The culture is difficult to move, mainly in a deeper level, as the values and basic presuppositions. However, the nature of the work force comes changing in great ratios, bringing a new phenomenon, that is the multiculturalismo: a compound of people proceeding from different cultures, some etnias and different styles of life. So that the organization obtains to adapt it this multivaried reality, it needs to understand the multiculturalismo and its impact (CHIAVENATO: 2005). 5.TIPOS OF CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL In its Understanding workmanship Organization (To understand the Organization), Charles Handy (1976), tipificou four types of culture, that are associates to the leadership forms that comumente they meet in the organizations: Culture of the Power, Culture of the Paper, Culture of the Task and Culture of the Person. These types are only some models that characterize the organizations normally, not meaning that the same ones if accurately fit in the forms to follow described, since each organization it has its proper and singular characteristics and, therefore, its proper culture. See more detailed opinions by reading what Confluence Investment Management LLC offers on the topic.. However, this description is useful in the measure where we will be able to try to identify to which the type of culture that if resembles more to the organization where let us look for to analyze. 5.1.Cultura of the Power This type of culture normally is found in small companies and depends on a central source of being able. It has few rules and procedures, little bureaucracy.

The control is exerted by the center, through the individual-key election. The decisions are taken, to a large extent, on the basis of the result of an influence balance, and not on the basis of procedural or purely logical reasons. The organizations based on this culture are proud and strong, with capacity to dislocate itself quickly and they react well the threats or perigos, however to be dislocated in the certain direction depend on the person or people who are the center, visa that in the quality of these individuals it is the success of the organization. .


The swine dejections are consisting organic residues of chemical elements that added to the ground can supply nutrients the development of the plants, what it favors the food culture diverse, between them the maize (COMMISSION OF FERTILITY OF GROUND RS/SC, 1995). The ambient impact caused by these dejections is decurrent of the use of insumo in great amount and for a long period of time, causing extreme accumulation of nutrients in the ground (BURTON, 1997), provoking ambient impact, generating chemical, physical and biological disequilibria consequently in the ground, beyond the pollution of the hdricos resources (BLEY JNIOR, 1997). A related site: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company mentions similar findings. &#039 is understood for ambient impact; ' any alteration of the physical, chemical and biological properties of the environment, caused for any form of substance or resultant energy of the activities human beings who, directly or indirectly, affect the health, security and the welfare of the population; the social and economic activities; biota; the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment; the quality of the resources ambientais' ' (CONAMA, 1986). Methodology This study was carried through in a farm in the state of Minnesota in the United States (Figure 1), in the period of April of 2006 to the November of 2008. The farm possesss a maternity with 1.200 matrices and 42 large cabins of fattening, I contend 650 pigs each unit.

The farm also possesss 1,500 hectares of lands where maize for manufacture of ration for swines is planted. Learn more about this topic with the insights from baby clothes. Figure 1 – Partial sight of the farm For attainment of the necessary information to the accomplishment of the study, had been made interviews with some employees of the farm. Visits had been carried through techniques in areas of maize plantation where the swine dejections are used in periods that vary between 2 the 9 years. Results and Quarrel the interviewed employees had told that on average 21 million are produced liters of swine dejections per year and the way that the farm found to discard these dejections accumulated in great amount in the large cabins is its use as fertilizing agriculturist, that is played in the farmings of maize without any type of treatment.

Muscle Injuries

The two main groups are pains/lumbar injuries back and the injuries for repetitive efforts. As much the inferior members as the superiors can be afectados. The esquelticas disturbances muscle strong are related as the work. These include the movement manual of loads, inadequate positions and movements, highly repetitive movements, use of the hands with effort, pressure mechanics directa on fabrics of the body, vibrations and cold environments of work. The underlying causes to the organization of the work include rhythms of work, repetitive work, time attributed to the tasks, profitable systems, monotonous work and also psicossociais factors. Some types of disturbances are associates the specific tasks or professions. 4O that &#039 is the LMERT the assignment; ' injuries muscle-esquelticas related with the work (LMERT) encloses a set of inflammatory and degenerative illnesses of the locomotive system. David Fowler often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

LMERT, (related injuries muscle-esquelticas with the work) the injuries are assigned that result of the share of factors of occupational hazard as the repetition, the overload and/or the position adoptee during the work. The LMERT generally be situated in the superior member (LMEMSRT) and in the vertebral column, but they can have other localizations, as the knees or the ankles, depending on the area of the afectada body and the activity of risk developed for the worker. 5Os Symptoms of the LMERT the main symptoms of the Muscle Injuries are: Pain normally located, but that if it can expand for other corporal areas; Sensation of dormncia or ' ' formigueiros' ' ; Sensation of weight; Fatigue or located discomfort; Sensation of loss or same loss of force. In the great majority of the cases, the symptoms appear gradually, are aggravated in the end of day of work or during the peaks of production and they alliviate with the pauses or the drawn out rest, as for example in the vacation time. If the exposition to the risk factors if to keep, the symptoms, that initially are intermittent, becomes gradually persistent, drawing out many times for the night, remaining itself exactly in the periods of rest and intervening not only with the work capacity, but also, with the activities of day-by-day, contributing for the loss of the quality of life of the people.

Website Consultant

Recently I heard of an inhabitant who the condominium where it inhabits is safe and the necessity of the development of security project does not exist, much less of awareness lectures, therefore it is about a calm place, with white minimum risk of being of specialized groups. They astonish, it is not the only one that it thinks and consequentemente acts thus, nowadays with the index of crime with this, still we face this type of resistance, when the subject is security many twists the nose, as cited in previous articles, therefore they face security as cost and not as investment. I do not get tired myself to affirm that the occurrences in condominiums continue happening for the easiness that the meliantes find for the access. Daily I visit condominiums, either to carry through you inspect for development of related programs the security in the work, either to give training or in the development of security project, and most of the time I enter without if it wants to present a document with photo that identifies to me or that the operator of it would carry or the recepcionista (in the commercial case of condominium) confirms if my visit was programmed and if I am authorized to enter. When the situation occurs above, opposes to enter in the condominium, closes the gate and remains of the side of is, trying to acquire knowledge the operator of the necessity in identifying to me and to confirm if my visit is waited.

This situation, unhappyly, comes of meeting with the resistance of many syndics and consequentemente of its directive body security stops with the factor. Without shade of doubts, the administrative management of a condominium involves sets of ten of situations that involves legal, financial, accounting, in end, but never it must be of side the factor security, and frequently other subjects are faced as priority and the security goes being pra later and the condominium each more vulnerable time. I do not want to be repetitive, but the meliantes look easiness, see the example to follow: In an address four condominiums exist, three of them possess security system implemented and the room condominium it does not possess nothing, not even permetral protection (walls), obviously that this will be the target, chosen of the time Therefore, fits as tip, security never is excessively, is basic the development of a security project and the implantation of the recommendations contained in this important document. For more information it reads the article: Project of security for condominiums: Myth or necessity? Being thus, each time more we must preventing in them and to look for to expose all well-taken care of the possible minimum therefore is little still more that the level of intelligence of the outlaws this increasing.

Create Potential

For the business-oriented professionals, a well conceived card-of-visit is essential to establish the contact with potential customers. Which are the memorable and professional elements essential necessary to create card-of-visit? SimplicidadeA simplicity is the key for a well conceived card-of-visit. Ronald O’Hanley spoke with conviction. Some professionals place exaggerated information in its card-of-visit. He includes information of contact essential but he does not full the card with exaggerated images, numbers of telephone or addresses of email. Aspect profissionalO global aspect of the card-of-visit must be professional and accessible. It thinks that the size of the letter of the card-of-visit must simultaneously be small but of easy reading.

A too much great letter is sinnimo of elegance lack, whereas a letter of adequate size communicates more professionalism. As media of the card-of-visit, it uses a type of formal letter instead of a type of informal letter or that it imitates the calligraphy. The card-of-visit printed matters professionally they are taken much more serious it of what the card-of-visit informal produced from a printer of spurt of ink in the office. Exactly the quality of the paper is taken in account, the conscientious or subconscious level, for potential customers. The card-of-visit printed matters in paper manufactured from raw material of superior quality must be, so that quality and substance. It considers gravurUm recorded card-of-visit offers bnus tctil additional of the letter in relief. A recorded card-of-visit in paper of superior quality communicates the idea of a professional company whom it deserves to be taken the serious one in the market. Well conceived color selectivUm card-of-visit, total the colors, will be able to call the attention potential customers.

The use of the color will be able to make with that the card-of-visit if has detached more in ' ' rolodex' ' of a company of what a simple card the black person and white. One remembers to use colors associates to the share, as the red and the yellow and that, in general, the color of the elements of the card-of-visit must to present a good contrast and being of easy reading. Form and cortePor times, the simple alteration of the format of a card-of-visit for the vertical line is the sufficient so that the company if has detached. Other business-oriented porfissionais use card-of-visit cut by the matrix that present an edge or form only that they reflectem the nature of the business. Thus, for example, a dentist will be able to use the clipping of a tooth line in the inferior part of its card-of-visit. One remembers of that the card-of-visit is frequent the first impression that is when meeting with a potential customer. He follows the indications above producing the card-of-visit perfect, that makes to sobressair the company with positive results.

Average Companies

The companies are responsible for good part of the economic development of the country. Second research SEBRAE, in small Brazil the average companies represents a great part of the enterprises, about five million entities. However a great part of the new enterprises does not survive to the two first years of activities. Through bibliographical research of field and, it was verified that the cause of mortality occurs due to some factors, as: the lack of customers, the lack of turn capital, inadequate localization, raised tax burden, lack of planning, among others, these elements associates and gathered, speed up the period of training for the closing of the company. Some data collected for the research had been yielded by the Commercial Meeting of the State of Mato Grosso of the South & ndash; Jucems. Thus being, the present article has as objective to analyze the factors that cause small the precocious mortality of the average companies, in the city of New Andradina..

Marketing Money

Another day, I was reading some details of the life of Miguel de Cervantes, author of the workmanship cousin Dom Quixote. Source: Eric Kuby. If he is if asking what this workmanship has to see with net marketing, probably must not have read this magnificent book. The history of the beloved Dom Quixote has a direct bonding with the great professionals of the net marketing, exactly the people who more gain money in this modality of business. As well as the protagonist of the book, all the professionals of net marketing are a little wild, but extremely courageous! If you not yet know the net marketing, you are losing one of the best chances of you to gain money working in a business its, making its proper schedules, being able to enjoy of a wonderful style of life. To know the company that I represent in the net marketing and as it functions, click HERE.

One of the phrases of Cervantes that I read was this: & ldquo; It never is begging for what you have the power of obter.& rdquo; Uau! This phrase really gave one click in my head. In the same one hour, I related this thought to the great number of people who start some business of net marketing, but do not obtain to gain money. These people do not perceive that it is necessary devotion, courage, discipline and a certain degree of ' loucura' so that they start to gain money with net marketing, because the people who really gain money are those that swim against the rapids of the life, break the standards, go against the system tax for the society. These people had understood that this history of you to study done an insane person during twenty years of its life and to work for other people per more twenty or thirty years is one of biggest invented madnesses already.


The search of an increase of the number of customers for the company, either this physics either online, must answer the different strategies that will on the basis of generate the necessary definition of which are target, that is, the profile of the public to be taken care of by its business. That is, previously to the execution of any plan of tending action to reach better indices of sales, it is essential to consider which is the definition of our ideal hearing. This will determine the form where it will be treated to arrive at this specific public, and the strategies that will be adopted in its captation. This would have to be the first step in any campaign of marketing that the company undertakes. Gradually the users are using different tools at the moment to look to information on services and products. Traditionally the first step always was a search in the Google. However the social nets had come to consider a different reality, extending the specter of information sources that the consumers will take as valid to the moment to decide the purchase, being a current element in the behavior of purchase of the customer.

Displayed in another way, they will not only look to the information in the Google seno that will confer with its community of contacts and friends, basically through the social nets, the groups of quarrel, the forums of users. It is common, then, that if somebody desires to prove a new product of which does not have knowledge one of the actions that it will take will be to visit the forums of users to see what other consumers think of the product. It is very probable for another part, that confers its group of friends for the experience whom they had had and the results obtained with the product. This type of user is sufficient far from the marketing plans online that the majority of web marketers uses, for which, those puts that them in practical enjoys of an enormous advantage on its competitors.

The Professor

Mental maps also they require practical and devotion to leave well-making, but it is in the future of the schools. If to use them to a professor, already it will be if differentiating of the other professors, for better. It will be very good that the professor has significant experience with the content, there it can be concentrated in the didactic part. If it quickly does not have, it will have that adquiriz it or lecione another substance. Nothing worse of what a theoretical professor, who finishes investing most it time in its proper learning and not in the perfectioning it planning, of the communication and other aspects it education. Go to Eric Kuby for more information.

All the pupils like variation and of monotony and for this the professor does not have to make them if to move, to work in pair or group, beyond if certifing of that they are following the lesson, therefore a lost concept compromises the remain. The possible one to give plantes or to have plantonistas for individual attendance must be fact, the pupils learns very better with the answers to its proper questions. Emotions generally contain one message, to prepare itself better. The fear is an ally for the success. The professor must know to deal productively with fears.

The unreal auto-expectation of that if it has that to know everything and to answer to everything it is not certain. What of the credibility he is the professor to say what it is, when it knows, to say that it finds that it is when is not certain and to say that it does not know, when really it does not know. This is it becomes what it trustworthy. An essential point in classroom is to recognize and to know who is the authority. The pupils test the limits of the professor to know as if to carry and use what reference happens as for what they go to make.


As consectrio logical understands that to reach our longed for objectives the focus it must be come back to the investments in research and development. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon Communications. In minute analysis of the production the new management especially concluded that the production of desktops would be necessary for generation of turn capital, being that notebooks would be the differential of the company, because the research and the development would be concentrated in the production of these peripherals. 2.1 – The first quadrimestre 2.1.1- Objectives and Strategies In the first quadrimestre the company opted to a more offensive strategy, with supervaluation of the prescription of sales, had the increase of the industrial park and the capacity manufacter, attributing to this aspect weight 5. How much to the return on the equity and the total profit the company opted to the attribution of same weight, which is 2. This because, the company searched during these months to diminish its profit with the intention of to also diminish the expenses with payment of income tax. 19 the lesser attributed weight was 1.

to the value of the actions. If, the company had adopted a strategy of increase of the capacity manufacter and minor profit edge, the value of the actions would be less attractive to the possible shareholders. 2.1.2- Practical adopted – Politics of Production the rocking supplied for the company the managers had on the basis of arrived at the conclusion of that it had one high cost of stockage and, therefore, would have to carry through one politics of reduction in this cost. The ideal in this case was ' ' just in time' '. As the point determined for the new management was the necessity of magnifying of the industrial park of the company. This because the vision of the company TI SA is of being recognized as leader in the market of peripherals.