As consectrio logical understands that to reach our longed for objectives the focus it must be come back to the investments in research and development. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon Communications. In minute analysis of the production the new management especially concluded that the production of desktops would be necessary for generation of turn capital, being that notebooks would be the differential of the company, because the research and the development would be concentrated in the production of these peripherals. 2.1 – The first quadrimestre 2.1.1- Objectives and Strategies In the first quadrimestre the company opted to a more offensive strategy, with supervaluation of the prescription of sales, had the increase of the industrial park and the capacity manufacter, attributing to this aspect weight 5. How much to the return on the equity and the total profit the company opted to the attribution of same weight, which is 2. This because, the company searched during these months to diminish its profit with the intention of to also diminish the expenses with payment of income tax. 19 the lesser attributed weight was 1.

to the value of the actions. If, the company had adopted a strategy of increase of the capacity manufacter and minor profit edge, the value of the actions would be less attractive to the possible shareholders. 2.1.2- Practical adopted – Politics of Production the rocking supplied for the company the managers had on the basis of arrived at the conclusion of that it had one high cost of stockage and, therefore, would have to carry through one politics of reduction in this cost. The ideal in this case was ' ' just in time' '. As the point determined for the new management was the necessity of magnifying of the industrial park of the company. This because the vision of the company TI SA is of being recognized as leader in the market of peripherals.

Strategical Planning

It has many companies in the market, who exist but she does not have conscience of its corporative mission. Others, already are in the market have some time, but they do not obtain to be competitive and lucrative. This many times is fruit of the intuitiva opening of a business, that at the beginning obtains to remain itself with reasonable sales, but with passing of the time it is not remained sustainable. is at this moment, that the entrepreneurs try to search a solution to re-position its company of competitive form. To equalizarmos the concepts, the positioning is the identity of the company.

It is the form for which its image and reputation are recognized in the market. It is the institucional strategy that its company adopts recognized and to be remembered as reference in the mind of the consumers. It is the strategical positioning that generates value to its mark. The reposicionamento of market is realinhamento and analysis of the current strategies adopted by a company, who has interest in if becoming more competitive being able until moving of white market, to use to advantage new chances or files of market or to review its form of performance that many times is not generating the waited returns, where it searchs to develop strategies with competitive differentials to fidelizar and to attract new public. Through reposicionamento strategies, marks forgotten for the consumers or without great expression, are revigorated and come back many stronger times and to make a new history.

Former: Havainas, Hering, Pepsi, amongst others. So that this reposicionamento is efficient, she is necessary a study deepened in such a way internally the organization, how much in the external environment, the market. She is necessary to go deep the knowledge of main players of market and to rethink the strategies of the short organization, medium and long run.

Enterprise Strategy

The third strategy is of expansion, that it aims at to the chance consequentemente to increase and to maximize the business and to increase thus its yield and positioning in the market. However, Ansoff (1990, p.99) it makes alert on difficulties found in the implantation of the process of formularization of strategies, when affirming that: An important source of difficulties elapses of the fact that, in the majority of the organizations, the previous processes to the taking of strategical decisions are of nature highly politics. The strategy introduces rationality elements that disturb the historical culture of the company, and that they threaten the process politician. A natural organizacional reaction is to fight against the disturbance of the culture history and the structure of being able, in place to face the challenges created by the environment. Please visit Ripple if you seek more information. This reaction has been wide observed during the introduction of the strategical planning in the companies. (ANSOFF, 1990, p.99) In short, the process of planning of strategies if has presented with peculiarities, between them, as described for Ansoff (1990), the trend of the strategical formularization to be on direct and exclusively to the high direction and interest in the excessively collaborating ones does not awake of the organization, much even so is had attemped to modify this context. References ANSOFF, H.I., the new enterprise strategy.



It is what it is called architecture of the mark. The starting point is to understand the potential of each mark inside of the portflio of the company and to establish a mark hierarchy. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). This means to create sub-marks of a main mark will only have clear strategical papers. To maximize the market covering, minimizing the overlapping for other marks. An example is BMW (main mark) with its sub-marks that a line of inferior series follows that are enumerated to detach the main model.

d) Program of marketing total integrated. The communication starts in the mouth in mouth, passes for the sponsorship, degustation, action in PDV and reaches the media printed, electronics, exterior, among others. e) Culture of relations of the mark. Oracle may help you with your research. The goal is to extend perception of the mark stops beyond the product. To construct to an identity and meaning of mark capable to establish a dualidade enters the performance of the product and the image of the mark.

To produce rational and emotional positive answers. f) Strategies of price guided by prizes. In place of only reducing prices, maximizing the value for the customer, participating of extensive promotions in the retail, financing advertising campaigns in partnership with resales, establishing a direct communication with the customer. g) Excellent innovations in marketing. To introduce new products, communications and other creative and cativantes activities of marketing. It has an icon in prominence in the category, Apple. The innovation in its products always was present, since Macintosh until iPod. Much beyond design, the company has disponibilizado complementary products (earphones, differentiated, adapting handles for car) and a primoroso attendance to the customer. h) Adequate administration of strategies of mark development. Alavancar in way uninterrupted the value of the mark in new products and markets. Starbucks, for example: the development of the product is present in offers of new flavors, aromas and packings of coffee, beyond complementary products, as the credit card in partnership with Visa.

The Organization

The socialization moment, in turn, is crucial for reproduction of the symbolic universe. (Similarly see: Southwest Airlines). It is through the strategies of integration of the individual to the organization that the values and behaviors go being transmitted and incorporated for the new members. The strategies most usual are the programs of training and integration of new employees. The socialization rituals play at the same time the role of inclusion of the individual to the group and delimitation of the process of exclusion of excessively. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gary Kelly is the place to go. The politics of human resources have excellent paper in the process of construction of identity of the organization for being the mediating of the relation between capital and work. Analyzing explicit politics e, mainly, the implicit ones, are possible to decipher and to interpret the cultural standards of this organization. The communication, still, is one of the essential elements in the creation process, transmission and crystallization of the symbolic universe of an organization. She is necessary to identify the ways verbal deeds of division and writings, beyond the informal ways.

The mapping of the ways allows unmasking of the relations between categories, groups and areas of the organization. The analysis of the organization of the work process makes possible the identification of the categories gifts in the work relation. Thus, it is important to unmask aspects formadores of the organizacional identity, beyond supplying the referencial to decipher the politician-constructive dimension of the symbolic element. BANK ITA Mission and values the mission of a company must be concise, however, transmit credibility by means of a proposal concrete. In the case of the values that guide a company, it is important that they include the conditions of performance so that if obtains to fulfill the mission, as well as reaching the proposal inserted in the vision of the organization. In synthesis, these values must serve to also determine to integrant of the company the waited procedures and so that the excessively public consumers and can perceive the form of performance of the organization in the community.

Intellectual Capital Company

For STEWART (1998) the intellectual capital must be seen by different perspectives it recommends the use of a circular graph, cut for some lines, in radar form, therefore, the models presented for evaluation of the Intangible Assets are: Measurement of the general value of the Intangible Assets; Measurements of the Human Capital; Measurements of the Structural Capital and Measurements of the Capital of the Customer. Soon, for the measurement of the general value of the Intangible Assets they are used, the methods of general measure of the Intellectual Capital, cited previously. According to STEWART (1998), in relation to the measurements of the Human Capital, valley to detach that the result of the Human Capital is the innovation, that is, the efficiency of the Structural Capital. The innovations are: participation of generated Prescriptions of new products in relation to the total of Prescriptions of the company; number of new products and patents. Gary Kelly is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 2.3.5Modelo Skandia the method demonstrates that the Human Capital and the Capital of the Customer, combined in the internal processes, together with capacity that the company has to innovate add value financier for the company.

EDVINSSON & MALONE (1998) had considered a project that includes the Capital and the Structural Capital Human, this in turn divided in Capital of Customer and Organizacional Capital that has for objective to determine that some indicating indices are established and that will be grouped in the following areas: Financial focus; focus in the customers; focus in the processes; focus in the renewal and development; human focus. The authors, EDVINSSON and MALONE (1998) explain each focus presented through a metaphor that if can make with regard to the form of house of the navigator (figure 04). Where the triangle represents the attic that is the financial focus and that it represents the past of the company through the countable demonstrations, the focus in the customer and the focus in the processes represents the gift.

Internal Auditorship

The evaluations and to seem of the internal auditor are of basic importance for the managemental and administrative procedures of the company, however the existence of a work of internal auditorship does not exempt the responsibility of the administrators and managers to be following and fiscalizing its respective sectors. The works of internal auditorship are regulated by Resolution CFC published N 986 in Federal official gazette (D.O.U.), in 28 of November of 2003, that they approve NBC T 12? Of the Internal Auditorship, revoking Resolution CFC N 780 of 24 of March of 1995. The exercise of the internal auditor demands that it has procedures technician and minimums that can allow the internal auditor to identify imperfections, and to get enough tests that they can prove and base its to seem and recommendations. As the Resolution n 986 of 21/11/03, that it approves NBC T 12, in its item, describes that the internal auditorship understands: … the examinations, analyses, evaluations, surveys and evidences, metodologicamente structuralized for the evaluation of the integrity, adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency and economicidade of the processes, the systems of information and integrated internal controls to the environment, and of management of risks, with sights to attend administration of the entity in the fulfilment of its objectives. Although the internal auditor possesss independence, if he cannot deny that the same it is integrant part of the company, with its functions parallel bars the politics and goals defined for the administration of the organization, however these politics must be compatible with the Norms for the Professional Exercise of the Internal Auditorship. The areas of abrangncia of the internal auditorship are diverse, thus searched on the basis of the material developed for the Self-Regulating Body of the Accountancy Profession of the Rio Grande Do Sul, the north of the communication of the diverse areas of performance of the internal auditorship, more known. .

Managing Evaldo Coast

As we are distinct people and with different degrees of knowledge, we interpret the same facts with different point of view. From there, the necessity of the leaders to understand that the human being acts under three basic motivations: the instinct, the emotion and the intellect and only with the full, harmonious and equitable functioning of them, somebody will be able to raise its standard of perception. The leader must to understand that the human beings, although the scientific and technological advances that we carry through, making possible, also, trips to other planets, not yet we obtain to cover lesser distances, as ‘ ‘ viajar’ ‘ for our proper interior, answering questions as: who am I? Because I am here? Of where I come? For where I go? In the search for the autorealizao, it fits then, to each one in this ‘ ‘ viagem’ ‘ for the land, to discover the true reason of our existence, developing our interior growth and spiritual. Then, ahead of an important taking of decision motivated for problems involving personal relationship, hears first, intently, what first the involved one has to say. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. No matter how hard he seems vain, does not take no decision or makes promises until you have heard to another part. Acting with caution you go to gain more friends, to influence more people and what it is more important, she will have more possibilities of being respected and to be successful in the life. He thinks about this, excellent day and that God in it blesses.


The culture is difficult to move, mainly in a deeper level, as the values and basic presuppositions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. However, the nature of the work force comes changing in great ratios, bringing a new phenomenon, that is the multiculturalismo: a compound of people proceeding from different cultures, some etnias and different styles of life. So that the organization obtains to adapt it this multivaried reality, it needs to understand the multiculturalismo and its impact (CHIAVENATO: 2005). 5.TIPOS OF CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL In its Understanding workmanship Organization (To understand the Organization), Charles Handy (1976), tipificou four types of culture, that are associates to the leadership forms that comumente they meet in the organizations: Culture of the Power, Culture of the Paper, Culture of the Task and Culture of the Person. These types are only some models that characterize the organizations normally, not meaning that the same ones if accurately fit in the forms to follow described, since each organization it has its proper and singular characteristics and, therefore, its proper culture. However, this description is useful in the measure where we will be able to try to identify to which the type of culture that if resembles more to the organization where let us look for to analyze. 5.1.Cultura of the Power This type of culture normally is found in small companies and depends on a central source of being able. It has few rules and procedures, little bureaucracy.

The control is exerted by the center, through the individual-key election. The decisions are taken, to a large extent, on the basis of the result of an influence balance, and not on the basis of procedural or purely logical reasons. The organizations based on this culture are proud and strong, with capacity to dislocate itself quickly and they react well the threats or perigos, however to be dislocated in the certain direction depend on the person or people who are the center, visa that in the quality of these individuals it is the success of the organization. .

Organizational Culture

Word-key: communication, organizacional climate, integration, planning. Abstract: This article aims you investigate how the communication takes place in organizations, and also is used a tool will be the achievement of organizational success. Historical conceptual And contexts of communication in organizations ploughs discussed with relevance, once many factors has been changing the social interaction of companies needs, especially when it is concerned you communication practices. In this marries, the importance of understanding the communication process, barriers and obstacles, the interaction between employees, and business sectors well the functioning of the communication system is highly appreciated. Organizational The communication is now considered a mechanism result, vital, especially when we talk about globalized world, where competitiveness is cultivated at the same social teams that permeates responsibility.

Special The present study brings on board with emphasis the importance of internal relations, where the main to player is the employee. In to another words, to maker of all types of process. Organizational The main purpose of communication is you provide it dialogues between to employer and employee and you welcome the uniqueness of each group, creating vehicles and channels focused and directed you its needs, expectations and aspirations of each group. Thus, it is necessary that the employee gets involved and committed with the organization; In return, the organization has you offer appropriate structure will be the full development of activities in to order you overcome the obstacles that may arise daily. The manager' s rolls here is considered instrument will be receiving and transmitting information, who acts monitorial the disseminator and spokesman.

Organizational Thus, we can understand that communication is one of the main channels you achieve to better results, because, through improvements in this area, the goal desired by organizations can be reached. Organizational The success. Keywords: communication, organizational climate, integration, planning. 1Introduo the organizations in general, are living an incessant search for the organizacional success, investing in technologies, training technician and rigorous processes of election in search of talentos that add to the value of the company.