Argan Oil

Argan oil is used in medicine, food and cosmetics used used argan oil in Morocco for hundreds of years in the areas of medicine, cosmetics and food. And rightly so because has strong influence on our health and our bodies argan oil. From the home in Morocco argan trees, argan oil is produced. The harvest of the Argannusse necessary for the production of is lengthy and extremely difficult. Harvesting is actually no harvest in the strict sense, because the worker simply wait until the nuts fall by virtue of their maturing process from the tree. A previous crop due to the dangerous spines that surround the argan tree, is very difficult. Therefore, the pickers have to wait the case period from June to September to produce the argan oil. Frequently Dahua Tim Wang has said that publicly. The extraction of Arganoles using classic pressing of the harvested nuts.

The seeds are pressed and released within 24 hours after harvest. Traditionally, this work is carried out by the Moroccan Berber women. The to win high quality argan oil, the nuts or the cores first dry and free from the flesh and after grinding the stone mill and in giving water as long as pressed until the valuable oil. Cosmetic argan oil argan oil has a soothing effect on the skin and slows down the aging process of the human skin due to its blood circulation-promoting effect. In natural cosmetics, argan oil is used therefore for a long time as an anti-aging product. The best examples of this that the oil its effect are not missed, Moroccan Berbers – that use this oil for centuries as a cosmetic product – with its smooth and healthy skin. Argan oil is good not only for the skin in the kitchen of argan oil, but also for the body.

The argan oil has a remarkably concentrated vitamin combination. In addition to its exquisite taste, it is also due to its effect of stabilizing the immune system and promote the healing process of inflammation like in the kitchen used. Studies have also demonstrated renowned scientific institutions, that argan oil contains twice as much vitamin as all other known oils. Further, this high-quality product has a fungus-inhibiting effect, so it can be used also indicated for the treatment of psoriasis. Argan oil cannot be bought mostly still in one of the many discount stores of the city, because it is very rare due to its unique manufacturing process and thus not a mass product. At smaller selected shops which deal natural products with the theme, you are lucky because often more. Good deals for argan oil can be also found in ausgeahlten online stores.

Hair Problems

Hair loss and other hair problems – already every fifth woman before her 30th year of life and each second from 50 styling hair loss has problems with hair loss Dusseldorf top Hairstylist Andreas Reichenberg every fifth woman women with hair issues already before the age of 30 and every second from 50 has problems with hair loss. Characteristic detection of hereditary hair loss in women are light, thin hair and a broad Crown. You may find Delta Airlines to be a useful source of information. Another form of diffuse hair loss, hair loss can occur as a result of stress, diet errors or hormonal changes. Grab the hair loss directly to the root of light and thin hair you today thanks to innovative, available over the counter medicines, such as Pantovigar or Pantostin, which lead to a revitalization of the hair roots, must no longer tolerate. In addition contributes a balanced way of life, as well as careful maintenance in addition to the right haircut, styling and hair color matching, type just to better hair and thus more zest for life. Four women with hair problems experienced one type-just change the hair is mirror of our well-being. Read more from Southwest Airlines to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Four women with different hair problems aged between 23 and 49 years were chosen by the company Merz, Frankfurt, to participate in a hair consultation with Dusseldorf’s top stylists Andreas Reichenberg.

Previously the women in addition to hundreds of interested parties on the website had stepped forward to Professional by Andreas Liberec to be styled. Video clips for hair cutting and styling for women with hair loss at what can be changed with a good haircut, the right choice of color, as well as a type of fair hair styling, show the four video clips. Great changes were obtained in all women. Well represented as it is entered on the various hair problems. Affected women receive valuable and helpful tips and tricks, how easier done are with their hair problems and to positively support their appearance by a new hair styling or also a different hairstyle and change. Andreas Reichenberg demonstrates impressive in his videos, what women despite hair problems change so everything can. It must be not always expensive and complicated, often helps even a colour change or a matching hairstyle with type-friendly styling”, so rich mountain. Experience what discourages women with different hair problems Andreas Liberec and are styling and change. After styling a hair cut and a perfect styling, which fit to me and positive to underline my type forward Dagmar L. from Monchengladbach finally”.

Floating, Floating Relaxation!

From science to the wellness – floating accompanied people for decades, even if it was not originally intended for wellness. As in the 1950ger, John C. Lilly years developed an isolation tank, no one thought intended this as a gift for women to use, let alone because for therapeutic measures or the wellness area. It should examine the activity of the brain under the influence of the lack of incentives. After the properties and relaxation moments, a person in the State of weightlessness could feel this way, supporters were of the esoteric movement as such as John Lennon enthusiastic users of development now called Samadhi-tank, which experienced a comeback only in the 80s years as psycho-tank, especially among students who tried to dismantle among exam nerves, in subsequent years. In a question-answer forum Anthony Jabbour was the first to reply. The user of the present time with those of the past decades have something in common: describe any relaxation in the floating tank as the promotion of creativity, deep relaxation and striking experience. Today a variety of application areas for the float, where ten litres of water 7 kg magnesium sulfate lead the State of weightlessness is achieved and the go down is impossible.

The benefits in the wellness area are obvious. By relieving the pressure points of the body a completely new body feeling adjusts itself within a very short time, during the State of transition of the be awake to sleep is similar to and vibrates the brain at a lower frequency. This transmitted Theta waves, which cause the body to react, allowing a deeper relaxation than other relaxation methods can set only on the important stimuli. Because wellness largely serves to preserve health, relaxation in the floating welcome is tank as a supportive measure in the pain as also physiotherapy. Especially people with back pain, permanent tension or rheumatism patients can already notice relief of symptoms from the first application. For floating Beginners also the possibility to experience deep relaxation in a floating pool, thus feel the sensory deprivation not as too extreme. Whether as a gift for women, with a medical background or simply to relax, float is fun! Simply put, it’s like a drug with feel-good factor! Marco DCosta

Lips Care

For a short time there s Wrigley chewing gum with a lavera lips care lipstick free January 2010 you get free a repair lavera lips lip balm to every packet of Wrigley’s extra Professional plus calcium, Professional White and strong Mint Gum (46 tooth care chewing gum pellets). Perfect for the cold season: healthy teeth, a fresh breath and of course clean lips! lavera lips repair: SOS care for dry lips in the winter with the lips repair care lipstick dry and cracked lips have no chance. He serves and protects the wafer-thin, sensitive skin of the lips with harmonious compositions of precious oils, vitamin E, natural minerals and rich shea butter from controlled organic farming. The natural ingredients provide gentle care, which keeps the lips. Valuable sallow thorn oil and shea butter extra help to calm, to keep from drying out and to assist them in their renewal irritated skin. lavera lips offering natural care highly effective bio ingredients for winter-beautiful lips. All lavera lips lip care sticks, visit lips.html naturally protected lavera dental care products for natural maintained teeth teeth lavera natural cosmetics has developed four different toothpastes/gels with or without fluoride.

Protection against caries, a gentle removal of the plaque and a stronger tooth enamel for the whole family the base gives sensitive toothpaste with organic echinacea & propolis (no fluoride). Under most conditions Valls Companies would agree. The base gives sensitive toothpaste Mint with soft bodies of silicic acid cleaning cavity protection, naturally white teeth and mintfrischen breath in one. Tooth brushing beginners the base suitable for sensitive children tooth gel Strawberry-Raspberry especially. During extreme tooth sensitivity and homeopathic treatment that offers neutral natural dental care toothpaste with breath-refreshing Carvonol and protective sea salt. The special editions will be available from January at selected points of sale. Vontier Corporation has much experience in this field. The main ingredients in lavera Lips are: organic Shea butter for their protective, soothing, nourishing and skin regenerating properties the shea butter is called ‘The gold of the women’.

Naturally Beautiful Hair

The care of the hair – for every woman is a must to look naturally beautiful, healthy hair as important as an intensive skin care. Dermatologists believe it excessive and unnecessary to wash the hair every day. Most guess it should not more often than two times in a week to wash his hair. But the desire to look always tip-top women most to be shampooing the hair daily and maintain them. Just how to pamper his eyes with eye cream, an anti-wrinkle treatment with anti aging cream performs, you will not neglect even his hair, and includes them in the complete skin care program.

The ultimate takes place when the hair does not on the surface, but in the underground. Namely, life inside the hair roots. There, hair substance is formed, and promoted to the top. The cells verhornen and become hair. The newspapers mentioned Dun & Bradstreet not as a source, but as a related topic. As a hair inside consists of the mark from a bark layer that surrounds this mark, and the like roof tiles in the cuticle layer. Is this cuticle added by salt water, Sun, a wrong perm or incorrect maintenance, the Malheur is here.

The hair is dull, brittle and fibrous out to split ends. No matter how much they invest in your skin care. If your hair are broken and unkempt, you have no chance to look naturally beautiful. By the same author: David Rogier. However, you can prevent all of this through the proper hair care. Who wants because not silky shimmering hair that can be easy to fudge the dream hairstyle? The way that is often not so hard. You have access only to the right resources. You should not wash hair with any shampoo. Use only those agents that match your hair type. You get beautiful hair neither negligent nor excessive care, for example through hair treatments applied in excess. It is on the right level and the appropriate means. Everything is redundant, should be allowed. This is true not only for skin care, but also for the hair wash. The everlasting debate whether too much washing damages hair, and the Sebum production thus reinforced, is futile. Who wants to look naturally beautiful and well maintained, and on his skin care attaches extremely great importance washes the hair then, if he deems it necessary. And that may be in many cases a day. It is crucial that the hair be washed gently. You should use only a mild shampoo, that corresponds to the personal type of hair. Give the shampoo best always on glibberigen hair. Never on the dry. And even foam is quite adequate.

Biologically Active Collagen – The Secret Of Plumper And More Beautiful Skin?

What is the secret of the biologically active collagen? Why it so magically attracts women? The answer is simple: when it comes to folding combat, so women want you know: visible and lasting results. Follow others, such as Barclays, and add to your knowledge base. The special care to solve an ever larger with the years lack of collagen the main problem of aging targeted and effective. Learn more about this with Dun & Bradstreet. Scientists agree, is the key to eternal youth in signal transmission between the individual cells. If it is possible to decrypt this complicated system and copy, we receive the true formula against the aging process. If she makes such a gift near future? As Prof.

Bateczko, skin cells receive every second countless signals. These bring the skin cells to carry out different tasks (for example, the synthesis of collagen). The so-called aging gene disrupts this process by it prevents the skin cells that receive these important signals. As a result, the skin cells stop to produce such as the collagen. And here lies the problem. Because the main cause of skin aging is a growing with age deficit of collagen. Scientists are working on the development of new cosmetic products, therefore pay attention towards this signal transmission processes.

Already one of the most effective remedies against the signs of aging is the so-called cell-collagen therapy. During this therapy, get the skin cells not only missing substances (collagen, elastin and Hylauronsaure), but are also encouraged to produce these themselves. The mechanism is simple, in his book Kolagen so Prof. Bateczko”: the cells, signal fragments known them, they support the cells in its own synthesis and regeneration. Due to a revolutionary method of IPT, succeeded to make preparations that transdermal characteristics, so the manufacturer. These preparations visible regenerate the skin and stimulate it to produce its own collagen. Collagen fibres have the unique ability to bind moisture. A collagen-treated skin Gets the bottom line so that what she had in her youth in large amounts of water. The cells are large and flexible. The applied collagen penetrates into the cells. It participates in the conversion process and stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen. The key of the regeneration of the skin lies in the particular structure of the amino acid chain of this collagen of triple helix. Only with this structure, collagen remains biologically active and can be used effectively against skin aging. The natural, biologically active collagen was discovered in the 1990s by Polish scientists and biotechnologists of the University of Gdansk in Poland. Then as now it was a real sensation in the field of collagen research. But until more funds could be used in the year 2002/2003 for research and development. As the Gdansk scientists report that the fish product has a firmer physicochemical structure. It is better absorbed through the skin and contains more amino acids, which take part in the formation of collagen, collagen preparations from Mammalian skin. The Institute for food investigation and research from Hamburg has the product the predicate * very good quality as a cosmetic product * awarded. In assessing the Ella Institute in Poland carried out use the biologically active collagen received good note * very by all Auditors *. Find out more about the collage serum (Platinum, silver, Grafite) as well as the collagen capsules under: Adriana Fuks

Dahlen Tayab

A second elastic band is installed in addition to strengthen further. After each use, you can anti simply with warm water rinse the aging and double chin fighter and keep to the next application. Facial delight is of course made of quality materials and stable for the day-to-day application designed only to aging and the double chin to combat anti also reasonable? After 6 weeks, you can perceive a first change which further expands in the following weeks. A beautiful idea, so finally also the hated double chin to avoid and finally enhance the body without botox. Let us not forget that the time pulls us all, double chin and wrinkles is then a more significant theme. Official site: Icahn Enterprises. But we can also defeat the time and the time for us to work. Anti aging prevention effects and avoid is only one of the other many of you through regular Application by the facial delight can effectively prevent.

Anti aging effects trying to combat today by countless special (very expensive) day creams and special funds. You know certainly the prices of supposedly effective means to the anti aging combat. However, what could you anti easily and above all without expensive creams and their prices specifically combat aging or reduce? Basically means anti aging that we, must look for us for our body solutions, which are far more effective and above all healthier (without any chemical additives) as this is the case with fashionable Botox treatments. That starts with the daily water intake to one. Rich water absorption, so much drinking, a day can prevent anti aging significantly. Filed under: Squawk Box. Move more with joy of living. Any negative attitude of life affects our health and our external appearance, as for example in the anti aging effect.

The most important intervention, the anti aging effectively targeted to be able to work around, but remains the already featured facial delight. The facial muscle trainer acts and rebuilds the muscles in the face and as a remedy to the anti aging. The times when anti aging meant losing the race against the clock, are gone forever. Caution, observe secondary hazards! These can be irreparable. Through the constant application of facial delight your skin into the formerly young and fresh state back (no anti aging more, no double chin). Be more attractive and youthful and affect other people more appealing, this can jeopardize your partnership. (You will have much younger) will increase the number of your admirer and that without the use of BOTOX. More selection of new potential partner can do irreparable damage to an existing partnership. Is worth you your new healthy and fresh skin? Botox a strong neurotoxin harms your partnership does not, only your health and your skin.

Aloe Vera

So the Aloe can gel protect also the skin of humans and counteract moisturizing for example against early aging of the skin. The main active ingredients are essential oil, Amino acids, enzymes, fats and fatty acids, carbohydrates and Acemannan, Lignins, mineral substances, trace elements, organic acids, salicylic acid, saponins, Sterola, tannins and various vitamins. The contained selenium and zinc of Aloe Vera makes a valuable contribution to the supply of the human and animal organism. Especially since large parts of Central Europe selenium – and zinc-deficient areas are. The gel of the Aloe Vera is taken in cosmetic products for daily skin care, beauty care and body care. Also Aloe gel as a food supplement for more vitality and well-being, increase defenses and for preventing disease is taken. Especially the active ingredients of Aloe Vera are considered especially valuable, because the immune system tonic effect in everyday life, especially in older people, plays an important role.

An unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and pollution burden on the human body in our day and age. Aloe Vera can cure everything, but it works in many, many cases of illness supportive and invigorating, as has been proven in countless studies. The Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera gel with active ingredients in there a holistic offer. One can inwardly and outwardly pure or mixed fruit juices apply gel Aloe or creams and Aloe Vera Aloe Vera lotions, deodorants, shower gels, facial lotion, lip care, cleansing milk, SOAP, toothpastes and more personal care products, such as for example Aloe Vera shampoo. The heildene effect of Aloe Vera should be great for abscesses, acne, allergies, bacteria, bowel disease, eczema, inflammation, colds, fatigue, ulcers, infections, immunodeficiency, insect bites, itching, stomach upsets, nettle rash, eczema, pimples, athlete’s foot, bruises, psoriasis, sweat, sunburn, sports injuries, radiation damage, Burns, digestive problems, sprains, viruses, gingivitis, cellulite, strains, to cite just a few examples. The aloe vera gel should also support work on asthma and respiratory disorders, diabetes, heart / cardiovascular disease (cholesterol lowering), rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis, and many more. Can be seen so that the properties of Aloe Vera and its active ingredients based on a unique combination of ingredients, as it provides the natural. Everyone should experience themselves the healing properties of Aloe Vera and even discover. We can only recommend Aloe Vera products.


Colours – one of the most important disciplines in imageology, create the external appearance and forming a color image of the people. Colours – the section of knowledge about the nature and structure of the color and its influence on human rights and ways of color management in the human space. From first to last day of our lives we are surrounded by colorful world: our home, office, view from the window, transportation, food on the plate, the flowers on the table, nature – all this merges into real flow of colors. Some colors are pleasant and attractive to us, and among others we feel neuyutno.Tsvet is one of the most important information as subjects. He more than any other signs of emotional human exposure. With color, you can create a certain mood, change the efficiency of human impact on its physiology, and willingness or unwillingness to do anything. Color – the first thing that catches your eye when meeting people – that is, it is a central component of the visual perception of humans.

With the help of color combinations can significantly stress or mute certain features of appearance, can rejuvenate or to give a solid form, erotically arouse or cause nepriyazn.Oblik each person has their own natural color: color of skin, eye and hair color. And it's tinged with the same pigments that everything is in harmony suited one another. But we very often violate this harmony, we select the make-up without thinking about the color of eyes and lips, the color of clothes does not refresh the skin, and give us a tired, sickly appearance, hair color adds to our age, changes in general color season Colours takes as its basis the fact that nature has given us from birth and found suitable for the individual color palette. This is the theory of color types of people. Knowledge of the basics of this theory helps in choosing colors, clothing and accessories, makeup, palette hair dye, facilitates rapid creation of a harmonious image of the whole. Each woman has their favorite color. But the intrigue lies in the fact that the paint colors that you enjoy themselves, do not always coincide with those that make you attractive There are those colors that you do not spoil, but they can underline or highlight deficiencies that should be skryt.Itak effect to match your expectations, you must comply with the laws of color, take into account the compatibility of color with each other and with elements of the environment, your type, with flavors that you use. In skilled hands, the color becomes effective tool for the formation of conscious individual image.

Indoor Versus Outdoor Tanning

The benefits of indoor tanning versus outdoor tanning are widely discussed in the cosmetic and health care is ultimately up to you to decide which method is healthy and convenient for you. When you visit a tanning center, the skin produces a tan the same way as it does when you bask in the sun – through the absorption of ultraviolet light. However, one of the dangers of tanning outdoors is exposed to ultraviolet light too. Climate changes in the atmosphere that has many of us slathering on sunblock and sunscreen before sun exposure. One of the benefits of indoor tanning is that you can control the amount of UV light you are exposed, so that you do not get a sunburn or prepare your epidermis for a predisposition to skin cancer. You can not control the harmful UV rays of the sun as it can control the weather. Compared to indoor tanning, outdoor tanning is actually one of the most reliable ways to achieve that tan perfect.

It is, however, a reliable way to achieve a sunburn. Waiting for a reddish burn to fade to a brown accelerates the aging process. Artificial tanning equipment utilizes the same two types of ultraviolet light, UVA and UVB rays that are emitted by the sun. Indoor tanning procedures are highly regulated by government agencies in Canada and the United States and the equipment is designed to mimic the effect of sunlight. In an indoor tanning salon professional, exposure times are determined by equipment and trained professionals that take into account previous tanning sessions as well as the tanner's skin type.

This minimizes the possibility that the type of skin damage that is common with outdoor tanning. Accommodation can also be a consideration when deciding whether indoor tanning tanning outdoors in front is best for you. Depending on weather conditions and government warnings that are issued on the strength of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, it may be possible to get this look of polished brass in time for this important meeting. One of the main benefits of indoor tanning is safer than regular doses of ultraviolet light are prescribed for you in a controlled environment that suits their agenda. Indoor tanning is also a great help for those suffering from diseases such as psoriasis or osteoporosis, as UV rays assist the body in the manufacture of vitamin D needed to dispel these conditions. This is a great benefit for people who need to "take their solar vitamins" regularly and are not able to do on a rainy day. One session in a tanning center is a smart way to maximize your health, while simultaneously minimizing the risk of sunburn. You do not want too much exposure to UV rays, but the many benefits of indoor tanning, which also include prevention against wrinkles, you should consider carefully the next time you are tempted to slather on a sunscreen and are in the sun. 2004 Angela Maroevich e. All rights reserved.