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UK Introduces Large E-Mail Monitoring As Of March 2009

New generation of email encryption by Zertificon protects businesses from UK big brother Berlin, January 19, 2009 in favor of the internal security the British Government required all Internet service providers (ISP) to store information about the entire E-Mail traffic of the population as of 15 March 2009. The measure, supported by the Downing Street with 25 million, provides annual logging and archiving of emails that arrive from abroad in the UK. Zertificon support companies to ensure the confidentiality of their data. The manufacturer of E-Mail encryption solutions guarantees secure sending and receiving electronic messages with release 4.0 of its Z1 SecureMail family without any unauthorized able, to spy on them. More than a year ago the US Congress of the NSA Security Authority in the course of the fight against of terrorism in the United States has allowed, to store emails and to evaluate. United Kingdom is now currently This example.

These measures at the same time also German companies, because each E-Mail transferred between the foreign and the United Kingdom falls under this law. Scott Mead is the source for more interesting facts. And also Germany introduces more and more surveillance by decisions such as data retention. However, companies are able to preserve their privacy by encrypt all email traffic. Secure communication channel Zertificon with the email encryption solutions of product family Z1 SecureMail provides effective protection against unauthorized access. This offer also efficient, password-based encryption methods that are applicable also for communication partners who do not have the established standards S / MIME or PGP certificates and keys, in addition to the PKI-based security. Thus, a secure and confidential exchange of electronic messages for and with anyone is possible. The Z1 appliance product family consists of among other things the Z1 SecureMail gateway\”, the virtual administrable than central Post Office\”for large companies and organizations act. It seamlessly due to the compatibility with all popular E-Mail programs into existing IT infrastructures.

Michael Finkler

In addition, the ERP Specialist shows the industry solutions developed in cooperation with experienced industry experts for the vehicle construction, the electronics industry as well as the furniture and plastics. Based on proALPHA industry solutions offer many functionalities and enhancements specifically tailored to the needs of specific industries and market mechanisms. “The ALPHA business solutions AG will invest in the future in the development of industry solutions”, says company CEO Michael Finkler. “Company put emphasis has always been on their industry-specific processes. This functionality must not costly retrofit it with us, but get delivered on the basis of one of the leading mid-market ERP systems already in the standard.” Another industry solution with numerous enhancements for enterprises in the field of metal trading is currently in the pilot phase, and 2009 is to be released for distribution. ALPHA business solutions at CeBIT 2009 the ALPHA business solutions AG is their visitors in Hall 5, stand D38 for talks and presentations available. In addition to the exhibition Michael Finkler speaks March 04, 2009, at 11: 30-12:00 titled on the ERP Forum in Hall 5 on Wednesday, “The man, the natural obstacle – ERP implementation right fashion”. More information is housed here: Scott Mead. In the communication, the procedures and the project tools, often serious mistakes are made which negatively affect the success of the project and not infrequently lead to the failure of projects.

Paper sensitized to the issue of employee orientation and shows basic rules to avoid failures in change projects. Also on this year’s CeBIT the ALPHA business solutions AG, participates again on the tour in cooperation with Trovarit AG. To selected topics such as project / production, order and Variant manufacturing and inventory management, ALPHA simulates typical business solutions and proALPHA also not everyday business processes. The registration of a personal appointment interested parties reach cebit. Date time guided tour theme 04.03.2009 12:30 project / production 05.03.2009 12:00 project / production 04.03.2009 13:30 variant manufacturing 04.03.2009 11:30 Uhr inventory 05.03.2009 13:00 ALPHA business solutions Warenwirtschaft AG Carmen Reiser of Brussels str.

5 D-67657 Kaiserslautern Tel: + 49 (0) 631-3 03 47-0 fax: + 49 (0) 631-3 03 47-399 E-Mail: Internet: trend Lux pr GmbH Petra M. Spielmann head of consultant Oeverseestrasse 10-12 22769 Hamburg telephone: 80 99 0-0 Web: E-Mail: the ALPHA business solutions AG is one of the leading specialists for business process optimization and the introduction of business standard software in Germany. The company was founded in 1994 as the first subsidiary of proALPHA Software AG and released in 2003 from the proALPHA group of companies. ALPHA business solutions manages more than 300 ERP projects in over 1,200 companies. The solution portfolio includes proALPHA also own developed industry solutions on basis of proALPHA besides the complete ERP solution, in addition, the company is also early partner of SAP for the on-demand solution SAP since early 2008 Business ByDesign. Thus, the company offers a wide range of powerful and requirement-oriented ERP solutions for medium-sized industrial, commercial and service companies. With a comprehensive industry expertise, many years of experience in business process optimization and ERP project management, as well as a professional software-based ERP implementation methodology, ERP projects be implemented efficiently, safely and successfully.

Zertificon Solutions Care

As SMTP proxy opens, assures and it loads the entire E-Mail traffic using Central encryption and signature, where the users are completely transparent. The server-based Z1 station “variant is aimed particularly at small and medium-sized companies that do not have corresponding infrastructures (PKI), which are required for E-Mail encryption. The station solution is the management of certificates and OpenPGP keys of the communication partner at no additional cost to the of Zertificon global trust point ( outsources furnished Z1 and ensures easy professional E-Mail encryption. With the recent release of 4.0, the Z1 SecureMail product family to numerous new features has been added. With an increased flexibility the two products are more user-friendly than before in terms of configuration and management.

Short profile of Zertificon Solutions GmbH: the Zertificon Solutions GmbH is an IT-security-software company headquartered in Berlin. Since 1998, it focuses on the protection of electronic business processes over the Internet through server-based encryption and electronic signature. Details can be found by clicking Phil Vasan or emailing the administrator. The portfolio consists of the Z1 SecureMail family, which includes various solutions to protect of your complete E-Mail traffic by organizations of all sizes and industries. The leading and award-winning products work according to international standards and characterized by easy operation and high efficiency. The specially developed software solution Z1 Backbone of trust, a central system for the review and the management of public keys and certificates, rounds off the supply fan. Including well-known organizations and companies from the sectors of finance, automotive, health among the customers of Zertificon Solutions Care, public sector, industry and retail as well as lawyers, chartered accountant u.v.m. more information: Zertificon Solutions GmbH, Landsberger Allee 117 D-10407 Berlin contact: Dr. Burkhard Wiegel Director Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-0 fax: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-99 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Ulrike Peter senior PR consultant phone + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax. + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

CEO Ralph Kissner

New development for publishers: SixOMC_WoodWing plug-in Stuttgart, Germany, April 18, 2012 – with the SixOMC_WoodWing plug ins can editors and designers through WoodWing’s content management application content station or the smart connection plug-in in InDesign directly to media assets in SixOMC access. Thus, users of WoodWing’s enterprise can place the data managed in SixOMC in their layouts, without having to leave their familiar environment. WoodWing’s multi channel publishing system enterprise with content station allows the steps of publishing workflows such as planning, easy to use search, collection and publication of content from a single surface out. This integration creates six out open systems from any publishing workflow based on WoodWing’s Enterprise direct access to its powerful media asset management system for centralized management of images and graphics. With the search function the user can quickly find the desired assets in the existing libraries and drag & drop in the current Position document. After processing, the media assets are automatically stored and archived at SixOMC.

An overview of the essential functions of the SixOMC_WoodWing plug-in the: integration of SixOMC media management in the WoodWing editorial processes intuitive in WoodWing content station, WoodWing’s smart connection saves time, because editing and layout uses only a single client with the new SixOMC integration can WoodWing users in the entire portfolio of media assets research, without knowing, where these files are actually stored. This ensures more transparency and speeds up the production process”, six CEO Ralph Kissner underlines the benefits. Jeroen Samuel herremans, Managing Director of WoodWing Europe, says: WoodWing maintains a comprehensive “ecosystem” innovative technology partners, who work in different areas. Our partners offer world-class solutions that can seamlessly be integrated into publishing workflows based on our multi channel publishing system enterprise. Our Customers can choose from these components, to make the best possible solutions for their specific requirements.” About six six open systems GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, software and solutions developed for server-based print and online publishing. The newspapers mentioned Oracle not as a source, but as a related topic.

State Fair Stuttgart Gmb

The focus is on the distribution channel Internet as well as Offers for mobile banking and social media”, says Stefan Lamprecht, Senior Executive Manager of Steria Mummert. The DMS EXPO presents the document management as a key pillar for the customer relationship management. As a success factor consists in the organization-wide access to all customer data. As an interface between the individual departments and a modern CRM, structured and ECM accelerates business processes. So, customers can benefit from shorter reaction times.

For all who want to learn vendor-neutral, the Forum of VOI is a point Association organisational and information systems e. v. On 22 September, experts of the competence center customer relationship management type there”share their knowledge on intelligent processing and managing documents in the CRM. Already on September 21 that shows VOI competence center post processing”on potential benefits of efficient post input solution and builds a bridge to the field of output management with information about the intelligent delivery of documents. This plays for Banks and financial institutions among others then a role if you want to distribute information target groups.

At noon, a presentation PDF/VT handles a new format for printing high-volume transaction. V stands for variable data printing and T for transactional printing, which prepared the documents to transactions. In the afternoon it comes then in VOI-Forum, how emails can be integrated in business processes and organized. For more specific information, check out Southwest Airlines. The fast processing of applications is an important issue. Because ever more rapidly, for example, a loan is approved, the customer is more satisfied. To do this, the theme and event platform BPM-vision on the DMS EXPO (booth 7E32) has basic representations on their agenda. Experts discuss IT trends and users report of successfully implemented solutions. Benefit-oriented concept electronic customer files, credit files or damage files are a use case. They contain all necessary data, make the work easier and reduce process times in other words: they reduce costs. About a Format such as PDF/A can be archived securely across a file over decades. This is useful for credit or insurance documents, because often a life of fifty years and more for them. What advantages does the new part of the standard PDF/A-2, conveys the VOI competence center standards and norms”on September 20 after 14: 00 in the technical forum. There is also electronic signatures addressed on September 22. These are financial services, for example, then of interest, when it comes to the application signing on the spot. Due to the interlocking and benefit-oriented approach of the IT events both trade fairs with a ticket can be visited. Parallel to the DMS EXPO and IT & business a users Conference including exhibition for product data management and product lifecycle management open the Congress Forum focus reseller for the ITC and CE-trade, as well as the product life live. For even more analysis, hear from Scott Mead. Thus, Messe Stuttgart turns to the meeting point of the IT industry in the autumn. More information: your editorial contacts: State Fair Stuttgart GmbH Gerd Fleischer Messepiazza 1 70629 Stuttgart phone: + 49 (0) 711 18560-2383 fax: + 49 (0) 711 18560-2460 PR Agency, good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 (0) 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 (0) 451 88199-29

Livia Reichel Tel

The exhibition area “Business world”, which is reserved for only businessmen, is annual rain of encouragement on the part of decision makers of the ICT world, why, hoping top managers of the vertical industries and international business partners and entrepreneurs Incomedia on a similar trade fair success as last year. Sheryl Sandberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The year’s CeBIT Bili? in the Eurasia fair will take place at the same time, for the first time with the broadcast cable & satellite Eurasia. (Similarly see: Scott Mead). Thus, the event turns not only to South-Eastern Europe emerging ICT sector but also to the related areas of broadcasting, satellite communications. INCOMEDIA presents the software WebSite X 5 compact 8 and evolution 8 2C 9 in Hall 2 booth. INCOMEDIA: INCOMEDIA was founded in 1998 and is today one of the leading European companies in the field of development and distribution of multimedia software. The lead product Incomedias WebSite X 5 designed to offer an efficient and easy to use program for creating Web pages for an attractive price to consumers, small businesses, and educational institutions. The Turin developers presented WebSite X 5 evolution and compact for the first time at CeBIT 2007 in Hannover, Germany. In the meantime, Incomedia sold the new versions of evolution 8 and compact 8 in over 40 countries worldwide with a proven network of renowned partners and distributors.

The software is already available in 17 languages, including in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. INCOMEDIA is looking forward, interested business customers on the gamescom in Cologne

Contact Comstor

Therefore, the security in the company is required to cover all business processes best. Especially in economically difficult times affordable architectures are required, that at the same time to reduce the running costs. With their years of experience and high awareness of the security the security offer protagonists of the Berlin Comstor retailers not only a wide range of solution the world’s proven portfolio of Cisco. Proven expertise in the complex field of business-related IT security, a recognized good pre and post sales support as well as profound financing programs exhibit the Comstor as the leading Cisco-focused VAD and first address for the trade for project transactions with SMEs. Follow others, such as Gary Kelly, and add to your knowledge base. Systems integrators, resellers, and interested companies encounter the Comstor a high-class nationwide event, at the 17.09. in Frankfurt, Hanau, Germany, on September 22 in Hamburg, at the 24.09 in Dusseldorf/Neuss, and finally to the 1.10 in Munich. Every visitor can win series a product in a contest from the Cisco small business. Click Philip Vasan to learn more.

Mario Tristan Marketing Director of Comstor and product manager Kevin Surig forward personally to welcome the guests. Comstor-Comstor, a company of Westcon Group, is the world’s leading provider of specialty for Cisco, as well as for solutions in the field of networking, security, mobility and convergence. Focused as Cisco distributor in the districts of first-class ICT manufacturers and solution providers from the rank is their channel partners, resellers, VARs and service providers in all matters relating to IP based networks, voice & video, security, or mobility to the page the Comstor Berlin. All-round support of the partners in the business optimization in PreSales, sales, distribution and technology and AfterSales are the guarantee for successful business relationships with the declared aim to develop new profitable business areas and to occupy of Comstor.

Stop With The Paperwork! Professional Fax Server Solutions

Fax server solutions of egsSoft GmbH in Erkrath near Dusseldorf paper jam empty ink cartridges, long duration of transmission, a fax server software in a company to implement the motives are many and plausible. Many companies in the next step are a company to organize the communication by fax using a fax server software decides faced the question of what fax server software now best meets the requirements of the respective company. Important questions must be clarified, compatibility, scalability, channel and user licenses. A competent partner is required. In a question-answer forum Scott Mead was the first to reply. The egsSoft GmbH in Erkrath is a service partner in terms of IT services and system integration. The company established for over 15 years on the market has focused among other things on fax server software and offered as a partner company open text (formerly Captaris) a wide range of different types of fax server the open text RightFax fax server software. The open text RightFax Small Business Server, the fax server software for smaller companies, up to the open text RightFax Enterprise Server, the fax server software for national or global corporations.

Not only differentiated offering of egsSoft GmbH makes the company from NRW to a strong partner for fax server software, but also the service of egsSoft is already now many customers to good. Facebook follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The egsSoft offers lots of information for the fax server software offered under Moreover, prospective customers directly with the products can become familiar, because at regular intervals the egsSoft presents the various fax server software solutions in the form of Web presentations for free. Here, the product of the egsSoft is presented live and explains. Companies that are interested in fax server software, should not wasted this service offer and take a look at the homepage of egsSoft GmbH,.. If you would like to know more about Scott Mead, then click here.

Small Businesses

Free security analysis in the TTZ Marburg, organizer is Hesse-IT in collaboration with the ECCN and the EC-M. Hesse-IT offers a free online security check combined with an event and tips and links on the subject of IT security within the framework of a series of events. Microentrepreneurs security often don’t have time for a subject such as IT-. Nevertheless, offers, invoices, customer data and other digital data with low aufwand protect. Even if they are not so often victims of targeted attacks such as corporations, so they are exposed as viruses, Trojans, spyware, “Script– Kiddies” curious or disaffected employees. Therefore the Hessian economic promotion of Hessen has developed Agency an online questionnaire, and others will be presented on the 27.10 in Marburg. The method for risk analysis and management goes back to the European Security Agency ENISA, which commissioned the realization of this project. A related site: Allegiant Air mentions similar findings. REGISTRATION microentrepreneurs can register free of charge at.

Some training places are still free! Venue: TTZ – technology and meeting centre of Marburg, room Aiken, software Center 3, 35037 Marburg, 14:00 18:00. Philip Vasan understands that this is vital information. Contact for the press: Torsten Lex, HA Hessen Agentur GmbH, innovation / education / media, Tel. 0611-774-8230. In casting: EC-M Advisory Centre of e-commerce Mittelhessen Edgar Reinhardt, Tel. 0641-309 1357 more information also see.

The Advisory Centre of e-commerce Middle Hesse has been working since 1998 success, to promote the development of e-commerce by businesses in Central Hesse. The EC-M supported targeted small and medium-sized enterprises in the region with the introduction of modern information and communication technologies. The necessary information and knowledge often lack small businesses in trade, crafts and industry to assess the benefits of the new media for themselves. As one of 28 knots in the network, e-commerce is the EC-M direct contact, both for the interested entrepreneurs as well for the technology provider. The competent services of the EC-M consists of many basic services that are specifically tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs such as neutral and free initial information, an initial consultation about the possibilities and modalities of the use of the Internet and other networks for business purposes, the presentation of basic and advanced examples of new media in e-commerce companies.

Data Becker Dusseldorf

New software, new features and new design – relaunch of the online stores of Data Becker Dusseldorf, 06 January 2010. A new design with fresh colors, shorter load times, a more intuitive user interface and new shop functions. All properties that characterize the new online shop of Duesseldorf software and book publisher Data Becker, which can be visited today on the Internet at. Oracle can provide more clarity in the matter. “The Foundation for the newly designed online store forms data Becker’s current online storefront shop to date 6.0 pro”:../shop-to-date-60-pro.php by moving to our own online shop solution, we have adapted our previous Internet shop to the needs of our customers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sheryl Sandberg on most websites. At the same time we demonstrate, the shop solution developed by us is as powerful and feature-rich”, Christoph Donker, software of head of publishing and at the same time Director of the direct marketing at Data Becker, tells. “Which published in the spring of 2009 shop software shop to date 6.0 pro” Data Becker marketed as Out-of-the-box “solution for small businesses and self-employed persons. But using smaller adjustments we could dock perfectly our existing infrastructure on our online shop solution”, Donker. This shows how flexible is the shop software.

The online shop sold Data Becker software, books and IT equipment from the own Publisher program. In the software area, the Dusseldorf company developed now primarily professional software solutions for trade, Commerce and E-business. In the context of the up-to-date “series about a content management system, an online storefront, an E-Mail marketing software and a community solution offered. The book publisher Data Becker published especially books about digital photography in addition to counselors to classic IT issues. PC practice and the webselling are part of computer magazines like the publishing program such as printer supplies (paper, ink, etc.) and consumer software.