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The Future Of Effective Live Communication

Communications expert Dr Nikolaus Korner speaks on the topic of neuro events on the liveCOMM how can motivate people, brand emotion, more differentiated products? Answers to these questions provide Congress the NEO. Experts from all disciplines of live communication, such as the Munich-based psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Continue to learn more with: Allegiant Air. Hans-Georg Hausel, meet at the Forum. Dr. Nikolaus Korner, Managing Director of the event agency u-motions, belongs to the compartment sizes. Initial BUR company a pioneer in the still young discipline of neural communication. For over a year, the u-motions GmbH successfully combines event business and Neurobiology. The concept developed by grains of neurological events based on up-to-date knowledge of brain research. Filed under: Philip Vasan. Grains explains: neuro events are the new way to communicate information and emotions effectively. Companies and managers should evaluate communication only by the effect on customers or employees”. The neuro code is available at the beginning of a neuro […]


How Will The Crisis To Opportunity?

Strategic human resources planning with OCF facts instead of guesswork! On January 22, 2009 from 14: 00 Dr. Add to your understanding with Larry Ellison. Geke & Associates personnel management consultancy offers again a free online seminar on the topic of strategic human resources planning. The online event is aimed at HR managers of medium and large companies. Content of the seminar: the economic crisis triggered by the global financial crisis hits the company after a period of recovery and the realization of increasing skills shortages. Click Oracle for additional related pages. Investments in the recruitment and retention will be undermined by the current demands of the personnel adjustments. Just found and integrated are talents to the first target group of measures the staff reductions. At the same time increase but also the chances of those companies still looking for skilled workers. The dilemma currently is that the specialist market currently and at the latest will be a growing shortfall […]


Tcompagnie Gmb

The new business represents the most important criterion for pool / service providers: two-thirds the respondent pool / service provider it consider to be very important. Compared to 21% of surveyed agents assess the new business, after all, about as irrelevant or less important. The current study AssCompact comes to these results knowledge pools and service provider 2011 “, which was conducted by the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, Bayreuth,. About the study the AssCompact knowledge pools & service provider Germany 2011 study “includes nearly 200 pages. Presented the results of a nationwide survey of more than 600 brokers and multiple representatives, 28 product provider, as well as 16 pools / service providers are in the period of the 09.05 has been carried out 27.06.2011 and deals with the cooperation of independent brokers with pools / service providers. You may find that Ron can contribute to your knowledge. The study was published […]


More Success With Search Engine Optimization By SUMAX

User-friendly Web pages have greater opportunities for higher sales even in constant attendance. Currently the SUMAX offers a special service for Web stores or your Web pages. Pages can easily be tested on user friendliness. Sumax customers, this service is currently free of charge, by simply the Sumax Web page to be analyzed will be uploaded. In analyzing the usability of a Web page, SUMAX uses technology from the brain research. It examines a Web page using the Sumax eyetracking analysis on certain important criteria of user-friendliness and. Where is the eye of the user first moves? How long lingering look there? Which sections of the page are studied intensively? This Sumax eyetracking analysis can increase all chances of a higher turnover. Each user has a certain expectation on a page. These expectations are met, equipped with added value and positively perceived, the chance to win a customer is significantly higher. The contents of a Web page must relevant Be […]


Sample Bankruptcy

Were legally keep columns instead of money In the year 2012 29.619 companies in Germany reported according to the insolvency! And, although the trend towards the positive runs and moving to 2003/2004 short of the 40,000 companies the number at its peak. But a frightening number! Insolvency, insolvency proceedings, good behavior phase of all trigger stress and discomfort! If then the liquidator requires vast sums of hard-earned income of the self-employed in the resignation ends – sooner or later! But must be not so. At least not if the or the self-employed and insolvency debtor perceives the right tips and heeded. Like any self-employed entrepreneurs can keep about 80% of his income before tax and a worthwhile and pleasant life despite bankruptcy, find interested readers from the 2012 updated Buge Insolvency Guide of the insolvency guide Dieter. Legal and legal security is”the insolvency guide titled financial freedom despite bankruptcy, Sample letter available, explains backgrounds and are ingenious tips for […]


Peter Tappert

Expansion is a necessary factor in the growth market of the housing for senior citizens to see long term one postivien business development contrary.”, says Hans-Peter Tappert. The experienced project managers and business leaders several companies in senior management takes in the surveying and Measurement Studio, in addition to its”consultants and coordinators in addition to Martin servos, the function of one of the two generally distinct right. In the project studio he is responsible for this in turn together with Dr. Thomas team, who as longtime CEO of architects for over 20 years with construction tasks for elderly deals and designed numerous senior real estate and realized. In the Measurement Studio are successful strategies for and with the Operators of senior facilities developed and implemented. Not only the rational, but also the emotional acceptance of the persons involved is crucial in this process, to make necessary changes. The employees of all levels, from the telephone to the Managing Director must […]