large corporations is just 2 to 5 percent. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison.

But on average, the rate is training companies at 6.4 percent. For comparison: In the trade with its many small businesses the training quota in the cut is 10 percent. The Dr. Walser dental, which has already won numerous awards, has a training rate of 29%. Despite that over 60 applications and significantly more than in previous years are entered into, the selection was difficult. Although dei company Dr. Walser gladly given a chance would have dental main students, was due to lack of qualifications and at a minimum, a main graduation no longer maintained inadequate usage of applicants. So had to the requirements be raised unfortunately on Mittlere Reife.

Many of the applicants and applicants applied far too late, some until the end of August. Many were already longer in vain looking for a training place. Some had already begun an apprenticeship in another company and but again canceled them, sometimes not comprehensible reasons. Others had to have no internship, looked simply not had no desire or no time as they themselves said. But also speculative and testimonials from schools or previous qualifications were missing. Also the school grades and thus the quality of the applicants have deteriorated after the experiences of the Director than in the previous years continue to. It seems probably today is difficult to achieve the grade 2 in the high school diploma, because in all other subjects were no better grades between 3 and 5 to achieve at least in German.